Trump’s New Anti-Semitism Continued

I’d like to know the name of the person at the Republican Jewish Coalition that  tweeted a defense of Trump’s statement on Tuesday, “President Trump is right, it shows a great deal of disloyalty to oneself to defend a party that protects/emboldens people that hate you for your religion.”  I have seen the almost scripted response of a local Trump supporter who laughed in my face during a conversation about the stupid remarks that Trump makes to hundreds of millions of people.  This is not about entertainment.  Trump is supposed to be the leader of the free world protecting all of us.  I also read previously in another source that it is not about what Trump says, it’s about his deeds.  Here we are trying to distance ourselves from Minister Louis Farrakhan and others and Jewish Republicans are flip flopping on the whole matter.  This gives a license to all anti-Semites to say whatever they wish to say as long as there are no evil deeds attached to it.  And at the presidential campaign level that puts in back in the 1930s with Father Coughlin and others who were supporters of Hitler.  And the list did go much deeper into American corporate leaders and into the people in power in our government.  Franklin D. Roosevelt had family members who were anti-Semitic and now the Jewish Republicans are allowing the growth of anti-Semitic content that will only lead to more problems for Jews across our nation.  It’s the eradication of anti-Semitic thought that is needed now, especially after the massacres and the reported arrests of others planning attacks.

Among this information, we also learn that jobs created in the Trump years were trumped up a bit by 501,000 jobs.  This does diminish Trump’s towering statue well before the Campaign of 2020.  Will the Jewish Republican Coalition even circulate this information or will Trump Truths continue to lie to the people around the world?  Get Trump to announce it himself.  I never questioned the numbers since 2017, but I thought that someone might have been paid off to make Trump look better with the statistics, but I was reassured all along by reading that Trump did not even do better than Obama did, both in general and specifically in putting African Americans to work.  Never once in over 150 articles in Jewish Business News and my own blog did I ever write that the numbers were fake.  Trump has just been diminished and it is important for everyone to recognize just as we recognize the Holocaust and other things historical and news.  The mix of Trump’s lies and misinformation add up to a propaganda machine that has been supported by the Republican Jewish Coalition and now is the time to join that prestigious organization to call for the resignation of Donald Trump as I have been doing for a long time.  The propaganda machine is leading to more anti-Semitism in America and that affects other places in the world.

And among my readings, I did learn that the Republican Jewish vote was greatly diminished by about half.  Can we expect that downturn to continue to take place?  I really don’t know, but I do know that it would be very hard for the Republican Jewish Coalition to effectively debate Trump’s latest comment which I call the “The New Anti-Semitism.”  The best that could be done for those Republicans is a small space in a large article about Trump’s statement.  The alternative to making the statement is to hide until the smoke clears instead of laughing in our faces as Trump supporters do because they won the election and put him in the seat of power.

I learned a couple of weeks ago about the statement that was made by a famous African American who spoke that the South could keep its “culture.”  That information back in the 1950s did not come out to the general public like Trump’s statement.   That famous voice of the African American community continued to be admired.  We know how corrupt that Southern  culture really was and that Hitler learned from it.  And it still is corrupt, but we see that culture even affecting the Pacific Northwest right now and people everywhere. Aspects of that culture were all over our nation and deep in the heart of the Trump family or in their pockets as there was discrimination in housing and more.

I confess that I never have heard of Matthew Brooks who is listed as the executive director of the Jewish Republican Coalition.  I assume that he knows about me, because I have emailed material to that organization over the last three years.  Among the many names listed as the “Board of Directors” are Sheldon Adelson, Norm Coleman, and Bernard Marcus.  There are dozens of names on the list that keep me clueless.  I looked up Harold Beznos and found out that his father arrived in Detroit at the “height of the Great Depression” from Poland and his father was involved in helping people to stay afloat in those hard-economic times that led to the New Deal.  Beznos set up a three-year scholarship in law school in his father’s name.  That is a nice thing to do but I have written that famous Americans have donated huge sums of money because they had money offshore and did not pay their “fair share” of taxes.  And keep in mind that former Senator Joe Lieberman commented that one of the things that convinced him to join the Republican Party was that Republicans give more money to charity (hide the money so the pay less tax).  That lack of funds has impacted on communities and continues to impact on communities making the United States a very unsafe place which even Trump has compared to countries at war and he has done nothing really to turn things around in our cities.  His venture into MS-13 barely affected statistics in our cities, but he achieved a lot of publicity over it.  And the Republican Jewish Coalition achieves publicity for its statements that are grossly unfair, particularly as it hides the truths that I write about.

I looked further into the bowels of the website and found a statement where Jewish people and others have been informed that Congresswoman Ocasio- Cortez told radio listeners that Palestinians “have no choice but to riot.”  My own reading of Israel’s history in 1949 teaches that Jews from around the world were rioting in Israel at the treatment that they received at the hands of Israel’s Ashkenazi leadership.  We see rioting in different places in the world including France where people in government realize that they have to do more for the people and not less.  This is the struggle of humanity to defeat the conservative forces that even held back Zionists in Galicia in the 19th century as Jews were shot in the back by people in power.  And there were Jews who were complicit because Zionism would mean the loss of the peasants and poorly paid workers which could ruin the local and national economy.  And there were Jews who called the living conditions that the poor lived under in Israel “concentration camps” which is hardly publicized here in the USA. 

Given the fact that Israel is largely divided over what has to done, the Republican Jewish Coalitions statements do not really represent the views of all or even most Jews.  I would love to see the liberal Jewish organizations and the conservative ones unite with Israelis in a massive, long-distance call to discuss the problems.  Even the fact that a million people are living in poverty in Israel should be brought up since Netanyahu’s conservative right-wing politics appears to be one of the reasons for this.  So it is about more than talking about hate, apartheid, discrimination, and peace.  Are Jewish groups afraid to talk about these truths in a massive long-distance call?  You can run from but you can’t hide from the truth. 

Have a drink of Evian water and talk things over, but do much more than leaders did at the Evian Conference in 1938.  Hitler wrote at that very time that he would be happy if the world took those “criminals”  and he was even ready to put them on “luxury ships” which we feel was just another liar talking out loud, something that we are quite used to in the United States.

And the Mexican criminals statement rings loud inside my head.  At that time the Dominican dictator boasted about taking in tens of thousands of Jews and even that resulted in only about 700 arriving there.  

Oh.  The African American with that comment about allowing the South’s its culture.  I almost forgot and how could I forget the unforgettable Nat “King” Cole.  There was a backlash against him in the African American community that I did not find out about until this month.

Trump Says We Are Disloyal: The New Anti-Semitism

The Mexicans were criminals and rapists and “some” of them were okay and now Trump is telling his base that many or most Jews are disloyal.  When will the next Jewish Massacre occur?  Go ask Trump’s envoy, Elan Carr, against anti-Semitism to tell us what the F.B.I. data reveals since the F.B.I. is doing the investigations that could lead to another massacre.  It should be predictable, but you just don’t know how soon.  It’s like predicting the murders committed by MS-13 in my community (which has happened under Trump) or the shootings taking place in cities across America.  There will probably be another shooting in Chicago or Philadelphia in the next week.  I have read about the recent arrests of men plotting to kill others, but how many plots are there?

In my writings over the last few years, there have been two key points to review.  Kennedy entered into an agreement to prevent nuclear war and so far that has been successful, even though the world has been full of war and destruction.  And recently my work shows that that the Battle of Stalingrad should be reviewed as well.  I write that the German defeat led people in power to conclude that they should either not back Hitler or go along with his wishes to deport and kill more Jews.  But what would have happened if Hitler had won?

Russia could not have easily taken over much of Europe back in the 1940s.  The “free world” would not have had the power to vote for a United Nations and the partition of the Palestine, leading to the State of Israel.  Jews surely would have been exterminated before even contemplating “Aliyah” to Israel.  There would have been no mention of Israel also.  On the Palestinian side, it would seem that their wishes would be granted since Hitler had held high level talks with the Grand Mufti and others.  Do you think that Hitler would have gone along with creating a Muslim state?  It appeared that way, but we know from studying Hitler and the other powerful dictators of those days that they often made promises that they did not keep or had no desire to keep.  That’s how things were.  There might have been a mass celebration by Muslims which could easily have been followed up by the mass extermination of Muslims by Hitler.  Even African Americans have learned from my work in Jewish Business News that Black people were victims in the Holocaust. 

The Fascists in Italy brought Moors into battle against the Republicans in Spain and that secured Franco’s dictatorship there for decades.  I was in thought about these things only hours before I learned about Donald Trump and his new salute to Jews calling most Jews either ignorant or disloyal.  On the other side we recall Congresswoman Omar and her questioning the loyalty of Jews by mentioning the dual loyalty matter.  On these points, Trump and Omar are like two peas in a pod, even though Repugnicans would shake their heads in disbelief.  We do live in a world where it seems that most people are ignorant of one thing or another and cannot draw proper conclusions.  I was told by Richard Koubek, an immigrant advocate, two days ago that the Catholic Church finally recognized that it had been on the wrong side of history for centuries for backing monarchists, dictators, nobles, and others against the common people.  We certainly understand that Trump’s comments are related to the Israeli question revolving around Congresswoman Tlaib, but he has really stepped deeply into the anti-Semitic mine field and he should explode.  But will he? 

Let’s get back to Palestine and how it could have played out without any Jews at all.  The Muslims and Christians would have held power there for sure.  But we also could conclude that the Arabs (Muslims and Christians) could be annihilated by Hitler.  Perhaps that would have been done through a war and not by concentration camps where the use of gas and ovens would be used, among other methods like disease, bullets, and bludgeoning.  Does this remind any of my readers of the rich history of that region in relation to Europe?  Do you need a hint?  How about the Knights Templars or King Richard, or Saladin?  Now you must know that I am alluding to control of the “Holy Land” which is in the hands of Israelis as they try work things out with some or many difficulties.  I certainly believe that based on all of this information and the horrible backlash of people in power all over Europe in those says that Hitler would have made deals including the deal to turn the Holy Land over to Christianity by signing such a deal with the Catholic Church.  Evangelicals should take note of this as well.  So Jews hold the power there because Hitler lost. 

This was not a world where Christians professed great love for Jews, even in the United States.  Hitler had supporters everywhere including in the United States.  These were powerful men who found him acceptable for various reasons, but particularly for his anti-communism.  He was the lesser of two evils.  If Germany had already developed nuclear weapons, it would have been very easy to change the course of politics a bit to bring the rest of the world closer to his brand of fascism.  He had to fight a war instead and lost.  Fascism lost, it appeared, but all over Eastern Europe the methodology continued on and on.  I read about it every night, for example, in studying the Balkans.

Donald Trump was called the lesser of two evils in 2016 by many.  The stress here is on the word “evil” since we have seen him in action for two and a half years.  Do we have to see any more?   He took the office of president with a solemn oath.  He aspired to royalty in all but name.  He had a famous visit to Queen Elizabeth II and his daughter had her resumé built up so that she could achieve greater things.  Actually I took some license here with the facts.  The daughter should have been written as the wife for it to be historically correct.  And I was not writing about Donald Trump, but it hit me that the evil leader that I had been reading about was Trump in a democracy.  That man was Niclolae Ceausescu of Romania who was a very evil leader.  His wife, Elena, he made people believe was a “world-class chemist” who was honored by the Royal Institute for Chemistry in England in 1978, but she was barely literate.  England was conned into accepting the visit with great pomp and circumstance and our nation’s voters have been conned a la Trump.

Trump ought to reopen discussions to purchase Greenland.  It should be designated for White Supremacists to keep them far away from US, but Trump could be buried there without fool honors.  I mean full honors.  He disgraces America almost all the time.  He should also consider paying a visit to Eric Lin who has been arrested.  Lin Loves Hitler and Trump and he is being held for planning a mass shooting.  They two belong together and can discuss things that they both love about Hitler. 

Trump’s comments have gone viral as his comments do.  He has continued to stir the pot against justice and democracy as a leader.  His comments are much worse than all of the combined comments of the Squad since Trump’s base is the major problem, as we have noted by recent mass massacres.  Americans must find the time and resources to deal with Trump now.  Impeachment has taken too long and may continue to take too long.  And should not our nation’s Zionists protest Trump right now?  Or is anti-Semitism by the White House going to be tolerated?  And I just read the quote being circulated that Trump is like the King of Israel and that is by Ceausescu himself.  And get this.  Trump handled these comments with the current president of Romania in his office.  Would you believe that?

Miracles for Immigrants

Richard Koubek is an immigrant advocate on Long Island who wrote a letter to the editor in the New York Newsday today about the article by Bishop Barres of the Catholic Church in Nassau County.  Bishop Barres wrote about the Miracle of the New York Mets in 1969, a piece that I read days ago and I had the same reaction as Richard Koubek, criticism.  I chose to say to myself that the bishop has the right to portray the “miracle” that he chose.  This news gives me fuel for the fire.  And my readers know that my union protested the treatment of children at the Texas border the other day and that caused me to write Today’s News.  And Today’s News continues as I attempt to expose to a larger audience what is taking place.

Among other things I am waiting to hear from Latino Victory, the organization of Eva Longoria about my article on the Jews of Bulgaria and the important contents about how deportation was stopped in 1943, saving the lives of thousands of Jews. I also reached out to the woman that helped that organization write a letter that appeared in newspapers to educate the public.  The Catholic Church does help the immigrants as it has in the past through the Council of Bishops, but that is not enough.  So what I observe across the United States is leadership that suffers from vitamin deficiency.  The Latino Victory campaign includes famous supporters including Lin Manuel-Miranda, Jennifer Lopez, Ricky Martin, America Ferrera, Rita Moreno and others.  That is star power, but not the brightest star that is needed right now to shine across our land. And we thank J Lo for the tens of millions donated to Puerto Rico and the efforts of Lin Manuel-Miranda to bring a little joy to the people of Puerto Rico as well.  It is great to publicize the opposition to Trump and his policies, but it is another thing to take bold action such as stopping contributions to the Catholic Church or having a national boycott of Hispanics and their supporters to bring the Trump Administration to its knees as the American people finally begin to realize the dangerous position that he has put everyone into.  A Latino Victory is part of the American Victory that we all need.

If Ricky Martin’s office and Latino Victory do not think that I am sharing something valuable at this time, why not hold a national or international telephone conference tomorrow to listen to and evaluate the suggestions or solutions of others.  I am open minded and that’s what I wish to see all across the board in helping in other areas to make life better for people.

The Montgomery Bus Boycott were extremely difficult and dangerous days.  The boycott lasted over a year and five Black churches were burned to the ground, people were harmed and threatened among other things.  This is a different day to consider similar tactics.  Trump is vulnerable.  His tariff war and tax reform have added trillions of dollars to the national debt.  He is worried about the recession that is all over the news.   His lies are catching up with him, but that has not happened just yet in the polls.  This is a moment for intense pressure to put on his administration.  Call it the Battle of Trumpingrad if you wish.  Learn from history and not just from the people around you who have good intentions but fall far short of victory and latino victory.  And while that fight continues, all of us should seek to share The Force 2020 DDT and send Trump back from wherever he has come.  Take it to the powers that can make Trump back off or take it to the streets the way people have done in Puerto Rico.  Stop being general!  Be specific!

The Montgomery Bus Boycott was not just about going to the back of the bus or African Americans giving up their seats to White people.  Bus drivers attacked African Americans and stole money from them by asking them to get off and come through the back door of the bus and leaving before the paying passenger entered.  That did happen to Rosa Parks and she did not stand for that either.  When the boycott took place, Black taxi cab drivers would charge people only the cost of the bus ride in support of the boycott.  Some blacks rode the buses instead of boycotting.  Black churches all over our nation raised money for the boycott and even provided people with extra sneakers so they could walk to work.

The head of the Catholic Church in New York is Cardinal Timothy Dolan who I have written about before.  He watched the Mets in 2016 instead of watching the presidential debates.  That musts have been his own “miracle” as things turned much worse for the immigrants in America.  So the Catholic Church giveth and taketh away by the actions of its leaders and members.  The Catholic Church has the power of millions of Americans who support the church’s existence and lots of those Catholics are the very same immigrants who need protections right now.  This is a moment for all Catholics to become engaged as stars in the sky to bring an end to the crisis.  In my article on the Bulgarian Jews Saved from Deportation, the bishop there was ready to give up his life and that kind of talk is needed today.  The immolation of Buddhists in Vietnam should be remembered and that shook up the world.  But another aspect of the halt to the deportation of those Jews was the political reality of Germany’s failure to overcome Russia at Stalingrad in 1943.  So that leads me to tell my readers that a powerful political event is needed now.  That event could be and should be Catholics, Jews, and others recognizing that their leadership, at best, has us in a status quo that is unacceptable.  The push should be in the direction to drive leadership to demand from Donald Trump the change that was demanded in Bulgaria.  Even the Democratic leadership has not been aggressive enough.  And I have not observed that the Pope has taken upon himself the important task to single handedly change the minds of the Trump Administration.

In just about all of the reading of history that I have done lately, the battle is between conservatives and liberals.  The Catholic Church largely sided with monarchy, nobility, and other forces that suppressed the people.  Other churches in Europe did the same thing.  Liberals often retreated from the original objectives, as well, to become more conservative and that held back the progress of the oppressed masses.  It was within those horrible conditions that communism and socialism tried to make a difference and at times it did just that before taking on the character of the oppressors.  And my honest analysis of Trump is that he is operating in a democratic society the way that Hitler, Stalin, Tito, and others did in Europe.  We could go over his work line by line and see the parallels even though he has not killed, tortured, or arrested anyone.  It’s all the same and perfectly legal unless the courts overrule him and the courts do just that at times.

Scapegoating was agreed to in 1953 handling of the democratization of Yugoslavia, which Tito did not permit.  Moscow, Molotov said would blame Lavrentiy Beria and he suggested that Yugoslavia blame Milovan Djilas.  This even endeared the Soviet leader more to Tito after years of troubling relations.  And the scapegoats in America are all too obvious.  Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.  These are two human beings with their own faults and I can be openly critical of them, but scapegoating them the way that the communists, Nazis, and others have done it is wrong.  Nikita Khrushckev at that time was overthrowing Stalinism to create his own brand of communism.  I am not attempting to diminish the horrible acts of Beria to his people, but as he was being accused of treason for secretly contacting foreign intelligence sources (as the Soviet leaders contended), he was following the orders of Stalin and Molotov.  And that makes us think about all of the spinning of news that we hear on Fox News and in other sources about Trump and his attacks on Clinton and Obama.  It’s all a plot to assassinate one’s opponents in one way or another. 

And there is one important thing that I learned from reading about Yugoslavia in those decades.  Yugoslavians were free to travel all over Europe as their professionals were in great demand just as the Chinese are today all over the world.  As other communist nationals saw this travel as a way to escape the horrible conditions of their country (defection), Yugoslavians rarely defected and the reason had to be the much more liberal policies that were in place in Yugoslavia.  This is the moment where we have briefly heard some people say that if you hate or don’t like America go back to your country.  And we heard it before as well and we are not done with it.  The big question is what makes a nation so tolerable knowing that so much hate and other evils exist there?  It surely can be big numbers of Americans are poorly informed or lack knowledge.  Many Americans just follow the commander-in-chief and that came up with a staff member of a man who showed outrage against Trump (a famous actor who my father looked like in his youth).  Whether it is knowledge of the Holocaust or anything else, people have vitamin deficiency and life goes on.  We in the United States have a liberal society (with unnecessary conservative backlash taking place) and people are going to stay here unless our government offers a great buyout which would generate a great exodus.  There are lots of great places in the world to live.

A White Supremacist attack, it appears, has been averted now in Ohio as a young man who also attended the Charlottesville rally was taken into custody.  He amassed a large amount of weapons and ammunition.  He also wrote about how he wanted a homeland for white people.  Perhaps he knows more about Trump’s desire to purchase Greenland?  Could it be that Trump wants to set up a homeland for white people and change the name to Whiteland?  Much that is taking place around our government and its people is scary. 

Yesterday I was engaged in a discussion with a Black man outside a convenience store.  Before I knew it, he said that the Jews control the world.  And about a minute later, he mentioned Brooklyn as an example.  The borough president of Brooklyn happens to be a Black man, but he had to be thinking about the Orthodox Jews living in Brooklyn.  They certainly don’t live in Central Islip where I live.   That Black man reminds me of Trump and some of his advisors because of the way they think.  That man who holds extreme views that are common among all people including progressives and conservatives could not really hold a conversation that stays on track.  He meandered every time.  He also suggested that I could not understand his world which is the world of a Black man.  But the conversation really started when he objected to supporting poor with his tax dollars, even though he lived in public housing in Brooklyn in his youth.  I think that if I had continued the conversation for another few minutes, he probably would have taken the red hat out of his car to wear in front of me.  You know about that red hat. 

And Lou Dobbs commented that a correction officer was “in his right” to drive his vehicle into demonstrators at a detention center.  It should not matter if those demonstrators were Jewish or from other ethnic communities.  We all need to be protected, even friends or family members that we may not agree with.  The correction officer has resigned from his job, but an investigation might be able to determine if there was “corruption” in his mind as he drove.  Lou Dobbs should be strongly considered for a boycott as well because his opinion can only incite others to do the same thing.  That is what inciting is all about, especially at the national level where more people learn about his harmful words.  Make Lou Dobbs tonight Lou Dobbs Never Again as he mixes his words but fails to cover all the legal ramifications of what took place.

As a final word on that, I have felt for over a decade that I am attempting to complete the work of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in my own way and helping African Americans across our nation is my world.  Even John F. Kennedy made a commitment to help African Americans with education at a time that he felt the nation was not going to accepting of African Americans living next to White people.  And much of the immigrant community has been the victim of vitamin deficiency in the area of education. 

Here is a brief letter that I just sent to the Sun-Sentinel in Florida related to the program that probably kept Nikolas Cruz, the Parkland shooter, in school.  The Sun-Sentinel is now behind merging the Promise program with state programs and I have taken the time to point out the vitamin deficiency affecting students who have dropped out of school and who may be at-risk to wind up in jail.  The Sun Sentinel, an award-winning newspaper, could illuminate the statewide attainment of high school equivalency diplomas of students in the Promise and the state programs.  It should be duly noted that Nikolas Cruz was nineteen when the Parkland Massacre took place and he could have earned a G.E.D. in Florida at the age of sixteen and been eligible for a better life.  I learned about the N.A.A.C.P.’s reporting of much higher suspensions of Black students in Delaware over a decade ago and quickly pointed out that Delaware is always at the bottom of the barrel in the delivery of high school equivalency diplomas in our nation, ranking it alongside Washington, D.C. and Puerto Rico.  Holding young people and the most at-risk adults in communities back usually leads to more crime and incarceration as people are convicted.  The Sun Sentinel should finally give the public the information comparing Broward figures with state figures and if Broward’s figures are lower that should reflect on the record of the school district.  We would have to know what is going on in the schools at that point.  Florida produced twice as many diplomas as Delaware per capita, but even Florida has not been highly ranked.  And that is why the research should extend to the states that have great results such as Alaska where I have been told that everyone in that state is required to study for the high school equivalency.  When the G.E.D. changed in 2014, the state knew that the annual results were extremely poor and this points a finger at the state as well.  A lot of miracles are needed.

Today’s News: Trump’s Nation Revealed

The American Federation of Teachers Texas and the National AFT got together to protest children being held in detention in Texas.  There were about 12 comments as I watched people speak out during the FACEBOOK live meeting.  I checked up on one person on FACEBOOK who made a negative comment about what was going on.  He had a photo with that infamous red hat on.  You know the one that says Make America Great Again.  That is significant.  A few comments wanted the teachers to follow the law.  But that is exactly what they were doing.   They weren’t storming Fort Sumter you know.  I would like the reader to contemplate for a moment that those children are Jewish children being detained as history has recorded.  And we know that children everywhere have a great way with words which show their intelligence.  Can you for one second imagine that Jewish child saying out loud “Are they going to deport us again?”  I can.  Doctors are reporting that there can be trauma to the undocumented immigrant children (to everyone since there have been suicides by adults).  So what are those comments all about?  Acceptance that people are experiencing pain even though they should not be experiencing it.  Other comments were about Randi Weingarten spending the time helping the teachers in our nation, even though our union has been in the forefront of helping others since I was a teenager.  And I am 74.  In my article about Bulgarian Jews Saved from Deportation I spell out things that could be done to fight Trump.  Trump is behind all or most of this just as the leaders in Europe were behind what was done to the Jews.  The Catholic Church could have stopped all of this since Catholics are more powerful at the polls than Jews and other groups.  Read about Bulgaria.  And it is not too late.  There has been no twelfth hour and Jews were saved in the eleventh hour.  Cardinal Dolan can be the one to devise the plan.

And things are getting much worse due to cops being shot in Philly and people splashing water and noodles on cops in New York City.  These are things that almost everyone would never do.  But there are people around law enforcement speaking out who probably should be terminated.  The shooter in Philadelphia had not even indicated if he had ever heard the former District Attorney’s message about “racist” police, but it made the news as though the William Mc Swain, the US Attorney for the Eastern District had already mentioned Krasner and placed the blame on Krasner.  At least in several of the cases of mass shootings we know about either that red hat, ties to White Supremacists, and other related things.  In New York City there is the Policeman’s Benevolent Association president going well beyond his duties to defend Officer Pantaleo in the Eric Garner case.  It’s time for everyone to start using their “noodle” to provide us with the best law enforcement instead of just law and order.  Noodle does mean intelligence.

It is time for another hypothetical situation that will explain my point.  Imagine instead of a child, a police officer who is 7 feet 1 inch and is one of the most powerful men in a gym working out with body builders, including Arnold Schwarzenneger.  And that this fictitious officer picked up Eric Garner and Garner landed on his head killing Garner.  And there was no choke hold to talk about.  The case was decided based on reckless endangerment and that could be the basis of the firing of Pantaleo.  That tall story about the tall man in the gym was revised a lot and you should know that it was Wilt Chamberlain who Arnold called the strongest man in the gym.  And please keep in mind that lots of police are under investigation in Philly for racists posts.  And that there are racist police in New York City. 

I think that Mayor de Blasio did make a mistake in saying that the “police are racist” years ago but policing in general has to change and get better.  The police themselves cannot make the rules even though they send a message to conservative people who cannot think deeply that they know how to handle things.  I can assure you from my readings of history that the police and the military have joined together to rape, terrorize, and kill people all over Europe.  Could that happen here?  You never know.  There are cases of rape and other things that have been reported, but things are not out of hand.  The police and military are paid well which wasn’t the case in the history that I have absorbed.  Before World War I and later, those men could rob from people and do pretty much whatever they wanted to do. 

And then there is Attorney General William Barr who wants everyone in our nation to follow the instructions of police as though we were living under martial law.  A call to a former federal prosecutor led to this piece of information.  People are not required to follow unlawful directives of the police.  And I have seen a video where a police officer wanted to arrest a man in front of his wife.  What they did was slow down the process, make a call to the officer’s superior, and the man never went to jail because there was a mistake in identity from the start.  I feel that we need more police and better training for police.  People just cannot follow all of the instructions of police in communities and we do need more police at incidents where backup is immediately called for.  Often we need another brain at the scene because often two heads are better than one.  And that depends on the heads if you know what I mean.

With several suicides by police in New York City recently, people should take a look at this article about Blue Lives Matter.  Has Trump even taken the best actions to help the men and women in blue?  He’s probably doing better with the Taliban.  And police could get help through someone I know in Israel who is waiting to help people in the United States.  Let’s also take another look at my article on The Holocaust and Black Lives Matter which was published in Jewish Business News.  In today’s article about the national crisis of police suicides in the New York Daily News, it was written that Trump has put some funding in place for the problem and Patrick Lynch wants the cops to get the highest level of professional help and comments that twitter posts and posters are not enough.  It is time to go to Washington, D.C. about this matter.  Federal help is needed, especially since the program set up in New York City a few years ago did not work well.  Everyone should have access to high level mental health professionals including those people on the streets that are killing cops and others.  Killing a cop or the suicide of a cop is one death too many for law and order, creating law and disorder.  And the poor judgment by police that lead to the killing of people in our communities must be prevented.

Then we could turn to Congresswomen Tlaib and Omar being told that they cannot enter Israel.  Of course it’s up to Israel to decide and face any consequences resulting from its actions.  But those women are just as American as Trump is.  What if a right-wing Republican were told that he could not enter Mexico for making horrific comments made about Mexicans.  Trump just reinforced what we know about Trump and that is all political.  He is supposed to defend Americans, all Americans, but his politics cannot allow that.  Tlaib and Omar and Trump may have to go out from government.  Did I write that Trump may have to go?  And I look forward to certain Jewish organizations writing about all the bad and evil things that Trump has either said or done and to do it before the election of 2020.  And let’s not forget all the lies as well.

Oh I am not done.  I tried helping a youth a year ago to obtain his T.A.S.C. High School Equivalency.  He or she entered a program on Long Island in the winter of 2019 where the administration thought that it had to send him or her to take the test.  He or she is 19 and can take the test on his own.  That person working for the program called the local college and learned that the student could, in fact, make the date to take the test himself or herself.   At one point the person said that I was “lecturing” but I was just explain the correct regulations.  Anyway this youth has been held back by that and something else as well because people in charge lack knowledge.  I made a call to the youth who like many youth was not even upset to find out about being held back. This is a true story.  I just wonder how many youth have been held back by this program that I heard about twenty years ago.  Spread the word in the South Bronx that help is on the way.  If you feel that you are being violated, you just have to get in touch with me and I’ll tell you the real deal and what solution is possible.

Look carefully at what people are doing in New York, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C. and it reveals a lot about this Trump nation in power.  Those people have to be removed from power and that could also be part of a national conference right now.  It’s not just about Trump, but it’s all about Trump.  And Trump says that you have no choice, but to vote for him.  I feel that it’s possible the way things are heating up that voting for him just may mean only writing his name in instead of voting for the candidate of the Republican Party.

The South Bronx is Waking Up

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-4.png
Eric Stevenson

I started working hard in New York City in 2003 when there was time.  We all need time.  Years went by and I was still doing my best to help the people of New York City.  I started a You Tube account and put some very interesting things online.  Not one went viral and you have seen viral videos.

These presentations are my favorites.  Of course they are my favorites because I planned them and shot them.  Let’s start off with Mr. Excitement if you can remember him.  This video was shot in a nightclub in Brooklyn.  Pay attention to the number of views and see what happens to wonderful ideas that seem to go nowhere.  Now is the time for the videos to go somewhere.  Why?  Because the South Bronx is waking up.

Here is the Mr. Excitement video.  Please click on it.

Here is William Bell, the father of Sean Bell whose life was taken away in a shooting in Queens.  He had a bachelor party going on and he had just learned over the telephone that the Los Angeles Dodgers were going to sign him to a contract.  Please click on it.  That’s my man Bud and I took him to the 100th Convention of the N.A.A.C.P.

Here is the Hip Hop Summit Youth Council and the NYPD, an event that I drove to Queens to do.  Please click on it.

Here is a GED student who used to play video games and find out what else was going on his life.  He attended my Save the GED Test Rally at City Hall where I briefly spoke with Eric Stevenson who had business to attend to there.  Please click on it.  A great message in only 34 seconds.

Here is Adriano Espaillat at a rally to help immigrants who were illegally stopped in Arizona.  Please click on it.

Here is a rally uptown Manhattan to restore huge budget cuts by Mayor Michael Bloomberg.  I know the music well because in those days I was eating a lot of Dominican food and learning culture.  Please click on it.  It was una travesía.

I know that you may not have enough time to view all of the video, but you can surely share it or post it on your FACEBOOK.

You can let me know what you think by emailing me at  We are going to do great things together to help people. And just when I thought I was done, I thought of more to share through technology.

Go to minute 2 to start listening. 

After the telephone conference call I had the pleasure of talking to Mark Cohen who told me that 35 of his students have already listened to the conference call.  Let us all strive to share the information with youth who can almost assure us that their friends will find out and listen as well over the telephone.

Artist Mark Cohen has a collection of Black Lives Matter artwork including one of the Emanuel African Methodist Church in Charleston.  Here you can study his work called The Charleston Nine.  At the end of his paintings are the photographs of Red Morgan who has devoted 40 years of his life to photographing African-Americans.  Red Morgan has many photographs of church life and even one of Busta Rhymes.

Now Enter

Race In America

The 400 Year Struggle For Equality

Bulgaria’s Jews Saved from Deportation

I have been told by a friend who has a Holocaust exhibit in place in Florida that a significant number of people visiting the exhibit and chatting with him do not wish to be reminded of the Holocaust.  Mark Cohen has an exhibit in the Dania Beach Holocaust and Documentation Center.  His work including the painting Mengele’s Children which depicts the children that Mengele experimented on before killing them can be seen through October 4, 2019.  This article is a reminder.  People have to be reminded.

I have already written that the same immigration act that hurt the chances of Jews to find asylum in the United States when Hitler was in power hurts other immigrants today and that the collegial visits of Trump’s supporters to detention centers in Texas remind me of Hitler’s Theresienstadt Ghetto where even the Red Cross could see how well Jews were being treated by the Nazis.  Check out my latest article on that subject.  In addition the recent caravans to the United States did not constitute an “invasion” of the United States, particularly when I cite Jewish history and the struggle to enter Palestine.  The caravans should have borne the names Exodus II, III, and more to express the universality of people seeking a refuge against violence and other evils.  We stand with the immigrants who fight for their families the way that our families fought to come here.  And that applies to men, women, and children without any family here as well.

The Balkan people in Bulgaria were quite xenophobic, but they refused to hand over Jews for deportation.  And today Jews are fighting to prevent the deportations ordered by Trump.  Under extreme pressure, Jews were saved in the final hours though, but Jews in Macedonia and Thrace were less fortunate. 

Among the major sources of help at that moment in history was the head of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church, Metropolitan Stefan (he was ready to give his life on the railroad tracks to stop the deportations).  And there was a lack of “popular” anti-Semitism and resistance by Jews.  The Star of David was to be worn by Jews, but a tactic put in place was to wear photos of the king and queen, among other things.  So in March 1943 there was no deportation taking place, even though the plan was in place for years to accomplish deportation.

There was a “leak” of information from the office of the master planner, Alexandur Belev, and we have Liliana Panitska to thank for that.  Here are the details and one could conclude that the same thing could happen in the United States at this time regarding the deportations. 

Sofia Jews were given the leaked information.

They went to a main critic of the policy to tell him and the Interior Minister was later confronted.  A denial was issued, but there was lots of evidence provided.

A postponement was issued contrary to the demands of the cabinet.

Later Bishop Kiril sent a telegram asking that Tsar Boris put an end to all deportations.  Others met with the Tsar to put pressure.  The communist leadership of the Partisans strongly denounced the deportations and organized effective protests.

Tsar Boris was not opposed to any of the deportations which would lead to the death of Jews.  So what probably happened to put him on the right page of history?  Just as I have been calling for Trump to resign because of the weight of evidence against him on various fronts, we must give more thought about the bad things that are going on that upset our values.  We have to do more, much more.  There are too many similarities with the past already, even as people seem to accept much of what is going on.  Bishop Metropolitan Stefan appeared to be ready to give up his life.  I wonder if a similar threat from the leader of the Catholic Church in New York would corral the support to stop the madness of Trump in regard to deportation.  Asher Hananel, the chief rabbi, was arrested for protesting by Belev and brought to the latter’s office where the rabbi was told that Belev that he didn’t do anything without the crown.  Support for deportation was there even though Tsar Boris could at times speak kindly about the Jews (which irritated Hitler).  Boris knew about the deportations taking place in Macedonia and Thrace by train where the first Jews being sent to Treblinka were being witnessed by Belev himself.  Jews cried out for help there (on the train) and their voices were not heard.  Tsar Boris showed no humanitarian passion for the Jews and his later efforts were part of the let’s make a deal program advocated today by the Trump Administration which continues to fail during the humanitarian crisis at the border.

The turning point that I started to explain concerning Tsar Boris was the Battle of Stalingrad in 1943.  The Germans lost and this gave validity to Tsar Boris to play the political game, particularly as he would have to appeal to victorious Allies for forgiveness once the war ended. 

I wonder when Jews and non-Jews will figure out that the Immigration Act of 1929 and other American policies kept Jews out of the United States.  The timing of the section that criminalizes people who cross the border would have affected Jews at that time and now affects mostly Hispanics.  All of this clearly diminishes the United States.  I would hope that by spreading this important fact of history today would help change minds.  I think that if we could tell every immigrant that is being detained that they would ask “What about us?”  And now immigrants being held in Texas detention camps are suing for improvements in conditions and their release.  Draconian Trump policies regarding those people and the family members of immigrants who have been charged with crimes may soon be coming to an end.  And the xenophobia that affects the United States need not be very popular since cabinet members and the Department of Justice continue to behave the way that the Bulgarian cabinet behaved in 1943.

The very latest news tells us about a shooting in San Antonio, Texas in an ICE office.  Statements are already out there blaming politicians that disagree with Trump and his polices.  An investigation is being made about the shooting.  Perhaps the investigation is over since opponents of Trump have been blamed?  Or has that ICE office been reckless in making the statement?  And if there is truth that politicians, the media, and immigrant rights’ advocates are being “reckless” in this very serious matter, shouldn’t both sides get together for a national discussion as Bulgarians in the Interior Ministry were convinced by those who fought for Jews at the very moment that deportations were about to take place?  The ICE statement does appear to me to be propaganda and nothing else.  History may not be repeating itself here, but certain aspects sure do seem similar.  Boris Trump has to be exposed for what he is doing.

Let me share this thought.  Here is information taken from a quote in the book 1949.

The person mentions the primitiveness of the people.

They have almost no education and cannot understand intellectual things.

They are only slightly more advanced than Negroes.

They lacked roots in religion.

They have savage and primitive instincts. 

And they attacked a Bulgarian and others who were staff members.

They live in filth, gamble, get drunk, and promote prostitution.

They suffer from venereal disease.

They are thieves.

They are chronically lazy.

And given that these immigrants were ignorant, primitive, and poverty stricken, a political power shift was going to take place in the land of Israel as Menachem Begin and the Herut Party advocated for them.  These were North African Jews who are part of the greatness of Israel today.  The article was by Arye Gelblum in Haaretz before the large numbers actually arrived from Arab countries.  The full title of the book is 1949: The First Israelis.

T.A.S.C. High School Equivalency for the South Bronx

Eric Stevenson

The GED is gone from New York and my nickname is “El Quijote del GED” which also has another meaning that I created in Spanish for people around the world.  The Generation of Sports and Education in Spanish is la Generación de Educación y Deportes (Deportes is Sports in Spanish). 

I have been with legends of African American communities over the years and talked about all the great basketball players, for example, that never made it to college because they dropped out of high school.  Every community faced that, but I did not know that much about the South Bronx back in my time since I came from the Lower East Side.  But get this.  I went to the City Championship game in the old Madison Square Garden that featured Boys High School with Connie Hawkins against Wingate High School and Roger Brown.  Connie and I met outside the old Boys High School during the filming of his documentary and he invited me to sit and talk in the rented car paid for on a windy day.  The “Hawk” was great to talk to.  Various legends of the Harlem Globetrotters and I have been together in person.  I was on a telephone conference call arranged by James “Bonecrusher” Smith with James “Buster” Douglas who knocked out Mike Tyson.  I talked to John Carlos in Atlanta, the Olympian and icon known for the Black power salute in Mexico City in 1968.  Ed Figueroa, the Yankees’ pitcher, and Hector “Macho” Camacho three times as I met him in different places.  And then there were Earl “the Pearl” and “Tiny” too.

Even before that day, I kept a student in the Jamaica Houses from a definite suspension by contacting his mother the day before by preparing her to ask about the letter that I had written about the incident that involved her son (including some evidence the other student was “setting him up.”  I arranged for one of my students in the Astoria Houses to take the test in two weeks after he had been in class for two days. 

From a political-socio-economic point of view things have improved, but things continue to be bad.  A diploma in every one’s hands would be extremely beneficial. 

Let’s move on to the GED help.  The South Bronx is the place to give help and ask for nothing back.  Eric Stevenson made that commitment years ago to help people and now is the time for all community people (and I know that people are divided everywhere) to get involved.  A simple thing like go to Eric Stevenson will be dynamic.  Everyone without a diploma will get the help, program, and advice to learn more in less time, get a diploma quicker, and hopefully find a better job where not having the diploma hurts progress for that person and that person’s family.  Then we can move on to other educational triumphs such as passing the college placement test which I just wrote about.

When can we start?  Right now, meaning in the next several weeks as things get set up.  But one of the best ways to start is this.  Each person can go to the bookstore and find the T.A.S.C. book to look at the practice tests in the beginning of the book.  The method of study is there in the books.  The best method is the test candidate reads what he needs.  He or she does not read the whole book.  Going to take the real test does not mean that the person has to know everything and has to study longer.  People are waving their diplomas who learned enough and those people can read the rest of the material that they need after passing the test to be stronger.  Nobody should be held back from taking that test, but the decision is ultimately the decision of each person and his or her parents to decide when to take the test.

On Long Island I knew about high school principals who violated young people who were eligible under law and principals violated them.  They made the decision so that the there would be no statistic revealed for students in that category.  People who do not return to high school under that pressure often fall through the cracks and the principal gets away with it.   Nobody will be violated.  And If you know anyone who earned a Certificate of Completion instead of a high school diploma, be on the alert to help and bring that person to the Eric Stevenson campaign to help people.  That certificate, though it convinced students and parents, is worthless.

All subjects will be covered, individualization will be stressed, there will be incredible enrichment of vocabulary because I’ve had something ready for years that will be put in place immediately to help everyone.  And all of this will be done in English and Spanish. 

The French test was eliminated years ago, but we will have information in Creole and other languages to hand out to motivate people.   Why?  Didn’t I say that we want “everyone” to progress?

Technology! Technology!  Technology! Since the classroom seats that Eric Stevenson will provide will probably fill up and fill up fast, we are going to offer to the community online help to assure everyone that they will be able to study and get help.  Dedication to the student will always be paramount.  I can recall my last teaching site in Brooklyn where students were being held back from taking the test for months and even going on class trips when others were crying out “Let me take the test already.”

Oh gee!  I almost forgot about the best meeting I had with a famous person.  That happened in Philadelphia and Marvis Frazier brought “pops” from the back of the boxing gym to go nose to nose with me.  Yes we stood there nose to nose in the doorway to the left in the photo before sitting down to talk and taking that photo as a remembrance.  I was unknown to Joe and Marvis and suddenly we were all very close.   And I told Joe that I knew that he had dropped out of school at 13 years of age to pick cotton. 

Now I have had some amazing meetings, but “Smokin” Joe Frazier was the best.  Why?  I walked a long way from my car and Joe offered to get me a ride back to my car to be safe.  Can you beat that for one human looking out for another?

Oh and there’s “Tiny” Archibald with me in Harlem a while back.

“Tiny” Archibald and Frankie Townsend

Okay one more.  Here is the father of a famous baseball player who was a star on the Yankees and returned to New York from Seattle to play with the Mets.

His name is José Canó.

This is a time in history for brothers, sisters, friends, and neighbors to stand up for one another.  Help is really on the way!

College Readiness in the South Bronx

Eric Stevenson

What is happening in the zip codes of the South Bronx?  Knowing Your Community Matters.

Right now, according to a document that I recently read on the Department of Education website, about fifty percent of students do not pass their college placement tests.  When I read the percentages during the Bloomberg Era, the percentage was 80 and then it dropped one year to 75 percent as it appeared that students who were eligible for out of state schools had chosen to remain in the city system instead.  That change was caused by the economic recession that affected our entire nation.

I started to speak out about college placement tests in the 1990s in G.E.D. programs and students wisely listened to the advice.  Then I started to learn just how big the problem was and spoke out first a U.F.T. Conference in Queens, explaining that parents have to work with their children a couple of years before to make sure that their children progress and that the schools could be much more effective in helping.

So what is going on in the zip codes of the South Bronx?  Let’s take a quick look at G.E.D. results in 2013.  This is just before Bill de Blasio took office as mayor and as the public advocate de Blasio channeled monies toward G.E.D. which he abandoned as mayor.  You are about to learn the kinds of things that I learned in 2008 as the American Council on Education published test results for ethnic groups.  The public did not know what was going on before, even when things were disastrous for certain ethnic groups. 

New York State

Whites 79.4 African Americans 49.3 Hispanic 55.7 Asian 67.5 American Indian 61.4 Pacific Islander 49.5

A large percentage of people have to take the test over and that is what happens on the college placement exams.  But we do not know what percentage of these groups failed the college placement exams and we should know and find out why.

Take this an example of the kind of help that can be offered to a student.  The NY State GAP program in Jamaica, Queens offered a practice test program to students who needed a G.E.D. and a practice test was administered as part of the professional course of action.  I gave the Official Practice Test to the students that I taught, but I finally realized that there were certain problems to address.  One was that the OPT should be given immediately and not a month later as it was done in the last program that I worked in.  And the GAP program could have done this.  It could have given out information before the practice test to candidates that explained what a satisfactory composition consisted of so that when the candidate took the very important composition part, the candidate could pass it instead of fail it.  The marking of the test was not pass-fail on the composition.  Large numbers of points were in the balance, small numbers of points for the lowest passing composition scores.  Building up that composition could easily be the difference between passing and failing and it didn’t have to take weeks or months to learn that.

The overall passing rate in the nation was 75.7, but in New York State all ethnic groups lagged well behind the national passing rate for ethnic groups.  Alabama had a passing rate of 47.6 for African Americans, but it did not have a free testing system as New York has had for decades.  People can take the test almost anywhere without even studying and not paying makes that easier.  If New York and Alabama had questionnaires to explain if people studied or not, a more accurate picture could be painted about the role of the no fee testing in New York, but the low passing percentages speak for themselves.

And things can get better with Eric Stevenson in office helping the community.  With a twenty-five percent gap between Whites and African Americans each year, nobody was determined to reduce that gap in New York and areas of the South Bronx where the gap may have been much greater.  It’s about knowledge and making the right decisions.  Eric Stevenson tells me that there are more than ten housing projects in the South Bronx and this is the time to empower adults throughout the South Bronx to make a huge difference across the board in education.  Reaching out together will finally turn things around.

Let me take you back to 2009 where I talked about the violence in Brentwood which I have explained over and over to my readers is MS-13 country.  The problem started years before that and nobody cared enough to reinstate G.E.D. testing in that community (now there is a TASC testing program next door to where I was teaching in the Consulate of El Salvador.  It took about a decade for change.  In this video you will see the brother of Jam Master Jay, Marvin Thompson (who recently passed away) and immigrants from many countries helping my rally at City Hall.  You will see Robert Jackson come out of City Hall to support the people.  Listen carefully, but remember that there was no real change at that time and things have gotten worse.  Eric Stevenson was there that day and he not only recognized me from an event that I brought Sean Bell’s father to, but he asked me when I was coming back to his community because the people wanted me back.  The video!  Watch it!  Spread the word in your community.  It should also be mentioned that Adolfo Carrión gave me the Bronx Supreme Court’s Rotunda for my G.E.D. event there a few years before the rally at City Hall took place.  And guess what!  I spoke to the borough president for two minutes, after introducing myself to him, and he acted immediately to help the people.  Let me share one other fact with you.  A week before my rally, there was a much larger rally outside the City Hall property in the park and that rally was dedicated to more G.E.D. programs.  Nobody from that rally came to my rally.  And the problem was that the testing system was going to implode or collapse.  Those people were doing the wrong thing at that moment.  Let’s do the right thing together!

Trump Wants Americans to Be Killed: DHS Report

Of course the report doesn’t say that Trump wants Americans to be killed, but we have to present alongside that headline that Republicans say that Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats want open borders to allow an “invasion” to take place.  Do I have to say anymore?  We can throw into the fire that Trump wants Americans to be killed with assault weapons and that is why he won’t take action among other things.  To be balanced I must say that Trump and others would say that the great assault weapon of the Repugnicans is the MS-13. 

The DHS or Department of Homeland Security which is not a liberal agency by any means reported that Trump wanted to do nothing to curtail and prevent White Supremacy by attacking it and emphasized only the threat of Muslims when the threat from Whites is gigantic in America compared to the Muslim threat in America.  That Trump for you!

We noticed this movement to minimize the problems of White Supremacy recently as people from different minority groups testified in Congress about the Muslim threat and never once portrayed the statistics to show that this White nation and its anti-Semitism and hate is the greater threat, even as Jews were being massacred here and Muslim massacred in New Zealand.  I was concerned about domestic terrorism and wrote to Senator John Mc Cain and he responded even though the protocol of our Congress is that constituents should seek out their own senator.  I wrote to Mc Cain about gangs and domestic terrorism and scored points.  Trump chose to ignore the problem for over a year.  CNN News reported that domestic terrorism now ranks closely with international terrorism under Trump. And things will not get back during the 2020 budget because of the delay to act.  No funding no manpower!

Trump is bad at speaking out against White Supremacy and that is typical of much of the horrible history that I have been reading about for over two years.  He is slightly better at speaking out than Adolph Hitler was.  Should we give him credit for that?  And the report also indicates that Trump was more concerned about foreign drug dealers and Muslims.

Now in writing about this serious danger, I must tackle the great danger brought up in the controversy of Joaquin Castro giving out the names of Trump donors.  Repugnicans now contend that Castro is making it dangerous for those people.  Now can a general statement of Trump’s donors paying to support Trump’s attack on immigrants be dangerous?  Is it not part of the entire political apparatus of today?  It’s the essence of Trump’s attack on humanity.  And I wonder if Congressman Castro knows how to handle that situation.  First of all is there really a danger to those donors?  Many of my readers know about danger because they have been to the school of hard knocks.  I have been in a fast food restaurant talking to youth about MS-13 when a gang member walked in.  The youth immediately advised me not to look and that is one way to stay out of danger.  I am on the streets every day where there could be danger, but things are okay there.  I never feel afraid and I am not going to improperly portray the situation for political advantage as Tim Murtaugh who works for the Trump campaign has expressed as the says that it put those donors in danger.  What is missing from the Castro response citing the 1st Amendment protections, the fact that the list is a public list required by law, and that the Supreme Court has indicated that disclosure is important to the American public.

That is a great reason why we also need to review Donald Trump’s taxes to learn just where his income came from and what his expenses were for.  Americans have been deceived in the past by lots of things, including the head of Texaco who extended credit to Hitler and who set up a network of spies in Europe to help Hitler against the Allies (before America entered the war).  Even that may not change most Americans who may quickly forget that American youth ended up fighting in that war to reverse the early successes of the Nazis and terminate them later on.  Patriotism is certainly mixed here with White Supremacy.  And one more thing is this important statement by author Peter Hayes on the Holocaust.  We Jews know about all the evil that has been cast at us and the latter part of the 19th century and the early part of the 20th century is full of evidence.  Jews were hated in Europe just as Hispanics or African Americans are hated here.  So what brought out the great hate of Germany?  Hayes says Hitler and here we say it is Trump.  Hayes is the chair of the Academic Committee of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.  I repeat that there was hate in Germany and there is hate right here.  Trump’s kind of hate.  I hope that the Entente between right-wing Jews and White Supremacists under Trump will come to an end before 2020.  Twenty-twenty vision is required to see it.  And I repeat that Trump was slow to help prevent those massacres that have taken place under his watch.  He didn’t have to pull the trigger and neither did Hitler.

And the world stage is full of hate where one deed feeds another as it did when Hitler learned a lot about what to do from the way the United States treated African Americans.  In Vilnius Jews are afraid but divided about what to do.  There is a synagogue is closing to protect Jewish life and the climate there is highly reminiscent of the climate in the United States caused by Donald Trump as he has honored Confederates in his speeches to his base.  In Vilnius it is about Trump-like people who wish to honor people who collaborated with the Nazis.  There must be a university where these people learn how use their free speech to terrorize us.  And could honoring Hitler be next?  Is that the graduate course of study?  Are Nathan Bedford Forrest, Robert E. Lee, and Adolph Hitler going to be honored for their “greatness” as even some African Americans and Jews sit back and watch?  And list could go on and on for other ethnic and minority groups who have detested the regimes of their dictators.  The United States may sink to its lowest depth even as right-wing supporters of Donald Trump may one day honor all of them on one special day to diversity instead of protecting the acquired rights of all people.  I clearly do not see Jews standing up to honor the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem who terrorized Jews, but what about the rest of the characters?  The flight to Palestine was considered an “invasion” and the author of much, most, or all of this new trouble concerning the immigrants is Jewish.  Shouldn’t that matter to all Jews? 

I have witnessed a fellow Jew tell me a decade ago that there are too many Hispanics in the United States.  I have also witnessed a fellow Jew tell me that we should kill all of the Arabs.  I do not reveal these things to inflame people.  Then there was a board member in the local library that expressed the same thing about Spanish speaking people in a board meeting and nothing was said.  We are supposed to shop alongside Hispanics and not kill them in WALMART.  Sure Trump has all this blood on his hands for doing the wrong things.  In Vilnius a plague honoring a collaborator who helped kill Jews was taken down and another street was renamed because the street name honored a man who called for the ethnic cleansing of Jews. 

Stephen Ross, Miami Dolphins owner, is in the news now for his support of Donald Trump (the fundraiser is tomorrow in the Hamptons on Long Island) and there is talk of boycotting companies related to Ross.  Ross disagrees, he says, with lots of Trump things, but he supports Trump’s help for business.  Jobs are important, but getting into bed with the worst elements of hate matters too.  What keeps people far away from understanding the nature of the beast?  There is another Trump supporter that I read about last week who says that he received his biggest increase in Social Security under Trump and we know that SS is heading for cuts under Trump and his political supporters.  We successfully fought the SS in Nazi Germany and we have to successfully fight the cuts to SS here.  The support that Trump receives should be support out the door of the White House forever.

Do you remember Trump’s comment about taking Iraq’s oil?  He could have learned that from Hitler.  Okay not directly from Hitler and not from a median.  Hitler needed oil and Russian oil was a poor quality.  There was an Allied blockade at that time so he went to Romania.  The British also mined large parts of those oil fields fearing the worst.  British manipulations of the price of oil also made the oil very expensive for Germany and it did not have the cash reserves to buy.  Germany put pressure on Romania by telling it that it could not respect its neutrality if it continued to cooperate with the British and French over the oil.  Germany offered Romania armaments for oil.  From my point of view, I see the same kind of behavior in Trump and there is no war going on.  Trump’s mind possesses the war.  In early 1940 Romania agreed, getting weapons captured from the Polish army from Germany and increasing the monthly supply of oil to Hitler from 120,000 tons to 200, 000 tons and at a reduced price.  Trump is contributing to a war at home just as Hitler made his contributions and all of this reflects his foreign policy as well.  And he makes other places and their leaders more vulnerable just as King Carol II became toxic for his dealings with Germany.

What happened to Carol?  Hitler wouldn’t back Romania against Germany and the relationship started to bleed as Russia occupied Romania.  Carol fled with his long-time mistress Lupescu.  Ellen Lupescu’s father was born Grunberg but his name changed to Wolff (less Jewish).  Then Ellen took the name Lupescu. The nationalists seized on Carol’s relationship with Lupescu, calling him King Carol II the lowest form of humanity for violating his vows of marriage in relation to his affair with Lupescu.  There were other friendships with Jews who were wealthy and that led his political enemies to referencing his administration as catering to “foreign” interests (meaning the Jews).

National Night Out in the Bronx

In the South Bronx.  I have attended a similar event in Wyandanch on Long Island and it is critical to Stop the Violence across our nation, but it is important to report a new source of light to help Bronx residents, particularly in the New York City Houses.  Eric Stevenson went into those houses to help the people and to reassure them that change can and will take place.  Better policing and education are required.  And that could also mean more police and high school equivalency and other educational programs that still are not reaching our adults and their children.  Eric Stevenson has already announced to people that in his campaign offices and elected offices there will be G.E.D. programs (now called the TASC).  He will also fight to get his community more testing sites in both languages, (English and Spanish) more testing dates, more seats, etc. that will result in many more proud graduates.  This will help the great citizens that he serves, all of them. 

Take a look at any of the current candidates for office all over the Bronx and see if anyone else hits the bulls eye the way Eric Stevenson has.  If you have heard those elected officials talk about education before, did they cover all of the bases or did they leave things out.  People either deliberately leave things out or they just don’t know what the needs of so many community people are.  Every child and his or her parents need educational credentials.  There is no better way of tens of thousands of people to boost themselves up out of poverty, the poverty that has plagued the South Bronx for decades.  A national-state-local partnership is needed both in policing and education and that is where Eric Stevenson is about to take his community.  Passing the state tests, passing the high school equivalency, passing the entrance exams for top schools including elite high schools, and passing college placement tests will become easier, helping more people.  Eric Stevenson is the quarterback as football season and school approach and the people in the communities are the receivers who will achieve the best that good government has to offer.

This is something great to share with your friends and neighbors.  Just Do It!

Press release Eric Stevenson Exploratory Campaign for Congress (15th Congressional District).                     August 7, 2019   

My experience with National Nite Out was so great. I’ve experienced the togetherness of community/police working together in harmony.

If we can plan to do it one day a year…then we can do it everyday. Let’s continue to have respect for one another as we are all in this together.