Yad Ozeret – Helping Hand

“Surely the blame rests not with those forced to make such choices but with those responsible for creating the circumstances in which such choices must be made.”

Madeleine Albright

Children must attend classes. Parents demand it! There was a school where children produced thousands of drawings in pencil, crayon, and watercolor and there is much more than that. A child depicted animals including dogs, pigs, horses, and camels. And the school had “remarkable literary creations” in magazine form where children wrote poems, satire, essays, and even interviews with “celebrities” including a cook, chief engineer, nurse, and police chief. And there was a journal kept by a student devoted to learning about Buddhism, English, Russian, Plato, and Balzac among many other things.

At school the hands of the children were given a squirt of Lysol by a woman who was watching and saying, “Wash your hands before you eat / And when you get off the toilet seat.”

And children volunteered to assist the elderly by carrying luggage, reciting poems, and making birthdays come alive. This was the Yad Ozeret which was Helping Hand in Hebrew. And there was lots of instruction. In art there would be instructions to paint “Storm, wind, evening.”

And there was death due to scarlet fever, diphtheria, typhoid, tuberculosis, pneumonia, and more. And there were no masks given out. This was Terezín at a time when death went hand in hand with going to class. And the people passed the illnesses on to each other. And a crematory was built.

This kind of messaging before 2020 would have been met with a big what to people unfamiliar with the name Terezín and to people around the world who had not learned about the lessons of The Holocaust. Nazis ordered and other people followed instructions. And they used Jews to carry out the orders. This was a showcase that the Nazis used to deceive the world and even there the deaths grew and grew as the children were expected to survive horrific conditions. There will be more another time!

Terezín had a post office, a coffee shop, its own band (The Ghetto Swingers, shops (boutiques as they were called, cigarettes, and money depicting Moses holding the Ten Commandments. No, it was not a town in Florida! It was depicted as a retirement community for Jews though for the world to see. And two people slept next to each other on the same small mattress since there was no social distancing. And things were happening there and Hitler and Associates decided later to Make Terezín Great Again which I will write about another time.

And there was a child born unexpectedly in Terezín which was “illegal” meaning something had to be done and the doctor carrying that child had to weigh all the facts because there were orders to follow about that chilld. I am not going to share with you what happened. Figure it out for yourself using your God given intelligence.

Hitler had the science! Himmler had the science! Heydrich had the science! DeSantis and other Repugnicans had the science! And we are learning that there were Terezíns all over the United States as many more Republicans died than Democrats.

And Repugnicans have blamed everything from Fauci to Fahrenheit for the advance of COVID-19. I knew that it was going to advance into Republican territory early in 2000. I wore a mask in Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Fernandina Beach, and Daytona (last month). It was “no mask no ride Miami in 2021 and in Daytona the bus driver wore a mask. And those Repugicans told Americans to use their own God given intelligence to know what to do. And I heard that from a Christian in Fernandina Beach whose eyes I opened up as he forgot so much of his own Bible as the hurricane winds afflicted Floridians long before Ian.

People have to get back to the truth to save lives and virtual meetings were needed and are still needed. People just have to do a much better job so read on and learn more. And on a recent visit days ago to a doctor, the sign read no cloth masks we will provide a mask to you.

There was no social distancing in Terezín.

Did I not write a long time ago, wouldn’t Hitler have injected the Jews with COVID-19 to make them sick and die. Would he not have done the same to Czech soldiers in Terezín? And if there were Poles who had served in the military during World War I, would he have not done the same thing to them? Consider a Terezín in Poland in those days? There weren’t many Germans in this ghetto that could be affected. Who infected whom at Terezín is not mentioned, nor it is mentioned today after 1,000,000 deaths in the United States of America.

I recently wrote Better the Waffle House than the White House for Governor DeSantis and any of his major political allies who chose the path of death that he ordered. His claim is that he knew what was coming in March 2020 and he failed in his knowledge of science, history, and religion. Jesus Saves Lives was not part of his plan. His policies led to more deaths than nations with much greater populations.

And the blame continued into our schools that fought to save lives and protect people. And in Florida there are new protections to deny others rights. The loss of educational skills will be made up throughout our land as we push aside people in power who made huge mistakes, MAGA sized mistakes.

Schools lost instruction time due to necessary closings because infected children could infect adults both in school and in their communities. I could have been a great help to schools. Teachers, and parents in providing the knowledge that was needed to prevent children from falling into deep cracks. It’s unfortunate that nobody has learned from me anywhere. But it is possible now that major changes are going to take place.

And one more thing for Floridians, Better The Waffle House than the People’s House.

Yes, the blame rests with those people who created the policies that keep making them sick, killing them, and diminishing their rights in Florida and other states.

I certainly hope that the United States Armed Forces will not be subjected to any abuse of power even by the Supreme Court and that the Supreme Military Command keeps unvaccinated men and women away from those who are vaccinated. That doesn’t mean that all the others should be fired, because if you think about it those people could work together in jobs that will be made for them to keep our nation safe. Always! And this applies to police departments as well.

If COVID had not existed, I never would have thought of writing those things about Terezín and our nation. The thoughts come to me almost by revelation. And the hand of DeSantis cannot stop anything as the fight against his laws of his land continue. I would like to see millions of Floridians hear or read the contents of my article today. Ring truth clearly throughout the land!

And there will be more coming soon. And there will be more coming soon!

Governor Abbott Just Like Goebbels Adolf

“Better the Waffle House than the White House for y’all.”


It should be clear to most people who know history just want my intent is here. Governor Abbot just crossed a line which made me think of blood libels against Jews, Jim Crow White Supremacy Justice, other criminal trials where the prosecution held back important evidence and their cases were pure lies, and the countless efforts in jobs and neighborhoods where people have lied against others. All of this and the Bible which calls for people to tell the truth are on my mind.

This is about what governors have done to immigrants, transporting them against their wishes across the United States. I wrote this at the beginning of my article about Governor DeSantis.

The title that I chose does seem even odd to me as I look again at Goebbels Adolf. Could that be a kind of code inciting freedom? And what about the rest? Didn’t Romeo and Juliet give US West Side Story and wasn’t there lots of hate to conquer back then?

Ron DeSantis For Dummies, Idiots, and Repugnicans

Posted September 15, 2022

In Austria 1938, the effort to gain a visa was full of the most horrendous, time consuming tiers of things that had to be done.  There was fraud involved and often Jews who had gone through many of the procedures had to begin all over.  The level of desperation was heightened by Hitler’s procedures.  There was a certificate of fiscal harmlessness, then payments, then a visit to obtain a certificate of domicile, then a visit to the district commissioner’s department in the town hall, then a visit to the Accountancy Department of the central tax office and the district tax office, then to step two if the person had the money to pay for the emigration tax, then a visit to a place where the Jew’s assets were released and a certificate of good conduct was issued, that’s when Jew’s could be forced to start all over as they could be assigned by the Nazis to clean up things and lose their turn, then to stage three where to obtain a passport which involved being interrogated at a police station, and then on to two other offices that Jews dreaded to go to.  And finally Jews had to swear that they were never going to return to Austria.  And Trump is for extreme vetting.  Where did he learn it from?

And while reading about Hitler’s takeover of Czechoslovakia, I read about immigrants fleeing from that country. And they were fleeing a Nazi Pandemic which we could surely call a German Pandemic.

Departure Prague 1938. Train halts in Germany for five hours and nerves were on edge where adults and children see the Nazis with their terrifying rifles and bayonets. Passing through Germany and its cities into Belgium. Then Holland. Then there was a ferry crossing and finally to Liverpool Street Station by train, arriving in London which was the place these immigrants wanted to go. Even the Nazis on this occasion did not stop them from getting to where they wanted to go.

That true story was written by a woman who had to live through those moments escaping in time from the grip of the Nazis. The Department of State should know just who wrote that. Her father became the voice of freedom in two languages giving hope to people in Europe (Czechs and Serbians).

I had already called the office of Tommy Gonzalez, the city manager of El Paso, Texas on Friday when I watched the O’Rourke-Abbott Debate which looked like a courtroom setting more than most other debates and the lie was told there that the sending out of the immigrants was the same by both the city manager and his team and by the governor. No! No! No!

Abbott could have made some comment about communists ruling America and that would have changed that moment in the debate, but to directly lie in order to win votes reveals just who shallow Abbott’s knowledge of history is and what his focus should really be.

I also wrote in the first year of COVID-19 this.

MI6 in London was working closely with men and women who attended Christmas Eve Catholic services in France Vichy France.  At that time in France, we know that a Catholic priest held services for the men and women of the resistance in a basement. This was their safe social distancing. And that took place on one of the holiest of nights in Christianity, midnight mass on Christmas Eve 1943. Lives were saved by protecting those “essential” workers. The basement was their mask.

who save lives in battle.

And I have emphasized that we should not do patriotic things under those conditions to put lives in danger, including the playing of the national anthem. I found in my reading this information that occurred in Prague where a lesson was learned during the resistance there. This took place on National Day October 1939 when there was a huge “anti-occupation rally.”  Angry Nazis fired their rifles and killed a young man, a medical student.  Later at his funeral, friends sang the national anthem and there were shouts of patriotic slogans ringing out in the streets. The news got back to Hitler. Nine students who were not even involved in the demonstrations were lined up against a wall and shot and killed. The Nazis detained 1,800 students and tortured many boys and abused girls. Hitler shut down the colleges and universities for the duration of the war.

And in my last article, I highlighted to my readers that we should be watching Donald Trump.

From Berchtesgarden to Mar-A-Lago-September 30

Posted September 30, 2022

And with all this said and as Hurricane Ian has swept through Florida, let’s keep our eyes on two things. Didn’t Trump of Mar-A-Lago fame say that Putin would be bombed by him if he took the actions that Putin has taken? The time may be here to launch an attack on Putin from Mar-A-Lago? And what plan does Trump now have to Build Florida Back Better? I know he is actively raising funds for himself. Floridians should know by now two things: Trump’s pollster knew that Trump had failed in his handing on the COVID-19 pandemic because they saw that Biden was rising because of Build Back Better when Trump’s campaign had nothing. And now Charlie Crist has taken the lead in the governor’s race because, again, pollsters with more precise data have revealed that Floridians are making a difference recognizing that DeSantis permitted tens of thousands of people to die by his handling of the pandemic.

And it’s there! And what plan does Trump now have to Build Florida Back Better? The man who was president and who claims that he still is president who is a “genius” or so he says, went to Michigan where he called out his love to Floridians and spoke about that “big one” hurricane. He made it known that he loves the people of Florida and that they are in his prayers. What kind of Build Back Better or Make Florida Great Again is that from a man who claims to be the president? Can we expect such a statement from Trump or not? He could have stayed in Florida making breakfasts for community people with the governor instead of going out to campaign. He could even have taken the time to shoot paper towels at those people the way he did that in Puerto Rico where the people loved him for not quickly providing the island with the money that it needed after Hurricane Maria.

Again we should think deeply about that last paragraph. I chose not to mention the name of the restaurant, but I declare it here. The Waffle House needs new employees and it should be the law of the land that Trump and DeSantis work there and never get close to the White House. Nikki Haley has a new book out and she should be working in a Waffle House in South Carolina. I held back briefly a bit of important information that I read about in the book about the life of Emile Zolá.

For my readers outside the United States and others who do not know or remember well the history of the colonies under England, here we go. There was a Stamp Act that the colonists protested before declaring independence and going to war. France had its Stamp Act under Emperor Louis Napoleon which was a way of getting rid of press critical of his government, the greater the criticism the higher was the tax on the newspaper or newspaper. I wrote about the youth in Virginia who walked out of school to protest the actions of the governor of Virginia and this is only the beginning of the school year. I do not see the students of Florida sitting back all year and going along with Governor DeSantis and his Mom 4 Liberty (developed by Repugnicans). Trump is his speech in Michigan spoke about the opposition diminishing America’s freedom (we went through this even when Bush was president after 9-11). This is a moment in time when Plymouth Rock has fallen again on Black people and all of US who want out students to learn, learn, learn without the restrictions posed by the DeSantis Administration and his supporters in the state legislature. This is a real Stamp Act moment as we want all this news about current events to take place in the classroom as well. Latinos should be discussing just what an obstruction of justice DeSantis involved himself in. And the word should spread into New York State where Lee Zeldin wants to be governor of the Empire State. There is a Waffle House waiting for Lee Zeldin and the arrangements can be made.

Directions. Taking the New Jersey Thruway past Philadelphia going South and crossing into Delaware is the first Waffle House that I used to see on my trips. Our nation needs hard working individuals like Zeldin to fill those jobs. And as members of the Long Island Loud Majority and journalists for The New York Post keep writing about people leaving New York City, I repeat that there are jobs waiting for people in those states. Better the Waffle House than the White House for y’all.

The pandemic is still affecting voting polls in Florida where Charlie Crist has taken the lead. DeSantis won in 2018 by a slim margin and those 80,000 deaths due to COVID-19 and the mishandling of it are resonating against Repugnican propaganda. Texas 91,000 deaths due to COVID-19.

Wear a mask next time, Jesus Saves Lives! And I notice that it has been reported that a warden and his brother (a warden and his brother) were involved in a shooting where one immigrant was killed and one was wounded. Since Governor Abbott has been “protecting” immigrants by sending them to sanctuary cities, I wish to see a statement within the next few days from that governor and the others including Mr. MAGA (he was Magoo in one of my articles in Jewish Business News) calling for all Americans to protect the immigrants. No immigrant comes here to be shot down on anywhere in our nation without cause! The warden had been fired from his job before the reported killing of the immigrant and will be facing manslaughter charges. We need a statement from Abbott right now!

In addition, I would like to see The New York Post, The Washington Examiner, The Washington Times, The National Review, and other such media present some or all my ideas in this article to their readers. I just noticed that The Washington Examiner had an article about immigrant children, and it didn’t mention just how Trump separated families. There is no reason to grant Trump so much amnesty through amnesia (or was that done intentionally?).

Hitler had his Waffen SS which killed people and we need a Waffle House USA to prevent people from killing our democracy! And people like Trump gave US “Better Hitler than Roosevelt.”

From Berchtesgarden to Mar-A-Lago-September 30

There is a name to learn or remember for all students, religious and secular. I take note of students in Virginia resisting the governor of Virginia which makes me think of youth (students) who resisted Nazis throughout Europe. Those youth were often the leaders, since history shows it would take longer for large resistance from adults to fight back against tyranny. Mar-A—Lago is a name that speaks volumes to US and it has more supporters across our nation than Hitler had for years, Republican groups causing those numbers to be huge including White Supremacists.

Heinlein is a name much less well-known that Berchtesgarden. Is it known to presidents and past presidents? Who knows. In an American bar or among people drinking beer anywhere across America, I can see people read the name and say give me a Heinee. It does look much less like Heimlich which is life saving creation. So Heinee it is and will be, but should we raise a glass to toast it. Perhaps if you are a White Supremacist!

Let me go back to history again to make my point. We seem to be on a road to destruction which has not been constructed by Joe Biden, that road has its history of personalities and politics (diplomacy also). I could begin with Winston Churchill to make the point that historians have made very well. “HISTORY IS REPLETE with examples of men who have risen to power by employing stern, grim, and frightful methods, but who, nevertheless, when their life is revealed as a whole, have been regarded as great figures whose lives have enriched the story of mankind. So may it be with Hitler.” Now since Hitler, we have seen both White and Black people praise or use Hitler to spread hate in our nation. And there have been lots of others who have done that as I sit here thinking about my people and what they have suffered and continue to suffer at the hands of people. But who said those words about Hitler? Churchill. He was far from alone since English nobility saluted him in the manner that Hitler desired and conservatives admired him and his politics. Perhaps they got trapped by Hitler’s anti-communism? Is there a trap in the United States among people who know more about communism (first-hand) than others? Anyway, it all adds up to power that reminds US of Hitler. And it is all over the world, now in Italy, already in Hungary, and marching at a pace which requires the same warning that Charlie Chaplin gave US in The Little Dictator.

This is the Heinlein moment for Dummies, Idiots, and Repugnicans. “He denied any affiliation with Hitler or animus toward Jews,” I read.  In 1935, a top British diplomat wrote, “To judge by his personality, as well as his speeches, he seems to be moderate and a man of his word.” And later this was written about Heinlein by the Brit, “One wonders why dr. Benes makes no attempt to take advantage of the moderation shown by Henlein before it is too late.” That kind of moderation makes me think of the “moderate” from Mar-A-Lago and the things that he has perpetrated.  This is history of Czechoslovakia that I had never known before. This was a nation that prided itself on the growth of its democracy after World War I that was heading toward Hitler and then to Stalin because of poorly diagnosed world conditions.  Before Hitler’s take over even hundreds of  Jews who had fled there were granted citizenship along with some other Germans. There was a fight to maintain human rights and even the name of Louis Brandeis was highlighted as a statue of Moses was unveiled in Prague (Brandeis family history was Bohemian or Czech). That history would soon be erased with The Holocaust. But imagine just how quickly people in great need got help from Czechoslovakia?

And I am staring at the photo of Chamberlain of Great Britain, Daladier of France, Hitler of Germany, and Mussolini of Italy at the Munich Conference. Roosevelt was faraway although there was a slight attempt to intervene in world affairs. Since Austria had already been conquered by Hitler that year, people in Czechoslovakia prayed., Catholics in the name of Wenceslas, Protestants in the name of Hus, and Jews in the name of Moses the deliverer. Their prayers were not answered as Germans troops crossed over the border in the afternoon of October 1, 1938. This was the Sudetenland which students learn about in world history.

Back to Henlein which develops into Hurricane Henlein.

In 1936, he wanted the leader of Czechoslovakia to satisfy Hitler and anything else was failure.

Denying any close attachment to Hitler, Henlein was receiving regular subsidies from Berlin and Henlein made Sudeten Germans fully aware of his support for Hitler. There was unrestrained flattery which makes me think of Trump’s handling of strong men around the world.

Henlein wanted all Czech lands to be under the Reich.

Children were used in a stunt where German children in Czechoslovakia claimed they were being persecuted.

By November 11, 1937, the German ambassador assured Hitler that Benes was leading toward “internal appeasement.”

The intelligence chief of Benes told Benes that Hitler and Henlein were going to “spark a war.” Benes answered “we can rely on our treaty system. Don’t forget that our allies, taken together, are still stronger than Germany.”

Henlein expressed that the demands on his country by Hitler and his supporters “We must always demand so much that we can never be satisfied.”

By May 1, 1938 Hitler revealed his intent to attack his neighbor and broadcasters were inflaming their partisans and blaming the Jews.

And no matter what words of support the English and the French would give to Czechoslovakia, they were untruths and Daladier of France knew that Henlein was pushing the destruction of Czechoslovakia. And Henlein was urging his people to fight to the end. That was not January 6, 2021 that was life in Czechoslovakia. And think about the first reaction as the United States sent troops into Poland to be close a developing war in Ukraine and I have noticed that in one article or more where pro-Trump writers failed to mention Trump’s insistence citing neglect by Biden to send troops to our Southern border which Trump called an invasion long before Biden took office. And maybe at this time, Trump should think that he is President of the United States and just give amnesty to all those people who attempted to overthrow a duly elected government? If he says he can think it….

The writing was on the wall. Traitors in the Sudetenland earlier in 1938 had been given amnesty by Benes.

I noticed that Putin just announced that he will be taking over 4 regions of Ukraine. The timing of my article is perfect.

In education Henlein pushed for fascist ideals of separation of groups. Keep in mind this that the Fuhrer was considered “God’s prophet.”

And with all this said and as Hurricane Ian has swept through Florida, let’s keep our eyes on two things. Didn’t Trump of Mar-A-Lago fame say that Putin would be bombed by him if he took the actions that Putin has taken? The time may be here to launch an attack on Putin from Mar-A-Lago? And what plan does Trump now have to Build Florida Back Better? I know he is actively raising funds for himself. Floridians should know by now two things: Trump’s pollster knew that Trump had failed in his handing on the COVID-19 pandemic because they saw that Biden was rising because of Build Back Better when Trump’s campaign had nothing. And now Charlie Crist has taken the lead in the governor’s race because, again, pollsters with more precise data have revealed that Floridians are making a difference recognizing that DeSantis permitted tens of thousands of people to die by his handling of the pandemic.

I can report to you that leaders in Czechoslovakia in those days were calling for “Jesus instead of Caesar” and the failure in Florida (and among conservatives of similar thinking across our nation) was evident by DeSantis and his rigid decision in March 2020 to praise the lord who gave US jobs instead of saving lives. Jesus instead of Hitler or anyone resembling Hitler is still badly needed, but that doesn’t mean that we should follow any incomplete banner of religious freedom by false leaders. Christians have to respect all faiths and all faiths have to respect all people. Keep the resistance going, I say in Virginia, Florida, and across our nation in the schools and in communities and let the bell of freedom ring loud and clear.

September 29, 1902

The League of the French Fatherland was not composed only of people who wished to overthrow the French government just before 1900 as it included Republicans who wanted to restore order after the great tensions of The Dreyfus Affair. It could not be held together, and it dissolved. This “League” attacked Emile Zolá for internationalism and left-wing conspiracy which was pacifist. The League included lots of intellectuals that were anti-Dreyfusards and the army, the church, the aristocracy, and the wealthy joined in. Zolá, we must remember, favored the workers and his work denounced the poor living conditions and wages and benefits of the workers.

There was no Moms 4 Liberty in those days, but housewives threw out their dish water at Zolá and his children as they passed by in the streets. Zolá’s wife was an anti-Dreyfusard so they were divided politically. So maybe the Moms 4 Liberty should dissolve?

The police looked the other way in those days, favoring people who protested against Zolá. This kind of behavior has existed throughout time and continues to manifest itself as people fight for someone or for their cause. The book about Zolá that I recently finished, the historian mentioned that the police could have been involved in the death of Zolá and I have also read that a worker confessed to stuffing his chimney causing Zolá to asphyxiate. There was a thorough investigation at the time and amazingly his wife survived the poisoning.

Then we get to the vigil where Alfred Dreyfus and Colonel Picquart (the heroic whistleblower) attended. Alexandrine, the wife of Zolá, did not wish Dreyfus to be there. And Picquart was the great whistleblower whose presented the first evidence of the conspiracy.  This was amazing history taking place where people who could have been killed because they fought for social justice for a Jew attended. There wasn’t even a demonstration against Dreyfus or Zolá on this occasion.

An estimated 50,000 people followed the hearse through the streets and thousands lined the streets.

Alexandrine Zolá also did not want Anatole France to speak about The Dreyfus Affair at the event and that he did. So Madame Zolá, who was too weak to attend the event herself, did not get her way. Anatole was at times a strong critic or adversary of Zolá, but on this occasion he spoke strongly and clearly telling the audience that “Standing up against the most prodigious accumulation of outrages that stupidity, ignorance, and cruelty ever raised, his glory has reached an unapproachable stature. We rejoice in it; has honoured his country and the world by a great literary achievement and by a great act.”

Unfortunately, I have been misspelling the town Médan as Médans in my articles. The home of Emile Zolá is home to the Dreyfus Museum.

The François Zolá Scandal

France had a series of scandals perpetrated by the miliary staff, the right-wing and anti-Semitic press, elected officials, and a supporting cast of thousands of Frenchmen. Emile Zolá’s father made history in Aix in France and his name was on the streets for the things he had done to contribute to a much better life. With that said and keeping our eyes on that pattern in the United States today, I inform you that in April 1898 the Army could have just crushed all opposition to it in the form of evidence against the traitors which the right wing requested. That press was so rabid and wanted the French people to defend the Army until the end of time.

By May of 1898 there was information being spread about the father of Emile Zolá. This information went back more than sixty (60) years to the time that François Zolá was in the military. And Zolá’s father had already passed away. Now a man who had honored the French military was being written about and there was talk about how the father had embezzled money while he was in the French Foreign Legion. We have to recall the dishonorable talk of Donald Trump about Senator John McCain and even how Trump knew more than all of the generals. And America’s “Frenchmen” applauded Trump and supported Trump. At that time, Frenchmen were being informed about two letters by a Colonel Combe.

The record or file of all military personnel is clearly “confidential” information just as our records are protected by law today. So how could there be a leak of information, information that Zolá had never been made aware of? I call for leakers always, but there are limits on that as we shall soon see. And I can tell you this. There was information mentioned to me in conversations in Newark, New Jersey about my file which travelled from the Department of Education of New York City to the reentry program of Newark. Why? To diminish me and my record!

Zolá wanted to get into his father’s military files to investigate and to clear his father’s name. Wouldn’t we all do that? The military refused, but later on after being persistent he succeeded in his quest. Then there was a judge who refused as the road got bumpy for Zolá. A judge decided that the records looked authentic and that is just what judges often do that show favoritism to one side or the other. In my own case in New York City, the matter was dropped by both sides and that should have been the end of it, but it came up many years later in Newark. I was informed about just who did that.

And in France, Zolá was able to find out just who had leaked information about his father. The man was dead by that time. Major Henry was one of the principal conspirators against Captain Alfred Dreyfus in his court martial which led to The Dreyfus Affair. And remember that Henry had already committed suicide in jail. There were no written charges in the file and nothing was written on the official army letterhead. There was only information that François Zolá had gone missing. Yes there was a problem with missing money, but it never pointed to Zolá’s father. It pointed to two others who went to prison. The right-wing press picked up the news and ran with it.

Zolá wanted to fight to the end to clear his father’s name. Who wouldn’t? But this was one time where Zolá gave up. Huh?

Yes the rug was pulled out from him by the French government which gave amnesty to the criminals of France that he fought against. Since this amnesty extended even to Captain Alfred Dreyfus and himself because of a defamation case that was pending, he had to retire his case. Zolá wrote then that he had “no faith in French social justice.” The forgers of the letters were now protected by French law. Zolá condemned the amnesty.

I watch the right-wing press a lot from my office chair and I would love to see demonstrations against those newspapers where we know the physical addresses. It is being reported that about one-third of Americans feel that violence is necessary to restore Trump to power. It is time to flush him down the toilet bowl! We hope that if something happens to trigger the violence that our nation’s military does not join the conspiracy.

I have been thinking about President Emmanuel Macron of France and it would be my pleasure to sit down to have dinner with him in Médans, France in a restaurant where I could enjoy a great coq au vin. My mind is also on Mark Levin, a Trump supporter who has just broadcast the historical evils of the “Democrat” Party beginning with the racist actions of Woodrow Wilson and Franklin D. Roosevelt. His claim is just like the glass that is half full. Have I not recently written about Republicans burning crosses on the hills of Long Island as its leaders were members of the Ku Klux Klan in the 1920s? It avoids the segregation accepted and codified by the Republican National Convention in 1964 that nominated Barry Goldwater. It ignores the fact that even Condoleezza Rice in the Bush Administration wrote just how what is taking place among Israelis and Palestinians called “apartheid” reminded her of growing up in Birmingham, Alabama. And it reminds me to tell you that of 20 states where the education of African Americans has suffered most in our nation that 12 of those 20 states were won by Donald Trump in 2016 and the condition has not gotten better for adults in those states and that means that families suffer. Mark Levin has touted the success of Governor Ron DeSantis in Florida in keeping the economy open during COVID-19. He did that more than a year ago and things got worse in Florida as more seniors and others died. And now as of yesterday there is a report that Charlie Crist for the moment has taken the lead in Florida over DeSantis because the polling shows that breaking through right now is the people citing DeSantis’s handling of the COVID-19 in that state. I reached out to the news media that presented that information online and told it that the pollsters for Donald Trump knew that based on their polls that he was going to lose the election and reason that they saw is that Joe Biden had a plan to build back after the mishandling by Donald Trump of that terrible pandemic. Mark Levin is not going to mention any of this to the American electorate.

I would hope that states across our nation may look outside to other states and see the truth as November arrives and with it the Election of 2022. Those states hold power in the Senate of the United States since all states are equal with two senators each. It’s time for those people to become more independent in their thinking and not be controlled by Repugnicans. And all other states must learn from the mistakes made by Florida where right now a member of the DeSantis team had to resign because of KKK related context and a pastor who has made anti-Semitic remarks is an integral part of the ad campaign for Ron DeSantis. And nobody seems to be talking about the months of anti-Semitic literature that was circulated in Florida by one of its major newspapers. How can we bury that information at such an important time? And I hope that Florida’s seniors are reading this as I want them to be healthy and continue to live for years collecting social security which stops upon a person’s death.

I can see the Repugnicans of today joining the madness in those days. Death to Zolá! Down with Zolá! Death to The François Zolá! Down with The François Zolá! And this is called Christian and Family Values! It’s easy for me to say Vivre la France instead of Vivre the Repugnicans!

And I will not allow anyone to neglect the education of our people and people includes people born to citizens and non-citizens and non-citizens who came here with a green card or not and no matter what that status is.

The Emile Zolá Trial

Today President Emmanuel Macron is well aware that conditions in France are highly similar to France from 1894-1906 and even beyond that. Conspiracy led to protests all over France and its colonies. Hatred was set on fire that was to last even until today. Death to the Jews and Down with the Jews!

Where is the journalist or writer today that can arouse such passion to address social injustice?  People are being attacked for being Muslim, homosexual, communist, socialist, woke, for advocating abortions (articles by Christians almost never mention the categories of permissible abortions in the Old Testament), teachers who wish to teach things that are historical that others disagree with and are therefore capable they say of making people feel blame or bad about themselves), and other things being acted into law in states around the United States.

Take a look at the Trial of Emile Zolá and take some moments to liberate your minds even though there may be mothers who wish to fight only for their own liberties. Perhaps, I can collaborate with the best journalists in our nation to bring about the “Zolá Effect” that helped divide France and saved it from itself. Perhaps some readers in Washington, D.C. will pass this on to President Emmanuel Macron so that he can express his own feelings and perhaps his gratitude. And perhaps that president will say “oui” that the United States is in the middle of our own Affair (L’Affaire in French) which school children know about because it is required history. I knew that we were in trouble in 2015 because of Donald Trump and even much more powerful Jews knew we were in trouble because they noticed that Trump was fueling the United States of America the way that Hitler fueled Germany. And he had much more to work with because Hitler’s votes were small compared to the huge votes that Trump got.

I must share something very important with my readers right now about Hitler and communism. I have been waiting for more than a month. When I read about Hitler and Franco and shared information, I held back and I feel that this is the moment to share something powerful that I learned. It applies so well to the United States because of the indiscriminate attempts by Repugnicans to persuade voters to their side by mentioning a great communist conspiracy among elected officials and their voters that just not exist.

Hitler either wrote or said that if he had known that there so so few communists in Spain at the time of Franco and the Spanish Civil War that he would not have attacked it.

“If Zolá had been acquitted that day, none of us would have left alive.”

George Clemenceau (Prime Minister)

There was a list of 100 witnesses to call.

General Billot- not authorized to answer the summons

Casimir-Perier- Constitutional responsibilities would impose on him to be silent

Paty du Clam- bound by professional secrecy

Blanche de Commings- got a doctor’s note to relieve him of attending the trial

Lebrun Renault- professional duty to remain silent

Major Ravary- decided not to appear

Major Esterhazy (the real traitor) feared Zolá’s attempt to reverse his (Esterhazy’s) acquittal in court

General Boisdeffre- could not provide useful details (he was involved in the conspiracy against Captain Alfred Dreyfus (a Jew selected by the conspiracists to be the traitor)

Labori  Zolá’s lawyer insisted – all the witnesses are permitted “to rise above the law”

Madame Dreyfus- not permitted to speak by the judge

Emile Zolá- speaks about the attacks on his property and life as he mentions the “gutter” press

Labori asks about how this trial can obtain the truth

Delegorgue (the judge) – “it doesn’t concern me” is his reply to that

General Mercier- testified that in his possession were documents that if revealed could lead to war (with Germany)*

*that document was a forgery which he helped to produce

I would like to see President Biden and President Emmanuel Macron come together to make a joint statement, a much stronger statement than has ever been heard before. Let them read my article about Harris Faulkner and her misstatement about the “roundup” of Jews during the pandemic (as I report the news of July 17, 1942 as 9,000 police rounded up 26,000 Jews in Paris known as the Rafle du Vel D’Hiv (Vel D’Hiv Roundup in English). Have you clicked on the article just now? Down with that kind of Fox News!

In January 1898 Zolá wrote two letters Lettre a la jeunesse (to youth) and Lettre a la France (to France and its people).

Amazingly this article was interrupted by a call from the Republican National Committee in which the Republicans agreed with Joe Biden when he said that “these are dark days.” Incroyable! Unbelievable!

“France, is that you there (now thinking of USA), being taken in by a most obvious lie, joining the mob of criminals against some honest people, panicking under the stupid pretext that the Army is being insulted (the call that I got was about the F.B.I. insulting Donald Trump)—that there are plots afoot to sell you out to the enemy? …Today anti-Semitism is a tactic…to lead people back to the altars. What a triumph, if a religious war could be unleashed (today a civil war)!

France (The USA) must come to its senses, restore justice and self-respect, put an end to the mockery in of justice in the military courts (today put an end to just how the Trump team has mocked US all along), stop their secret sessions and the withholding of important documents (from Trump’s closet). What folly to think that one can prevent history from being written (I called for whistleblowers against Trump in Jewish Business News in Israel and the people who were there just keep coming forward to tell what happened). It will be written, and those responsible will be duly named and recorded, no matter how small their role.”

I now know so many things about Emile Zolá that I should have known for more than 50 years. I read that Cervantes was one of his three favorite authors (along with Shakespeare and Dante). And without even knowing that I wrote Quijote and Zolá years ago. Americans and Frenchmen can learn more about that in The Force 2020 DDT.

So you see in conclusion that history was a guide as the French Army conspired against Captain Alfred Dreyfus, a Jew who was totally loyal to his nation. And on the other hand you see that Donald Trump was loyal to most of his supporters and a great danger to himself, his family, and the nation. We should not confuse things here and not allow Trumpists to confuse what I have endeavored to do here, portraying both historical events (The Dreyfus Affair and January 6, 2021).

The anniversary of the death of Emile Zolá will be in two days. His home is in Médans, France, but he is in my home on Long Island as I write, think, and fight for justice in our nation.

President Hillary Clinton’s Call on January 6

“But we will have our hands on their throats before they can shout. And anyway, who will come to help them?”

Adolf Hitler

What you have read just now is what happened as Hitler took over a foreign nation. You can call it Hitler’s Bohemian Rhapsody. We now know Donald Trump’s rhapsody. And now the end is near as Trump almost certainly faces his final curtain. And we hope his friend Putin along with this chapter in history. And here is more.

I had the best job numbers in our nation’s history and I built a wall to protect US. Everyone was happy with me in Central America and China was afraid of me because I am strong. Ukraine loved me because I fought corruption. Trish James is racist just ask Rudy Giuliani. I built a strong corporation with no money and now socialist-woke corrupt officials wish to rob me of decades of great financial decisions.

The Justice Department planted evidence against me and Melania in our closets. The best first lady we have ever had.

China created the virus and warped speed saved millions of lives.

I know more than everyone and people say that I just watched the small demonstration on January 6. I’m a great thinker and I was sitting there thinking to myself that President Hillary Clinton was there making that White House phone call to one of the Antifa rioters on that day. I was not going to help her.  She’s a loser. Nobody likes her and Russia helped her. Just like those classified documents that I de-classified by just thinking. The Constitution backs me up. Speak to Mark Levin and he’ll tell you. I will be vindicated in the courts and Sleepy Joe will have to step down before 2024. The people are upset. They have passion for me. And I promise to lock Hillary up for what she did.

In writing about Donald Trump, I have written obvious fantasy material which does not detract from my K.I.T. which stands for my knowledge, integrity, and transparency. Quite the opposite could be said about Trump who has given the world mostly SHIT (no need to think of any acronym here although the I could stand for idiotic. With that said, I conceived this new piece of material after reading a huge dose of Emile Zolá while I was in Daytona Beach, Florida and the news explained perhaps the closest I have ever been to Ron DeSantis because he was in town at the same time.

Zolá’s name rings bells in France everywhere, particularly in schools where the lessons about him are about social justice which is banned in Florida schools for the present time. Vérité or Truth was ringing in my ears as I thought about writing, but then there was news about a Jewish school in Washington D.C. where there were several allegations of sexual misconduct that got my attention this morning and apparently there was corporal punishment as well. There has been an investigation and now people can either pay attention to that or choose to do other things.

Vérité is much more severe and has the trademark of Emile Zolá. A baptized Jew (orphaned) is killed and his sexually abused body is found in the dormitory of the Ignorantine Fathers. Without evidence, the boy’s uncle who is head of a “state” primary school, is accused. Marc Froment, a friend of Simon the Jew just mentioned undertakes an investigation that leads to Gorgias who is an Ignorantine monk and the real culprit. The great divisions that we see today are demonstrated in the community with people taking sides and even Marc’s wife adheres herself to the wrong side. This was Catholic France, the France that Zolá knew well.

And I had just heard about a town where drag queens did a reading in front of infants and the head of the police indicated that if he had known that was going to take place he would not have issued a permit to the group at all. That is what France suffered through during the Empire of Louis Napoleon and it proves just how close Florida and other states are from almost total censorship and this in a nation that prides itself on the right to free speech, freedom of the press, and the right to assemble.

I can also take you back to when I wrote about the “chicken riot” in New York City where Jewish immigrants rioted. In that demonstration the police who arrested a Jewish woman for inciting a riot said that he heard her words (which were in Yiddish and the officer did not know Yiddish) and arrested her. I rest my case. And in South Carolina today, there can be no educational program in Yiddish that could result in a diploma because South Carolina is an “English only” state. That is Nikki Haley’s state! That is Nikki Haley’s state!

So there you have big and small information and all the right information matters. We do have to spread stronger messages if we are going to save our democracy. Just start thinking about what would have happened that day, January 6, 2021 if Trump’s supporters had accomplished their mission. It is hard to see a complete takeover of our nation, but the military would still have been in Trump’s hands, and we don’t know how that would have played out. And once Trump gained control of the military who would he entrust it to just in case he was going to die? And on the other hand, do you think his mission could be accomplished without people rising up, people usually rise up around the world. That would lead to civil war, and nobody knows how long that would last. Our own Civil War took place from 1861-1865. Although it is not a civil war, the war in Ukraine many predicted with Putin winning fast and it has been going on for many months. And if you have trouble understanding, just strike up a conversation with people where you live and just do not accept “no way would there be a civil war” when experts are explaining to people that the needle has moved and 85 percent of the conditions needed for a fascist takeover have been met.

Emile Zola and Death to the Jews

“It was Zola’s firm conviction that sustained him during the anguished hours, which kept him from becoming discouraged when mists obscured the image of truth. It is to his heroism that we pay homage; we can assure you in all conscience that the future will reap you a harvest of equity and infinite hope which he helped sow and in which we share today.”
Gaston Doumergue Minister of Education and Fine Arts of France 1908
And a decade earlier mobs were shouting Death to the Jews! Death to Zola! And Florida today must be declared the repugnant epicenter as DeSantis has allied his campaign with a pastor whose views are unfit for any man in politics and Donald Trump who Jews gave a pass to over Israeli diplomacy and Jewish grandchildren. Trump and his party have pushed along The Great Replacement Theory and its accompanying mob. What has Trump done in almost two years to stop that hate in our nation?

Emile Zola was taken from a cemetery in Paris to be honored in the Pantheon as a national hero. And buying and reading the contents of his biography have taught me more than I could have imagined. In recent years, I have selected books to read that would teach me more about New York, for example. The New York City where my parents grew up or the Long Island that I moved to long before I was even born. This is a powerful lesson to young people everywhere. Oh and I learned that my great hero was an anti-Semite. This was a moment to learn more about my roots and this book clearly was perhaps one of the most amazing reads of all time.
Zola was not a socialist and there are countless references to his “bourgeois” character. Marxism was well known for decades. This was Europe where things could go viral quickly, even with no internet.

I noticed within minutes of writing that sentence about Marxism the matter of Professor Lax at CCNY. Should I send this article to him and to others?
I have made notes on paper and mental notes to share soon after my life gets back to normal upon my return home.
Emile Zola by Alan Schom. Jews and others who care about social justice can learn much more now about one of the most important writers of all time. Emile Zola!
Zola was well prepared to attack the right-wing government, the French military, the monarchists, the Catholic church, the mob of anti-Semites across France, the gutter press, the courts that were complicit that obstructed justice, and that included men who were once friends or associates in the literary world. Journalists today can learn important lessons right now to repeat the work that he did to save the honor of France.

Embassies and Consulates: GED Help Now

Yes I am political and I announced Joe Biden’s Fair Shot before the Election of 2020. Most of the immigrants being sent to sanctuary cities are Spanish speaking. The high school equivalency diploma is needed by those who have never completed high school or by those who cannot get their diplomas sent to them.  Better jobs are often gotten by applying to companies or corporations that demand a diploma.
This is a moment where I can help produce much greater success or results with the cooperation of the embassies and the Casa Blanca. But this effort will be in English as well for all the embassies of the world.
This is a moment where the immigrants sent to major cities and Cape Cod,other immigrants, and citizens csn sit side by side together in peace and harmony to make our nation stronger through education. Let’s get started today and have a press conference tomorrow to spread great news.
Soy el ex “profesor del Consulado de El Salvador”

New York Post For Dummies, Idiots, and Repugnicans

The Regents of New York State have decided that they will not raise the marks on state exams above the passing mark of 50 and The New York Post is upset. Florida, under Republican Jeb Bush, was woke back in his administration and there were no Moms 4 Liberty back then. African American parents protested about the “systemic” problems in Florida as their children were not given the courses that were needed to graduate on time. Jeb decided to give diplomas to those students instead of making them wait to be tested. Beware of Mom 4 Liberty and in New York and other places across our nation as we need Moms 4 Critical Thinking and that does not include right-wing, racist, anti-Semitic, anti-gay, and other such American attributes. Jeb, as president of the United States, I assume would have called upon state governments to do the same thing when there was evidence of wrongdoing to people. I assume!

So the journalist assigned to write wrote that students will be allowed to graduate with lower scores and in Florida no score was even needed to graduate (when Florida was “woke”). And it was The Manhattan Institute staff that gave US this problem to contend with. Read more!

So will the very often repugnant New York Post even mention what I wrote. Will Mayor Adams publicize this? Will Fabian Levy write back to me? Lots of questions need answers.

Then there is, I might add, The Washington Examiner For Dummies, Idiots, and Repugnicans to mention since Jay Greene who used to pen reports for The Manhattan Institute just authored an article defending the yeshivas in this dispute in New York State and he deflects things well. People know how to do that. He attacked The New York Times making it seem that the Times pushed the Regents to act against the yeshivas. T And I fully recognize that this situation could end up in court and that may take months to resolve or more. This is a big flip flop because conservatives are always bashing schools for low student test performance and in 2019 the ESL Yiddish students failed to perform on tests in the Satmar community (which Greene now with the Heritage Foundation left out of his article in the Washington Examiner). And I have followed school closings since the 1990s. Smaller class size was the recommendation of Bill Gates in the 21 st Century and it was Michael Bloomberg and Joel Klein who vigorously brought that into New York City. And I knew about the high crime in NYC before that because I had lived in the city and worked there until the Fall of 2000. I worked in drug programs and city housing, making a difference when the administration was not doing the right thing or the best thing for the students.

And what Greene prepared back then with Bill Gates money was this. People who earned a GED based on his research were not expected to do much better than people who dropped out of school. I know that is the bottom of educational success and I also immediately said to myself that I would expect someone was in that category or at that level would suddenly become a doctor, lawyer, accountant, engineer without the educational tools needed including degrees from the university. Greene should have and could have known that and saved Gates his money for making the report.

And let US not forget what was perpetrated on our nation, divided as usual of course. See my vision of what was happening as schools were closed.

The Corona Virus: The Trump Manifesto

Posted February 10, 2020

There is a crown on the Corona beer label which is not Trump’s crown although Trump has been given a throne in one of my articles about Bobolice Castle in Poland which was published in Jewish Business News.  The Corona Virus is simply Trump and his imaginary crown (corona is crown in Spanish).  Trump is unfit to hold office and it is so scary having him in charge of our nation as the Corona Virus spreads.  I hope that we defeat both Corona Viruses soon and that our nation’s people remain safe from such afflictions.

Neo-Patriotism: Trump’s Open Nation

Posted May 6, 2020

Neo-patriot or quasi patriot activity in America is the subject of this article.

Infants, children, young people, middle-aged people, and the old are dying of the Corona Virus and the neo-patriots want to go back to work before the best recommended time to do it.

Neo patriots abound in America like neo-Nazis and others who have diminished America. Those flag wielding men and women (even if they have served our military in the past well) that we see protesting are so far from the true, essential patriots in DNA. The flag pin on the lapel does not permit the deepest thinking possible as we notice, for example, Sean Hannity, the cheerleader of those patriots finally realize that those protestors are putting the “police” at risk. They are putting everyone at-risk and many will get sick and die but Hannity did not say it.

In reading a lot about the War in the Pacific in 1944-1945 and again about the Korean War that followed only 5 years later, we learn from the fighting men that protecting the lives of the wounded as immense casualties were suffered, was paramount and one of the ten commandments of the military.

Trump Is the Corona Virus

Posted November 6, 2021

I called Trump that on February 10, 2020 and in the title of that article I referred to his legacy, his manifesto. We were three weeks away from putting the first American death on the scoreboard and I had already been talking to people, people who just didn’t get it or didn’t want to get it. I knew there was danger in the air, and political was going to hurt and kill Americans.

If I had been wrong, without a doubt people could clearly state that I was biased against Trump. And it doesn’t take a lot of historical research to prove that I was right. Trump was unfit to be president of the United States and Republicans and some others put him there.

And now in September 2022 Never Forget! Never Again! And if you want or need more about Trump’s destructive path from the beginning of the pandemic, contact me. I have volumes of it. Even today, patriots, religious organizations, and others should be wearing masks at the very least to protect our families and our nation.

And one more thing to look out for which was told to me this week by staff of the Illinois College Board. The GED in Illinois is now officially a high school diploma. Florida started that illness before I helped shape new, better policy in that state in 2002.

What New York, Illinois, and all states need right now is another high school equivalency test that is easier to pass. I knew that back in 2000 but nobody listens to me. The new G.E.D. was designed for college readiness and it failed badly to help states for years and may continue on that path in New York and across our nation. The Regents of New York provided a new test through a new company in 2014 and a new test is needed now. If a person needs a high school equivalency now or in the future and doesn’t wish to attend college, why the college ready GED. It will only hold back in huge portion of our nation and slow down the recovery of America. It’s just like basketball coaches all over the nation telling every member of the team this. If you can’t dunk, you are not going into the game! Sitting on the bench is not what we wish for Americans and our immigrants (Ojalá que llueva un examen más fácil el campo y en nuestras ciudades). And that people can wake up in the morning with a cup of coffee and a diploma in their homes. Ojalá que llueva café y un diploma.

And remember that Jeb Bush was no communist or socialist, but his decision was based on social justice and it preceded Black Lives Matter and this new controversy over Critical Race Theory by more than a decade.

GED Joe Biden Fair Shot 2021

Posted August 19, 2020

Number 45 finally declared that someone told him that wearing a mask is patriotic and he went for it, leaving a trail behind him of monumental mistakes even as he protected monuments more than people. And he claims that he is the biggest patriot. Wrong! Wrong! Wrong!

I almost forgot about that bit of information that came up in the news, but it has long been forgotten that even Trump began to recognize what patriotism actually is. Trump was, is, and probably will be the most unfit person for the presidency that we have ever seen. I hope that things do not get worse than that! Trump lost the election of 2020 because of COVID-19 and we will not move on from that. And there is evidence supporting just why he lost that people have to find out about. What about The New York Post and The Washington Examiner putting that information of the front page?

And here is some dessert to digest that I almost forgot about.

Trump Wants Americans to Be Killed: DHS Report

Posted August 8, 2019

Of course, the report doesn’t say that Trump wants Americans to be killed, but we have to present alongside that headline that Republicans say that Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats want open borders to allow an “invasion” to take place.  Do I have to say anymore?  We can throw into the fire that Trump wants Americans to be killed with assault weapons and that is why he won’t take action among other things.  To be balanced I must say that Trump and others would say that the great assault weapon of the Repugnicans is the MS-13.

The DHS or Department of Homeland Security which is not a liberal agency by any means reported that Trump wanted to do nothing to curtail and prevent White Supremacy by attacking it and emphasized only the threat of Muslims when the threat from Whites is gigantic in America compared to the Muslim threat in America.  That (that’s) Trump for you!