The Revolution That Could Have Been

But nobody listens to me!

Julián Castro says that we have to help Central America.  Trump, as you know, mentioned at one point that he would rather give the people of Central America money so they wouldn’t make the journey here.  What happened to that?

I would strongly suggest that the State Department of the United States issue a report right now about the five major things that it has achieved in Central America, taking into account that a large portion of the population of El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala have left their countries during the Obama years and right now under Trump.  We have to ascertain through a thorough investigation just what has been accomplished.  Jean Manes’ just resigned her office as ambassador to El Salvador.  Prior to her term in office there was Mari Carmen Aponte, but also take into account that Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State was responsible for the work of the State Department and US Aid in those countries.  I want to know and I think that the public has a right to know.  We also have to ask President Nayib Bukele and his foreign minister or chancellor just what are the key things that have been discussed between his office and the Trump Administration.  Ditto for Honduras and Guatemala.  Those nations are very important, more important than ever.  Don’t you wonder what Donald Trump knows about those countries and what his state department is producing?  He never appears intelligent to us even though he claims he is.  Shouldn’t a reporter ask him critical questions right now that require lots of good answers at this critical time in our democracy?

Jeb Bush pointed out in 2016 that his brother did a good job of protecting US and Trump fired back that 9-11 happened on Bush’s watch.  Trump have said that Clinton did a better job, because it didn’t happen on Clinton’s watch. Oops I just read about the Domestic Terrorism watch as July 4th is approaching.  Could it be that Trump, our liar-in-chief is going to have his very own 911?   Right?  Joe Biden now points out that Obama did a good job in Central America.  I beg to differ and this is something that I paid attention to for a long time and I know what to bring up and what to do.  I watched Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and things that were happening in El Salvador.  I had met Mari Carmen Aponte in Yonkers when she worked for Puerto Rico and I later met her at HITN-TV in the Brooklyn Navy Yard.  I should also tell you that I met with Ambassador Raul Yzaguirre in the Embassy of the United States in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic and I shared a table with him in Washington, D.C. at the OAS and talked to him a lot.  Since I had the meeting at the embassy and it is part of the record, I can reveal what happened.  I wanted to help the Dominican baseball players obtain a G.E.D. to satisfy the Major League Baseball requirement that they needed a diploma to play ball in the big leagues.  My proposal included helping more than just the signed players who were about to get help as part of the collaboration between MLB, the State Department, and the Dominican government. Keep in mind that Bryce Harper signed after passing his G.E.D. and attending college for a year ($10 million contract).  His parents made the decision for him.  And there was

ings went nowhere with the State Department in other words.  So what makes you think that the State Department can rise to the challenges with a wonderfully funded Marshall Plan for Central America which was just suggested by Julián Castro or with no such plan.  My point is that the people in power, whether Republican or Democrat do not know what to do.  Democrats evidence that I could count on the support of Leonel Fernandez of the Dominican Republic to help the Dominican people.

The Republicans can be vetted in relation to the State Department and I hope that someone in the presidential debates will call upon me for my input and expertise.  Now that all of that is behind us, I can tell you that I did a Colin Kaepernick in 2016, but I finally launched an effort to help Hillary Clinton.  Kaepernick did his thing in another state and I assume that Clinton carried that state.  And please remember that the children crossing the border without adult supervision did happen under Obama.

When I went to El Salvador in 2005 to participate in the Presidential Forum there, it was my goal not to be a spectator.  It was an awesome event to attend, but now thinking about things I can see that I was led astray some.  I asked what was the graduation rate from high school, knowing already that Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic had about a 25 percent graduation rate.  Things were worse in Haiti in the public schools, but the private schools were doing fine.  This week I learned through seeing something online that almost 50 percent of Salvadorans were leaving middle school.  I have to get a clearer answer on that, but it was very disturbing to me.  What is the graduation rate from San Salvador where Bukele had been the major and what is the national graduation rate?

Just hearing Senator Warren speak about the matter made me think about solutions.  What could be a way to start without digging into my personal stock of ideas?  Since we need people to come forth and help, now would be a great time to meet with important players from Central America.  I know a psychologist from El Salvador who wants to set up a national program, but she was ignored by the Bukele Campaign.  The churches are important, but I reached out to a church that had hundreds of members of Calle 18, the other major gang of El Salvador, but nothing seemed to happen and the last correspondence from the pastor indicated that he needed money to start programs.  I left him on that note.

I just started up a conversation with the office of the new Nassau County Executive who replaced Ed Mangano.  When Tom Suozzi lost the race for executive the country’s program known as CASA had a G.E.D. programa and Mangano cut it out.  No change has taken place since.  I have recommended the restoration of that program so that residents in the county can get help again, but my exhortations have been ignored.  CASA is located in Hempstead which is the worst school district on Long Island.  In other words the people in the community need an enormous amount of help and they are not getting it.  There are conservative thinkers in both leading parties and that is the problem., conservative and slow thinkers.  In El Salvador we have to know what percentage of adults who did not attain a high school diploma earned the equivalency.  Ditto for the other nations!  Alaska has been the best example of success in the United State as it had numbers that were four time greater than most other states.  The states that had majority White populations also did well and states with large numbers of African-Americans and Hispanics did poorly, including New York.  That is one reason why those countries should think before following New York.  And remember that gang members are gang members and they are adults in the United States and in Central America and they should not be ignored by conservative thinkers, liberals and progressives included on this.

When should Julián Castro start helping?  He should have had things in place already?  Doing things is part of the preparation for debates for president.  The press doesn’t know this also and I have tried to reach out to the moderators since Bob Schiefer moderated the debates years ago.  It doesn’t matter who moderates because it’s the same old same old same old.  It has been 14 years since I went to El Salvador and it really help badly back then.  That probably means that with all the minor progress, things have gotten much worse as they have right here in our communities.  The big question is are Castro’s comments great theater like watching the Apprentice in the White House?

What did I expect?  Did I have personal ambitions through all of this?  Yes.  After retiring I hoped to influence the Cortez brothers in Philadelphia to help get me a grant to travel around the United States to wake up communities to help them.  That didn’t happen.  The Cortez brothers had a faith-based organization which was influential in the Bush White House.  And I was ready to stay in two-star hotels across America to make the money last.  Then when the HISET and TASC high school equivalency companies came into play against the newly formed Pearson G.E.D. Testing Service, I asked if I could be the liaison for all of Latin America where I would travel and help people.  Nothing worked!  Today I just want to stay home and continue to make trouble for leaders and help the people to the best of my ability.  For example at this time I was waiting for CBS News to contact me about the exposé that I wrote about the Carolynn Gusoff documentary about Hempstead Schools.

We could back to 2008 and I was there in discussions with the head of ASPIRA, Ron Blackburn Moreno, who told me that Professor Linda Darling Hammond headed the transition team for Barack Obama and I was optimistic about having great impact to help this country.  Nothing-nada happened.  And that was almost a dozen years ago.  Barack and Arne Duncan did nothing.  And I was in frequent touch with Duncan’s office.  There’s a lot of explaining to do.  You will see Assemblyman Jose Rivera dancing there, but he is not from Brentwood, Long Island.  He is from the Bronx.  I like Jose, but he has held the community back along with Assemblyman Phil Ramos for a long, long time.  In that video you will see Luis “MC” Mendez who pushed then Nassau County Executive Tom Suozzi to get me involved in his campaign for governor.  We put together a great platform and this it was forgotten.  And Jose one more thing.  I am supporting Eric Stevenson in the South Bronx congressional race and hope to hear his official announcement soon.  Look and learn!

And we also learn how bad Donald Trump is from his own Secretary of Education who revealed that Trump really is not interested in education.  And that could mean that the Republicans are causing the United States to fall farther behind the rest of the world.  It surely could explain an important reason why tremendous violence continues during these two years where our economy has been roaring for the most part.  Trump is a failure!  A bankruptcy!  Trump, in my opinion, is nothing more than a Republican puppet at the very least.  In terms of foreign policy, he seems to have control panels moving him from certain foreign sources. 

But back to education and Central America.  This is the educational picture for Guatemala in the last couple of years.   “While primary school is technically free and compulsory in Guatemala, the reality is that the government spends less than 3% on education. As a result, the majority of public schools are overcrowded and lack proper resources. What’s more, families are expected to pay for their children’s uniforms and school supplies, a prohibitive expense for many Guatemalans as more than half the population lives below the poverty line. As a result, only four out of ten children who enter the Guatemalan school system graduate from primary school, one of the lowest completion rates in the Western hemisphere. Additionally, Guatemala’s high school graduation rate is less than 20%.”  Here is the educational picture for Honduras as well.  “These challenges have negative impacts in terms of the country’s human capital. Specifically, a. One in ten Hondurans are illiterate, and in rural areas, this increases to two in ten; b. Sixty-three percent of the Honduran labor force has only a primary education; c. Performance in primary and secondary school is remedial: less than one in ten achieve a milestone goal in reading, math or sciences; d. Eighty-one percent of the Honduran labor force is concentrated in the agriculture or manufacturing sectors.  e. Twenty-seven percent of Honduran youth neither study nor work, and 39% only work but do not study.”  As you can see hardly anyone graduates from high school in Honduras as we evaluate point “e” carefully.  Read the entire report.  Now El Salvador.  “High drop-out rate plagues El Salvador’s schools

January 31, 2017

Statistics from El Salvador’s Ministry of Education show that the majority of students in El Salvador who complete sixth grade will not complete high school (bachillerato).   (As reported in La Prensa Grafica), only 42.6% of students who were in sixth grade in 2011 were still in school in 2016.   The national class of approximately 135 thousand sixth graders had dropped to 58 thousand still in school.  This drop out rate creates significant challenges for the students to successfully earn a future living and for the country to have an educated work force which can produce economic growth.  There are two primary reasons that youth fail to continue school according to officials cited by La Prensa Grafica.  The first is poverty.   Poor students are often forced to leave their schooling in order to work and help support their family.   Rural youth in poor families may be needed to work in the fields.   The second reason is violence and the lack of security.   Threats from gangs and the perils of crossing gang boundaries were cited as causing as many as 14-15,000 students to drop out of school.” After the FMLM party gained power in El Salvador, I pretty much lost the power to help people.  One of Nayib Bukele’s closest advisors knows my work very well and after requesting to the former ambassador to the United Nations that I do a presentation at the United Nations things went nowhere. 

The problem is huge and it is problematic for all candidates.  Julián Castro for example over 3,500,000 (Beto too).  Kamala Harris 5,500,000.  Bill de Blasio who I have spoken to and written to 2,850,000 (Donald Trump too).   Corey Booker who I met after I passed a goat on the streets of Newark and I have written that I should have stayed with the goat (1,089,000) It’s really hard to trust any of those people.  I could have been the greatest secretary of education of the United States (thinking about Marlon Brando in On the Waterfront), but that was not what I wanted.  I just wanted to continue to be “El Quijote del GED” and cause a “Revolution” that Bernie Sanders cannot understand right now.  And I had no idea that things were that bad in Central America today.  Things are probably worse than they were for my grandparents when they decided to come to America in 1911. 

We need a free press in the United States, but a free press to do what?  Americans are not only a short step away from bankruptcy, but also are in much worse condition than that.  If the press does not finally tell the truth to the American people, things will not get better unless there is total revolution.  If there is no total revolution, things will not get better for the hundred million people and their family members just portrayed in this article.  Those people are happy to have a beer with a friend, but Make America Great Again was never about them or is it about them.

And this is not just about Democrats as Republicans control many states.  It is not just about Hispanics, because White people, Black people, Christians, Muslims, and Jews need help.  I question with the draconian Trump policies in HUD what is going on to our people who require better support systems and Ben Carson is a major problem there.  We need change in America right now and I hope that the press will do its fair share to expose things.  And you know what.  I think that the Republicans would take a 55 percent popular vote and Dump Trump right now if it could.  And Bernie the Revolution is yours to talk about tomorrow.

Pastor Samuel Rodriguez and His Holocaust Moment

I am comparing the Nazi concentration camps to the border concentration camps, but one could say that those camps are a modern version of Hitler’s work in progress that was destroyed by his defeat.  I did contact Pastor Samuel Rodriguez’s office many years ago to fight for Hispanics to get educated and I got nowhere (unless Rodriguez did something and did not tell me).  The contact person that I was in touch with in Rodriguez’s office was Lisette Correa.  I just checked my emails to confirm that.

Pastor Rodriguez called the Whit House to ask if his small group could go to the “concentration camp” or whatever you wish to call it.  So they went.  Many Jews know that during the 1940s Adolph Hitler there was a Theresienstadt Ghetto where even the Red Cross went to see the “retirement village” that Jews were being held in.  Here are some supporting details of that moment in history.

Can you imagine the nice  prayer room first in that Nazi Ghetto.

And then there was a 1944 propaganda film that was made and where there was world-class orchestra used to portray how nice things were.

Can you imagine a photo of the beautiful children there (who were later murdered at Auschwitz in 1944.

FOX News could have done a great job for Hitler also.  These are really dangerous times and you would think that FOX News would air a retraction of its report.  It could be fair if it wants to.  Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez cites all kinds of evidence which include court documents. 

So how do we work things out given the fact that Trump’s control of things does closely mirror Hitler’s control without the symphonic orchestra, of course.  The Spanish pastor’s group by the way appears to equal the Red Cross that went to see Theresinstadt.  We should demand that interviews be made with the detained immigrants who could tell US just what happened in the time after Ocasio-Cortez’s visit.  But we could do much more.  Never Again, I say and I would strongly suggest boycotts of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference and Fox News.  Nobody has to wait for Jesus to make his decision in this humanitarian crisis created by Trump.  Never Again!

By the way just now I got a phone call (not knowing if the NY Post published my piece and I was cursed out before the man hung up).  And the number of his phone did not register on my phone so it was blocked.  So was the piece published or was my personal information compromised at the NY Post by someone?

I am comparing the Nazi concentration camps to the border concentration camps, but one could say that those camps are a modern version of Hitler’s work in progress that was destroyed by his defeat.  I did contact Pastor Samuel Rodriguez’s office many years ago to fight for Hispanics to get educated and I got nowhere (unless Rodriguez did something and did not tell me).  The contact person that I was in touch with in Rodriguez’s office was Lisette Correa.  I just checked my emails to confirm that.

We know that Jews are going to bat for Trump right now, even as they say they object that families are separated.  The New York Post just had a Holocaust survivor denounce Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez and demanding her resignation or removal from the position.  There was a Holocaust survivor who just called the camps “concentration camps.”  And I wrote to the New York Post this.  “Ed Mosberg should take a trip to the border to see how those human beings are being treated.  Remember that Hitler had people come to the concentration camp where life was good for Jews to distort the truth.  Mosberg does travel and he is capable of going there since he takes trips to Poland.  I visited Dachau back in 1984, but I read a lot and have no problem at the mention of “concentration camps” from Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez.  I have written several articles about the Holocaust that have appeared in Jewish Business News and I wouldn’t be surprised if the congresswoman is not reading them as well.  Nobody has to travel to learn since there are great books and materials on the internet.  I hope that Ed Mosberg knows about the conditions at the border.  We are finding out more about these Trump detention camps right now and his deceptive work does smack of the SS deception at Theresienstadt ghetto.  This quote is from the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum website “Anticipating that some Germans might find the official story that Jews were being sent to the East to perform labor to be implausible in reference to elderly Jews, disabled war veterans, and prominent musicians or artists, the Nazi regime cynically publicized the existence of Theresienstadt as a residential community, where elderly or disabled German and Austrian Jews could “retire” and live out their lives in peace and safety.”  What do you mean the children don’t need soap and access to human conditions?”

FOX News could have done a great job for Hitler also.  These are really dangerous times and you would think that FOX News would air a retraction of its report.  It could be fair if it wants to.  Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez cites all kinds of evidence which includes court documents. 

So how do we work things out given the fact that Trump’s control of things does closely mirror Hitler’s control without the symphonic orchestra, of course.  The Spanish pastor’s group by the way appears to equal the Red Cross that went to see Theresienstadt.  We should demand that interviews be made with the detained immigrants who could tell US just what happened in the time after Ocasio-Cortez’s visit.  But we could do much more.  Never Again, I say and I would strongly suggest boycotts of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference and Fox News.  Nobody has to wait for Jesus to make his decision in this humanitarian crisis created by Trump.  Never Again!

Bukele Has Potential

I really liked President Bukele’s thoughts about Trump’s wall and he is certain that the wall will fail.  As my readers know, I have various articles about Trump’s wall and here is just one of them. Here is one with the sub-title El Chapo and El Trumpo.  Always click on the blue links in my articles. 

I watched the Sky News interview with Nayib Bukele and it took time to see and learn that he has potential.  He repeats himself a lot which he shouldn’t, but his answers are honest.  I was impressed how he handled questions, but I know that he has to be careful about how he handles questions about Trump.  He does have to be more forceful about what Trump is doing and he does have to get those American aid dollars which are extremely helpful.  He has to walk on eggs and not crack the shells, even as people are critical.  He tackled many difficult subjects, including police that are killing citizens extra-judicially.  He talks too much in generalities and should be much more specific, especially detailing to his people within El Salvador and in other countries what he is doing right now.

Trump’s wall was discussed.  Trump’s calling El Salvador a “shithole” country was discussed.  Trump’s detention centers were discussed.  Trump clearly is to blame and whether he is a racist or not does not matter.  Bukele points out that Trump is most likely appealing to his base, a very evil base I say.  Bukele says that Trump is a businessman, but does not mention all of his bankruptcies and lost cases in court.  At least Bukele did not say that Trump was a good or great businessman.

$5.4 billion coming from the United States.  This may be El Salvador’s largest business as it has been throughout my association with El Salvador since the end of 2001.  I became the teacher of El Salvador, but I was more than a teacher.  I took the CEO/President of the GED Testing Service who I had two meetings with to the Embassy of El Salvador in Washington, D.C. where promises were made but they could not be realized (any Salvadoran without a high school diploma could be tested in the embassy (undocumented citizen of El Salvador and visitor).  The other embassy that we went to is the Embassy of Honduras.  Things were very positive, but.  I have visited the Embassy of El Salvador in Paris, France (and the Dominican Embassy there as well).  My passion for helping the people has never waned through changes in administrations, but there have always been people in positions that were far less than competent to address the needs of the Salvadoran people.  What I learned about the billions of dollars in what Salvadorans call “remesas” or money that they send home is this and I heard in the Consulate of El Salvador in Brentwood.  Government officials knew that some or much of the money going home was being wasted on vices such as drugs and alcoholism (there must have been a much larger list).  At that time, I called for a government connected marketing plan that would channel those funds into investments and education (savings and personal advancement) and I know of nothing that happened to achieve it.  That was during the Saca Administration which was a long time ago.

Due to my work in the Consulate of El Salvador and in communities inside New York and outside, I have been recognized in a mall, a bus stop, and an immigrant rally in Washington, D.C. by Salvadorans.  All of that pretty much ended years ago through a combination of factors, but the fight is far from over.   Knowledge and reputation will help the people triumph and that can happen now.  Much of what Bukele speaks about in his interview can be addressed in the consulates and embassies of El Salvador across the United States and around the world.  As people wait for services including obtaining or renewing passports, they can get vital information presented through monitors that provide that information to help the people.  We did that back in 2001 and it could have been much more effective (other countries including Mexico can learn to do the same thing and remember that Mexico has many more consulates).  Bukele can learn from me, because he closest and most experienced advisors have failed to tell him that during the Flores Administration an integral part of the help being given in consulates was GED or high school equivalency which appeared on posters.  I provided that help everywhere, but not everywhere since every consul general was different.  That was a major flaw back then and will continue to be a flaw in the future if the educational needs of the people are not addressed everywhere.  I provided a booklet on scholarships that could have been shared all over the United States. 

I am not talking about propaganda in any form to be conducted by the government of El Salvador.  For example watching a video that tells people that 56 scholarships have been given out during 2019 is an example of propaganda.  Explaining the process to obtain that scholarship effectively to the people, especially to the poor is not propaganda.  Bukele explains in his interview that the members of MS-13 are not coming at all from the rich or the middle class because they come out of poverty.  Again these general comments coming from Bukele show potential unlike comments made by Trump about how beautiful, idyllic parks have been ruined by MS-13 when we know that before MS-13 there was a civil war that ended in 1992 that devastated the country and a contributing factor was United States support.  Trump, in my good Castilian, is a schmuck and Bukele has to know this and accept this.  Those parks were probably killing fields before MS-13 just as the parks of Auschwitz were.  There are 60,000 gang members who will need jobs in El Salvador.  Of course the need is much greater than that, but if they can’t be employed you would think that Mr. Trump, the businessman, would have made a list of the businesses that those gang members could go into.  I wonder out loud if Trump has given Bukele any ideas to consider.  Trump is only involved in the show Let’s Make A Deal at this time and probably the deal will go nowhere.  John F. Kennedy wanted Cuba to give up communism and you see where that went.

The real shortcomings come as we ask questions such as what was the taxation in El Salvador after the civil war there?  If it was low why weren’t enough jobs generated.  We talk about trickle down economics here.  And we know that taxation was around 90 percent in the United States after World War II.  I read about Bukele giving tax breaks to small businesses in san Salvador, but just how did the workers benefit.  Trickle down does not work and it is not working here in America under one of the best economic engines in our history.  And even here we have states that are considered third world countries.

And economists have to figure out with Bukele just who is going to benefit either way, with American aid or without it.  There are lots of savings related to education that can be suggested without firing teachers, cutting spending, and cutting down on badly needed infrastructure and improvements.  But the bottom line for me is that there has to be a big shakeup in helping the poor.  Are the same wealthy families that I heard about more than a dozen years ago still controlling things?

Bukele did a lot of work as Mayor of San Salvador which propelled him to where he is today.  I wonder what achievements are being expanded by Bukele right now to the rest of the nation.  And from watching the video we know that Bukele and his trusted advisors are communicating even at 3 A.M. and he feels that a year has passed instead of a month.  Just what plan have they come up with after all that work?  Or is all the work about figuring out how to deal with Donald Trump?  We needed better answers in that Sky News interview, specifics instead of generalities.

We can promote the general welfare of the people of El Salvador by advancing the cause of high school equivalency, providing psychological counseling to the police and those in other sectors of law enforcement (and please see the press release inside the article), do more to uplift gang members early on than to wait until too late, and connect with those interested Salvadorans who can provide training and hope to El Salvador right now.  Also a road can be created to make the people bilingual or more which can be started as soon as possible instead of later when an official thinks that it is the right time.  And who wouldn’t want to see more Salvadorans either pass and/or do better on the national exam?  There is hope for greater accomplishment by all.

“El Quijote del GED” or Profesor Martin was known by Margarita Escobar, Roberto Kriete, and others in El Salvador back in the day, but he went from being a general who could influence people to a nobody that people did not listen to.  Nayib Bukele has important decisions to make right now.  And he can easily fail just as others have failed before him.  People who know me know that I give much of the credit for my success to Luis Montes-Brito, the former consul general and vice-minister.  One of my ideas is already in the Presidential Election Campaign of 2020 and I expect to influence much more, particularly as it relates to criminal justice reform and police training.  Oh yes there is more coming.

God’s Hand Played a Role on July 4, 2019: Trump Revealed by God

Can you imagine George Washington resting his horse during the Revolutionary War before going to the airport?

Donald Trump called for his Trump Parade in Washington, D.C. just at the moment that it was revealed that Obama leads Trump in job creation as Trump is 1 million short in job creation during the same period of time.  I will make a fair comment about that later.  There was no obstruction of the teleprompter nor was there any collusion by Hillary Clinton or Nancy Pelosi or even the Russians in the matter of the revolutionary airports.  Or was there some real collusion, American style?  God played a role in what happened.  How?  Do you have to be an Einstein to figure out what Evangelicals know across America?  And what Jews know about Jews, God, and History (and current events)?  God brought the rain and that rain combined with Trump showed Trump’s lack of preparation and fitness for the job as he made up the part about the airport.  This was a wakeup call to Evangelicals and others that Trump cannot do much more than read from a teleprompter and that does not make America great anyway.  It makes him great and world problems will not be solved under Trump and the same goes for most national problems.  God did not put Trump there to read from a teleprompter the way any high school student could have.

In Israel right now, we read the news about how an Ethiopian Jew was killed by an off-duty police officer and that 111 police were injured (not 11 but 111).  The President of Israel called for people to be orderly and there it was recognized that justice had to be brought forth or something had to be done to protect the community.  Here in America this week we see Alabama Senator Mo Brooks calling for the expulsion of Colin Kaepernick for interfering in the Betsy Ross flag-Nike venture.  And we noticed that a Black woman whose fetus was killed during a fight in Alabama was going to be charged with murder for getting into a fight knowing that she was pregnant.  Fortunately we later found out that the woman would not go on trial.  There is some order of reason in Alabama at times.  Alabama is considered a third-world country by the United Nations and Mississippi has to be pretty much the same.  This is Trump country and things have to change there quickly.  Evangelicals may be next group to be earmarked from expulsion from this country as the pendulum of politics swings.  Trump may be expelled as well.  Trump tried hard to expel Spanish from the Election Campaign of 2016, but it came back into view with Beto O’Rourke and Cory Booker as they spoke in Spanish during the Democratic debates.  And here is the translation in Spanish about the airports during Washington’s time.  “Durante su discurso Salute to America (que se puede traducir como saludo u homenaje a Estados Unidos), Trump hablaba del año 1775 cuando dijo: “Nuestro ejército controló el aire, embistió las murallas, tomó el control de los aeropuertos, hizo todo lo que tenía que hacer.” 

From Alabama to Israel, racism has to be attacked.  Ethiopian Jews talk the same way that African Americans talk in the United States, but it seems that President Rivlin is doing a much better job than Donald Trump who did not speak out when it looked like the woman in Alabama would be charged.  Why speak out and lose his base?  Where were his African-American supporters when we learned about that woman in Alabama?  All of these things could even be read off of a teleprompter if Trump advisors would permit it.

I know that Trump supporters do not care what wrong he does and I can think of lots of reasons for that.  There are people trying to be fair about everything though.  For example, even though Trump is behind Obama in job creation it is apparent to me that the road was different back then when Obama was handed a recession-depression from Bush.  And once that economy started to move and people gained confidence and given the great number of unemployed things could advance to great numbers.  Obama was fighting for Americans.  And that emergency relief that Obama talks about was an integral part of making our economy strong, even if there was a slowing down at times.  And sure Obama made mistakes that I know about and you don’t.

And the news just now is that the Taliban have killed 14 people in Afghanistan and Trump is making peace with the Taliban.  England’s message about Trump being “inept” has just made the news.  Putin continues to make threatening statements against the United States which remind me of Iran’s threat against both Israel and the United States.  And Trump is not close to making a deal for the all the tea in China.

Here is very important information for Israel and El Salvador about making communities safer.  Bukele has already said enough that tells me that he is copying things that have been done in the United States.  In Brentwood, New York the legislator opted to fund the arts, for example, with Teatro Yerba Bruja and he could have helped all people including gang members to earn a G.E.D. so that they can get jobs.  After all the work of community and church, this community and others ended up with MS-13 and more violence.  In cities around our nation, it’s the same problem.  In Parkland there was a shooter who probably could earned a G.E.D. there at the age of 16, but school authorities probably never thought about that.  He might have gotten a full-time job and not killed 17 people.  In Haifa it has been reported that a youth the same age as the Parkland shooter had dropped out of school and had been in trouble with the police (what percentage of Ethiopian Jewish adults have dropped out of school amidst the racism that they face in Israel?) and how many of them have successfully finished a high school program later on?  Unless Bukele tackles the problem of educating the members of MS-13 and Calle 18 and their family members as he prevents others from joining gangs, he will be living and reliving the horrors of killings by machetes and other weapons since there are about 60,000 gang members in El Salvador.

I found this information on the internet about Nefesh B’Nefesh.  “Please note that a GED diploma earned abroad, before making Aliyah, will be accepted in Israel.  However, Olim wishing to earn their GED degree after making Aliyah are required to participate in a GED course in Israel.  El Salvador, unfortunately, has never offered G.E.D. testing, but I imagine that it could be offered to gang members at the local police station.

And the final piece of information is this.  In the United States we have a designation for students that act out in school and cannot perform at the same pace as others.  It is called Special Ed.  Is there such a designation in El Salvador or even in Israel?  I don’t know.  The important fact to recognize is that two-thirds of youth in jail are special ed designees.  When you combine that with poverty, poor parental controls and involvement, drugs in communities, racism or perceived racism, you end up with big problems for the nation.  If Israel and El Salvador cannot learn those things now, then when?  It will take exceptional effort by those two countries to make great progress and I am willing to learn more about what they are doing and share my ideas as well.

Trump got his parade or rally or whatever you call it.  He was exposed with such intensity by that airport statement and he cannot hide behind it by blaming a monitor.  A president is supposed to react great under pressure and he did not.  The hand of God was all over it.  I hope that the media and the general public begin to learn about that. 

Jews: Still Learning from the Holocaust

With the call to boycott Home Depot because of Bernard Marcus’ donations to Donald Trump, Jews have to be on guard against anti-Semitism, although Jews will also be supportive of the boycott.  Of course I would write about Bernard Marcus as well, but with that important caveat about anti-Semitism.  The world witnessed Donald Trump’s quick support for the yellow vest protest in France and then we noticed the nasty anti-Semitic protests among some or many of those people.  We championed though the right of the yellow vests to fight for higher wages, which Trump did not support.  I also recently called for a boycott of Pastor Samuel Rodriguez for his visit to one of the detention centers in Texas which smacked of the propaganda that was an integral part of the Nazi Holocaust era.  And what he did was a Theresienstadt Ghetto moment in Texas captured by Kodak (I think you know what I mean). Things should be directed at Ken Langone as well who donates huge sums to reelect Donald Trump.

Trump has been pretty quiet about his wall lately and it seems to me that can be explained by this Einstein-like theory Trump Wall=Remember the Shutdown of our Government=Very Bad for Reelection Politics.  And the Democrats should be talking about this now, instead of waiting for that one great candidate to emerge (which may not happen).  The shutdown was a disaster and Trump brought it on himself. 

Here is an article in the Jerusalem Post in 2012 that Nancy Pelosi, Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, and Veronica Escobar should read right away.  The Republicans around Trump may never understand what they are doing.  So they may take their politics to the grave.  The concentration camps continued to exist for Jews without the Nazi killings. We cannot even demand action from the Zionist Organization of America and Rabbi Shmuley Boteach.  That is why Jews need a national conference to discuss the actions that are needed to protect US all.  Trump should resign right now.  We do not need even one more year of his mistakes.  Fire him!  And boycott ZOA as well if we agree that there is a need to do that.

In Algemeiner Simon Butler, writing to an audience that he hopes to influence, makes his point about the use of the term concentration camps. He points to the dictionary definition that gives it an “especially” mention.  He does not state that it’s the only meaning, but he surely would like the reader to refrain from using it in other contexts such as Ocasio-Lopez usage in Texas (or any other camp as well).  I would throw out to my readers the word “exclusive” in that the term “concentration camp” cannot be used exclusively in connection with the Nazi concentration camps.  The term had been used for decades.  So specific does not mean exclusive.  The article that I read could only mislead the reader, but I didn’t fall for it.

Rabbi Shmuley says that the usage of the term diminishes the Nazi concentration camps when applied to other camps.    I propose that instead of giving Rabbi Shmuley Benjamins that we give him bubkas.  No I did not mean Butkis, bubkas meaning a small amount of something and not exclusively money or goonisht.  Ocasio-Lopez never mentioned the Nazi concentration camps.  The arguing can cease or continue.  I think that Ocasio-Lopez knows about the Holocaust and people have suggested that she visit a Nazi concentration camp.  She doesn’t have to do that and in time she will reveal if she knows about the Holocaust.  Just citing some statistic of a large percentage of people who do not know what the Holocaust is does not provide proof and implies a kind of association with AOC. 

In the Trump Fake and False News World that we are constantly reading about, almost everything will be denied and almost everything will have a Repugnican spin.  Even in the Rose Garden Trump at his most brilliant was complaining most about the press’ attack on his spelling and grammar.  With all of the world and national crises taking place that tidbit of information had to be revealed by Trump to his Twitter and Instagram supporters  And that is Jewish news, not spelling unless Trump misspelled mishuganah.

The Nazi concentration camp was started as a death camp and the Nazis found ways to kill more people and in faster manners (also making it much more cost effective).  The fact that it went on for such a long time made it the largest genocide of its kind that I have read about.  But I wish to impart to you that I have read about millions of people in other times being killed in a short period such as a year.  This should give you something to think about, but nobody should diminish what was done to Jews and others in concentration camps and outside concentration camps.

Then we have those Jews who want this or that person to resign for being seen with Minister Louis Farrakhan or someone else, but Mort Klein and others know that there are people around Donald Trump who go to the White House and who have said similar things about Jews including Robert Jeffress.  If Trump won’t resign for allowing that to happen at least Mort Klein should resign for allowing it to happen and supporting Donald Trump.  And now a well-known anti-Semitic cartoonist who happens to be on the right (wrong) who was invited to the White House and no opposition by Trump’s Jewish friends until the last minute?   These Jews do demean what it is to be a Jew when they wish to.  So who are the Jewish anti-Semites.  Although the man’s invitation was rescinded, did the artist who likened Barack Obama to “a skinny, ghetto crackhead” and that should remind you immediately of someone who might call our neighborhoods “shithole” communities And I beg your pardon, Trump also tweeted a promise of a walk in his rose garden. 

We should have a list of the people who hadn’t been banned but finally were banned.  We should not permit executive privilege from preventing the public from knowing the important details.  When were people who were finally banned banned.   Who played a role in waking up the White House?  What role did Jewish organizations or other organizations play in the banning of those people?  Is there email evidence and when will that evidence be shared with the public.  Or was it the free press that Trump has declared not only as “fake news,” but also the very same press that will be out of business if Trump is forced out of the White House between now and 2020?  And what role did Elan Carr, the Trump ambassador for anti-Semitism in this important matter since he is the eyes and ears of Trump?

Then we have the Israel Education Minister Rafi Peretz who calls marriage between a Jew a non-Jew a Holocaust based on the great number of such marriages and I hope that he was also thinking of two Kushner marriages, Ivanka Trump and Karly Kloss.  Could it be that the “Israel Law of Return” for Jews is going to be vetted much more now in the style of Donald Trump?

I found this in an article about Bolsinaro, the Brazilian right-winger.  He has to decide if he is going to forgive or forget or forget or forgive.  I personally have forgotten what he has forgiven.  This is a political leader to be watched carefully.

“The Jewish people will always fight anti-Semitism and xenophobia. Political leaders are responsible for shaping the future. Historians describe the past and research what happened. Neither should stray into the territory of the other,” said Rivlin. That is not the case with certain Jews around Donald Trump and all of his xenophobia.  Is that a lie then or just another misstatement or was Rivlin not talking about all Jews?

And in an article in the National Review the writer complained where Nancy Pelosi is just giving legal advice to immigrants.  I wrote about this recently because it is common knowledge that has to be shared, just as rights under the first and second amendments have to be shared.  The article gets away from a consensus on rights as Congressman McCarthy was interviewed.  This type of reporting does worry me as it should worry most Jews and other minorities.  Shouldn’t those Republicans spend time telling immigrants about their rights as well?

Forrest Trump : Stirring the Pot of White Supremacy

A prominent Republican organizer was shot by the KKK in 1868.  Oh my things have changed.

The White House silence about Nathan Bedford Forrest and white supremacy in America hurts African Americans (and Jews in my opinion considering the recent massacres in our temples), but Trump appears to know the Holocaust without really knowing it.  Actually his inaction here has affected far more African Americans than the pot stirring of Congresswoman Omar and her talk about the Benjamins and Jewish dual loyalty and this alone should disqualify him to be the leader of the American people and the free world.    A Trump tweet would have put Republicans on notice in Tennessee, but there was no tweet.

You saw the movie Forrest Gump and loved it.  You watched it over and over and didn’t get tired of it.

All eyes will be on Tennessee soon which just gave a proclamation to Nathan Bedford Forrest, the founder of the Ku Klux Klan who is considered a great man among Republicans (but we thank Senator Ted Cruz for speaking out against the proclamation).

Robert E. Lee is a Donald Trump favorite (another great general) who lost his citizenship due to his role in secession and the Civil War and its aftermath. 

Republicans in Tennessee are the majority there and I would imagine that some Democrats voted for the legislation as well, but my how the so-called Party of Lincoln has changed or has it?

I can see a Forrest-Lee-Trump statue in the making coming to the USA soon.  The South has not risen enough.  Keep in mind that Hitler used the South’s play book against its Negro citizens to develop everything that led to the Final Solution or the total annihilation of Jews.

Trump is for Israel and now the Department of Justice has given us an anti-Semitism event, but not the kind of event that I have been hoping for.  I was not represented and I speak out against anti-Semitism.  Most Jews were not represented either.  But that is the kind of trumped up event we can expect these days.  There were the slave masters in the slaves states and the we have people controlling the strings in the State Department and its sister Department of Justice. 

Where should the holy trinity statue Forrest-Lee-Trump be located?  There is a place right in the center of the action and it is a Trump preference called the Hermitage, which was the home of President Andrew Jackson.  Poifect!

Since Hitler cooperated so well with the South and its culture, could a Hitler statue be coming soon?  Will that statue be in Germany or in some Make America Great Again location where the Nazis of America organized?  Maybe we should have a national poll of a great location?  There was that rally in Madison Square Garden that I have seen the video of.  There is Chicago and the radio broadcasts of Father Coughlin.  There was a stronghold on Long Island not far from where I live.  What kind of world have we suddenly made with that Make America Great Again stuff foisted on US?

And we have read that Congressman Abrahams of Louisiana wants to pay to send people elected to Congress back to their homes (Somalia, Palestine, etc. where they were either born or where their parents were born).  I see the possibility someday of getting a one-way ticket for myself to Austria-Hungary.  I see a ray of hope among Republicans and to me that means that all undocumented immigrants who were incorrectly or unnecessarily deported will be brought back to the United States to continue the process for asylum.  This is a legal part of the process that some people have taken advantage of through court decisions.  Congressman Ralph Abrahams, by the way, is supposed to help veteran Floyd Hamilton III of Alexandria, Louisiana.  The matter involving the Hamilton family and the family of other veterans in Louisiana is about a doctor who did not complete the licensing application and who has been practicing in a VA hospital in Louisiana.  The doctor, according to Floyd Hamilton, took his father and others off of life support without permission, terminating their lives.  Mr. Hamilton has appealed to Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi and others to help him, but due to congressional protocols the handling of the matter was turned over to Congressman Abrahams who has done nothing.  Is that how justice is supposed to work in our nation?  Shouldn’t that protocol be removed finally so justice cannot be blocked and will prevail?  Congress should stop sending people back to their home jurisdiction for this kind of help.  Justice cannot be served that way.

It was a short period of time ago when people were telling Colin Kaepernick to leave the country if he did not like it.   That was over the kneeling during the playing of the national anthem.  Now we see that normal political discourse by people who want to change America is being attacked by Congressman Abrahams.  Abrahams wants to be governor of Louisiana and we hope that the people of Louisiana will give him a resounding defeat.  Republican Steve Daines of Montana is on board with Abrahams and he deserves dishonorable mention.

The Irish blew up statues of the English that helped subjugate them in their history.  The people behind the “Iron Curtain” destroyed statues of communists that they hated.  Some Americans still wish to go along with permitting the South to have its culture and that was and still is a dangerous culture.  It’s time to burn the Confederate flag forever.  .    From my own point of view as a Jew, there is no way that I would want Bill Lee in any office.  Jews and African-Americans stand together on the issues that concern us.  The Nazi flag and the Confederate flag should be removed from the hearts and minds of people everywhere.

And the Great Instigator-In-Chief wants Democrats to take on duly elected Democrats right now.  The elections in their districts that come every two years may take care of that, but we have to put up with the most idiotic conduct for four years that we have ever seen.  Where is the White House statement on the Nathan Bedford Forrest that I have waited for?  We recently listened to Trump’s idiotic comments about the press and his spelling and grammar instead of the substance that a presidency should be made of.  And do right-wing Jews think that Forrest was Jewish and deserves the proclamation?  Trump could call a national conference of White Supremacists and right-wing Jews in America and maybe Jared Kushner can devise a $50 billion plan to end White Supremacy.

I would love to see someone better than Congresswoman Omar replace her.  That is always a good thing when a person who has made mistakes is replaced by someone who will do much better.  And that also means that the orange haired one must go.  It would be really something great if Repugnicans would soon vote for impeachment and restore some normalcy to America. 

The New American Business Model: From Rosie the Riveter to Rosie the Robot

In 2017 the poverty percentage in America was 12.3 percent affecting 45,950,000 people.  Elvis Presley was portrayed an article that I read as a “poor white” from Mississippi.

This article really is about what has happened to the United States since World War II.

And things were not too good before World War II.  The Great Depression-Jim Crow South-Anti-Semitism that kept Jewish immigrants out-Poverty all over America-Isolationism that did not work-And more.

Women went to work during World War II and Rosie the Riveter became famous.  There were Rosies everywhere.  The world started to change in relation to women’s role, but not completely or equally. Those women that went to work helped our nation as young men went off to war.  They helped America, but I will not say that they helped America to become great.  There are great things about America, but the whole leaves much to be desired.  Women helped make the driving engine of our workforce continue to work and many women today are in their own business, are executives of major companies, and are labor leaders, the latter should be important all over our nation, but labor unions are not in all states.  Some of the states where unions do not exist are still controlled by forces in our government and there is no freedom of choice.

Let’s look at the history to understand the present.  In 1950, 20 percent of people in the United States was living in poverty.  Things started to get better over the next twenty years and extreme poverty was eliminated.  The deep south has extremely high poverty rates: Alabama 16.9 percent, Mississippi 19.8 percent, Louisiana 19.7 percent, Arkansas 16.4 percent, South Carolina 15.4 percent, Georgia 14.9 percent, and North Carolina 14.7 percent.  Maryland (2 with the lowest poverty) and Virginia (11 with the lowest poverty) have far less poverty and that is largely due to government jobs located near our nation’s capital.  Among the 100 places in the nation with the lowest income, the states that were in the Confederacy have 66 such towns as we add Texas. Tennessee, and Florida to the list provided before.  And there are ten cities (250,000 people or more) with very high percentages of low income and those cities are not in the South with the exception of Miami, Florida. 

Rosie the Robot was just mentioned to me last week in one of our nation’s leading supermarkets.  Robots will be doing the work of people shortly (perhaps right now or by the end of the year).  People in the store are wondering about layoffs and I wonder what layoff protections they have.  It seems to me that a few losses of jobs per store nationwide will bring upon US losses that will make the loss of auto jobs look tiny.  And if this change in delivering service to consumers continues unchecked by the American people and/or their elected officials and the president, there will lots of long-term unemployment.  Take this in account not only for 2020, but also for the near future up to 2024.  Interventions are needed, particularly by Repugnicans who stirred up the idea that we are stupid and China is smart because it took jobs away from America (therefore we were given Make America Great Again).  What is about to happen and we’ve had warnings on television and in the media is that a tornado of automation may be taking jobs away from US and that tornado will be generated by the very same business people who were an integral part of the global effort to establish free trade agreements.  The message is loud and clear that workers fear losing their jobs right now and this isn’t even the third year of the four year Trump term of office.

Mexico and China are not responsible at all for the Rosie the Robot tornado that is approaching us.  The time to wake up is now and not in 2024.  And the global economy that Trump fought against is making itself heard loud and clear as companies are moving from China, but not back to the United States. This is classic economic history that I have read about and some of that history led to the downfall of the British Empire as Germany and other countries started up production of goods that the British had dominated.  And by the end of World War II, the British and people around the world began to acknowledge that Great Britain was losing its top status position to the United States.  The loss of America’s leading world position may be happening right now under our noses.  Important parts of the decline of Great Britain were its inability both financially and politically to maintain domination or supremacy over its colonies around the world and today Trump has only been a leader for White Supremacists.  We have situations that are modern day versions of the British Empire, including the Trump lies and efforts in relation to Puerto Rico and our nation’s minorities.  If Trump is true to form, within weeks or months you will be hearing that companies are coming back to America in the millions.

Since job growth in the Trump Administration has lagged behind the first Obama years by at least 700,000 jobs, some people are celebrating that they are working and others are not working and not celebrating.  The economic engines are in the cities, in Texas in four cities, but people are really continuing to suffer even in this so-called Make America Great Again period of our history.  We can see the same thing taking place in many countries around the world.  Jobs should be reaching people in rural areas, but they are not.  So all these people were left out of the debate in 2016 even by Trump who broadcasted that he would create 25 million jobs or more.  Unfortunately for our people the pace was not picked up and perhaps it will be unfortunate for Trump as the Trumpian economy is revealed to the people in 2020.  The stock market is truly way up, but not job growth and income for most people.  Much of the growth due to the rise in minimum wage has nothing to do with Donald Trump.  That was started well before he started campaigning.  Even the minimum wage has not gone up at the federal level.  Even many workers who had protections for overtime had those protections removed by Trump.  And he brought about a hiring freeze during good times.  So what can America expect of Trump when things get bad again as they did under George W. Bush?  And today I learned that the House of Representatives has just passed a $15 minimum wage bill that probably will not pass the Senate.  Open your eyes and see that Democracy Matters and workers who deserve pay increases who are not getting the raises should put this matter at the top of the list.

What I see in New York are lots of building projects that were started before Trump.  I have noticed the growth in fast food jobs as the major companies have provided much better service to keep their customers.  Much of this has also been powered by technology that helps people order their food.  Then there are delivery jobs as new companies have sprung up to deliver fast food and other restaurant food.  Again this has nothing to do with the Trump economy except that records are kept according to calendar months and years.  That is the reality of Trump’s claim which means that much of what I have said here is “fake news.”

Politically our democracy is not working for all of the people and those of us who are upset with conditions in America are not going to move out of the country because Trump and his supporters chant it.  Democracy has to be restored to serve all the people, which is something that has never happened in our history.  History speaks for itself.  So restoring democracy is “fake news” within the context of this article.  But politically speaking we have to restore lots of things that have been eroded by Trump and his band of dirty rotten scoundrels.  Even at this moment in New York, there is a challenger to Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez who is insisting that the congresswoman work on creating jobs instead of working on a progressive agenda.  Trump has epitomized that effort and his effort has fallen way short.  The Republicans did what they intended to do: tax cuts and tariffs and no miracle has taken place.  This new candidate has already misspoken as she attacks the congresswoman.  Someone should tell Scherie Murray that Obama is not the president right now and he cannot be held responsible for Trump’s ideas.  She says she is about building bridges in infrastructure and education which Trump has not done.  All over America school improvement is held back by conservatives who make sure that school districts that need more money do not get it.  This is happening right now in schools where I live that suffer from the lack of high-income residents who pay more school taxes. 

Trump’s tariffs have been tripping up industries all over America including Mike Pence’s home state of Indiana and they are not going to tell you the truth.  The Carrier air conditioner deal was just a small deal.  Automobile manufacturers are still closing up and moving.  Recreational vehicles in Indiana, among other industries, are now hit hard.  And we already know that the price increases on American made washing machines have resulted in Americans paying several hundred thousand dollars for each wash machine made since Trump started the tariff war.  In other words, Trump has taken Americans to the cleaners again. 

This is from an article on Poor Whites.  “Further evidence of the hostility of the ruling class towards the Poor White is found in the enactment by several southern states of a poll tax, which required an annual payment of $1.00 (equivalent to $28 in 2018),[15] to vote, in some cases, or at least payment before voting. The poll tax excluded not only African Americans, but also the many Poor Whites, from voting, as they lived in a barter economy and were cash poor.”

This is typical of lots of countries where the nobles and people they depended on kept back the poor (in many Europeans countries those people were peasants and were forced to provide a lot of labor for the nobles).  Conditions in those countries became intolerable and with the support of family members and institutions lots of people came to the United States.  With all the talk about how great America was or is, no such migration existed back to Europe.  Since there was neither any infrastructure in place nor marketing for people to go home, most people stayed contributing to the greatness of America and lots of American myths. 

Poland, for example, is a small beautiful country and deserves the same respect as any nation.  Americans who have visited Poland, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, and lots of other countries often do not want to come home.  And these are people of all races and backgrounds.  It happens that the United States with all its terrible faults is the greatest large country in the world (and that is just an opinion that we commonly share).  Those smaller nations are amazing.

Breaking news about Trump.  Trump is taking Americans down a road that has precedent and it went from a tweet to his political campaign.  Since he knows he is right (it could be the dye of his hair affecting his brain or something else called racism), he should order his own employees to tell people if you don’t like America go back to your country.  There should be no hypocrisy here.   Trump should go for it.  Here you can see how Denny’s had to pay $54 million to settle a racial discrimination case back in 1994.  Those 54 millions would be hundreds of millions today.  Run Forrest Trump run.  You can do it.  You can outrun all the good people who wish to see America improve greatly.  Order your properties now to be aligned with your politics.  Of course it would quickly become “fake news” if a group of people alleged that a Trump employee had told them to go back to their country or countries.  And Trump’s spin on this would be the biggest news since the Mueller investigation and the “clean” category that he determined the report gave him.  He was as clean as manure.  And I can imagine that some American institutions like Denny’s will soon have a major problem as well since Trump has stirred the pot and it would make sense for all businesses across America to put out the message that Trump should not be imitated.  And please leave my favorite chicken alone.  Scaramucci has been disinvited to attend from a G.O.P. fundraiser in Palm Beach, Florida.  I wouldn’t be surprised if Scaramucci works behind the scenes to get Trump reelected.    Now that we see that Trump himself has spoken about not liking the “send her back” chant and that Scaramucci has opposed it, it leads me to conclude that this is a scheme for 2020 to appear more moderate to build up the polls.  Not liking it is almost an apology for Trump and that is impossible.

Trump has been the send them back leader for a long time.  Whether it is Black people or other, it’s just plain wrong.  The presidential statement should have been we are going to see you at the voting polls in November and retire you from office.  That is what we expect about Trump and his attacks on Americans.  It would be great if Trump would resign and/or not run again.

Alex Acosta, the labor secretary, has just resigned and it appears that Eugene Scalia may be the next secretary of labor.  Scalia has already been accused by Democrats in the past as being “hostile” to labor, but he is a labor lawyer if you fully appreciate Trump’s comment about that in praising Scalia.  Shouldn’t we have an Equal Rights Amendment for labor? It really appears to me that helping the workers is really dead on arrival in this country.  And shouldn’t we know now what has happened at Trump properties.  How many more workers has he hired and did he raise or lower workers’ salaries.  And is he going to use orange haired robots to deliver drinks at the bar and provide room service?

Stephen Miller: White House Anti-Semite?

Breaking news first.  Border agents have confirmed that Trump has not built any new wall.  I wrote a series of articles about Trump’s wall in Jewish Business Wall, but I had no idea that after all of Trump’s fighting and talking that it was entirely made up.  I can hear him right now saying “We are building the wall” over and over.  Wrong grammar or tense or just another Hitler-Trump lie?  And his ratings go up over that kind of manure?

Stephen Miller could be an anti-Semite or anti-Semitic Jew.  His thinking is really quite unusual.

Donald Trump is not a patriot.  Allow me to explain.

We see what Ricardo Rosselló is going through in Puerto Rico for some or many of the same reasons that Trump may go through the same mass demonstrations.  Those demonstrations may soon take place against the greatest patriot of all. 

Trump could provide his tax returns to prove that he is a patriot.

He could take a lie detector test to prove that he is a patriot.

He could allow the C.I.A. to waterboard him to prove that he is a patriot.

He could even go to Afghanistan to fight alongside our men and women there since he is so great to prove that he is a patriot.

Stephen Miller says that the “racist remarks” are designed to silence Americans in connection with if you don’t like it go home patriotic comments being made which contradict the foundation of law about no discrimination due to national origin.  These comments, though popular for a long time, are similar to shouting fire in a theater.  It is not free speech that is conducive to the success of a nation, unless you are thinking about a White nation.  And the fact that Black Americans may go along with Trump is another story that needs development.

If a man shouted to a group of Hasidic Jews for whatever reason “go back to your country” would the Zionist Organization of America agree that it is patriotic?  I see a lack of critical thinking skills at ZOA, even though I know that the organization is doing some good things.  Where is the condemnation and denunciation from ZOA as of the publication of this article?  Keep in mind that Stephen Miller is the author of Trump’s speech about immigration and the designer of his policies.

The same anti-Semitic legislation that Americans connected with White Supremacy which charges immigrants as criminals kept Jews out of the United States as Hitler developed his Road to the Final Solution is harming human beings including Israelis that wish to enter the United States.  I honestly do not know if the Israelis who were reported for being detained at the border in a report were Jews or not, but I will not categorically state that they were not without evidence.  Does Stephen Miller make Talmudic sense?  He says that he is Jewish and so do I.  He worked for Senator Jeff Sessions and when I called Alabama and spoke to the only Jew that I probably have ever spoken to from Alabama about Sessions that Jew told me immediately (within 10 seconds) :

“First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—because I was not a socialist.

Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out— because I was not a trade unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.”

And this was copied and pasted from the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum website.

And then Trump invitees went by invitation after the deplorable conditions were documented in the detention or “concentration camps” that Trump set up that would not make the immigrants comfortable so they would leave.  Although we cannot compare these camps to the Theresienstadt Ghetto and what Jews were going through, we can highlight the same attempt to use propaganda to confuse the public and the world by not allowing the truth to be told.

I am tired of Trump and his supporters always spending time on words like “racist” when our nation is on fire concerning White Supremacy and the massacre of Jews in Pittsburgh and San Diego are an integral part of that.  Hasn’t Miller even noticed that Muslims did not commit those atrocities?  He should speak out as I speak out.  This is not about Israel and Jews supporting Israel.  This is about exposing the evil of this nation.  Where are you going to send me back to?  Israel? No!  Galicia?  No!  How about Brooklyn?

Trump in the 2016 spoke about the “passion” that his supporters had as they went from chants to aggression at events and that was enough for me to profile him correctly.  Now those chanters are “patriots.”  Heil Hitler was certainly patriotic along with a lot of other chants.  Even if Trump is not Hitler, we should be able to see that he and the Department of Justice are taking US closer to the McCarthy era with all of this.  Conversely, I and others are not patriots, we (including the press and those four congresswomen) are the enemies.  The list is much greater than that.

Jews, as I have written about, have been divided throughout history, but people forget.  And we have fought conservatism for centuries and more.  In Galicia conservative Jews fought Zionists and had many shot in the back there by soldiers to maintain “order”, in New York City orthodox Jews fought against conservativism on the police force at the funeral of Rabbi Jacob Joseph and there were unnecessary attacks on Jews who were socialists who spoke to crowds in Yiddish by police as well (I can well imagine that the conservative Jews backing up “law and order”), there was the Civil War with Jews on both sides, and Jews in America and in Israel were on two sides in the 1950s when Eisenhower favored the Arabs over Israel and we were perhaps just steps away from watching Jews (there were Jews in the U.S. Army) fight each other in combat due to the Sinai War.  And the list goes on and on.  Israeli Jews are divided and we are divided at home and abroad. 

We are small in numbers and our influence is not really felt that much in red states where our system of government continues to thwart real democracy as the small states equal the large states in the senate.  So our problem is just not the electoral college.  And our problem is not just the Supreme Court as conservatives are appointed.  Our problem clearly exists among ourselves.  Americans are divided.  We are all Americans.  We stand behind the four congresswomen because we know that Trump’s poorly conceived thoughts do not point the compass north and the battle should be at the polls and not what is your country of origin or your color.  Trump’s compass was smashed a long, long time ago and he is incapable of guiding the American people.  Have you noticed that a cop has been fired after commenting that Congresswoman Omar should be shot?  That is the kind of support that all Americans need at this day in our lives.  This kind of toxicity has been encouraged by the Toxin-in-Chief.  Let’s eliminate the toxins everywhere including Stephen Miller.  And it really is time to defrost ICE to restore justice to people.  Even American hotel giants are pushing back against ICE right now.  Stephen Miller should come up with a detention plan that all Jews could e proud of, all people could be proud of or he should leave his position.

Stephen Miller has it made and he deserves nothing.  There could be a cushy position for him at Fox News.  He could be floated as vice-president one day.  Vice-president of what you may be asking.  Figure it out.  And that is just one step away from the office of President of the United States.  I am not really saying that Stephen Miller is an anti-Semite, but why can’t all of us just make him go away somewhere (in the United States or wherever he chooses).

Here is a good example of what Jews need to know.  Senator Cory Booker has been portrayed for being on the wrong side of the Iran Nuclear Deal and there has been a lot of history regarding that deal in the last few years that we should absorb.  But here Senator Booker, who I have met while trying to help Newark and I have written negative things about for what his administration there produced after I provided all kinds of helpful suggestions, states that he would not meet with Minister Louis Farrakhan which appeared in the Algemeiner.  That is important to Jews here in America and probably around the world.  And remember how Trump has portrayed the Democratic Party as being anti-Semitic?   Remember his call for Jews to quit the Democratic Party and the campaign that was started by his partisans?

Here is a quick quiz for my readers.  And as you can see Trump controls the court.

Trump’s remarks and policies that stir the pot of hatred in this country most resemble the remarks of

  1. John F. Kennedy
  2. Mitch Mc Connell
  3. Adolph Hitler
  4. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
  5. Ronald Reagan

A History Lesson for Our World War I Veterans

There were 40 million casualties during World War I.  There were about 23 million wounded and the rest died.  In earlier wars disease played a major role and disease accounted for about one-third of the deaths. American losses were put at under 120,000.  Do you think that Gavrilo Princip deserves the statue in Belgrade or would you decide that is should come down the way that statues of communist leaders, Confederate leaders, oppressors of the Irish, and others have come down?  A pillar to Princip was constructed and then destroyed in 1917. 

Of course you should not expect to find any World War I veterans anywhere near where you live.  This thought can only apply to one man who has broken the mold in American politics.  He has talked about airports that existed in the Revolutionary War and asked a woman who lost her family recently to violence where they were.  Here is that moment in what were the causes of World War I described in a lesson for kids instead.  It’s the story of world politics that went out of control, the Black Hand, and the assassination of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria.  And the patriotic Confederates who took a rocket ship to the moon so that they could unite US today will probably be mentioned soon by Donald Trump.

The assassination appears in one of my other articles.  But this lesson is largely devoted to Gavrilo Princip and perhaps you will share this lesson with others.

A young man wants to enlist in the Serb military and the officer tells him “you are too small and weak” to be of use and the officer threatened the youth with a beating if he did not leave right away.  That youth was Gavrilo Princip.  A year and a half later, the nephew of Emperor Franz Joseph of Austria-Hungary was assassinated along with his wife.  The archduke spoke and said “Es ist nichts!”  So this young man who was too “puny” to fight in the army made big news around the world.  This was actually around the time that my grandmother came to America.

Here is some background information about his life.

He was poor.  The door of his house was small so he had to lower his head to enter.  There were no windows in his house.  The floor was made of earth.  Smoke went through a badza or hole in the roof.  His poverty was worsened by the fact that an annual cash tribute had to be paid to the absentee-landlord.  There were huge temptations in Serbia as prostitution was big where Princip lived.  He abstained from drinking and he treated all women with the respect accorded to mother or sister.  The Black Hand met on Bosnia Street in Belgrade for the first time.  That street has since been named Gavrilo Princip Street.  Almost thirty years later, Adolph Hitler used the events of June 28, 1914 as an excuse to attack Belgrade.

There were six conspirators on that day.

Four of the conspirators who were armed failed to use their weapons either out of fright or inexperience.

One threw a bomb that bounced off the archduke’s vehicle.

The chauffeur unfamiliar with Belgrade made a wrong turn and waited for almost a half-minute to proceed and nothing happened at that time.

Princip did fire a fatal shot at the archduke and proceeded to fire a shot at the military governor.  But that second shot happened just as a bystander tried to knock the gun out of Princip’s hand.  The shot missed its mark, but struck the archduke’s wife, killing her.  The archduke spoke those words in German, telling his wife that he was okay, but he died shortly after being struck. 

Princip swallowed cyanide, but the cyanide had oxidized and he suffered great pain only.  He was also badly beaten by the soldiers and police at that time.  I guess if he had not been rejected by the army or if he had flat feet and could get a doctor’s note, the history of the world might have been different.  Perhaps more like the United States today under Trump.  Taking extreme action against people does have consequences you know.  Those actions can be war, detention, budget cuts, hostile remarks both ethnic and racial, and general lying.  Much of my report is news, but it is an opinion piece that has to be made well known.  But there is a difference between Princip and Trump.  It’s not about age, wealth, power, or anything that you might think of. 

Princip was interviewed by a psychiatrist, Dr. Martin Pappenheim, and it was revealed that Princip suffered great guilt.  Why?  Austria-Hungary had long desired Serbia and was ready to attack it.  In a Trump-like trumped up move, Serbia was given forty-eight hours to reply to the demand of an investigation of the archduke’s death to be carried out by Austrian agencies instead of an independent investigation.  Serbia was unable to accept or comply with the terms and Austria-Hungary soon started to pummel Serbia.  This was a period in which Austria-Hungary illegally annexed territories (Bosnia and Hercegovina).

There were other causes of World War I, but keep in mind the casualties and the costs.  We are not talking about the cost of a wall that most likely cannot work.  I know that there are Americans that love to see Trump fight for the wall.  They love to see him fight, even if he fails (and he has failed a lot).  Gavrilo Princip was no prince and Trump is no king, but Trump has mesmerized his supporters.   Remember that Trump called the attempt to reach the United States an invasion.  The attempt to reach Palestine by Jews should be called an invasion as well.  It was an exhodus just like the recent caravans.  The poverty that Princip experienced is different and more modern, but it does exist.  Trump was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, but that mouth is not presidential (it is pestilential).   America should ask for the resignation of Donald Trump just as Puerto Rico has asked for the resignation of Governor Ricardo Rosselló.  The army officer that chased Grivaldo Princip away at the moment when he tried to volunteer to join the military as the officer he spoke to was actually firing his pistol at a cigarette package resting on the head of soldier at that moment (a la William Tell).  I see the words Make America Great Again on that package and the bullet demolishes the word Again completely.  We do have a lot to be happy for in America, but Trump has increased the national debt which did not have to go up (there was no borrowing that caused it), he has now begged the rest of the free world to help him with Iran, he has neglected large segments of the poor, African-Americans, and others across America at a time of tremendous growth, he has stirred the pot of anti-Semitism, racism, and Islamophobia, he has had the wrong Christians around him, and he never belonged in the race to the top of American politics.  He was unfit for duty in the U.S. military and unfit today for mental reasons that we see in him.  Let’s have a real president and Make America Great finally.  “Send him back” to Trump Tower and file charges against him.

I wish it would bear fruit in making this important point about the way that Trump is fighting for “his” Americans and making US safer, but I know that changing the minds of people who either voted for him or intend to vote for him (at this moment) is very slow.  A large percentage of those people keep repeating Trump falsehoods and/or lies.  Let’s take up waterboarding which Trump was talking about a long time ago.  The Justice Department gave its legal opinion on that when George W. Bush was president and Bush tried to have the attorney general sign off on allowing waterboarding even though the legal department advised against it.  Today it is as plain as daylight that Trump controls the Justice Department through Attorney General Barr and we have not seen a turnaround which Trump talked about.  So I guess with all the terrorism taking place in the world today, Trump is satisfied and he is not fighting to reinstate waterboarding to protect US and our interests.  Now what kind of fighter is that?  And remember that part of Trump’s modus operandi is to make things difficult for people (other nations, the immigrants trying to come here, the press, the opposition, the workers in our federal government, and more).    The national aspirations of Grivaldo Princips in Palestine, the Ukraine, and other places around the world still exist.  Trump is surely not keeping US away from World War III, but an intelligent American people can prevent that war.  The conclusion really is that an unknown radical student or a poorly informed elected official can do great, unexpected harm to his nation and its people (and the world).

The assassination of Archduke Ferdinand caused violent demonstrations by angry Croats and Muslims where shops were attacked and two Serbs were killed.  The Austro-Hungarian Army committed executions, mass murder and rape as well as towns were burned and looted.  There was other destruction of property and water wells were poisoned.

Trump: Make Baltimore Great

Looking at the top 100 places for crime in America, you could easily conclude that the red states are doing a lousy job of helping their people.

The Baltimore Sun is right!  Donald Trump is a modern version of You Dirty Rat.  Trump has helped make Baltimore worse.

It’s not just about Baltimore or Chicago as cities across the United States need more funding to be great or better than they have ever been.  This new gunfight at the O.K. Coral between Donald Trump and Elijah Cummings is very old stuff combined with Twitter to reach the public.  It does remind me of those old Your Momma or Your Mother jokes that we used to tell each other back in the 1950s.  One of my old best friends once told a joke in front of a large group in high school and that joke was directed at me.  He picked me out and said “your momma rides shotgun for the knish man on Orchard Street.”  I had no reply, but this was a teenager that I used to help in his business of delivering the New York Daily News Sunday edition in the housing project where we lived.  I got a quarter to walk around with him and protect his shopping cart filled with newspapers as he rang doorbells to deliver the news.  Everyone laughed, but it really wasn’t that funny to me.  After all he was talking about my mother.  But there was no revenge in my heart and I knew that he really did not have any corrupt intent.  Now Trump is another matter.  Just ask Mueller and Comey and others.

The people of Baltimore need more money to take care of the problems.  Funds could have been distributed nationwide (Baltimore included) so that the war against rats could be fought with the zero tolerance that Trump fights against on other fronts.  Billions of dollars that he earmarked for the military has now been set aside to pay for repairing his much-needed wall.  There may be lots of Americans who agree with him, including African Americans, but the money to fight the rat population can help prevent disease and is a part of disease control.  The big question is how to get a divided nation to Make America Great (and Baltimore).  The solution comes at the ballot in November 2020, but no change is going to take place quickly to take care of the rats and other problems without the support needed by other states.  There are Baltimores across our nation that need lots of help and Trump has not addressed the issue at all.  If we look at the ten most problematic places for crime in America, we see Bessemer, Alabama, East St. Louis, Illinois, Monroe, Louisiana, St. Louis, Missouri, Detroit, Michigan, Baltimore, Maryland, Memphis, Tennessee, Camden, New Jersey, Flint, Michigan, and Pine Bluff, Arkansas.  Chicago is number 57.  America does not need racial and personal attacks.  It needs help that it is not getting.

Congressman Elijah Cummings can take action and look for that support in Congress to divert badly needed funds back to communities that need the funds instead of watching the shuffling of funds by people like Trump who budget something and then prove that the funds weren’t needed (military funds taken for the wall).  I have been in close touch with Eric Stevenson who is exploring a run for Congress (15th Congressional District) in the impoverished community of the South Bronx in New York City.  Stevenson proposes free G.E.D. testing for everyone in our nation and taking that test away from states’ rights controls.  He advocates for psychological evaluation for police (more than a few have just committed suicide in New York City), and a proposal is being worked out to have a new federal partnership between the federal government and local police as well.  Trump is surrounded by hypocrites, one of whom got funding for 1,000 police in New York City from Bill Clinton in the 1990s. 

Trump has prided himself for doing more for African Americans than anyone I know of in recent American history.  His attack on Baltimore has opened up a can of worms and rats do not eat worms.  This attack on Baltimore is an alarm for African Americans all over our nation and a great reason to unite to make things better. Trump cannot even stick to a consistent game plan.