No Denunciation, No Condemnation, No Action Taken: I Hated This Senator Grassley Video

I did my usual research on the internet to decide if the video was condemned and if the video could have been doctored the way that Nancy Pelosi’s speech was slurred by the White House occupation recently.  The video in question should put all Republican voters on notice to take into account two things which include the use of a anti-Semitic trope by Senator Grassley and just how the senator builds a case against someone who may or may not be Jewish (keep in mind the Dreyfus case that I write about all the time, but consider that the injustice may be against a non-Jew as well.  Senator Grassley reminds me about Trump and his opening statement about Mexicans not sending US their best and the need for a wall. 

Grassley says that he has heard people say that Soros was behind some “in the face” reactions and he thinks so, citing that what is taking place fits the way that Soros has done things,  He also mentions the billions and billions of things that Soros has at his disposal to accomplish things (not Benjamins but billion dollar bills and the Fox News commentator  just sat there fulfilling her interview’s goals without blinking an eye.  About an hour later Trump was in action in his bunker tweeting.  Three things about this include Trump’s tweet to billions of people, Fox News giving hate a forum without fully understanding what it was doing, and a leading Republican other than Trump getting the battle troops together based on nothing factual except for the comment itself being a statement of opinion and no more.  The Anti-Defamation League and the Zionist Organization of America should have been all over this, but I saw nothing.  I even did a search of my emails sent from ZOA and nothing turned up.  How can the people trust a man who has so much power? 

Fox News was not even close to being Fair News at that moment and I contend that Jews and others can learn from the history of how the military picked out a Jew to be a scapegoat for the actions of another and that process included a huge Trump-like cover up by the military.  The court martial of Dreyfus stirred up so much hate in the very same manner that the Trump Campaign of 2016 stirred up hate and in both cases the hate did not subside.  Trump takes ownership of all of this.  Even today he promotes LGBT month after stirring up the nation against that community through his rhetoric and policies.  He gives and he takes.  Fox News for the most part and Donald Trump have become tag team partners since Trump is not available every day to the World-Wide Wrestling Federation.

And Congresswoman Omar should reach out to Senator Grassley so that they can take a photo together in harmony.  I have written about the congresswoman and called her office to share my articles.  I expected her to speak out about the roots of hate and revenge in Palestine beginning with the Massacre at Hebron of Talmudic students (others were saved sometime by Arabs).  The Chabad movement must know that abhorrent history well because Rabbi Menachem Schneersohn had just visited the camp there before the massacre occurred.  I would expect the senator to speak out about lots of truths about Donald Trump where he has remained silent.  ZOA’s Milton Klein worked in Republican administrations before and his hiding his head in Republican sands on Trump Beach is not helpful to Making America Great (I reject both Trump’s Make America Great Again and Hillary’s America Has Always Been Great).

Congressman Steve King and Senator Chuck Grassley keep on winning.  I have documented Iowa’s strong feelings against integration since the 1960s in one of my articles.  Steve King comes from that area where there really weren’t any African Americans to speak of, but the people were out there demonstrating to keep Iowa White.  A state like Iowa surely has a long road to go before it can catch up with the sentiments of states where diversity is strong and strongly accepted right up to voting for African-Americans in office (in 2018 there were no African-Americans in the Iowa senate and there were five African-American legislators and 95 White legislators) even though Obama won Iowa in 2008 and won again in 2012 with a few percentage points less than he won in 2008.  Iowa in 2016 went for Trump, but his percentage was lower than that of Obama’s in 2012.  Clinton was the factor and eight other parties including the Libertarian, Independent, and Green.  At the bottom of the list was the Socialism and Liberation Party with practically nothing, but the Socialist Party will become the new scare tactic for 2020 as Trump and his supporters talk about Venezuela. 

My research led me further into the work of Senator Grassley as he took on the Benny Hinn Ministries for alleged corruption.  This is what I found.  The ministry subsequently responded to the inquiry, and Grassley said that “…Benny Hinn [has] engaged in open and honest dialogue with committee staff. They have not only provided responses to every question but, in the spirit of true cooperation, also have provided information over and above what was requested.”[39]

The investigation concluded in 2011 with no penalties or findings of wrongdoing. The final report raised questions about personal use of church-owned luxury goods and a lack of financial oversight on the ministries’ boards, which are often populated with family and friends of the televangelist. Hinn’s group reported to the committee that it complied with tax regulations and had made changes in compensation and governance procedures. 

That investigation started in November 2007 and it really went nowhere, even after one of Grassley’s Trump-like hunches told him that Benny Hinn was using his tax-exempt status in an illegal way. What about Trump?  What has Grassley had to say about Trump?  I often wonder if people such as those mentioned are just covering for each other instead of fighting the real fight that is needed to Make America Great.

Now you tell me if Senator Grassley talked about the evidence in a recent interview on the radio.  The moderator agrees with Grassley and there is no talk about evidence. The Trump people have every right to appeal to whatever they wish to appeal to.  Evidence Will Matter.  In just about every injustice in this world, people have strayed from the evidence to influence towns, cities, states, and nations.  Grassley should be confronted today about evidence, specifically by people in his own party and by independents.  Read the Mueller Report to him and the Riot Act because he is not focusing on What Really Matters.

I really have to opine more about Senator Grassley.  I could easily imagine that Grassley made a deal with the Bennie Hinn people assuring them that no charges would be brought against them.  I could imagine a payoff of Benjamins, no I mean more than Benjamins.  And the people of Iowa that vote for him have to be taken to task as well.  I wish to confirm to them that I am not interfering in their election at all as was done in 2016 by the Russians.  But short of making a deal for Iowa to be traded to one of the worst right-wing nations in the world that seeks its own White Supremacy what has to be done?  Good, honest, hard working people who appreciate what I have written here do not have to become part of the plan.  Nor did I write about African Americans who have not been elected to disqualify good people who fight to help the poor and undo much of the harm by the laws of the state of Iowa.  Finally Senator Grassley spoke to a constituent in Iowa and asking her about repeal (now that the Democrats control Obama Care) when in fact he has voted for repeal several times.  Grassley we are worried about you and how well you fail your constituents.  And Grassley stood there straight faced knowing that although the repeal was fought for there was no replacement for the health insurance that people would lose.  I know about several of the negative aspects of Obama Care and knew a long time ago that the Congress would not fix it. 

This is the moment of great sacrifice as much of our economy is really falling apart for lack of infrastructure, high drug prices (still waiting for the drug prices to go down Donald), tariffs that give money to the government at unaffordable prices for the consumer that has to work harder to buy American products, and many other things.  These are all sacrifices that a man asks you to make making you think about our wars (World War II, Korea, Vietnam, Gulf Wars, Syria, Afghanistan) who has never made a single sacrifice in his lifetime.  He should remind you of the old Medicine Shows that your great grandparents participated in where there was no cure, but money out of their pockets.  Even before then, people in other countries were told that during a war everyone sacrifices and it is the responsibility of government to take care of everyone.  That concept fell apart in Europe due to two world wars that hurt Europe megatons harder than it hurt Americans.  Enough of this sacrifice thing and change your people in power.  Abort them in the way that people were hoping in the early 1900s.  The recall is needed to or hold everyone accountable.  And men like Grassley who act like the doctor who left a culture in his office for six months and then the patient died without ever knowing he or she was seriously ill until it was too late should be aborted as well.

Much of the blue disappeared in 2016 as Democrats lost elections in Iowa.

Christians made up 100 percent of the Senate in 2018.  I know of very positive things that are taking place in Iowa where religious tolerance can be replicated across our nation to protect US all.  One would hope that this type of information will get highlighted as well in the Campaign of 2020 or even tonight on the news. 

Mexico to Build Two Walls: Trump to Easily Win Reelection as the News Circulates

This was reported by AFP News.  “Amid speculation about the contents of Mexico’s deal to curb migration in order to avert President Donald Trump’s threat of tariffs, Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard said he had rebuffed the US demand for such a measure, but agreed to revisit the matter in 45 days.”  And Trump says that there are additional agreements which the  Mexican government has denied.

AMLO or Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador will be making plans to start reconstruction of two walls to protect against the flow of immigrants across Mexico into the United States.  Finally the border between the United States and Mexico will be secure.  President Lopez Obrador did not want to lose jobs in a trade war with Donald Trump and he was basically compelled to propose double pleasure to Trump.  There will be a second wall and Mexico will pay for it.  I noticed during my week in Mexico in Playa del Carmen that the entire nation would not utter a word about Trump, particularly the waiters on the beach that were bringing me my añejo piña coladas.  Their silence could be compared to the silence in any one of an enormous amount of massacres that have taken place around the world in the last hundred years or more. 

At the present time, the Mexicans are being prepped for two things.  The building of those walls which coincides with the greatest respect that a Mexican president has ever given to an American or any other human being.  The duo Elizabeth Taylor-Richard Burton (Taylor was American but born in England) will now be held in second place in the hearts and minds of Mexicans.  The Night of the Iguana is being replaced by The Apprentice of Mexico.  Viva the Apprentice.  Mexico loves him.

Foreign Minister Ebrard has sent Trump a carton of tequilla so that Trump can become enamored of Ebrard or inebriated.  This will make Trump more drunk on power than he is now.  What can we expect now as the Election of 2020 comes closer?  Melania Trump will attend a ribbon cutting ceremony to being both walls on the same day, but contingent on the fact that she has an unobstructed view of everything.  When will this happen?  Trump keeps his promises and even though he backed off for much of the last year telling Americans that Mexico will pay for the wall through tariffs, the bigger promise of two walls will be made in the last three weeks of the campaign.  This will be combined with even bigger news about a “lock up.”  A “lock up” you ask?  The lock out that Trump caused to federal workers as the government was shut down is already old news.  Nobody remembers it.  The “lock up” my fellow Americans should take you back to 2016 and after as Trump campaigned days after taking office.  Hillary Clinton will finally be “locked up” just as the children’s song says.  Take the keys and lock her up.  The F.B.I will finally lock her up, but who cares why at this point.

Information leaks from the White House point to the direction that talks have taken place about the construction of the wall.  Trump, according to the source, has brought out plans to do both concrete and steel (strong American steel of course).  One communiiqué even included earlier plans to g solar with the wall.  President Lopez-Obrador continued to remind Trump that Mexico was paying for the wall and it had to include aesthetics that highlighted the culture of Mexico.  Trump was infuriated because he wanted the wall to reflect the tremendous work that had been done in incarcerating the American people, an American symbol that is much more well known than the American eagle.  But Trump agreed with everything after taking a fast-food break.  The final plans were agreed to over Trump’s objection about creating a “special needs” section of the wall which cannot be seen in the photo.  The wall selected is a duplicate of Chichen-Itza, reflecting well the Mexican culture.  It will have steps on both sides so that this wall will make it easier for border agents to apprehend illegal immigrants arriving from all over the world.  The “special needs” section will be agreed to in forty-five days at Trump’s demand. 

Trump called the agreement symbolic because the forty-five days represents one-quarter of a circle.  Minister Ebrard had that section of the correspondence highlighted as he replied his acceptance of the proposal.  Mexican concrete will be used since it costs much less and Trump made it clear to the Mexican president that cost plays a major role in completing construction projects. The highly contentious meeting in Washington, D.C. that resulted in the agreement to reevaluate things in forty-five days was the result of amazing diplomacy.  Trump agreed to attend a very important time share meeting with Melania (husband and wife are required to be there), but the Mexicans agreed to provide Trump with twelve tickets to see Coco Bongo in Playa del Carmen.  Trump, the former owner of the Miss Universe Pageant, is thinking of bringing Coco Bongo to Nashville, Oklahoma City, and Tucson, Arizona.  Minister Ebrard did not object and the tickets will be provided so that Jared, Ivanka, their children, and the Michael Cohen family could attend together.  The fusion of Trump Coco Bongo and Liberty University is imminent in another attempt to Make America Great Again according to Trump. 

Imagine the Nerve of Donald Trump: The End Must Come Now

I can just imagine Franklin Roosevelt telling the nation during one of his fireside chats on the radio that he just got a great letter from Hitler.  Nice letter, great letter.

I can imagine Harry Truman telling the nation that he just got a great letter from Joseph Stalin.  Nice letter, great letter.

I can imagine John Kennedy telling the nation that he just got a great letter from Fidel Castro.  Nice letter, great letter!

Donald Trump is giving his warmest regards to a dictator that the world should be rid of and he is making nice with him.  He is even telling Kim Jong Un “Rocket Man” that there would be no C.I.A. after him.  Why not after him?  Trump has attacked the F.B.I. and the C.I.A. and we thank those military and agencies that protect us about all the leaks about Trump.

The Republicans today are most closely allied traitorous actions and inactions than probably ever before in history.

I can imagine Dwight Eisenhower telling the nation that he just got a great letter from Ho Chi Minh.

And Ferdinand Marcos and Papa Doc Duvalier and Saddam Hussein and Muamar Gadaffi.  The conclusion of many people that I read about is that you have to be mad not to support Israel and what it stands for, but in this matter of the Trump Administration it is no longer about democracy and fighting to achieve it and maintain it.  North Korea is not an economic threat and the military threat should be considered minor right now.  Desperation on the part of any leader could heighten the tensions to a real conflict.  I am not for the return of Barack Obama nor did I endorse Hillary Clinton, but there are things to consider that I will address later. And who are the people that brainwashed Americans into allowing Trump to be Trump?  Where is the list?

I really cannot imagine any of those Americans stooping so low to give such publicity to Un.  Trump may have other things up his sleeve (he always says he will not let you know what he is really doing), but if the American people think that this is a classic example of diplomacy we are great trouble for the next year or more.  The recent poll concerning Trump is about impeachment or no impeachment, but after all the work that I have shared I feel that the polling question should be should Trump be impeached or should he resign?  The United States government is not the Trump Corporation.  Period!

I just got this from the Simon Wiesenthal Center.  This is the 90th birthday of Anne Frank.  There is no mention of the massacres in the United States which should be fresh on our minds.  Where does Rabbi Marvin Hier live?  Brazil?  Indonesia?  This is another example of the brainwashing that the center refers to in #5 about the United Nations.  The Wiesenthal Center has a lot of explaining to do and no correction should be made.

We just found out that Congresswoman Omar has lied on her tax forms about being married.  We are learning about Donald Trump and all the income tax lies that we anticipated to find out about, but the public did not demand those tax returns and while in office Trump declared without a plebiscite that the people did not want his tax returns.  It’s all brainwashing mixed with money laundering.  Even the news this week has reported to Jared Kushner received a $90 million payment for doing nothing to earn it and that suggests corruption.  In some ways Congresswoman Omar and Trump are alike as you can see.  This is not what we should seek in our government, but we have it on both sides.  And anyone who supports either one should not hide the truth any longer.  Our nation is at stake.  When the Omars and others including Trump say things that are outrageous, they stir the pot around the world.  They embolden people who listen to their words.  We do not want to embolden Kim Jong Un’s partisans any more than they have been emboldened already by Trump’s weakness.  For this reason I call upon the American people to have a national and international discussion about these very sensitive matters.  In support of this idea, I point out that the American Federation of Teachers held a telephone conference call in 2016 where about 130,000 people listened.  What I want is for millions to get together and do much more than listen.  I want people to come forward with ideas about improving our nation.  Amazon could think about going into rural areas to provide jobs, for example.  I want people to provide solutions to answer the hate in this country and poor showing of Donald Trump, his family, and various members of his administration.

So how would she have updated her diary today? Here are six possibilities:

    1.    Joy at the miraculous rebirth and flourishing of her shattered people in a Jewish democratic state of Israel.

    2.    Anger that the hatred of Jews is surging in her native Europe and beyond and is being deployed by leading left-wing politicians in England and right-wing politicians in Poland.

    3.    Shock that Synagogues and Jewish schools must be protected by armed guards throughout the world. Despair that decades after she and her family were forced into hiding, so many Jews in the 21st Century have to hide their identities in public; not just anywhere but in the streets of European capitals including, Berlin, Paris, and yes, her hometown of Amsterdam. Can history be repeating itself?

    4.    Solidarity with Malala Yousafzai, the youngest Nobel Prize winner ever, who risked her life to give hope to young girls everywhere to have the right to an education and a future. Sadness that Malala has to live today in England because her life would be in danger again the moment she stepped on the soil of her native Pakistan.

    5.    Disgust that the world, led by the United Nations does so little to protect children from being brainwashed to hate and become martyrs for religious fanatics, from becoming tools for tyrants and human shields for terrorists.

    6.    Cautious optimism and lurking pessimism about the power of the written and spoken word to bring about change through the amazing tool of social media. Anne wrote her original diary in the Secret Annex, having no idea if anyone else would ever read of her innermost thoughts, fears and hopes. Today, social media virally transmits all the good, bad, and ugly, that the human imagination can produce.

I know that things have turned better economically since late 2016, but that was just some of the icing on the cake that had been built since the horrible recession that nobody wants to talk about.  I also know that things did not improve for a couple of years that much as money was stimulated into the economy.  What is happening right now is that rural areas of our nation are suffering.  Jobs could have been created there as well, but they were not.  Poor people all over America were free when people all over Europe had not been freed even after the liberations of Napoleon Bonaparte.  By 1815 conservative forces kept out liberal forces in many ways, forces that craved constitutionalism at the very least.  People all over Europe had to provide forced labor to nobles and conservatives back all of this.  This is the economic side of conservative that was just as reprehensible to slaves and men that worked in mines and other industries where the pay was poor.  Conservatives have workers every where protesting union wages that would uplift workers everywhere.  Congressional actions have prevented even the minimum wage from rising after Trump told US during the campaign that wages were too low and then too high.  Was he speaking to North Korea or to an American people that has to pay the rent and other things that require much more than a small income tax-refund. 

You have been asked to imagine before and lots of times before that.  Imagine!

I’m not a president of a nation, but I can you that the education of our people is not getting better if Donald Trump insists on the meritocracy of immigration requiring visas.  At some point a college graduate will have to take a job working on a garbage truck, particularly if his job will be taken away by an educated person somewhere out there.  The Trump Wall which I have been writing about for two years, should not be built and the billions that would be spent should be spent on other things.  A year ago, I wrote about the need to do more about Iran and use money for that.  I called for humanitarian help at the border long before Trump declared a humanitarian crisis (the crisis that he made).  Just like you I am not sure why tens of thousands more people are coming to our border than before but people need humane treatment and Trump is not vetting our government agencies properly. One of my educational ideas actually is already in the Presidential Campaign of 2020 and the candidate involved has not even contacted me. Nobody listens to me!

I don’t usually do this, but please make my articles below available to people now.

Volunteer for the Right Thing: Do the Right Thing

US Intelligence, it has been reported, has deep distrust for Donald Trump.  American intelligence would strongly suggest uniting now.

In 2001 I started attending meetings in the Consulate of El Salvador in Brentwood, but Luis Montes Brito who was then the consul general asked me to provide GED orientation to the people.  He could have chosen BOCES and he made an excellent choice.

BOCES had English only programs including a program in the Central Islip Public Library where people taking a correspondence class could drop off homework in the library.

I was preparing a man from Usulután to teach GED in the consulate, but he had intense personal problems including a family sick with cancer to I finally decided to teach the class.  “El Quijote del GED” was born as we had graduates in Spanish that passed the test the first time.  I was on the first page with my graduates named “El Quijote del GED” and my fame spread around the world just as “El Quixote” went from Spain to be read all over the world. 

I gave the Central Islip Public Library a GED program in English, Spanish, and French so immigrants and Puerto Ricans could get badly needed help.  The vice-minister of El Salvador attended the inauguration of the program in the library and soon I was famous in the presidential cabinet.  I got to know and talk to the president of Grupo TACA among others. 

So I became very well known in Salvadoran and Dominican communities all over the United States and the outside the USA.  I even visited personnel in the embassies of El Salvador and the Dominican Republic in Paris, France.  And guess who attended the First World Convention of Salvadorans in Los Angeles?

I volunteered my time and wrote articles for free to help people.  I still volunteer a lot.

La Lucha that all of us talk about is on different levels of life.  I support that right to get a driver’s license and I support DACA and the TPS, but not at the expense of other immigrants.  Donald Trump took away the DACA and TPS protections which he did not have to do.  He should restore those protections right now.  His Republican supporters are divided: Pete King and Lee Zeldin in New York.  I oppose them both and I’ve written articles about them. You should read.  Zeldin has been much more supportive of Trump’s policies, but I do not trust King and Trump.  You tell me why protections should not be restored right now without making some crazy deal?  Then we could focus on a program to protect all the immigrants. 

It is important to remember these last two and a half years of harm done our friends, neighbors, and families.  The power is in Congress among the senators and representatives.  Do not be confused.  We have to unite for Mexicans. Puerto Ricans, Haitians, and others.  Your influence counts.  By November 2020 we have to be super strong and that means people should volunteer.  There will be Republicans who will say that Trump is doing an excellent job, but that is not even a half-truth as things are being exposed all over our nation.  We need more good people in the Senate all over the United States, but here we have to concentrate on the Congress.  Become a volunteer and learn what you must do to help.

Trump has been unreasonable in relation to DACA and TPS and no deal should be worked out between Trump and Nayib Bukele at this time.  The deal could have been made long before the US government was shut down over the wall.  When Trump signs DACA and TPS into law (if he does that), he will be just confusing our nation’s voters even more with his talk of “love” for DACA.  Bukele should sit back and let things ride out.  And El Salvador should not have preferential treatment over other people.  That kind of nonsense broke down the Ottoman Empire in history, once the equality of all nations of Jews, Muslims, and Christians broke down there, chaos entered and peace among people led to brutal fighting and killing.

I live in the Islandia community near Stop N Shop, but I am already involved in two important races to bring justice to people: a congressional race in the South Bronx which is the poorest community in the Bronx and in Broward County in Florida where the race is against a well-known racist county where the district attorney has not done enough to fight for justice for people.  I am also helping Muslims in Queens who want their children to obtain the best education from New York City’s schools.

Even African Americans should take note of the fact that the Trump Treasury has squashed the move to replace Andrew Jackson from the $20 bill with Harriet Tubman.  This is a major affront to the African American community.  African Americans, too, should volunteer.  All African Americans have grown up with Harriet Tubman (even a family member of Harriot Tubman remarked that we don’t teach about Harriet Tubman, but we taught about the Underground Railroad in history and it is still required history.  She was just as well known throughout history as Archbishop Oscar Romero of El Salvador.

Below is important news!  Teaching people through the internet that are not being taught.

As Salaam Alaikum, Good Morning! I see now, that confined people in prison, are able to FaceTime via their cellphones, most are on the Dating post, which is cool, but how about preparing them for their REENTRY back to society, harm reduction, means meeting people where they are at, what is my FB Family thoughts on this, Inshallah.  This comes from Malik Aziz in Philadelphia who I have collaborated with.  Malik and his associates in the National Exhoodus Council met with Barack Obama many years ago to talk about the war on the streets and what to do about it.  Malik knows that I introduced him to the “ambassador” who is one of Nayib Bukele’s advisors.  Malik was also just reporting on his FACEBOOK about one of the biggest massacres of Black people that took place in Oklahoma.  The essence of what Malik wrote about should be presented to the presidents of Mexico today.  The use of the internet to bring about important change.  All that it took was one read and I knew what to do.  But nobody listens to me.  Here you have an important solution to recidivism that could be applied in all states and all nations.  Does it have to take a Dr. Martin Luther King to get the word out?  Are you telling me that Martin Danenberg is invalid?

Additional news just came in about the agreement that Trump held in his hand, his devious hand.  Sure Trump may restart the tariff engine, but the agreement is merely what the Mexican government will be able to do based on research to stem the flow of immigrants.  Andres Manuel Lopez-Obrador got into this mess by agreeing to take the undocumented immigrants back on Mexican soil, increasing the problems in Mexico.  Now a presidential jet that Andres-Manuel refuses to use which we have known for a long time that he intends to sell will not be used for the poor of Mexico.  If the jet is sold, the money will pay for increased national security.  Here in the United States, Donald Trump cut payments to the poor for national security as well.  This article will be sent to Foreign Minister Ebrard soon.  The showoff in the White House will come up with a great spin on the agreement.  And share it with his supporters.  That is what propaganda is about.  And just two days ago the White House stated that we may never see the agreement, suggesting that is requires secrecy or that it would require US to comment about Trump’s deceptions again? Seriously!  Isn’t it time for anyone in the White House who is complicit in these Trump Secrecy Schemes be it the tariffs for Mexico or the Trump tax returns to resign from US government (our government)?  Trump is no president and there was no secret agreement, just a plan of action to acquire information leading to a possible “secret” agreement.  The Republicans have handed US an American kamikaze pilot crashing into good Americans everywhere.

The United States has the largest incarceration system in the free world.  Mexico and El Salvador have huge serious problems related to crime and violence.  My own neighborhood has suffered a lot and I do play golf about one minute from Clayton and Lowell every day.  There is another kind of danger created by our political leaders that do not make the right kinds of investments at the right time in the education of incarcerated people, their families (their children account for about 10 percent of the students).  That danger is not just about the political leaders that we see on television representing US.  It’s also about all those people that got the elected officials there.  In September I want to see all children and their parents being better educated through the use of school FACEBOOK to eliminate the areas of deficiency on state and national tests.  Feel free to contact me about this important matter.

King and Zeldin and Trump must become history (if you know what I mean).

More on Mass Shootings

The Blood Libel by itself has nothing to do with guns or other weapons and killing Jews.

The mentioning of Jewish money and dual loyalty of Jews has nothing in itself to do with killings.

We could prepare a large list of things that do not kill people with guns and other weapons that have affected Jews, African Americans, Muslims, Hispanics, foreigners, and others, but they all contribute to the killing of people.  I have presented important information about mass shootings in a previous article and I have told people that Hitler didn’t pull the trigger to kill.  Enough said about that!  Here is that article published only days ago.

Donald Trump’s rhetoric we are told has nothing to do with the killings and Trump has reached out to the governors of Texas and Ohio and to his attorney general for help and guidance.

In an interview that I just watched a Trump White House spokesperson heard the host of the show detail the numerous mass shooting under Donald Trump and that spokesperson while calling the point “excellent made it seem that the host was talking about the last fifty years instead of the last two.  That was Nick Mulvaney on ABC News.  And to clarify things even more, it has just been reported that there have been 250 mass killings in the last 215 days while Trump has been on duty.

One of my latest articles has been about mass shootings in America.  We could call it the land of mass shootings if we want to, but I just had a great time outside and there were no mass shootings there.  But remember that I have to drive by and remember the four bodies that were macheted to death on Lowell and Clayton that Trump used to spread hate against immigrants and don’t forget the countless statements that reveal that he has never learned from the history of immigrants that brought some crime with them in the past.  We might as well go back almost a hundred years to 1919.

And his condemnation of the massacres is weak and should not be misunderstood.  The harmful rhetoric coming from Donald Trump would not have taken place Mitt Romney, for example, who wanted the undocumented immigrants to self-deport.  Trump radicalized the whole thing from that historic comment about Mexico not sending US their best people.  If he had never said those words and the other infamous comments about “shithole countries” and calling for more people like the “Norwegians” we would have all this to talk about the way we talk about Jewish tropes that contribute to anti-Semitism.  And his attack on Elijah Cummings and Baltimore (a shithole country) and Puerto Rico cannot make the mass shootings problem disappear quickly or even diminish.  The Black, Hispanic, Muslim, Asian, Jewish, and other Trump supporters for 2020 cannot bail him out of this situation as silence reins.  The only bail that can help Americans is the bail looming on Trump’s head for things that he will be accountable for once he is out of office.  And this is no moment to reflect on all of the positive things that Trump has done.  Nick Mulvaney walked around the hosts questioning about how Trump a year and a half ago spoke about looking into banning assault weapons.  This is serious stuff that is not be considered by Trump supporters who care more for their own, selfish objectives (religious, moral, diplomatic, economic, etc.).  And keep in mind that Mulvaney said that Trump called the attorney general.  He could have called Stormy Daniels instead and we would have had the same kind of interview between ABC and Nick Mulvaney where the public has learned nothing new.  What a comment from Mulvaney!  At least an interview with Stormy could have been much spicier to uplift our spirits.  Bring back Sean Spicer!  And never forget Trump’s comments about that police should do in neighborhoods that help inflame communities and provide a kind of license to police to disregard their superiors and the training that is needed to build a bridge (not shoot first and then ask questions).

Let me take you back to another era.  The husband of Jackie Kennedy Onassis was in Smyrna trying to buy his father and family out of danger that was produced at that time by the Turks.  On a quai 300,000 people waited their fate due to violence as a fire was spreading to them with only the dangerous sea on the other side of them.  Aristotle Onassis was only 16 years old at that time in 1922.  He and his family fled to Greece and then to Argentina.  We do not wish to see that happening in America.  Onassis lost various members of his family in those days due to extreme violence, six of them in a church where 500 people lost their lives in the Great Fire.  In a year he was in Argentina and fortunately he spoke four languages including Spanish, but the family lost its fortune.  Onassis’ fleet sailed under flags (Panamanian and Liberian) that paid no taxes and had low service fees in the global economy and American oil companies took advantage of that because American ships charged too much.  This increased business and affected profits.

And there is so much more to learn.  Take Neville Chamberlain, the great appeaser who was the head of the English government.  You know about the Sudetenland and Austria and Hitler.  Well before that in 1926, Neville Chamberlain was invited to Livorno for a few days where he became friendly with an Italian.  At that time Chamberlain was awarded with the Nobel Peace Prize.  That Italian wrote in his diary “Chamberlain is something of a fascist sympathizer.”  Chamberlain and his wife and son went away sporting “fascist insignia” which were gifts from the Italian.  As their boat pulled out of the harbor, they gave the fascist salute.  Mussolini, the Italian, was very happy, because he got the green light from Chamberlain to control Albania’s interests.  This is something to think about in relation to the Trump diplomacy regarding his principal friends who do not even have to be mentioned here.  Even Winston Churchill approved of Mussolini’s politics as fascism was preferred over communism.  We do see elements of the same kinds of politics taking place with dictators around the world and with right-wing democratic leaders.  And today we have a huge part of the general public pretending that nothing similar is happening.

The basic difference between back then and today (within various countries) is the extent that parties were able to attract armies of people willing to fight against each other.  For example nobles and their supporters and the peasants were two groups fighting for power.  There was fear on both sides and the great desire to control politics and diplomacy to guarantee either the same future or a different future.  And that’s part of the us against them that we still see in communities around the United States.

And today we may see something closely aligned with the extreme nationalist/fascist movement of Croatia in 1933.  Misha Glenny’s book provides all of this interesting material including “Ninety out of one hundred or those in Croatia who do not hail from the village are neither of Croatian origin nor blood but foreigners.”  In interpreting this information, we may see the close ties to White Supremacy in America and the continued distrust of foreigners.  Does the fit have to be perfect to be believed?  When you combine this with other elements such as a reaction to the water dousing taking place in New York City against the police.  I had a conversation where someone told me he feels that anyone caught doing that should receive a year in jail.  After discussing that with me, he realized that the punishment was really very harsh.  Then another man who was involved in law enforcement who does not want Puerto Rico to become a state.   The reason was that there would be more Democrats representing them in Congress.  This made me think of the era of slavery in America and the compromises that took place leading up to the election of Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War.  What about the rich competition that takes place at election time?  Doesn’t that matter?  Can’t Republicans compete in Puerto Rico?  This is how people block others and make big trouble for people when there shouldn’t be.  I’m sure the list could go on and on as people say that they are entitled to their opinion.  The harsh reality is that we keep repeating history all over with those bad opinions guiding us.  And that are indications that Patrick Crusius the gunman in El Paso was upset about the “Hispanic invasion” of this country which was probably made popular by famous talk radio hosts before it caught on with the social media and was picked up by Trump himself.  Just do a search of the top radio hosts and see how they have stirred the pot and decide if they are with Trump or with Dump Trump.  “It’s elementary my dear Watson,” said Sherlock Holmes.

Trump has condemned this new mass shooting, but did he sink any putts while doing it?  Putz!  And people who support him will quickly point out that he has condemned it and other things.  Isn’t it a little too late?  And then there’s that telephone call to Attorney General William Barr?  What was that all about and how was it different from similar calls after mass shootings?  The public has a right to know instead of continually hearing that the economy is doing great because of Trump.  How about five key points by Trump or the facsimile of a plan?  It would be helpful if he said he is not going to pursue building the wall and detain human beings the way he has (in “concentration camps”).  The money for the wall should be spent on preventing mass shootings.  Is there a Marshall Plan to fight hate including xenophobia, anti-gay attacks, anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, and the other things that plague America or does infrastructure and jobs come first?

In the White House statement, we learn that the blame was placed on a “sick person” who committed the atrocity with a gun.  Should we suddenly diminish what Hitler did without firing a gun?  Does that make Hitler a saint?  Am I fair for raising this question and twisting the truth in the process?  Why are people twisting the truth about Trump’s inflammatory and toxic rhetoric?  And who would pay a condolence call to any person or family of the victims of any shooting including mass shootings and say I’m sorry, but this is still the greatest country in the world?  El Paso means the step. Let’s take a step in the right direction now before it is too late.

Bob Marley: Chai for Life

Bob Marley sang about Zion and for him Ethiopia was important. Jews, Muslims, and Christians in Jerusalem have gotten together to sing about peace. Perhaps the portrait of Marley that got my attention in Playa del Carmen in Mexico will wake up more people. Please share the video of One Love around your world.

Days later I spoke with four Israelis. All of these men and women arrived in the land of their birth through family members who hailed from Iraq, Morocco, and Egypt and they live in Haifa and Los Angeles.

I told the Israelis about how I visited Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, and other places and that being in Israel was great. That was 35 years ago and things have changed a lot. Faced with terrorism back then, one could experience great peace in just a few days in Jerusalem.

My conclusion was that we were worlds apart, but since change is possible, maybe they will change. In that conversation, I heard the expected. The Trump economy and Trump speaking out for Israel were mentioned. Ted Cruz could have been their choice (Lying Ted) that is.

The same woman that mentioned Ted Cruz told me that I reminded her of Dennis Praeger. I backed up about 5 steps in the pool upon hearing it. Then I mentioned how I had called the Dennis Praeger Show to talk about my view that anti-Semitism would increase under Trump and which Praeger rejected. I did not feel insulted by the comparison, but and because I choose not to be insulted.

The Israeli man whose family was Moroccan told me that no matter what we do anti-Semitism rises. This certainly may appear to be true. it’s been a long hard-fought battle.

I finally threw into the discussion the Dreyfus Affair and immediately the reaction spoken was that was different. Just about anything that I could say had this Israeli but attached to it, not that American Jews could not react the same way. And I pointed out the Emile Zola that is in me.

I later showed the Israeli from Los Angeles via Morocco my articles in Jewish Business News. I demonstrated it through the article Bachata en Israel where clicking my name takes you to all my articles. Israel has cultural diversity and much of the United States does as well, but half way hypocrites in the media blast diversity when it suits them.

Oh I mentioned that I have read Tom Segev and that rung a bell, but I have also read Michael Oren, Daniel Gordis, and others. I read about changes taking place among some Palestinians who distrust their leadership. Early Zionists distrusted other Jews and I have written about the power struggle in Galicia among Jews and about one massacre.

Wouldn’t it make sense for a cross-section of Jews, Israelis, and Palestinians around the world to hold a huge conference to discuss things? Or are we to believe that Jared Kushner knows what to do? Money does talk and Palestinians need help, but the history that I read is about the same kind of Zion that Bob Marley sang about. Freedom to be in your own land. Israelis are going to sing praise of Jared (The Song of Jared) because millions of people who should be involved are going to let it happen that way. And we need Trump’s Christian base to provide great charitable works right now so that the Holy Land will thrive in peace, contributing to a better future in that part of the world where Christianity has suffered.

Ambassador Friedman just made big news about giving Israel the green light to annex “some” of Gaza. I have read about Hitler annexing some land. Look where that got us Adolph (I mean Donald of course). I hope that Russia doesn’t try to annex Alaska by appealing to Putin’s new ally.

And what could Putin give US in this neo-Realpolitic moment? Cuba? Venezuela? Trump doesn’t even treat Puerto Rico right and Puerto Ricans have been Americans long before the Israelis arrived on our shores. And after 60 years of communism in Cuba and very little change taking place there, the Trump genius has been sleeping on the job (but now in an act far short of genius he is stopping cruise ships there as though either an epidemic or war is imminent).

War is not the answer. There is an incredible fusion of humanity in that Chai around Bob Marley’s neck as if it is teaching us a lesson that we are not going to get from the White House.

This is from the Jerusalem Post and it’s less than a year old.  Since kicking off in Tel Aviv last year, Koolulam — a play on the English word “cool,” the Hebrew words “kulam” (everyone) and “kol” (voice), and “kululu,” a festive ululation of Sephardic Jews — has soared in popularity throughout Israel. Thousands of tickets to take part in arena-filling Koolulam events are sold in minutes. Swaths of strangers come together … to sing. 

Republicans Who Voted Nay for Civil Rights in 1964.

The vote was 289 to 126 with 12 not voting at all.

Statistically Notable Votes

Vote District Party Representative Score
Nay CA 20th   R   Smith, Allen
Nay CA 23rd   R   Clawson, Delwin
Nay CA 24th   R   Lipscomb, Glenard
Nay CA 36th   R   Wilson, Bob
Nay CA 38th   R   Martin, Patrick
Nay FL 11th   R   Gurney, Edward
Nay FL 12th   R   Cramer, William
Nay IL 15th   R   Reid, Charlotte
Nay IN 9th   R   Wilson, Earl
Nay IA 3rd   R   Gross, Harold
Nay IA 7th   R   Jensen, Benton
Nay KY 3rd   R   Snyder, Marion
Vote District Party Representative Score
Nay KY 5th   R   Siler, Eugene
Nay MI 2nd   R   Meader, George
Nay MI 3rd   R   Johansen, August
Nay MI 11th   R   Knox, Victor
Nay MO 7th   R   Hall, Durward
Nay MT 2nd   R   Battin, James
Nay NE 1st   R   Beermann, Ralph
Nay NH 1st   R   Wyman, Louis
Nay NC 8th   R   Jonas, Charles
Nay NC 9th   R   Broyhill, James
Nay ND 2nd   R   Short, Don
Nay OH 17th   R   Ashbrook, John
Vote District Party Representative Score
Nay OK 1st   R   Belcher, Page
Nay SD 2nd   R   Berry, Ellis
Nay TN 1st   R   Quillen, James
Nay TN 2nd   R   Baker, Irene
Nay TN 3rd   R   Brock, William
Nay TX 5th   R   Alger, Bruce
Nay TX 16th   R   Foreman, Edgar
Nay VA 6th   R   Poff, Richard
Nay VA 10th   R   Broyhill, Joel
Nay WI 6th   R   Van Pelt, William
Nay WY   R   Harrison, William

Statistically notable votes are the votes that are most surprising, or least predictable, given how other members of each voter’s party voted.

After my reading about Iowa in history books, I expected to see Republicans that voted nay to civil rights and I was correct.  I read about the county where people just did not want to desegregate.  And I read about Congresswoman Liz Cheney’s attack on Congresswoman Ocasio-Lopez and her use of concentration camps in describing the detention camps.  I wondered about Wyoming and you can see that the nay vote cast there.  This may not reflect on the vast the majority of voters in Wyoming at that time, but you never know.  Perhaps Congresswoman Cheney can give us a long lesson about the racial history of Wyoming?  And where were the people of Wyoming when two-thirds of our nation did not want to take in Jewish refugees to save their lives.  Keep in mind that Wyoming only had one vote and we wish to be fair to the people and know more about the opposition at that time.  I do feel that the truth has to be told about Trump and Israel, particularly about his moving of the Embassy to Jerusalem and the annexation of land that is being talked about.  There should be a national debate to inform the people about the facts and not just the facts that are being used by both sides in their arguments.  Contact me for more information.

North Carolina, Virginia, Texas, Tennessee, Florida had Republicans that voted nay for Civil Rights, but states considered to be more liberal had Republicans voting nay as well.

Six Republican senators voted nay for Civil Rights.

Arkansas where Tom Cotton comes from voted this way.

Nay AR 1st   D   Gathings, Ezekiel
Nay AR 2nd   D   Mills, Wilbur
Nay AR 3rd   D   Trimble, James
Nay AR 4th   D   Harris, Oren

And the big question in being fair is where did Republicans who ran for office stand on Civil Rights before 1964?

Never Never Again

This is the essence of Simon Wiesenthal and not what you will hear from Jewish leaders close to Trump.

“The schools would fail through their silence, the Church through its forgiveness, and the home through the denial and silence of the parents. The new generation has to hear what the older generation refuses to tell it.”  This is a Wiesenthal quote that I found.  I realized that this is going on across America with most of Trump’s evangelicals and others and it’s great to read it so simply expressed for the first time.  Trump is failing America and even now we are reminded that in a nation where economics count, there has been no federal increase in the minimum wage for the longest period in our history.   The Repugnican plan is to do less, not more.  And that is precisely why Trump was selected.

Congresswoman Ocasio-Lopez is that new generation.  She does have a lot to learn, but she has defended herself well enough and she has not called the detention camps “Nazi” concentration camps.  Fox News has gone all out to tell its viewers the wrongs committed by Ocasio-Cortez.  I have used the term “Never Again” in my work to help others fighting for justice.  I portrayed Trump as Hitler and Mussolini and I’ve done that in Jewish Business News in Israel.  I am careful to separate the periods of Hitler’s rise to power and the Holocaust.  Ocasio-Lopez could have done a better job, but she is little Quixote fighting for people.  And Fox News is happy to talk about a Repugnican congressman who is now talking about the humanitarian crisis at the border.  This is the same congressman who fought for Trump’s wall at the expense of immigrants and the taxpayers and federal employees who got locked out because of Trump.  Well, it’s better late than ever when people fight to alleviate conditions at the border after Trump made them worse.  And he has made things worse for Mexico’s people at the same time.  That’s two with one blow!  Ocasio-Lopez does not have to apologize and neither does Rabbi Abraham Cooper of the Wiesenthal Center.  This is normal political discourse and even Donald Trump was not required to pay Senator Elizabeth Warren for being Native-American.  It’s called normal political discourse.  The rabbi has not convinced the congresswoman and most of the nation has not convinced Trump to just leave office.  I even heard one Fox commentator say that the congresswoman should apologize to all Jews.  What?  Check this out.  And check this out! Here you see that a suicide is a suicide is a suicide.  These camps have had lots in common and why not start there?  And if 147,000 Jews were trying to cross the border right now, I would hope that many Jews would change their tune.  From denunciation to condemnation to action! George Takei of Star Trek fame says he was in two concentration camps in America.  He was born in 1937 and was interned with his family during World War II.

Congresswoman Ocasio-Lopez has the power to fight anti-Semitism and hate for our nation, but that doesn’t mean that all thoughts of our national internment or detention or concentration camp would be disqualified from consideration.  My study of history including Europe in 1946, Israel in 1949, the Holocaust, the Ottoman Empire, and the Balkans has shown me the similarities between Trump and various world leaders and he very often the comparison details very bad things.  Whether it’s world diplomacy or domestic policy there are lots of terrible things taking place.  America is fortunate to have great wealth to make it less resistant to chaos in leadership.  The recent blockage of the sale of arms to the Middle East is possible because we are not desperate to have another sale.  Trump’s plans for now have gone down the drain.  There is no recession or depression that can hurt US right now and even cause the American worker to side with Trump.  And putting more arms in the Middle East may soon see what has taken place before and that is that the arms end up in the possession of terrorists that cause more war and pain. 

And things have just gotten worse on this Trump humanitarian war as the government states in court for the public record that the children do not need toothbrushes and blankets.  The United States military on occasions has leaked information that made the Trump Administration look bad in the news (something that the Wiesenthal Center for some reason cannot absorb) and I would love to see the Marines Toys for Tots Campaign toothbrushes and soap for the children.  Good oral health matters to life itself.  I would also like to see Rabbi Abraham Cooper return to Fox News to attack this anti-humanity plot of the Trump people.  Truah, a Jewish organization, just sent me another email about the help that it is giving at the border.  Here are the exact words used “Some people are calling them concentration camps.  Others bristle at comparisons to the Holocaust. But here’s the thing: Whatever you call them, detention centers imprisoning immigrant children are immoral.”   And conditions are not good.

And the military has to figure out what role Russia has played in the recent pullback related to Trump call for strikes on Iran.  Tell that to the Marines too.  Russia has coveted Iran for a long time and my reading told me that Stalin was upset about the oil deals that American companies got in Persia.  And things go way back in time supporting my position.  Trump’s behavior is as suspicious as a suspicious fire that takes place.  So the fire has to be investigated for arson.  Whether Russia has something on Trump or Russia is just sharing the world stage of diplomacy and its positions have to be taken into account, it just adds up to American weakness.  The United States was not one of the powers determining the fate of nations and people in Eastern Europe back in the days of Bismarck and all of those nations (England, France Russia, Germany, Austria-Hungary, etc,) ended up fighting in World War I.  The United States came into the war much later.

  Now we can get to history that everyone should learn right now and if you wish read 1946 by Victor Sebestyen.  Earl G. Harrison helped “shame” the US into providing support for a Jewish state.  He wrote in 1945 and visited Belsen “As matters now stand, we appear to be treating the Jews as Nazis treated them except that we do not exterminate them.”   It was written that there were errors in Harrison’s report, but in his assessment Harrison objected to seeing Jews continue to live behind barbed wire fences and wanted them to have communication with the outside world.  He was the person who requested that 100,000 Jews be allowed into Palestine which became U.S. policy.  The United States State Department was clearly anti-Semitic, hostile to Zionism and Jewish immigration.  Harry Truman steps in and makes the appeal to the swing states of New York and Pennsylvania at that time for Democrat victory in 1946.  Between 1936 and 1946 there were 494 people who chose to go to Palestine to become Zionists.  Even though the Nazis persecuted the Jews only 160,000 Jews were allowed in during 12 years.  So at a time that the expectation was to allow 100,000 Jews into Palestine, only 12.849 Jews were allowed into the United States under strict rules.  Jews would be placed in a special status for immigration or at the head of the line.  Americans did not want the Jews and the British would take action to prevent matters from happening. 

In Palestine and remembering well the arrival of Jews to that land, Amos Oz wrote that the arriving Jews were treated with “compassion” and “revulsion.”  He wanted Jews from Europe to stop telling them (the Jews who lived in Palestine) about what happened to them because it did not “reflect too well on them” since they were the ones who chose to stay or who chose to stay and not fight back. And here this week we make the words “concentration camp” the holy of holies to not use improperly.  And David Ben-Gurion wanted to make sure that the American Jewish Joint Committee would not send Jews South America, Canada, Australia, and the United States, which would diminish what Ben-Gurion was fighting for, a Jewish homeland.  He also had to convince Jews to come to Palestine who were in Displacement Camps.  Marketing became essential!

During those days, much of the same criticisms of important leaders in Palestine were similar to the criticisms of Donald Trump today.  Chaim Weizman said that David Ben-Gurion was “acting like a fuhrer and developing fascist tendencies and megalomania, coupled with political hysteria.”  In other words he was unfit for office.  And Trump was and is unfit for office.  Take a look at this discussion of a very small group of people who voted for Obama and then turned to Trump in 2016.  People are entitled to their opinions, but pay close attention to each person’s comments.  And I fully understand why on moral issues they continue to be Republican, even as they create dangerous situations for others in our nation.  Do you hear what I hear from those people?  In addition, as I have constantly pointed out, with all the dangerous situations going on including three suicides in police in New York City Trump has failed US in terms of supporting the best law enforcement that we could have.  I will be announcing something to bring vitality into that sector soon.  This nations needs much more justice and all Trump has done is create a small number of jobs.  I would like to see a list of the top ten jobs that Trump has created.  We know that states take credit for job creation where state money is spent.  Let’s get the list ready for 2020 but let’s certify each entry.  Trusting Trump is beyond the realm of reason.  He has created the most toxic swamp in America for himself.  Even one of his latest statements cannot be put down and that is he answered he does not remember to the Mueller questions, because they were going to nail him on lying on something small.  What a whopper that is!

Ben-Gurion compared Menachem Begin to Hitler and considered him a danger to Zionism as Jews were divided in the fight for the State of Israel. And Ben-Gurion used such terminology in comparing the movement in “Etzel” or the Irgun.  Here is an article in The Times of Israel in 2014 comparing both Ben-Gurion and Jabotinsky to Hitler. And there is much, much more for people to know about this era, but that can wait for another article.  Let’s start the discussion now to have a National Conference of Jews for all of us.  We can find solutions to share that have not been tried.  Or if you believe what an Israel just told me weeks ago that no matter what we Jews do anti-Semitism is going to increase (no matter what I repeat), then those Jews can go to Eilat and have fun on the beach.

I just read the New York Daily News opinion section where two opinions should be discussed.  One person made the case for reparations for Irish and Germans in the United States.  The other person made the case that the Democrats were preservers of slavery and the Republicans fought to end slavery.  As you know I just published my articles about the Republicans Who Voted Nay for Civil Rights in 1964 and the struggle is not limited to slavery.  Republicans helped hand over the South to those same Democrats that produced the problem in 1876. I wish that the New York Daily News would straighten out these major problems a day after the column is presented.  We have all kinds of fact checking going on around our nation and that is good.

New Hempstead School Report: Unsatisfactory

Of course the Hempstead School District could have done much much better!  And so can the Board of Regents.  And so can the State Education Department.  And so can the legislature and governor.  Please read the press release at the bottom of the Eric Stevenson Exploratory Campaign for Congress – 15th Congressional District.

The politics certainly gets in the way in Hempstead and reminds me of Donald Trump making things up all the time.  There have been a lot of collusion and obstruction of justice for the community.  I loved watching the CBS Report, but let’s be honest about it.  I would never have wanted my own work to have been presented in the way it was presented.  There are too many generalizations even as specific things are presented.  I am talking about accomplishments.  You can watch for yourself and learn from what I write.  The key thing about the school is clearly that students were not doing well enough.  Focus on that statement and let’s go to the video tape to see the improvements mentioned.  That’s a lot of viewing and that means intense viewing (117 minutes).  In a report of an hour and seventeen minutes there should be more about the players: the superintendent, the teachers, the parents, the students, the board members, and the community including elected officials.

Let me get to important things first as a road map.  I have talked to Randy Stith (board member) and emailed Hempstead for Hempstead.  I am just being brief about this to set the stage.  You really do not see a community in great need in the presentation.  With sixty percent of students not graduating for years, we have no clue how those students are going to make it in society.  What is the level of unemployment in Hempstead as a result of not having a diploma?  What is the increase in people on social welfare assistance also?  How many people are going to jail and how early in life do they end up incarcerated or in detention houses?   What is the effect on families and its impact in school?  Where is the mention of the “pipeline to prison” that I hear in communities around our nation?  The reporting does cite decades of problems, but revolutionary or significant change requires lazar like moves that impact greatly and those moves require superior knowledge.  And the problem is as much about community as it is about the people in the schools of Hempstead.  In 2002 I learned that I could not count on reporters to write about my best ideas and I had my first article published in Spanish in a newspaper in Brentwood and never looked back as several hundred articles came pouring out to help people.

I will quickly tell things that you can learn to make things better.  When a student appeared on his way to getting suspended, I gave the required helpful information to the parent the afternoon before to prevent it.  When students were being held back by staff from taking the G.E.D. I was the only teacher who spoke up against the administration.  When parents were making the wrong decision about keeping their child in class instead of taking the test, I provided information to help the student earn the diploma sooner.  I cited the correct interpretation of the regulations of the State of New York instead of going along with a program that was holding the students back (December 19, 1999 NY Newsday article on that),  When students were in class longer only to reach a slightly higher test mark to get into college, I wish I had known at that time that student who passed the test could retake the G.E.D. one more time in order to satisfy the college’s requirement to share with students in that situation.  That student might have gotten a job with the diploma and studied more after passing the test to gain admittance to college.  When the instruction was wrong or bad, I intervened.  Students were told that they could leave the program and take the test on their own.  I used to tell the students that people who did leave the program came back and waived their diplomas at the administration when the diploma arrived in the mail.  There was no parent involvement as schools know parent involvement, but if there had been real parent involvement, I probably could have caused a revolution in the G.E.D. programs in New York City.  What I have wanted for Hempstead since the early 2000s and especially since I wrote an article in La Tribuna Hispana USA is for each graduating class to have 100 percent graduation through the Hempstead High School diploma and the G.E.D.  And in stating all this, I can assure you that the Regents of the State of New York, the New York State Assembly, and the governor have conspired to hold people in Hempstead and other communities back.  I wrote days ago to the assemblywoman featured in the CBS presentation and I have not heard from her.    At one point in the Carolyn Gusoff report, Shimon Waronker points out the need for pre-GED and GED programs (apparently there has not been any).  I will get to that later.

Shimon Waronker missed certain deadlines according to opponents of Waronker.  That was not addressed strongly in the report.  Waronker’s contract did stipulate that his company would be paid and people would be hired.  That clearly shows no corruption of his mind which is important in determining guilt.  Now if he had never had that part of his contract redacted, there might have been another story to tell.  It was wrong for people to say that he was “raping” the students because of that money.  And the majority of the board was hiding when it was revealed that the money for the investigation into Waronker had to come from teachers’ salaries.  There is no consistency in the arguments of the majority.    I have spoken to Melissa Figueroa about Waronker and I thought that he was probably not the best person for the job.  Here is what I was thinking beside what I have written about him.  What did he put in place in Hempstead that he used in J.H.S. 22 Bronx and used successfully?  For example were gang members brought into the student government?  I wrote to Hempstead for Hempstead and never got a response from the president.  The response I got was in June 2017 and it looked promising.  After various messages exchanged this was the reply, “Thank you very much I will definitely read and forward to the executive board of HFH.”  Lots of material was sent to that FACEBOOK. 

There are so many generalizations made about and against Waronker and about and against the opposition.  I wanted to see things that specifically supported Waronker such as the gang piece being instituted.  He was there for many months and he should have had a plan that people could refer to since it was repeatedly mentioned that he had no plan and he had a plan.  What were the five best things instituted by his educational group while they were in the Hempstead School District?  What amazing things did the students feel that he accomplished, particularly where those things could be compared to the previous administration or administrations?  How was parent involvement changed?  There are lots of things that could have been mentioned so that we get a clearer sense of his accomplishments in the district.  Just being a Harvard grad and being written up in the New York Times are insufficient, but denigrating his accomplishments should not be tolerated either. And keep in mind that Randy Stith wanted to see how an administrator from an urban situation in the South Bronx could accomplish things in a suburban setting called Hempstead.  The common elements shared by the South Bronx and Hempstead have been obvious to me for decades, its people and problems.  And we would want to see what things that Waronker became famous for in the Bronx were discarded in Hempstead.  Everything counts, everything matters.

I was very suspicious of Hempstead for Hempstead, especially since I watched their own video on FACEBOOK as they were overjoyed about taking back the district.  The district belongs to everyone.  I have gone through that with people from El Salvador in the Brentwood School District as there were warring factions there back in the early 2000s.  Hempstead’s performance may not be entirely the result of the school board, but advertising the students who were selected by Ivy League schools may not be the result of the hard work of teachers.  Great students often succeed across racial and ethnic lines and learn very little in the classroom.  They’ve got talent and the skills to make things happen and can do it anywhere.

Getting back to Shimon Waronker and the G.E.D. is a one sentence statement without any supporting information or material.  Did he make that request in writing to the school board?  Did he make that request in writing to the state education department?  If he did what was the response?  I know that the Hempstead School District cut out the G.E.D. program in CASA when Ed Mangano took office.  I know that the New York State Education Department including the Regents have made horrible decisions related to the G.E.D. program.  CBS should finally do an exposé of those governmental entities that have created big losses of G.E.D./T.A.S.C. since forever.  I know Chancellor Betty Rosa and I have talked with and corresponded with Roger Tiles and I gave up on both.  I have sent information to the secretary of the Board of Regents and spoken to him often.  Now I am sure that the Regents have done other work that is either good or superior, but they have failed millions of people.  The governor is involved as well.  The Hempstead School District should immediately report the numbers of students who did not graduate and who took and passed the TASC exam.

As a G.E.D fanatic I have had a profound influence and largely because my knowledge is superior.  Specifically I have impacted on the office of Jeb Bush when he was governor (everyone should take note of the fact that New York State Education Commissioner was rising to the top in Florida in those says and I helped correct a situation with William Ammons in the governor’s office).  I informed the governor of New York and he immediately transferred $2.1 million into the state budget in 2007.  I have helped people pass the G.E.D. who live in other countries including Bulgaria and Argentina.  I help people a lot by phone and by email, even a day before one of them took and passed the test in Ohio.  And people ask what I do as in where do you teach?  I helped a Salvadoran that BOCES would not even accept in its program because he only went to the second grade in elementary school.  I have either helped and/or given advice that was helpful to students who dropped out of Stuyvesant, Bronx High of Science, and Brooklyn Tech in New York City.  And now I am deeply committed to helping former New York State Assemblyman Eric Stevenson who will be meeting community organizations as he prepares his run for Congress in the South Bronx.  The very same things that are needed to excel in teaching G.E.D./TASC/HISET are needed in preparing students to pass all of their classes.  So with great numbers of students who are deficient in Hempstead schools, those students really do not have to wait for four years to be turned around.  They could learn the basics from a school-based FACEBOOK page that could reach the home and make parent’s much better informed of their children’s progress.  If fifteen percent of the students, for example, do not know about the 3,4,5 right triangle, send the information home to the students on FACEBOOK and watch them learn.  It can be that simple.  And students that don’t seem to know the past tense in Spanish, for example, could benefit from one of the best lessons that a teacher has to provide and learn yo pasé mi vacación en México.  Far fewer students would have fallen through the cracks in the year that Waronker spent as superintendent.  And there’s much more that the Regents can provide to CBS News.  I also want to know how many students who graduated in 2019 were expected to graduate on time two years before in 2017 and how many students who were expected to graduate on time did not graduate on time.  And why?  And I hope that students will be able to get tutoring that will make a difference, a badly needed difference.

I watched about 20 segments from Hempstead School Board meetings and there were hardly any parents there.  I know that parents are busy, but it is unacceptable and has anyone done a survey to find out why parents hardly attend?  Parent involvement matters!  In the last several months I spoke with and emailed the president of the high school and he never called me to invite me to talk to the parents. 

The anti-Semitism that has come out still has not been explained to my satisfaction.  I learned about the anti-Semitism in a conversation from a board member.  It seems that the pot was stirred when Waronker held a meeting on a Sunday, which Randy Stith was critical of, because people were in church on that day.  And there was a community person that seemed to cite “racism” for the same reason.  The Sunday meeting could have been provided to the entire community by video to help the community and that kind of divisiveness was not necessary, particularly since Waronker is an observing Jew and apparently the meeting had to be held on a weekend.  It was understandable to people except Randy Stith and others had to put a divisive spin on it.  We Jews are always conscious of being Jewish among others and we sometimes use being Jewish to make a difference in the lives of people.  John F. Kennedy thought that African-Americans could learn a lot from Jews as the Civil Rights’ struggle heated up.  I just told Eric Stevenson how a so-called “three-time loser” and a “menace to society (stated by a judge)” became my G.E.D. student around 1997.  I took him to eat in a kosher deli in Astoria where I recommended that he order the pastrami sandwich.  As he sat there, he asked me would it be okay to put mayo on the sandwich and I replied no you have to put mustard.  This reminded me of a Black man who asked me on a subway platform back in the 1970s what he should put on a Gabila knish (the square one) and I replied mustard no ketchup.  My student went to jail again and he said that I was the only person who wrote to him.  And the pastrami sandwich story spread among the inmates.  This portraying of a Chasidic Jew as being “racist” even in the CBS report, stirs the pot of anti-Semitism and will reach communities all across New York State.  And that is dangerous, especially since we know there is a spike in anti-Semitism and we see attacks on Jews in Brooklyn on television.  So that part of Gusoff’s report needed editing to show healing instead of pointing a finger at Waronker who is a very large target.

Then we should ask what effect Jack Bierwirth has had on the progress in education, the educational component.  How did his suggestions boost state test scores or even classroom test scores?  The results for 2019 have to be certified for this troubled district.  And the need for change is still there.  September will be a time to put many of my ideas into action.  Here is my previous article about Hempstead that should finally make the news.  I think that it will take another documentary about all of the players and the mistakes that they have made to turn Hempstead around.

I want to share with you a video and material that was sent to me which I decided to include.  Long before there were Koufax and Roseboro in the World Series and the New York Mets playing in Shea Stadium not far from Hempstead, New York (of course the Mets played first in the Polo Grounds in Manhattan), there were Johnny Podres and Roy Campanella.  It was an amazing baseball experience in 1955.  The Bums won!  I met Roy Campanella’s granddaughter in Philadelphia where we were panelists in the Afro-American Museum.

“With the weekend of Juneteenth ending I feel as though slavery never really ended doing the work of civil rights today I see so many egregious things happening to the African-American communities this structural violence and ending it is my work today,  We the people must eradicate structural violence.. we have a public health crisis, until the public is healthy,  and we eradicate racism, by dealing with the ugly truths,  we can never create public safety being the granddaughter of Roy Campanella I think little black boys still have less opportunities to play the game especially in the inner cities.. the cost for single moms just can’t afford it I believe that my grandfather would probably turn over in his grave in 2019 to know that the very things that held him back still remain the same today.”  Campy was driving home to Glen Cove when he had the accident that paralyzed him in 1958.

Shimon Waronker worked in JHS 22 Bronx and I met Campy in JHS 22 Manhattan, where the Dodgers favorite was a guest speaker long after the accident.  At the age of eleven, I pitched in Ebbets Field before the Dodgers’ game, but unfortunately I didn’t have the honor of meeting and pitching to Campy that night (Al “Rube” Walker was the catcher that night in 1956).

Gale Muhammad, Campy’s granddaughter asked me to share the video and I took immediate action.  That’s what we all need to do now

The work of Mark Cohen should interest my readers.  Mark paints Holocaust and Black Lives Matter.  Here is his work.  Artist Mark Cohen has a collection of Black Lives Matter artwork including one of the Emanuel African Methodist Church in Charleston.  Here you can study his work called The Charleston Nine.  At the end of his paintings are the photographs of Red Morgan who has devoted 40 years of his life to photographing African Americans.  Red Morgan has many photographs of church life and even one of Busta Rhymes.

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Race In America

The 400 Year Struggle For Equality

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 Press Release Eric Stevenson Exploratory Campaign for Congress – 15th Congressional District            June 24, 2019

I believe that every member of every family should be a graduate of either high school or an equivalency (TASC, G.E.D. HISET).  This includes our very important immigrant community.  The ethnic statistics for G.E.D. that have been published since 2008 reveal that New York has a major problem and the program existed for decades before and that is not enough adults are graduates of an equivalency.  In fact New York has lagged behind most of the nation, particularly in the granting of diplomas to African-Americans.  The South Bronx can count on my support to introduce a bill to the Congress of the United States that will make the TASC test free, funded to the maximum needed, and all states’ and local rights’ will be removed and have federal protection.  No longer will our people have to wait for two months up to seven months as happened in the past.  The test will be given to people within days through the calendar year.  In addition the Spanish test will be given in all testing sites in New York and across the United States of America.  It is estimated that more than 1.6 million people in New York has no diploma at all and the South Bronx may have much more than one of every four adults who need a diploma for either jobs or college or the military.  In addition this new -generation of high school equivalency will provide the assistance to our youth at the earliest possible age making them much more productive throughout their lifetime.  New York City has hundreds of thousands of disconnected youth who get involved in trouble instead of education and the workforce. 

I am ready to write a position paper to explain more than has been presented here.  I am ready to fight for the people and produce great things and position myself as the candidate that is needed to help everyone.

Contact Eric Stevenson 646-455-9407

Martin Danenberg 631-807-0820

No Jews Need Apply for Asylum Under Trump

I fully understand that the current policy (if you can call what is going on a policy) is fair to everyone, but given the overwhelming evidence that Hispanics and others are the people coming here are not White and not Jewish doesn’t that ring a loud bell.  And given the circumstances, world circumstances, why should we feel so confident about defeating enemies of Israel quickly.  Jews felt a little comfortable under Hitler and then all hell broke loose.  There may be just a little more than a year left to Trump and his attempt to hold Republicans together.  And then we have Jews committing some of the most heinous atrocities in the press that should remind Jews and others of the anti-Semitic press of France at the time of Captain Alfred Dreyfus.  Most Jews in France did not expect the violence to break out during the long Dreyfus Affair either.

I just found out through a South American source that border agents are either holding or interrogating immigrants in a cold room with the intention of getting those immigrants to sign a paper to allow for them to be returned to their country.  This is not waterboarding or threatening human beings in a gas shower or even showing the man the tree with the noose being held, but it shows the tremendous inhumanity of the Trump Administration.  The human being who paid $4,000 to get here is currently in New York with an important family member, In New York where he should be.  The terrorization of immigrants must end now.  I can obtain access to the man mentioned as support of the credibility of this important message.  The research that followed indicated to me that people have been held in cold rooms in the Obama Administration as well, but that combined with getting immigrants to sign their rights away was not mentioned in the articles that I read.

In today’s NY Daily News Attorney Allan Wernick of the City University’s New Citizenship Now Project tells all of US that immigrants should not sign anything without a lawyer has been consulted with the person and that in most cases a judge has not signed a warrant to permit ICE to go to a home to conduct business.  Where is the justice?  Justice is going to arrive, but after Trump departs.  I have my thoughts on that to Make a Better Nation.

I noticed the video of Rabbi Shmuley Boteach almost casually mentioned that he is against children being detained and then he went on to lecture Congresswoman Alejandra Ocasio-Cortez about her lack of knowledge of “concentration camps” which has brought money into his non-for-profit.  The word concentration camp has been used as far back as the Boer War in South Africa, which were long before the Holocaust.  Jewish organizations that use Holocaust survivors as props in this matter have invited the Congresswoman to come to see the concentration camps in order to learn.  Boteach calls AOC out for diminishing the Holocaust and desecrating the Holocaust.  False information has generated money for the KKK, the NRA, and other organizations.  So why generate money based on falsehoods about AOC?  I am reasonably certain that the Congresswoman knows about the gas chambers, the soap factories, and more.  It’s total fraud to assign to her the ignorance that afflicts huge percentages of people around the world.  Let’s take a page from Emile Zola.  It was true that Captain Alfred Dreyfus was innocent and there is no current evidence to portray AOC as anti-Semitic.  All people who donated money to Shmuley based on poor critical thinking should ask for a refund and let us get on with the real fight.  So what Trump has done appears to be fair, but fair to the White Supremacists of this nation.  Someone has to benefit by keeping out all of those Hispanics.

This is proof of what is going on.  Rabbi Shmuley, a great supporter of Donald Trump, writes today ““This is not hyperbole. It is the conclusion of expert analysis,” she tweeted last Tuesday, citing the works of Andrea Pitzer, who in her recent book took the liberty of defining concentration camps as “the mass detention of civilians without trial.” Of course, the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, the Cambridge Dictionary, the Encyclopedia Britannica, and the US Holocaust Memorial Museum all disagree with her oversimplified definition of the triggering term.”  But I found this.  No apology is needed, but just as Congresswoman Omar stirs the pot of hate and Trump does as well, the rabbi has joined the club with his alternate facts.  And the rabbi has made himself very toxic as he has done that.  How about some kosher lust for citing all of the problems in the border camps holding immigrants?

Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez never mentioned the Holocaust nor did she compare our concentration camps or should it just be Trump’s concentration camps to Auschwitz or any forced labor camp which are just examples of the 40,000 concentration camps developed by the German Axis power.  Trump is a much more liberal expression of axis power and the people are still basically going along with It as it was in Germany.  The children are not being turned into soap, but the Trump Administration has argued in court this last week that the children are not required to have soap and toothbrushes.  Rabbi Shmuley helped Muslims obtain halal meat at Oxford, but where is the help in getting soap to the children now?

The rabbi must know that if my life were threatened and someone with a gun shot the assailant, I would say thank you.  It’s common sense.  We Jews who stand up for the immigrants, think about how the Danes stood up for us.  And how Muslims, Christians, and others stood up for us in various ways.  What I would like to see from the rabbi is a full statement about what is being done wrong first to all the people who crossed our borders and did not cross our borders.  There have been suicides just as there were suicides by Jews in Nazi concentration camps and in Displace Person’s Camps after the war.  Suicides related to being separated from family.  Children have died unnecessarily.  People who are Japanese who were in concentration camps during World War II call those detention camps “concentration camps.”   And the reports continue to get worse.

In Europe we sense a great danger because huge amounts of people cannot even recognize the word Holocaust.  Here we see the same thing and we see people that are in denial as well about racism.  It’s about honesty and critical thinking skills.  Either you have them or you don’t.  Rabbi I have read Peter Hayes’ book about the Holocaust and I can tell you that he is greatly concerned about America Under Trump, pointing out how the hate that used to be directed against “Irish, Italians, and Jews” is now directed against Latinos, Muslims, and people of color (meaning free African-Americans and other people today).  Hayes is the chair of the Academic Committee of the United States Memorial Museum and author of the book Why? Explaining The Holocaust.  His explanation is Hitler and I hope that people start to explain things by Trump.  I say Never Never Again and I say it so that it should never happen to any group of innocent people.  We Jews were innocent, but considered as an enemy just as the immigrants are considered part of an invasion (according to Trump). When I write Rabbi Shmuley I am really writing about all the Jews in our communities that talk and think the same way. In applying what we know from the past to present day life (which is what critical thinking skills is about), should we base things on facts and not on opinions? 

Donald Trump has been quick to associate with the Zionist Organization of America which fights against anti-Semitism in the United States, but he refuses to attend the N.A.A.C.P. Convention to speak.  I know about Trump’s desire to have a broad base of support even having White Supremacists to back him up.  Is the N.A.A.C.P. Trump’s version of Israel’s Idi Amin?  You would think that Jewish Republicans who are influential in our nation would have brought the Donald together with the N.A.A.C.P. by now.  The N.A.A.C.P. is not Black Lives Matter and it contains across our nation religious leaders in their communities and a great cross-section of the population which is not extremist in any way.  And from events in the last weeks we see that again racism is alive in the United States and Trump hides his head in the sand.  Where is the special envoy to fight racism to show equality with the Jewish community?  Are we better than the African-American community and we need better things to serve our interests?  Trump’s policies are failing.  Criminal justice reform was a good step, but the federal prison system houses more Whites than Blacks and he presented it as a gift to Afro-Americans.  His creation of jobs affecting African-Americans most likely affected people at the bottom of the barrel, while lots of educated people try to find jobs commensurate with their education.  And one of Trump’s chief lawyers referred to Black Lives Matter as “racist” instead of racial and that person is Rudy Giuliani.  Such ideas should have been purged a long time ago the way we purge anti-Semitic ideas though the White House.  And the 102.5 percent support that Trump gives to law enforcement which is very often feverish support that should be calmed down, portrays to a community of law enforcement that Black people just like Jews in the past and today, have brought these things on themselves and this results in the unfair treatment of Blacks and Jews, leading to racism and anti-Semitism.  Jews helped found the N.A.A.C.P. and we continue to help because we want a much better America, not an America that has already been made great under Trump.  Just ask him about it!

Edouard Drumont the vicious anti-Semitic publisher would have stated that the Jew is desecrating all the French people who died so France could be free.  He knew exactly what he was doing.  Now is the time for people like Rabbi Shmuley Boteach to decide if Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez has done all these horrible things like “desecrating the Holocaust” as she speaks out to protect people who need asylum.  Jews need asylum as well.  If 130,000 Jews were at the border asking for asylum how quickly the tune of Jewish Republicans would change.  And what happened to the Jews who were turned away who arrived in Palestine on the Exodus?  Did they not return later?  Those “illegal caravans” were not illegal to Jews.  We need new Jewish leadership and our nation should be holding meetings just to achieve that.

Édouard Drumont, collage with the antisemitic newspaper he founded, La Libre Parole of 10 September 1899.[1] The headlines read: “The Traitor Convicted, Ten Years of Detention and Degradation, Down with the Jews!”