Officer Bob Kroll in a Nutshell

If the officer fired a gun to save my life, I would thank him.  Officer Kroll went partisan on Fox News about the cops not being allowed to wear their uniforms in a visit by Donald Trump.  Then his organization ordered supporting tee-shirts.  Police organizations are allowed to be political, as we all know.  What disturbed me is his attitude about spending city funds on liberal items to reduce crime.  I have written in another article that we don’t need police socialism as a request has been made to add 400 officers in Minneapolis.  And keep in mind that Donald Trump has not paid 10 cities already the money owed for his protection. 

I can understand Kroll’s complaint about the city not being effective enough in keeping young adults and older adults away from crime.  Just about everyone needs retraining in that matter including Bob Kroll.  I should point out to the lieutenant, his supporting cast, and to others what I mean.  We could go back to the 1990s in New York City when a tough prosecutor named Rudy Giuliani became mayor of New York.  Almost all the crime was committed by youth and adults who grew up in the Christian faith but went astray, people who might have gone into Christian colleges.  Muslims were a few in the mosaic of the Big Apple.  Many of those people could have earned a high school equivalency long before they got into trouble, but that didn’t happen and we probably can detect the same things in Minneapolis.  And l have heard about the Somalian gangs there. 

Giuliani was tough on crime, but he got the money from Bill Clinton to hire 1,000 police officers.  But crime increased and more people got locked up.  I repeat they got locked up.  The year 1993 was a very telling year for the state of New York and the immense city where I lived at that time.  The State of New York decided to make the GED test free and that started to create a drain in diplomas.  The effect was immediate as the numbers shrank.  Whether Giuliani knew about it or not, there was indifference toward the education of the young adults as they went to the streets to earn a living.  My point is that everyone including the police have to be better informed and I can assure the lieutenant that I am very well known to Chicago PD.  And I know what to do to help depressed communities of gang members, incarcerated men and women, and former incarcerated people.  The best answer is not more police and the cost to taxpayer that goes along with it.  And counting on just morality has never really worked in history, not in the South, not in Ireland under the British, not in Europe under Hitler, and not in Syria right now as Trump abandons our allies there.

I have been a guest speaker in the jail of New York City and I know the mistakes of the commissioner of corrections there very well.  And I know the mentality of police and corrections officers that do not wish to spend more money on lots of budget items because they are tax conservatives.  And I plan to take action to help Minneapolis overcome its problems with or without the support of Lieutenant Bob Kroll. 

We see why the police need retraining all over the United States.  Police errors, police suicides, police threats, and more are plaguing communities and Trump has not had the answer.  If he did, he would have paid for your police already and transferred the funds for the wall to the city (it has just been reported that a replica of Trump’s wall has just been climbed by an eight year old girl and another person, taking 40 seconds to climb).  Giuliani should remind him of those 1,000 extra police in the 1990s.  Over the years the children of police and veterans have also gotten locked up before earning a diploma.  Officer Kroll has fallen for a man who has made a big thing of “locking up” people on the campaign trail and right now we are the midst of a battle that may end with The Donald getting locked up.  I cannot fault the officer for not knowing what I know but we can fault him for continuing to ignore an important problem which was not even resolved by Rudy Giuliani.  Republicans normally control small towns where a higher level of education has existed for many decades and cities were usually way behind back then and still have not caught up.  But lots of places around the nation are on the high crime list in Republican territory.  It would be great for Lieutenant Kroll to sit at the table of the city with much greater understanding of the problem. 

And here is a word about the White House this week.  The Black Leadership Summit of conservatives was held and Trump proclaimed that he reduced crime in the cities with his immigration policy.  Lieutenant Kroll may need a Repugnican chiropractor right now, because he is out of alignment with Trump propaganda.  Since crime has been reduced, why increase the number of police so dramatically in Minneapolis?  I have to say that I have been writing about the failure of Donald Trump in national safety as he has concentrated on national security.  It was confirmed to me that MS-13 members are in the local high school where I live and I found out that some of those gang members are behaving well and others not so well.  MS-13 has not been “decimated” in spite of all the news coming from Trump.  I did not mean news.  Crime statistics are way down in New York City and some vital figures such as murders are reaching the lowest numbers in decades.  Trump has done nothing there to help, nor has he helped Chicago!  Chicago!  Chicago!  I read the news around the country and things are not good as there are new types of killings involving family members. 

Let’s hope that the police officers in Minneapolis who have bought the new Trump tee-shirt learn from their mistakes and Trump’s mistakes.  There is great danger in following Trump and that danger will be everywhere.  May I make some other suggestions right now.  Trump should wear a body camera at all times, he could take a lie detector test, he should turn in his tax returns finally, he should think about treating the immigrants as he treats his wife who had worked in the United States illegally, he should also resign as soon as possible, and never ask for a single benefit or honor for being elected.  Trump has become a national disaster and he is being abandoned by Republicans, but Repugnicans who are learning about his misdeeds in office are standing by him and shrugging everything off.  It was just reported that there are witnesses who know about an “illegal” favor that he was doing for Rudy Giuliani.   It may be time to return the tee-shirts in support of Trump and think everything over.  I would be happy to provide the Minneapolis Police Federation with a conference call about Trump.  The police should take time to read this important news.  And they can also learn that Blue Lives and Black Lives Matter as well. 

Two World Famous Actors: Chaplin and Trump

America watched the “great dictator” in the 1930s and today it is watching the “little dictator” here at home.  Or just reading his tweets.

In the Chaplin movie starring Robert Downey, Jr., a Nazi who had just spoken about Hitler telling Hollywood guests that Hitler just wants to defend historic borders, create jobs, and cut out the profit speculator (Jews mostly) reaches out to shake hands with Charlie who says “I’m sorry” which is something I wouldn’t say as I would not shake hands with a Nazi or Donald Trump.  A person in the crowded room says about Chaplin “He’s a Jew.”  Chaplin replied that he did not have that “honor.”  Yes there were liberals at the party, but there were obviously conservatives and Nazis.  This all makes for great theater and I assume that it took place, but the United States rejected helping the Jews and that has been made clear from history, not from the movies.  The trailer that I watched in addition to the scene just described pointed out how everyone in the world was paying attention to Charlie.  The movies created the buzz back then.  Note that there is no movie about Trump right now to create that.  Trump has Twitter and that is his news feed and he says maybe he should create his own news network.  Trump still has to figure out that he has all the news media that he needs.  His base will not expand with more news because it is saturated.  Hitler and Trump share the same common elements and you should check out “My Most Favorite Scene” where he points out what do the Nazis have against everyone else which brings Trump to mind.  Moments later I was watching a scene from another movie called “Smuggled Nose Powder” where Charlie saves the day in a prison break.

So there is Charlie Chaplin who was probably Roma or gypsy, defending Jews in America.  He is a hero who and his life was filled with sexual scandals (marriage to avoid rape charges, court cases, paternity suits), but being called a communist led to his being denied reentry into the United States.  His story embodies the essence of what I perceive to be hypocritical thinking.  Chaplin cannot be a hero because of the sex with young girls.  There are allegations circulating about sex with young girls among leading Democrats, English royalty and a Trump attorney stated that Trump and Epstein were not friends, even though Trump and Epstein travelled together nationally and globally as reported in Newsweek.  Chaplain’s The Great Dictator is now playing here and his words ring out, even words from The Bible and Chaplin was accused of being a communist.  Soldiers need to unite for democracy he shouted out.  As I grew into my teens, Chaplin was mentioned over and over in my home by my family.  Perhaps we can spread the word about his movies across our nation now.

No sooner had I written this and done some work outside my home did I walk inside and noticed the fight of Jews and African Americans to keep people safe in the program about the 1936 Berlin Olympics and the great note of hypocrisy that we faced in America and the hatred that existed here.  And Repugnicans will tell US that things have gotten so good that there should be hardly a complaint.  And they enlist African Americans to back them up in Congress as people point the finger in the direction of Islamic Jihad when there are many more White Supremacists in America to be concerned about.   An important question to be looked into is why the F.B.I. has turned its head in investigating some or many of those who have been flagged.  I have been in touch with Jewish organizations all over the country and it would be nice to bring them together for a new discussion of what is taking place.  And in the national discussion other ethnic groups can be brought together in an open forum.

North Korean fired a ballistic missile this week and the famous “Fire and Fury” president has learned his lesson from his generals and staff ( a long time ago as was reported by Bob Woodward that there will be no war) and we have also noted more trouble in Iraq right now and the attack on the Saudi oil field where there was no retaliation by Trump in support of an ally.  Just a lot of talk.  There was that bomb dropped on Syria after a gas attack a couple of years ago, but overall Trump is doing pretty much what Obama did.  I will repeat that Republicans won the Electoral College vote which I have written about several times in the past, but Repugnicans have taken over by acceptance of the worst things that humanity has seen in many years.  Trump has done it his way just as Hitler did it his way.  And the list of failures keeps adding on and if Russia were such a great friend Russia would bring North Korea to the table to get results that Trump has not delivered.  Russia and Iran are discussing joint drills and other support.  This is not good news for the men and women in our nation’s armed services and US. 

We are not any safer than we were when Obama left office and here in the United States there has been an acceleration of horrible massacres and murders that were not massacres that suggest a great American meltdown which Trump has done nothing about.  Whether it is the threat against a Catholic priest in Worthington, Minnesota or the friendly fire killing of a NYPD officer in which the department now states that new, better police training is going to take place, Trump has sat back and watched.  The Metropolitan Transit Authority also announced today the coming hiring of about 600 new officers and many of those officers will be assigned to help the homeless get into shelters.  Trump remember lashed out against the homelessness in Los Angeles.  Trump has brought Trump Tower politics to our nation to save money which will make US more and more dangerous.  Four homeless people were also murdered in Chinatown just now and perhaps the next victims will be in a synagogue or church in New York City.  And keep in mind that all those years when the problem kept on increasing, Trump was paying no tax.   Others like him put their money offshore and paid less tax as they contributed to charities, but the money could have been used for police and public safety back then.  Long before Obama, Clinton gave New York City and Giuliani the money for 1,000 police and today cities across the United States are crying for more police.  Minneapolis just got a request for 400 more police and I have suggested that they ask Trump (to transfer money from his wall or from someplace else).  Please share this with those Repugnicans who are making things worse for US.  Former New York State Assembly Eric Stevenson and I started talking about the badly needed retraining of police across our nation and the suggested $1,000 pay increase that federal training, but it has gone nowhere. 

Trump’s proclamation against immigrants who come here who do not have medical insurance is the latest obstacle and I will remind my readers that most Jews were in bad financial shape and had no medical insurance as they tried to get into the United States and other countries.  They could not even afford visa charges around 1938.  Trump’s inhumane obstacles are not a show of his desperation.  No, they are Trump supporting his base and those people around him that should never have been in government.  Let Trump be Trump they said.  And will Nayib Bukele and the other Central American Trump allies provide insurance to their people as they come here?  Jews didn’t have it when my grandmother and her family came here.  Let’ see what El Salvador does since it seems to be the nation that is most comfortable with Trump. 

The United States has been lucky due mostly to geography.  Could you imagine what would have happened if the United States had been close to Poland, Germany, the Ukraine, and other countries back then?  I have strong doubts about the American people rising to fight hate and turning its back on all the hate that I have read about and written about.  Just expand your thinking of all the pogroms committed by Americans against African Americans and others throughout history.  The information is there.

And my recent reading about the Paris Peace Conference of 1919 reveals a lot about the main powers, particularly as they spoke about Russia and the Bolsheviks.  President Woodrow Wilson said that “Seed need soil, and the Bolshevik seeds found the soil already prepared for them.”  What did he and others mean?  They knew just how bad the capitalists were who were taking advantage of workers everywhere.  Building a new order was about peace and defeating Bolshevism.  And keep in mind that the revolution in Russia included murder, total disregard of law, and confiscation of property or wealth.  The French were particularly upset because they had invested great sums of money in Russia which was lost.  The French were inclined to blame the Germans for the rise and behavior of the Russians, but did the French blame the Germans only twenty years later when the German’s made Jews “illegal” and confiscated their wealth?  Of course not!  The Bolsheviks and supporters in Great Britain and America and those nations easily survived. 

What did take place from that time on is that those nations became more democratic and the free time that you have to decide what to do with your time was a reaction against the tyranny of the capitalists that continue to worry some of them about a thing called “socialism” today.  The freedom that Americans to do what they wish after an eight-hour workday was not the norm at that time in Western Europe and the United States.  The threat of Bolshevism played a role in 1919 to open up minds for change in Western democracies just as the Nazis played a role in populating Palestine as Jews were sent there.  Those Bolsheviks finally settled down in the 1990s and Russia is a great friend of Donald Trump but consider those Repugnicans who have voters worried about Venezuela’s conditions coming here.  They keep repeating this and it is nonsense. 

Rhetoric was the same back then, because these things do not change.  Winston Churchill who was racist spoke in an election speech, comparing the Bolsheviks to “baboons amid the ruins of cities and the corpses of their victims.”  Arthur Balfour of the Balfour Declaration once said to him “I admire the exaggerated way you tell the truth.”  But today we are deluged with exaggerated lies that Trump maintains as truth as he maintains control over his Trump Corporation in the White House.  Consider that today’s business people are much more liberal than the conservatives were back then and liberal gains always need partnerships in government.  Even 2020 with all the talk about Bernie and Elizabeth Warren and their socialism cannot happen without great support from others.  And there the emphasis is on democratically revised taxation and not Bolshevik confiscation, unless Bernie’s recent heart attack will convert him to Bolshevism.

Great Britain was losing its power in 1919 and World War II was just the icing on the cake.  Great Britain’s strength was its ability to control the seas.  Woodrow Wilson wanted “freedom of the seas.”  The men in Paris working on the peace treaty failed dismally to make things better and to avert another war.  That is when the United States assumed its leadership role which Wilson could not achieve by convincing the American people.  Trump turned US away from the United Nations with words, but he has not contributed anything amazing with all his talents. 

At the United Nations recently Trump stated his case about immigration and the illegal aspects which we have known all along very well.  In the case of Jews in Germany and throughout Europe, they were forced out by laws, violence, and fear.  In the case of people coming from Central America, they have been forced out by violence and fear as well.  The Obama Administration moved 500,000 more immigrants out of the United States than George W. Bush (2 million).  Even the New York Post which vigorously supports Donald Trump wrote in June this year that the figures for Trump vary between 226,000 to 282,000 and that was reported by ICE.  Obama had years with over 385,000 deported and one year at 410,000 and when Obama had figures that dropped in some years his figures were comparable with Trump’s years. 

And in the White House where Donald Trump met with the 2019 Black Leadership group, I did watch the video and no red hats were allowed.  Last year there appeared to be red hats of different varieties, summer and winter.  This attests to Trump’s attempt to moderate those proud moments called Make America Great Again.  Those very attractively dressed Black youth in 2018 were proud to wear the red hats and apparently have allowed themselves to become puppets of conformity to a vast propaganda machine.  We should reach out to those African Americans on campus and find out what they are really about.  Are they looking out for themselves and are they participating in the old Us against Them politics that has hurt the African American community for decades.  The evidence is there and this is not fake news.  I guess I am a whistleblower.  Could it be that someone on the Trump team asked the youth not to bring their hats to the White House meeting?  Could it be that Trump wants to sometimes distance himself from publicity that would make one think of those “brown shirts” of yesteryear?  Trumpf did not object in 2018.  So what has taken place right now?

Washington Times reporter Tom Howell, Jr. reported that Trump “told old young black conservatives Friday to stick with the Republican Party in next year’s election, citing job growth among minorities and his efforts to “keep cities safe” by fighting illegal immigration.”  It is apparent that Trump is not recognizing the picture of true violence in our cities, which has practically nothing to do with gang members who more often than not kill each other (Mafia style).  And once the gangs of those cities rid themselves of Central American or Mexican gangs, Trump seems to feel that there will be no more gangs in those cities to take over the violence and drugs that are harming Americans.  This is really amazing stuff.  The Write Stuff.

I found out that Charlie Chaplin thought that Adolph Hitler was the greatest actor he had ever seen.   Two actors?  How about three?  Too bad that he didn’t live long enough to see Trump.  The Nazis thought that Chaplin was Jewish and they made anti-Semitic propaganda concerning Chaplin.  Chaplin’s fall from popularity in America was huge and the expected downfall of Donald Trump will be huge as well.

As my readers know well, I read in bed at night.  Paris in 1919 explains all the turmoil taking place a new world order was about to take place, an order that Fox News can easily point out that failed.  The British as were others were far from gung ho about this matter and it had its own preference about establishing world leadership through a Trump like deal.  England wanted among other things to limit the navies among the powers so that it could control the seas.  The Fourteen Points of Woodrow Wilson did include “freedom of the seas” so that the world would not be controlled by any one power (or two).  Russia didn’t have much power back then and the France was already in great decline as other decisions were being made, including whether to have mandates or permit annexations of territories.  The Brits preferred to make a deal with the United States to create a new world order.  And you recall Trump denouncing the United Nations and NATO years ago.  Where would Trump go to create his new world order?  Here is a short list and you decide.  Israel, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, and Russia.  Where could Trump go as he tore up the United Nations?  Maybe Fox News can tell you the correct answer. Technology propelled Trump into the White House and technology is the leading component of his downfall, that is Trump’s own natural technology.

Let Me Make This Perfectly Clear: Trump’s Civil War is Perfect

I am not a crook.  I am a transparent person who thrives on integrity as I offer solutions to a community, a nation, and a world.  I am reading the book 1919 which was one hundred years ago and rings of so many truths about today.  The war ended and mistakes were being made as mistakes are always made.  Trump was a mistake and a big one.  At that time there was starvation and disease all over Europe and no infrastructure in place to deal with all that trouble.  Herbert Hoover, a Republican, did a credible job of helping Europe mixed with favoring American businessman entering the scene, but he soon told Europe “enough is enough” and pulled out of supporting the desperate people and the it took six years to see pre-war conditions back in place as people expected things to happen immediately.  This surely is reminiscent of most of US as we expected the Obama stimulus to take effect immediately, but it didn’t.  Then job creation started to make a comeback.  Republican propaganda is still widely believed in this country as this “enough is enough” attitude is perpetrated.  People always need more help and the struggle exists even in the economically powerful United States. 

A couple of key things to keep in mind.  In Vienna, which I have written about recently, more babies were dying than living as the war ended.  And another thing that I have written about in relation to that “Peace Conference” which I learned an additional thing about is this.  Brazil played a tiny role in the World War I effort and Portugal sent 60,000 troops to the Western Front.  Woodrow Wilson backed Brazil with three delegates against Portugal’s one delegate and Britain backed Portugal.  As you can see America won.  Stupidity wins out everywhere and that is playing out today.  And Trump has been telling you for some time now that he is not a crook, using words like “clean,” “no collusion,” and no obstruction,” and he has placed the blame on the other side.  Trump is being the Trump that author’s have written about.  Our nation is under the spell of “Let Trump be Trump.”  He is the same person he was before the Election of 2016, the same person who ran the Trump Corporation and the person who created The Apprentice firing people.  And right now people expect Trump to be impeached and others do not.  Yes he should be impeached.  Yes the American people should force his resignation.  And he should be entitled to no benefits and honors that go with the title that I will not even write right here.

And as World War I came to and end there were 12 wars going on within Europe that revealed that war could easily break out again and the poor performance in Paris defeated the purpose of lasting peace.  Another thing to consider is that Germany was in good shape at the end of the war and the Allies minus the United States and Austria-Hungary were not in good shape.  Those nations were anticipating a possible defeat.  What actually happened was that Germany surrendered and war was ended.  This is reminiscent today of the conflict in Syria and the Trump declaration of victory and retreat which the military overruled him on.  And the recent attack on Saudi oil fields by drones has shaken American military fearing a possible attack on its command operations in the region.  Those wake-up calls show US that we are not as powerful as Trump spouts.  It is about deceiving the American people.

At the time of the Paris Peace talks it was apparent that Great Britain was losing power to the United States, especially since the American economy was thriving due to the war and due to the late arrival of the United States in the war.  India for example had provided more than a million troops to the war effort and was not accorded a high place of honor.  Indian delegates were selected according to their “loyalty” to Great Britain.  Gandhi and others like him were ignored.  And we know that at the end of World War II that the Brits knew that it had much less to offer the world and things really started falling apart in India, Africa, and Palestine.  These were the final nails being hammered into its coffin.  And we see the rise of China and Russia which had no power after World War I but presented major problems during and after World War II.  The investment in Europe that Hoover would not consider in his “enough is enough” statement was instituted largely because of Russian power as Stalin was taking over much of Europe with the consent of the other powers.  The Marshall Plan to fund countries toward recovery won and today in spite of the nonsense surrounding America First and Make America Great Again, Marshall Plans are being discussed for new regions of the world including Central America.

 American rejection of aid to nations was part of the Trump mosaic and now it may become a reality as his supporters change course for him.   Things that are bad for America become okay when Trump dictates it so that elections can be won.  There also seems to be a plan to bring farm workers to Arizona from El Salvador at hourly wages in excess of $20 an hour with additional benefits which is something that might lead to a $20 minimum wage for Americans and extra benefits when we apply that information being shared should be discussed across the United States.  People should be paid better so they can live better in the US.  There is no problem with new initiatives that help people, but at the highest level of government in El Salvador and other countries in Central America the leaders should recognize that a small deal (whether “sweetheart” or not) by a man who has inflicted so much harm and danger by his words and actions is typical of what Jews were going through under Adolph Hitler before Krystallnacht and even after Krystallnacht as people were often incapable of assessing the entire situation, even as Jews were killed and committing suicide in great numbers.  This has to be an important learning experience for Nayib Bukele and the other presidents and they also have to recognize that they have started to diminish the presidency in their own countries.  Working with a president who believes in justice for others does not present the same problem at all.

Women were not able to get their movement made part of the world peace as the men in power felt that this important issue was a “national” issue.  Women soon won additional rights in America, but women played a major role in getting Trump into office.  When I say women, keep in mind that Black women were not onboard with Trump and 98 percent of Black women voted for Doug Jones over Roy Moore in Alabama.  Women also sold their souls to the devil in 2016 as they looked for the party label (reminding me of the old ad for look for the union label that we used to watch on television).  Women for Trump’s Groping of Women won the day.  Women for Trump’s lies won the day.  Women for Trump’s Declare Victory when there is no victory. His bankruptcies were declared victories. 

Alan Dershowitz, the Harvard Law professor and others know that Trump has pretty much seized dictatorial power as the American Constitution is of little or no help at this moment.  And with the Justice Department giving Trump that green light because it maintains that a sitting president cannot be indicted, that is where we are at and that is where we are going to stay.  His “high crimes” will only lead US to November of 2020, Election Day.  But we should be proud of those men and women who seek his impeachment, never knowing what exactly is on the minds of those men and women who will not vote against Trump.  I conclude that there is corruption of the mind.  And even at this time as Trump should not be able to raise money for reelection, the coffers are being filled with gold.  That is almost criminal.  But Americans have the freedom to do what they want with their money.  Now I can tell you this.  I have the answer to that and it is not about money.  It’s about joining the fight and volunteering to DDT or Defeat Donald Trump.  DDT is the disinfectant that will kill his germs, those Germanic germs.  Here is a taste of that food with the germs taken from Nazi Germany and provided by Professor Alan Singer.  It is not exactly what is taking place, but we do not want to even approach being more similar.  “One of the things most disturbing in the Topography of Terror exhibits was the distortion of language in anti-Semitic and politically repressive “laws” and Nazi propaganda. Attacks on German Jews were justified as “Abwehraktion” (defensive actions). Dissidents who questioned the regime were branded as “asoziale” (anti-social) or “staatsfeinde” (enemies of the state), which were grounds for imprisonment in a concentration camp. “Vorbeugungshaft” (protective custody) was not used to protect individuals, but to protect the government from people who criticized the Nazi state apparatus, policies, or ideology. There was a campaign to rid the nation of “Unnütze essen” (useless eaters).”  The part about protecting the government from the people is alien to our foundations, but an integral part of the Trump years.

I spotted things that journalists have not even touched about Trump in his campaign and it has played out from beginning to this point.  Trump has gotten the Department of Justice to breath fire into people the way that the military did in the famous Dreyfus Affair.  The key component of the Affair and today is that you make something up about someone or in other words there is no evidence but you proceed anyway.  Whether it is Alfred Dreyfus, Hunter Biden, or you or me, it’s the same thing.  It was there under Hitler or one nation under Hitler with no liberty and justice for all and it is there today.  The resignations and suicides under the Dreyfus Affair took place, but the Trump Administration has become emboldened by the American system where there is some honor which is the result of the numerous leaks that have taken place seem James Comey.  In the Dreyfus Affair there was one leak of information that tore France apart. 

We are not exactly heading toward a Civil War, because we are in a Civil War.  This is the result of Trump and the Electoral College, along with his continued support no matter how terrible he is.  Trump just held up the map of the United States in bright red to show the landslide that he had, which was not exactly repeated in 2018.  There have been Republican victories as Trump did not run and it is possible that Trump will be the candidate again in 2020, but Hillary is not running right now and probably will not be the candidate then.  Her strategy failed, even as she won 3 million more votes than Trump.  The massacres that have taken place under Trump and his pledge of allegiance to the people could have resulted in the breakdown of whatever law and order that we have.  The guns are there and the people to use those guns are there.  I recently wrote about how some of Hitler’s supporters who were drunk led to the burning of over 200 synagogues and tremendous loss of life without a civil war taking place.  But if and when things start again and the combination of the killing of innocent people and revenge take place, we will be in a civil war just as we were in 1861,that the Spanish were in the 1930s, that El Salvador was in, and other nations have experienced throughout the world.  The Republicans can ask for all the money that they receive, but they should also be asking for the resignations of Trump, Pence, Barr, and others who never belonged in power.

Senator Grassley the Republican from Iowa and Congressman Rose of New York have come out in favor of an impeachment inquiry and I hope that they share this article with their colleagues.  I recognize that Repugnicans will not listen.  Before John Mc Cain passed, I was urging that Democrats reach out to Republicans as Trump turned our nation in the wrong direction.  Trump hotels room that are paid for by foreign powers go unused shows US that the Trump Corporation is in power.  All of Trump’s shortcomings over the years are now part of the landscape of America and the world.  He has not changed and he always acts like your worst enemy in court who should lose for doing something wrong that he wants the judge to overlook and to rule in his favor.  His citizenship has to be recognized for what it is, even though he talks a great game of supporting our nation’s police and military.  Trump is really patriotic to Trump.  Trump’s call to the Ukrainian president and his civil war Made in America are perfect.  He keeps talking about a conflict or civil war without evening realizing that he has divided the nation more and created policies that have led US to where we are.  I expect more leaks about Trump before the end of this year.  And I hope that the government returns to normalcy in 2020 with a new administration.  Trump’s Civil War is perfect as is everything that he does!

Ayuda Equivalencia de la Escuela Superior de Puerto Rico.

Hay cinco partes en el examen de Puerto Rico.  Según la ley de 1949 hay que hacer un examen en inglés también.

Hay preguntas y contestaciones.  En la primera parte o Comunicación en español, el libro Barron’s esta recomendado.  Abra cada enlace y comience sus estudios.

Comunicación en español.

Razonamiento Matemático.

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Razonamiento Científico.

Comunicación en inglés.

Comparta esta informacion con los politicos electos en Puerto Rico, con sus amigos y las instituciones sin fines de lucro porque toda la comunidad necesita la información.

Sus niños en la escuela intermedia pueden aprovecharse también de la material.  Mi sobrino tomó un examen similar hace una década y corregió sus errores en seguida a la edad de 13 años.  Hay que hacer cada individuo más fuerte.

Usted puede contactarme por mi correo electrónico

GED Study Tips

The book that I used was the GED Kaplan 2017 and you can use the same method for the book that you already have at home or will buy.  There are newer editions.

Start at Roman Numeral XVIII                                                                                                   Check Mastery of Question

Content Area                                                                                                                               

Reading                                                                                                                                          Mastery

Writing and Language Skills                                                                                                       Mastery                                                           

Mathematical Reasoning                                                                                                            Mastery

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Mastery is important because it prepares you for success and speeds up the progress of getting you prepared to take the real test. 

Then on page 2 begin the practice tests.

There is a sheet of mathematical formulas that you will see on page 22.  Use the formula for each question that applies to that formula.  Make sure later on that you master the formulas on that sheet. 

Keep doing the practice tests.  The last practice test ends on page 52. 

Then go to page 632 for the answers and explanations.  This is going to make you stronger right away.  If you do not understand an explanation right away, read it over one or two times more to see if you can understand it.  Try to find a person or literacy program near you to help you master things that you still do not understand.    The book will provide instructions for further study and you will concentrate on the mistakes that you made and the pages that you have to read to correct those mistakes.

You have to answer all questions and not quit after doing only 5 or 10 questions.  In 2003 I had a student that did not follow my directions to complete the practice test in the Barron’s book that he had at home.  He chose to answer ten questions and he said he only had one right.  I told him to go back and complete the test and he ended up getting 33 percent right instead of 10 percent right.  He soon passed the real GED test.

Remember that you should not look at the answers until you are done with the questions.

You may wish to wait to answer all the questions first before you look at the answers and explanations.

You may contact me if you wish by email :

I have helped thousands of candidates for the GED and TASC over the years.  I helped two undocumented immigrants in Argentina, deported with their parents from Florida and they passed the test in Argentina.  I also helped a youth who returned briefly from Bulgaria who was able to take the test at the last minute in New York before returning to Sofia, Bulgaria and she passed.

If you have children that are in middle school, you may want to see how well your child or children do answering the questions in the book.  Very often this is material that students forget or failed to learn in school and that results in poor performance on state tests.  I gave similar questions to my nephew when he was 13 over a decade ago and his mistakes were quickly corrected.

In states that offer two or more of the high school equivalency tests, try to find out which test is the easier or easiest, especially if you only need to take the test to get a job or enter the military.

The GED Test offers ten college credits for test takers who obtain the highest marks on the GED.  That is something to consider for those people that are extremely well prepared achieve that.  In New York City that would include students who went to the elite high schools but had to drop out for some reason.

Consider this important detail as well.  In the classroom in the Jamaica Houses in New York City and in the Consulate of El Salvador in Brentwood, New York, I sent students to take the GED who were only in my class for four hours and they passed.  They took a similar practice test, passed with either the minimum passing score or slightly more than that, took the real test, and got their diplomas.  One Dominican youth that I did that for, became a CNA and started on a career that has helped her earn much more money.

My interventions also have helped tens of thousands of people in Florida and New York, starting with help that I gave to the office of Governor Jeb Bush in Florida.  And now you can read what I have done to start helping Minnesota.  This information is also for all elected officials, high school equivalency programs, and non-profit organizations so that they can start helping people in communities.

TASC Test Study Tips

Let’s go straight to the best way to study for the TASC-HSE or High School Equivalency.

The TASC Test Mc Graw Hill book that I used was printed in 2014, but there are new editions.  Just follow what I am telling you here and apply it to the book that you have or will buy.

I have been telling people that if you pass the practice test easily, you most likely will pass the real test.

These pages tell you where the practice tests begin and end.  Start doing things this way and you will become stronger and more knowledgeable right away.

Language Arts                             begin on page 21

Answers                                        on page 28

 Continue to complete all practice tests as described right below.

Mathematics                               begin on page 137

Answers                                        on page 146

Social Studies                              begin on page 237

Answers                                       on page 244

Science                                          begin on page 323

Answers                                        on page 330

Do not do the practice test which is after each course right away.  The tests that you will take are enough for now.

Remember that you should not look at the answers until you are done with the questions.

You may wish to wait to answer all the questions first before you look at the answers and explanations.

I strongly suggest that if you do not yet have purchased a TASC book that you go to Amazon on the internet and find the Kaplan TASC book.  You can open the book and review the entire book.  Great news!  And you will find a very important math formula sheet on page 170.  Use the math formula sheet to guide you as you think over the choices for each question.  And make sure you know all of the formulas before taking the real test.

Courses begin on pages 134, 147, 245, and 331.  When you read the material in those sections, you shouldn’t read the entire body of information.  You should read the pages for the questions that you got wrong.  Reading things that you already know will slow you down and probably bore you as well.   And remember that studying should not be boring.

You may contact me if you wish by email :

I have helped thousands of candidates for the GED and TASC over the years.  I helped two undocumented immigrants in Argentina, deported with their parents from Florida and they passed the test in Argentina.  I also helped a youth who returned briefly from Bulgaria who was able to take the test at the last minute in New York before returning to Sofia, Bulgaria and she passed.

If you have children that are in middle school, you may want to see how well your child or children do answering the questions in the book.  Very often this is material that students forget or failed to learn in school and that results in poor performance on state tests.  I gave similar questions to my nephew when he was 13 over a decade ago and his mistakes were quickly corrected.

The twelve states that offer the TASC Test are California, Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, West Virginia, and Wyoming.

In states that offer two or more of the high school equivalency tests, try to find out which test is the easier or easiest, especially if you only need to take the test to get a job or enter the military.

The GED Test offers ten college credits for test takers who obtain the highest marks on the GED.  That is something to consider for those people that are extremely well prepared achieve that.  In New York City that would include students who went to the elite high schools but had to drop out for some reason.

Consider this important detail as well.  In the classroom in the Jamaica Houses in New York City and in the Consulate of El Salvador in Brentwood, New York, I sent students to take the GED who were only in my class for four hours and they passed.  They took a similar practice test, passed with either the minimum passing score or slightly more than that, took the real test, and got their diplomas.  One Dominican youth that I did that for, became a CNA and started on a career that has helped her earn much more money.

My interventions also have helped tens of thousands of people in Florida and New York, starting with help that I gave to the office of Governor Jeb Bush in Florida.  And now you can read what I have done to start helping Minnesota.  This information is also for all elected officials, high school equivalency programs, and non-profit organizations so that they can start helping people in communities.

Minnesota: Immediate Improvement is Imminent

There are divisions in the city of Minneapolis-St. Paul that I have taken notice of.  The head of the Police Federation is making news on Fox News (and I have denounced Fox News repeatedly over the years and will continue to do so after watching Officer Robert Kroll).  The topic announced was not inviting Donald Trump to the city because of the hate that he helps ignite and I agree with that.  And by the way lost over a decade is the presentation by Lou Dobbs, who in a moment speaking of his very own America First plan, denounced President Obama for taking a trip to a Scandanavian country when the money could have been used to develop programs for gang members in Chicago.   I have watched the Jewish Council videos and read some of its statements and object, of course, to at least one about the American embassy in Jerusalem.  And I have watched the police chief and spoken to a member of the City Council.  Perhaps it was not wise for the mayor to order the police to not wear their uniforms when in the presence of Trump, but regulations and laws can be fought and there is due process.  After watching the comments made by the officer on Fox News, I find his views very toxic, as I find the views of Congresswoman Omar of Minnesota toxic.  My wish list calls for them to change or be replaced by better people.  Liberals in Minneapolis can learn from the You Tube taken at City Hall in New York City.   And the current city council of New York can learn as well.

Minneapolis GED results are well above the results for New York where I live.  Sure there’s a gap between Whites and African Americans, but that gap is 18.8 percent and that shows to me an educational system that is working better and a testing system that is working much better than New York’s which I am very critical of.  I have asked Congresswoman Omar to do more to help people in her district with the G.E.D. and if she has failed to do this I find it deplorable.  There are surely problems within that G.E.D. system and one is that the completion rate over the years could have been higher for first time test takers since Minnesota has been below the national average.  New York State excels at that, but it also contributes to a higher failure rate.  What I am expressing here is that readiness in all subjects quickly generates more diplomas and it is not clear to me that students in Minnesota are on that path.  There are states where students choose to take some parts of the exam and delay taking other parts and that holds people back from getting jobs where a diploma is needed and from either entering college or the military.  It is really important for those candidates to know all of this.  As those people sit in the class studying, others are waving goodbye to the programs with their diplomas.  This kind of information in the hands of people in power could make the city better without stressing law and order. 

People that Officer Kroll calls “liberals” can do a better job of improving the services that they have.  Another improvement would be to address the students dropping out and their need to earn an equivalency right away.  The completion rate for high school may be high in Minneapolis, but there are always recent dropouts that take years to earn an equivalency diploma.  This makes the adult community more at risk and good policing and community awareness should identify the leading zip codes or communities in Minneapolis that are contributing to the incidents of crime, violence, and gang violence.  Aggressive actions could be taken early to prevent horrible things later on or “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”  The police have to recognize this and even advocate for it as they work in the cities streets to prevent problems.  Liberal programs are often not hitting the bullseye, but that correction can be achieved just as policing which does not hit the bullseye can be elevated by better training.  In New York Eric Stevenson has urged a national and local partnership between police and communities where police could earn federal dollars or Trump dollars as part of that process (I would love to see the look on Trump’s face as he signs that into law).  And I would love to see Officer Kroll’s face as he realizes that his thoughts really were not as great as he thought they were.  National police training is needed and can be achieved.  And we should take note of the added measures that could prevent police suicides which is rising and would an integral part of the federal program.  Money talks and cities used to get badly needed federal funds from a Democratic president in the last century and this president has favored a program committed to national security over national safety.  I see the violence in the news that is not related to MSD-13 and the undocumented immigrants that Trump talks about, but Trump has done little or nothing to help as he tells the police that he is behind the police supporting it.  Even the national police organization has spoken out against Trump for the things he says.

I have pretty frequent conversations with the Chicago Police which are both general and specific.  And my outreach has even included a woman whose son was killed in her kitchen and who fears for her own life as threats are being made.  And she has felt abandoned at times by the police in this matter.  Better communities are achieved by better community policing.  Even where I live, the Suffolk County Police Department just donated to keep the Wyandanch High School football team in action by issuing a $150,000 donation or grant.  Divisiveness is the calling of many police organization leaders and that is hard to overcome.  Officer Kroll on Fox News spoke his mind, but his mind was attacking “liberals” and speaking about “law and order.”  These are typical, intergenerational mistakes of police.

My conclusion is that Minneapolis probably needs more police and a five-year plan is a good thing, but that plan has to be looked at year by year so that taxpayer monies are not wasted.  Creating police jobs that are excessive may be another form of government waste or what the officer calls “socialism” when he talks about liberals.

I am ready, willing, and able to help the people of Minneapolis, but it takes the right thinking by everyone in the state.  I already did an outreach to the state’s GED staff, telling that staff about the failures of the current G.E.D. system known as Pearson Vue.  There were about 6,000 diplomas back in 2013 and I took my statistics from that report.  I do not know the current numbers, but I can assure you that Pearson Vue did not put into practice the ideas that were told to me by its CEO and President.  He told me how a doubling of diplomas was going to be achieved and I loved hearing it because it really involved a great community effort.  I rest my case here.  The City Council and Mayor Frey can ask the state for actual numbers beginning in 2014.  You will probably conclude exactly what I am thinking about and that is that the other high school equivalency testing companies should be invited into Minnesota to finally achieve something close to either the numbers in 2013 or the doubling that was mentioned to me by the president of Pearson Vue.  And people in Minneapolis can feel free to reach out to me.  I can start a new project to help people for free within days as well.

There are times when I had to follow orders with no one to turn to.  And there were times when I went to the newspapers.  Officer Kroll went to Fox News and the segment that he did, in my opinion, is just as partisan as the complaint that Kroll had about the mayor’s decision.  I look forward to seeing the relationship between the Police Federation and the entire community improve by new ideas that make sense.  Law and order sometimes turn into Law and Disorder and we wish to prevent that.  May the council and the community grow and help the people much better.

Let’s Straighten Out the Mess Taking Place All Week Long

I just contacted the office of the president of Columbia University, Hillel on that campus, and various Students’ For Israel groups across the United States.  I feel that the president of Columbia should issue a statement based on the information I have provided and that statement should be his admission that he made a mistake inviting the controversial Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad of Malaysia.  I hope that the students that I contacted have learned new information about the Holocaust that I share with them as I hope that they share the information with others.  I later learned about the comments of Republican senators that found poorly conceived responses to belittle the “whistleblower” or leaker in the Trump Scandal of the month and those senators are Tony Scott (S.C.), John Cornyn (Texas), Bill Cassidy (La.), the senators who do not wish to give merit to the situation based on “hearsay” or for some other reason.  Colonel Picquart gave the written evidence to his friend Louis Leblois and that was the evidence to led to Dreyfus’ freedom and placing the blame on the French military.  Leblois could have doctored the evidence, but due to the respect that people had for each other, the attack on the military went forward and relentlessly forward.  And getting back to the people that I spoke with on the phone when I called the Columbia president’s office and the young woman on the phone at Hillel, they were amazed to hear the history that I shared with them of Adolph Hitler and Austria in 1938.

Since I have mentioned the new Trump Scandal involving the Ukraine and Joe Biden and his son, a quick restatement of my own opposition to Trump is in order.  I knew that he was going to divide our nation, because what was happening reminded me of France at the time of the Dreyfus Affair.  There was a “whistleblower” or leaker and the evidence came through a third party as “hearsay” for which the military had the scandal which has been labelled “The Affair.”  I noticed how Trump raised passions against the opposition the way that the anti-Semites and military raised opposition against a Jew.  And in both cases there was a rise in anti-Semitism and deaths that resulted.  I later found the CIA website with a very important statement for all trainees of that agency which was a study of the same Dreyfus Affair.  I also gave warning that Trump should have a body camera on him at all times.  Yes there was Russia and much more going on that needed that kind of attention.  Then we all learned that a CIA agent was the leaker.  I applaud it all if it is fair and accurate.  We always have to wait and see, but just like any other investigation action was needed and the action needed was not to cover up the problem in any way.  So the investigation has to proceed.  Do I wish to see Trump impeached?  Yes, but I have been calling for his resignation for a long time.   And all this material has been available online in Jewish Business News and recently in this article on my own blog.

The important details about Holocaust history that I have shared was published in my article Trump and Hitler: Austria and America.  The key eye-opening fact is that Hitler marched into Austria and visited a Jewish doctor in his hometown of Linz and the irony was detected by the people that I talked to.  That visit also resulted in Hitler’s sending Gestapo to clean off a desecrated sign that revealed anti-Semitism.  And there were other Jews around Hitler at that time. 

All of these comments and contacts reveal a lack of education on the part of others, but I confess that the facts revealed about Hitler were unknown to me as well until I read Austria 1938.  We can call the actions and statements of those people ignorant instead.  And the fact remains that I wouldn’t invite the prime minister of Malaysia nor Donald Trump to my home.  They both have good connections to the Jewish community that need change right now as well and they cannot use the Jewish community as a shield to hide behind.  Trump has done to non-Jewish communities what Hitler and the Nazis did to Jews.  And he has attempted to destroy or greatly impact important institutions like the press, the democratic party, Jewish unity. And other things in his own way.  We may be coming to the final innings of Donald Trump, but my critical ideas have to be seen by hundreds of millions of people and not just by a few hundred or thousand people.

Caught up in this vortex are others including the presidents of Central America.  President Nayib Bukele has made his deal with Trump and I have written that El Salvador should not copy the United States in achieving better things, including education.  I have written and talked to the Mission of El Salvador to the United Nations.  I know that my work has been passed along and not passed over, but I fear that my work will be passed over due to mental corruption.  At this time, Nayib Bukele is also a victim of the same ignorance as the others, but his ignorance is different.  I have learned that it is probable that Bukele’s wife’s family has Jewish Sephardic roots.  He is a practicing Catholic who has had converts to Islam in his family as their origin is Palestine.  Bukele is a strong supporter of Israel in a community of people who are very supportive of the Palestinian causes.  Where Bukele has fallen down, in my opinion, is that he has not taken into account the history of that same period in Austria.  Jews were blocked at borders and really had nowhere to go.  The Nazis like Trump made that happen and there was a huge dosage of anti-Semitism everywhere.  Jews were sent from the frying pan into the fire and that is what immigrant rights groups are accusing Bukele of as he intends to allow Salvadorans to return to a nation that they were escaping from due to the constant violence.  Blood is going to be on Bukele hands and he is probably going to accept it as he tells his people that he successfully accomplished getting the TPS for them.  I would like President Bukele to release all talks and correspondences that will prove to us that he already had a system in place to protect those people who may be killed in El Salvador upon their return.  Where is the proof?

Salvadorans need to be protected in the United States where Donald Trump has removed those protections.  Trump is to blame, but so is Bukele’s ignorance.  Also I have reported that Catholics in Austria were worried that they would be next.  Bukele is an improvement in many ways over Sanchez Ceren and other presidents, but this reporting should not be ignored.  Republicans could go to Trump now and tell him that the TPS or Temporary Protective Status should be restored and Congressman Pete King should lead the way as he is willing to go further than that to protect Salvadorans.  Salvadorans who know me well in Suffolk County know that I am one hundred percent behind their progress and the progress of their families.  And I am not writing about the Salvadorans who have heard my name and work mentioned over the years.  I talk to lots of Salvadorans always in restaurants and other businesses in Suffolk County because I am an integral part of that community.  Even in a posting on FACEBOOK, someone know doesn’t know me and probably did not read my article Bukele: Corruption Rules made the comment “FAKE NEWS.”  I sent him another article and I have not received a comment from him in days.  Did he only read the title and thought that I was accusing Bukele of the same kind of corruption that Bukele is fighting against (hundreds millions of stolen dollars by its former presidents)?

My readers know that I have been in touch with the town of Worthington, Minnesota since I read that the life of a Catholic priest was threatened and that he was spat upon.  It has been several days now and the White House still has not issued an important statement about this attack on a “Holy Protector of Our Immigrants.”  That is exactly how things heated up at the time of Kristallnacht against the Jews and their supporters.  I have to ask out loud where are Americans?  And this is a chance for Bukele to learn as well.  He has “made a deal with the devil.”  I would strongly recommend that his foreign minister talk to Congressman Pete King to formalize action within the New York community with Cardinal Dolan to achieve a restoration of normalcy for the people of El Salvador and make connections around the country as well to advance the cause of asylum for people.  And remember that this is not the first time that people in American government are trying to force Americans to comply with a change or changes in policy that would give immigrants the daily protections that they should have.  At one point it would have been “illegal” for me to prepare undocumented students to take the G.E.D. test which was their right to do as tough policies were instituted against all immigrants after 9-11. 

There was a 1,500 percent increase in incidents against Muslims in those early days after the attacks.  Trump and Trump supporters continually point to the enemy as Muslim Jihadists and even the F.B.I. has been reported for downplaying incidents involving White Supremacy, especially during a time when massacres of Jews by White people have been taking place.  Running a justice department does not mean that there will be justice as long as corruption exists.  The Trump Administration has made things difficult for lots of minorities with his American First ideas and I would not invite him to speak anywhere.  Maybe he should sit down with Prime Minister Mohamad and President Bukele so that they can all learn more about how history matters in running a nation properly.

Bukele just appeared on Fox News, a network that one can easily detest for supporting Trump’s attacks on immigrants.  And consider that Salvadorans have allowed their TPS status to expire (maybe in most cases it was the cost to reapply).  But that is subject that Bukele should take up with the mighty Trump.  According to what I read, Bukele got $30 million in aid recently from Mexico that would help create jobs and on Fox News Bukele told Trump’s base that he doesn’t want to take aid from Trump as he prepares to do business with US.  He mentioned selling pineapples to the United States.

Geraldo Rivera (also with strong Jewish roots) spoke on Fox News about against the whistleblower in the Trump-Biden Scandal for speaking out and not knowing that whether it’s the French military or the Trump government corruption has to be rooted out.  Geraldo used to be a great whistleblower back in the Willowbrook (1972 of a state school in Staten Island) days when he was reporting.  And I seem to recall that I read that back in the day Geraldo “elevated” himself in an elevator with Bette Midler in a sexual romp (which I could not confirm right now searching on the internet).  Bette Midler is from Hawaii and she worked in a pineapple factory in Hawaii in the days before becoming world famous for all the things she has done.  Donald Trump, Nayib Bukele should know, is for America First and not El Salvador First.  Nayib take the U.S. aid money to the bank and keep away from our corrupt president.  Feed your people well, keep the cost of pineapples low so that your people can afford them.  So ask Trump to Dole out the money now for the support that you have provided Trump on Fox News.  Bukele commented publicly that Americans do not care about impeachment.  Even though there is a ring of truth about that statement as Americans get ready for the World Series and the start of the football season, Bukele did not hit a home run by opening up his mouth to protect people who are anti-immigrant (Salvadorans included) and I was told by the brother of Antonio Elias Saca in 2005 that I could see the happiness of the Salvadorans on their faces as we stood far away in bus going to Carnaval in San Miguel.  They must have been smiling about the corruption that pervades El Salvador as much as they were smiling about the annual event in El Salvador.  Bukele has to learn from his corrupt words. 

Check out The Lessons for CI (Central Intelligence) of the Dreyfus Affair on the website of the Central Intelligence Agency.  It says there that “scholars still can find new ways to look at the affair and draw fresh insights from it.”  And this is now called “Deep State” as if we the people should not learn anything new from it and “Let Trump Be Trump.”  No my friends, the French military was investigated for its actions against one Jew and Trump requires the same treatment, a thorough investigation into his conversation with the Ukranian president.  Trump is so toxic that he should resign and remember all the requests for resignations by Repugnicans including the call for Adam Schiff to resign.  Willowbrook by Geraldo was called “The Last Great Disgrace” but the last great disgrace was the Mueller Report combined with that Trump call to the Ukraine to interfere in our election process.

I think I’m going to stop right here and enjoy a piña colada with Mexican pineapple.  And I am not going to invite any of the people mentioned in this article that are ignorant of history and who perpetuate wrongful actions against people.  Okay I didn’t stop, because I wanted to know why Joe Biden’s son Hunter joined that Ukranian company.  Here it is from the Washington Post “Hunter Biden told The Post earlier this year that he joined the company at the urging of another board member, the former president of Poland, Aleksander Kwasniewski. In a statement, Biden said they shared a belief that Ukrainian energy independence was critical to rebuffing Russian President Vladimir Putin.”  Based on this statement, Trump’s going after Hunter Biden does remind me of the way that the French military went after Captain Alfred Dreyfus.  I just hope that this new matter gets resolved quickly. 

Worthington : Holy Protectors of Our Immigrants

Catholics all over the world should take notice of an attack this week on the Catholic Church in Worthington, Minnesota.  Nobody was hurt, but Father Jim Callahan’s life was threatened.  Why?  He was attacked over protecting immigrants that have been released from the border.  It was reported that the priest received a death threat.  This message should be read by our nation’s cardinals and the Papal Nunzio who is visiting the United States right now.  I started sharing my thoughts before finding out about the threat against Father Callihan and the immigrants.  Did you click the blue link to find out?

A Catholic priest who has praised the immigrants who have been coming to Worthington has been “booed from the pews and received death threats.”  This is a community that depends on undocumented workers to sustain their farms.  This is a situation reminiscent of Donald Trump and his properties where undocumented workers filled an important role in Making Donald Trump and His Corporation Great.  The workers interviewed by CNN in Worthington pay their taxes and are entitled to protections under law as taxpayers, including living quarters and going to school in Worthington and to live there with unnecessary fears perpetrated by the community.

And turning to my readings about the hate that escalated against Jews in Austria in 1938, November was a horrible month in Austria and Germany when people were ready to attack people that they either hated or were growing to hate.  These were Jews and Catholics who were the victims of their times.  Let’s took a look at what happened and never forget that things could easily spread in Minnesota.  And there were “illegal” immigrants in France and other countries.  Jews left Poland, fleeing to German where they were “illegal” and soon faced deportation to concentration camps.  Holocaust studies is mandated in many states and this article shares critical information about Catholics and Christians during the Holocaust that may not be in those courses across the United States.  And right now people who are upset about their taxes in Worthington should not take sides with people who threaten Catholics and immigrants as those immigrants move into Worthington.  Solutions could be worked out and federal funding could be discussed with elected officials and finally worked out as a plan of action is signed into law.  But the hate has to stop now!  And Worthington, among other things, just had a case settled where a student had made threats to commit a school shooting.  I did not see any evidence in the article that I read that would link this to Donald Trump and his rhetoric.  And remember that Americans were deceived into believing that Mexicans would pay for Trump’s wall.  Now the United States military is about to pay billions for that wall.  Since Trump has diminished the need for the military to protect us by his actions, shouldn’t the taxpayers of Worthington open their eyes and mouths to ask for the money for their schools.  A resolution could start it and I wouldn’t be surprised if the House of Representatives approved it.  At that point the town would be able to clearly see what or who will hold up the effort or as you know it would need the Trump to stand behind it.  And I am still waiting for a White House statement about the Worthington Catholic situation involving important immigrant lives.

Things happened in Munich, Germany as drunk members of the Stosstrupp Hitler went on a rampage, but there were thugs in many places.  When the thugs could not find Jews or Jewish property to destroy they destroyed church property.  Catholics feared that they would be next.  And this history was also full of many acts of kindness, even by Nazi Party members.

There was a demonstration against Jews and Catholics in Munich. Cardinal Faulhaber’s palace was wrecked as he spoke out to protect the Jews.  Pope Pius XI spoke out (again as he had before) as he denounced the racial superiority promulgated by the Nazis and he wished to break off relations with Germany. 

Archbishop Joannes Sproll, an opponent of the Nazis, was expelled from his Diocese and could not return until 1945.  Catholics were “cowed” at this time as they feared the Nazis. 

And we can take a look at the previous months as Catholic officials were arrested for three months for forging documents for Jews.  Catholic associations were shut down by the Nazis.  Schools were shutdown and so was religious instruction.  The Nazis helped themselves to the wealth of the Catholic Church just as it was doing to Jewish wealth in Vienna.  Cardinal Innitzer spoke in his homily to between 6,000 to 8,000 Catholic youth.  “Christ is our Fuhrer and King” was his message.  Later Catholic youth outside his residence shouted out “Innitzer command…we will obey.”  And they would not be dispersed by Hitler youth.  Hitler youth did break into the archbishop’s residence the next day breaking and stealing things and 1,245 window panes were broken.  The church was denounced the next day and people walked around carrying banners that said, “String up the priests!” 

The anti-Semitic newspaper Der Sturmer depicted the fouling of the cross, Bethlehem in ruins during Christmas, and Christ had been banished from Christmas. 

Jewish wealth was being wiped out by the Nazis and some of Catholic wealth as well.  The Nazis needed money for war and it was forced out of those people.  There was lots of corruption, as well, as community people and members of the Party stole. 

Himmler defined the problem and how everything was attached to the Jews.  He spoke out against “the Jews, freemasons, Marxists, and the churches of the world.”  And among those critical ideas is we can also learn that Himmler thought that “people should be kind and decent” but when it came to preserving race he could kill lots of people and expected the same from “his men.”

We can also learn that while the “Reichkristallnacht” was taking place which led to the destruction of synagogues, murders of Jews and suicides of Jews over what was taking place, and the confiscation of their wealth to support Germany’s war machine, there were many acts of kindness by average citizens and even by members of the Nazi Party.  There was a tremendous sense of shame over what the Nazi leaders were doing and soon Hitler lost the support of even the nationalists.  Take a look.  Eleanor von Trott in Bebra went to each Jewish shop owner and apologized to the owners for the damage done.  Her late husband had been in the imperial government serving as a minister.  A Party member sent flowers to a Jew showing his support.  In Creglingen, a Party member in association with a local leader of the Nazi War Veterans’ Association helped a Jew escape and there were various acts of kindness and help granted to Jews who fought alongside people during World War I.  And this thinking saved lives as people in communities could not launch atrocities against people that they knew well for decades.  German non-Jews were ready to leave Germany and the Bielenberg’s in Hamburg almost left for Ireland, but were convinced by the son of Eleanor von Trott to stay and fight the evil that was taking place. 

This horrible beginning led to the “Final Solution” created by the Nazis.  There were 267 synagogues destroyed, over 7,000 Jewish businesses were destroyed or damaged at a moment when Jews were declared “illegal” by the Nazis, and 30,000 Jewish men were incarcerated in concentration camps.  On at least one occasion, Jews were temporarily placed in a jail so that they would not be sent to a concentration camp (they were released from that jail that protected them). 

Hitler gave the order for that horrific destruction of property and Jewish life, but he acted as though it revolted him.  Although he could be kind to some Jews and Jewish friends, he led the way to the Holocaust.  The divisions were there among the people who participated in the destruction and the kind acts.  Among the things that were hoped for as change is always expected in governments was the possible restoration of the monarchy in Austria.  Even the former monarch’s son was highly in favor of the changes brought about by the Nazis and the divisions existed as you have noticed within this fascist group as right-wingers did not trust those who were more liberal.  Their think tank included those who would commit violence and those who preferred to do things “legally.”  The drive to expel the Jews was stalling everywhere as doors were being closed everywhere to Jews and there wasn’t enough money to send the Jews to Palestine which was at the top of the list of the Nazis.  The total confiscation of Jewish wealth followed and Jews were no longer allowed to practice occupations that enriched them, which presented the problem of how to feed the Jews.  Suicides were increasing among Jews and that was a relief to many Nazi leaders.  Among all of these political, economic, and social facts, the Final Solution was quickly devised, leading to the annihilation of six million Jews. 

Archbishop Lang (English) protested the treatment of Jews over the killing of one German in Paris by a Jew.   Two times now in the twentieth century, horrible punishment was inflicted on people by the death of one or two people.  The other case was the killing of Archduke Ferdinand of Austria that set off World War I.    We do not see that happening in America but use your imagination and thinking skills.  Donald Trump has used the technique in relation to El Salvador as he attacked the MS-13 and vilified the people crossing the border.  And he did the same thing when he said that Mexico is sending US rapists and others.  I certainly would be upset if an undocumented immigrant were killing or raping people in Worthington, but what Trump did was to blame innocent people which is exactly what the core of anti-Semitism is about.  You do not blame an entire people for a few bad people. 

The town has been divided for about five years as the immigrants arrived and went to school there.  This is Trump country 62 percent vote) as Trump won the county.  One person said that the children should never have left their homes in Central America, but it would be important to know if that is the same thinking of all the opponents of the immigrants.  And why now are there threats made against a priest for praising humanity?  Father Callahan has been threatened and spat on and feels what is going on is “racism.”  The bus driver named Don Brink wants an ICE raid to get rid of the immigrants, not knowing that a judge was ruling in the case of a landlord who threatened a tenant with calling ICE and now that landlord must pay $17,000 ($12,000 of which is for emotional distress).  Also the reporter indicated that these immigrants had revived the town which reminded me of Hazleton. Pennsylvania and its mayor at that time who was Lou Barletta.  There the right-wing has pretty much been defeated as people there live and work together.  I was a guest speaker there at the Casa Dominicana or Dominican House where six members came out to greet me the night I arrived at the motel.  We went around town the next day and visited homes where I was welcomed as a friend.  And all of this happened after realtors took out ads to lure Dominicans from the Bronx to Hazleton. 

Victor Perez Balbuena of the Casa Dominicana assured me that the important change that turned the hateful rhetoric in Hazleton didn’t just happen.  Yes people were kicked out, but that work done by their hostile mayor was declared by the Supreme Court unconstitutional.  There are still thousands of undocumented immigrants in that town along thousands of new immigrants who are not undocumented.  The people who resisted change soon found out that people were taking jobs in the middle of the night to survive and to help Hazleton to survive.  Lou Barletta lost the battle as people woke up to the taxes that were actually being paid and the increase in school taxes were being absorbed by everyone.   So the people who cared most about their increase in taxes were absorbed into the group who were supportive of the immigrants from the start.   It’s all a learning process, but we should never give power over to groups that are guided by hate.  The Dominican House in Hazleton stands tall and proud and are an integral part of the American fabric which we desire to protect.

The lesson to learn is that there are Republicans and Repugnicans and we should keep the latter away from power.  I know about the financial hardships that come with a new, large population to a town.  It happens in New York as well and the numbers are much greater.  The money problem probably could be worked out with the next administration in Washington, D.C.  It just takes thinking out of the box and a commitment to Make America Safe which Trump has failed at.  And we have heard it from Trump himself.  An important question is what has Worthington’s congressman done since the article was published, especially since a death threat has been made and that is a more serious offense than calling ICE.  And what has Trump done, knowing that the Mueller Investigation is over and there is more time to help the American people?  It is true that the problem started before Trump and the problem in Germany started long before Hitler, but the Holocaust did not take place long before Hitler.  There were pogroms, both official and unofficial in countries where Jewish property and lives were destroyed.  There is a huge divide right now in Worthington, Minnesota which was predictable.  I have been writing about that since Trump was running back in 2015.  His rhetoric has garnered the support that has increased hostility to those immigrants in town.  Even if the support in numbers is not there, the increase in hostility resulting from the decay in tolerance has to be dealt with before things get much worse.  I have maintained that there is power in the Catholic Church to overcome the forces unleashed by Trump.  That force could be one cardinal taking the message or even a holy war to put an end to Trump’s terrible rhetoric and policies. 

Donald Trump has not killed anyone, but I feel that he has blood on his hands for some suicides that have taken place.  Do you recall the information about the legal killing of people in Nazi controlled lands?  It started for Trump with his statement about Mexico.  What he could have said is that Mexico has lots of good people, but they are sending US some people that are bad.  His comment about Mexicans was just like what the Nazis were doing to Jews and others.  That’s one of the premier reasons why so many Jews oppose him in spite of his relationship with Israel.  He showed no tolerance and he got votes to project him to do more of the same.  We noticed his talk about Muslims, nations that do not send us White people like Norway, and Baltimore recently which is more of the same talk.  If Trump had said the same thing about Israel, he would have been nowhere and Israel has its own problems with corruption that has been investigated for decades.  And I should say that a small powerful segment of the Jewish community allowed him to say those things and gave him a license to continue on his destructive path, never recognizing what I have just explained or even worse permitting the corruption of their own thinking.  It is also time for Jewish Republicans to realign themselves with policies that allow all people to breathe free.

Obviously I do not think that Trump will go to Worthington to harm anyone, but we can learn from the notes about the beginnings of Hitler before the Holocaust.  A few drunks influenced by Trump’s rhetoric can do some of the harm in Worthington that was done in Austria.  Worthington has a history of being divided.  My research showed me that Worthington was settled by lots of people with German roots and that caused a conflict among those locals during World War I, between some “Yankee” residents from New England and residents whose families came from Germany.  The problem then was should the United States enter the war against Germany and the large opposition among people who came from Germany.  That decision was finally made as we know and our nation entered the war.

Recently Catholic schools in Kentucky were helpful in achieving Holocaust studies for that state and there are several other states that mandate Holocaust studies.  I hope that the history in this article will be helpful to everyone.  History Matters!

Bukele: Corruption Rules

Just as I started reading about the agreement between Donald Trump and Nahib Bukele, it was reported that U.S. Marines were invoIved in human trafficking and it appeared that $8,000 was involved. Everyone is not corrupt, but corruption is everywhere. And Jews escaping Hitler and other leaders involved in taking away the rights of Jews were also caught up in the corruption of their time. It saved lives as people broke laws.

I just read about the “tug of war” between Germany and Poland in 1938 over immigration. This involved the Jews of both countries. Poland was very anti-Semitic as the rights of Jews were taken away. At that moment, Poland was going to strip citizenship from Polish Jews who had left the country for 5 years and the purpose of this law would prevent the return of Jews to Poland as Germany was pushing Jews into Poland, therefore the tug of war.

As Jews were brought back to Poland, only 1,500 Jews arriving in Gydinia out of 4,000 were allowed to reach land and 8 000 were held in “gypsy camps” for about a year and those people were given aid by Jewish and Christian organizations. And we must keep in mind that the Gestapo was involved in pushing Jews out.

The German crisis grew as Hitler took over Austria in October 1938 and in the Sudetenland, dramatically increasing the number of Jews in German hands. It is important to learn about El Salvador’s knowledge of all of this history as it cooperates with the Trump Administration as it uses tactics in violation of international law which was reprehensible then and is reprehensible now.

About eighteen years ago, I was asked by Nelson Castillo, an immigration lawyer who was born in El Salvador, what can El Salvador learn from the Jewish people. At that time, I could not even think about what to do about an immigration crisis caused by American policy and complicated by a partnership with the government of El Salvador. A discussion of Trump’s system of imposing arbitrary and capricious obstacles in the way of humanity and perpetrating on Salvadorans much of what fascists imposed on Jews. But we can recall that Salvadorans had rights and continue to have rights even without T.P.S. protections.

Consider that Salvadorans traveled at great financial and emotional cost to get where they were going and Jews who were not in concentration camps went through the same thing. Even holding Salvadorans in Mexico in agreement with the Mexican government is an aspect that would have burdened the lives of Jews all over Europe in 1938 as borders were politically sealed by leaders at that time.

Nahib Bukele should reveal right now the full extent of his discussions with United States officials and reveal all comments and suggestions made by his own government. The obstacles have started and I can wonder if the lack of money to pay new fees will hinder Salvadorans returning to El Salvador in their quest to find a safe haven just as Jews without money were prevented from achieving asylum around the world. The best humane conditions and solutions are badly needed, especially since Trump admitted from the beginning that he was going to make things difficult and he did just that. Bukele made “a deal with the devil” and even though Bukele has immense public acclaim in El Salvador, much of which he deserves, but there are other critical things that require thorough examination. Trump is getting excellent cooperation from Bukele and you would think that he had enough sense to restore their T.P.S.

There is a bipartisan bill that will do even more than that as New York Congressmen Suozzi and King hope to provide a pathway to citizenship for those Salvadorans. Don’t you smell the corruption? How could Trump sign a bill into law if he is not ready to provide temporary protections? It’s like giving someone a million dollars when you won’t give the person even one hundred thousand. Trump and King could be up to something unholy?

I can assure my readers that I have made overtures at a high level in the Salvadoran government to help the people there. And of course the Salvadorans need the restoration of temporary protection which Trump tore up. I am connected to Salvadorans where I live and provide help to them. And I have spoken to those who have great faith in the future of El Salvador. But I have just written about corruption that keeps repeating itself and people think an election with a new candidate with new ideas causes the end of corruption which is not logical at all.

I am reporting from Puerto Rico where I have just learned that the wife of ousted governor Rossello won a humanitarian award this year for her work. She and her husband are gone. But do you really think that the corruption has ended? Several Puerto Ricans that I spoke to here had to make life changing decisions, starting a business or finding work to make ends meet. And keep in mind Puerto Rico’s huge poverty. And the enormous poverty of El Salvador.

In the mid nineteenth century, education started to reach impoverished communities in Europe. Often that progress was slowed down by the nobility. I learned that Jewish people started to excel and made greater progress than other ethnic groups. And that progress was made from merit, but that was often a source of resentment which fueled anti-Semitism. John F. Kennedy referred to this obvious progress in America when he sought civil rights solutions for African Americans escaping from hate, racism, segregation, and Jim Crow. That was almost sixty years ago.

Poverty, morality. politics, and economics have not really mixed well for centuries. Creating jobs means creating good jobs that keep huge amounts of people free of corruption and crime. There’s corruption about money and wealth and there is corruption about making bad decisions involving education, policing and public safety.

A careful analysis of both the United States and El Salvador would reveal patterns of vital mistakes even as those countries progressed. In El Salvador there is a lot of catching up to be done by people who have never been educated. There are people from El Salvador who came as teens or children who never attended school here either.

Yesterday I went to the beautiful El Yunque rainforest, passing the Luis Llorens Torres housing which is part of a vast network of housing in Puerto Rico. I read that in 2012 that the residents were going to get free wifi which could boost the level of education. This initiative is something that Nayib Bukele could take a close look at. I can tell you that a few years ago, I predicted in October hardly any change in the poorest performing school district on Long Island, a district with a large Salvadoran population (the article was published in October long before graduation in June in La Tribuna Hispana USA). The school district expected great results, but only two more diplomas were granted.

I recently learned from a graduate of Brentwood High School on Long Island that the school that she attended had one hundred fewer graduates than was achieved in the previous year. I did not verify the information, but I felt that the source was reliable.

I will be contacting the people in Puerto Rico responsible for the success of the families in the Llorens-Torres and other housing developments. We will soon see if there is that other kind of corruption by its top personnel. El Salvador could benefit much more from similar actions than from granting a thousand scholarships (becas). And Bulele knows that along with more jobs for people, he has to have his greatest impact on the poor through the education of those people. Small results can only diminish his presidency. even if his job performance remains high.

I wish that the White House Correspondents would take this to Stephen Miller for Q and A.