Laura Ingraham of Fox News: Truth Challenge

Laura Ingraham of Fox News has been supportive of right-wingers, but it concerns me that she has expressed her objection about eliminating the electoral college.  So she believes that the total democratic vote is not so important and that the system where small states hold power over the people should continue. 
I have a plan of action for her and those who think that peculiar form of Americanism.  She should put up or shut up (US money).  I have already written that we are in a civil war and secession may be a great solution, but not without expounding a bit more on how Ingraham relates to Democracy vs. states rights-electoral college.  Mark Levin and others should take note of it (I read about his interview with patriot Rick Barry, the NBA legend).  What I see are a bunch of extortionists on the right wing media talking about saving the union through upholding the Constitution. 
At this stage of my life, I feel that we can support the concept of empowering those small states desiring exceptional power over all of US.  I would propose legislation with a Democrat Congress and a Democrat president to empower the Laura Ingrahams and those states by splitting the national debt and permitting secession in the same act.  
Call it an act of treason if you wish to, but the treachery of these right-wing intellectuals has to be exposed by a different kind of logic.  If they love this kind of undemocratic power so much, they should step up to the plate and be responsible for paying the debt by the same method.  More power comes with paying more of the debt.  Be consistent! And remember always that I am applying only time honored Constitutional instruments in a creative way which is neither progressive nor socialist.

More Trump Termites Found: A House Divided Cannot Stand

Jews have been called “termites” among other things and I am sure other ethnic groups have been called the same thing.  Trump may have a DNA link to termites that has not been revealed yet, but let’s think of termites that invade your home.  A House Divided Cannot Stand! 

We knew that Trump was divisive and causing more hate in this country.  Who are we?  Oui or we said yes Trump is causing more hate attacks.  When a house does not have termites we have a sigh of relief.  Trump made his bed and now he has to lie in it and he does lie in it a lot judging by all the Pinocchios that he has received in the last few years for lying.

Long Island had its share of hate in the mid-2000s caused by resentment of immigrants from Latin America and Trump decided to get into bed with people just like that.  Steve Levy on Long Island and Lou Arletta of Hazleton were leading the charge up a virtual San Juan Hill to get rid of those immigrants.  This is another aspect of the Civil War that has been going on in this country.  Now we learn that there was a 225 percent increase in hate attacks in counties where Trump made campaign speeches in 2016.  What took so long to cite data?  The Anti-Defamation League provided the data of the attacks or incidents and professors analyzed that there was something significant that came up.  Trump’s name was used just as racists would site Jews, Muslims, African-Americans in their attacks or incidents.  Some proof is needed to be defined as hate.  But millions of people cannot define Trump as a hate monger for one reason or another.  The Republican label is one of those reasons.  Some people would use the word excuse!  Some people will continue to say that Trump is doing the right thing and even among people that I know the reason could very well be the lack of a secular education that is needed as those people have opted out for a religious experience.  In other words, God is on America’s side and God is on Trump’s side.  Yet Jesus and Moses talk to me in a significant way.  My Hebrew name is Moshe.  That is not Trump’s DNA.  The days of thinking that Trump is an Intelligent Termite must end now.  Much of Christian-America has set Trump as its default setting for faith and that was wrong and has to be dealt with soon.

We have to be fair to Trump even after learning about this news.  If there is only one attack or incident in a county and two more people act out and the percentage goes sky high, this is cause for concern but at the other end of the spectrum things will become supremely dangerous in places that have already had lots of attacks.  The prime beef (where’s the beef?) is that the Trump name has been used over and over.  Just now, today, minutes ago I read that a 16 years-old attacked a gay person 24 in Mc Donald’s and he used homophobic slurs.  That makes the crime a hate crime.  A man set himself on fire near the White House and has just died.  Trump is on fire and he immolated himself.  I’m on fire, too, which is another kind of fire.  And being on fire, it would be great to know if that youth who committed a crime in the Mc Donald’s had his read hat in the car that says Make America Great Again.

Getting back to the problem of hate and possible solutions in connection with the spike in attacks and incidents in Trump territories affected by the Trump red hats, one would think that Republicans and Democrats (fascists need not apply) would join together in an effort to bring about change in the worst of the documented counties so that we can sleep at night in our homes and have fair elections based on honesty and truth.  I have consistently stated until today that the F.B.I., the police, the ADL and the Zionist Organization of America have to do much more.  And I say those things because I watch what they are doing and not doing and demand more.  Check for the termites with orange hair in those counties and remove them.

In addition the Trump dictatorship is about to end as the dictatorships of others have ended.  The Trump road has to end now.   Have you noticed more than a few termites with an orange glow?

There’s No Need to Shout Bravo in Puerto Rico: Let’s Hold a Discussion First

I told former Secretary of State Kenneth Mc Clintock that Puerto Rico could be returned to Spain so that Puerto Ricans could have opportunities in the European Union.  Consistent with that idea and thought is just what Thomas Bravo is investing in.  Puerto Rico needs to be repopulated badly and the Bravo plan may be consistent with my thought that India could repopulate Puerto Rico.  My computer (brain) has been working for years and I had to find out more about the $100 million donation right away

This message was taken from the Bravo Foundation which knows about the 44 percent poverty rate of Puerto Rico which has to very closely linked to the educational problems that I will address here.  I believe in social justice, but is the effort hitting the bulls’ eye or just the target?  “Our mission is to foster basic principles of social justice in Puerto Rico. We seek to nurture a more just society, in which youths of all socioeconomic backgrounds have access to personal growth and economic development opportunities.” 

On the same day that Governor Rosselló held a town hall meeting in Kissimmee, Florida to get much more support for Puerto Rico in its struggle with the Trump Administration and the Congress, Kenneth Mc Clintock, former Secretary of State of Puerto Rico under Governor Luis Fortuño, was a guest presenter in a free conferenece call about the conditions in Puerto Rico.

Of course the repopulation of Puerto Rico by people from India and other countries will not go over well if Silicon Valley plays a major role in reconstructing Puerto Rico.  There will be more hate created than we need.  And so far I see in the announcement of the $100 million donation a lot about business and little about humanitarian improvement.  I also see the destruction of Puerto Rico’s unions including the large teachers’ union coming and I count among its leaders some of my readers.  It is time for all teachers in Puerto Rico and all Puerto Ricans to learn about my ideas now and there should be no holding back.  There are lots of Puerto Rican businessmen, I am reasonably certain, that would shoot down my ideas as soon as the media spreads the word about them.  Consider this.  Bill Gates dropped out of high school briefly and then dropped out of Harvard.  Had he really dropped out of high school and earned his high school equivalency and grew up in Mayagüez like Orlando Bravo, Microsoft might have developed in Puerto Rico instead of Washington (Seattle), giving jobs to a huge number of people and generating lots of millionaires.  Business is important to Puerto Rico, but everyone there is important and we should not forget that.  And everyone on the island should have access to critical training.

I have been to Puerto Rico to fight for the people of Puerto Rico, but just like any other country (or territory) the people are very divided.  The Independence Party of Puerto Rico cared more for governmental power, I noticed from my chair at home, than helping the poorest of Puerto Ricans.  Business people normally want to pay people less not more.  It’s the same everywhere.  In New York City there are about 1.5 million adults without even a high school diploma and in Puerto Rico before the exodus (the diaspora referred to is that of the 21st century) there were a million adults without a diploma.  The high school equivalency failures of Puerto Rico during those decades have impacted on families and Puerto Rican government was as responsible for those failures as the people who failed the test or who failed to even start preparing for the test.  The sands of Puerto Rico hid the heads of those elected officials and their staff.

The Puerto Rican government should finally provide annual statistics for all the years that it sent N/A or not available to the American Council on Education which controlled GED testing then in Puerto Rico.  Then Puerto Rico created its own test which I could not obtain any information about from Governor Rossello’s office.  There was no transparency when I contacted the staff regarding educational issues and even my request to expand access to an important agreement made between Florida and Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria went unanswered.  Maybe Orlando Bravo’s money should be used as well to teach the office of the governor new skills that would really dramatically help the people.  In addition to that if the high school equivalency test is still free in Puerto Rico, that will not work to help as the funding for testing has to be immense instead of minimal.  In addition if the diploma or certificate is not universally recognized in the United States and other countries, that is as close to fraud as things could possibly be (Puerto Rico developed its own test).  Keep in mind that Certificates of Completion have been given out to students in New York, for example, and those certificates are worthless and who caused that?  People in the department of education where they live (city and state).

The Bravo announcement is not at all different from the announcement of Yo Amo America made by the Inter-American Development Bank over a decade ago, using Juan Luis Guerra, Shakira, Ricky Martin, Alejandro Sanz, and others to help them develop something that they probably considered to be of enormous potential.  What were the results?  Let’s read about the impact over the years and decide if the same thing could have been accomplished by a placebo.  Yo Amo Puerto Rico and I demand much more and my ideas need a seat at the table to discuss things before the money’s all been spent.

The N.A.A.C.P. approved support for statehood for Puerto Rico but rescinded it almost immediately.  The support for charter schools in Puerto Rico must have been a key factor to make that political detour.  Bernie Sanders just announced that if he becomes president in 2020, there will be no federal funding of private charter schools.  I have played a role in some of that, but I support all residents of Puerto Rico who attend neighborhood schools and the teachers’ union that I have had contact with for over a year.  My suggestions will also benefit students in charter schools and their parents.

I propose this plan of education where deliberate indifference to the people of Puerto Rico will not take place.

Students in the public schools of Puerto Rico could immediately benefit by the constant flow of instruction on FACEBOOK that will reach the home through the schools and keep all students on track, increasing graduation immediately and for years to come.

Donations could help fund the high school equivalency test taking and people who have enough money could pay to take the test if there is an obvious shortage of private donations.  I have long suggested that people like Carlos Slim of Mexico take a break from their favorite charities and devote the time and money to the high school equivalency.

Puerto Rico’s high school equivalency testing program (if it is valid) could be expanded to other countries, the way that the American Council on Education expanded the G.E.D. around the world.  Puerto Rico had the G.E.D. test translated in 1973 to help all Spanish test takers, but that was more than 30 years after the English test was created in World War II for American youth who dropped out of high school to fight in the war.  A new vital testing program in Puerto Rico can create jobs for people.  Puerto Rico’s Education Act of 1949 which required Spanish language test takers to pass an English exam was never changed even though Legislator Ramirez proposed revising that law for Puerto Rico’s immigrants.  The law was a disaster for Puerto Ricans as well as valuable research will show.  Where were the other legislators, senators, and staff members all those years? They surely had very limited understanding of what they had done to make things worse in Puerto Rico.  Puerto Rico could also use additional high school equivalency help from the other test companies.  Why should people be asked to wait to earn a diploma when one of the testing companies could provide immediate testing on demand?

Parents and children should be educated.  Universal pre-k which Mayor Bill de Blasio of Puerto Rico was instrumental in developing and he made that known to mayors across the United States who thought he was genius were wrong.  The pre-k program had to be developed with high school equivalency programs for the parents and other adults.  Long before de Blasio, for example, I reached out to Mississippi and West Virginia.  West Virginia had a very poor graduation rate from high school and Mississippi, Alabama, and Louisiana lagged way behind in educating people in Colorado at the time of Hurricane Katrina. 

People who desire good paying jobs have to be trained in “coding” and Puerto Rico could start a coding program for everyone online.  Have you looked at the Jovan Coding announcement in the last sentence?  Coding in Spanish now will happen people all over the Spanish speaking world and Puerto Rico can initiate that. 

The United States Department of Education put out a free English program for Spanish speakers who needed to learn English.  That program only reached a fraction of the people who needed it.  Think of all the immigrants crossing the border right now who could benefit.  Do the immigrant detention camps have access to the program?  US Learns is the program.  How many people in Puerto Rico could benefit from the program right now?

The publisher of Jewish Business News in Israel is ready to be a business to help people who need psychological help by phone or the internet.  Her program is called Dear Lili and she is just about ready to start up in the United States.  We can reach out to her and bring badly needed help to Puerto Rico.

I met the president of the New York City Central Labor Council (representing 2 million workers in New York City) in the El Caribe Hotel in San Juan, Puerto Rico.  I did a big favor for him that involved the government of El Salvador and he appreciated.  When I visited his small office later, we agreed that we would mobilize 300 people in each borough each week toward obtaining their high school equivalency diploma, something that the city of New York’s programs could never accomplish well without my knowledge.  That labor leader was later arrested for embezzlement and his successor did not wish to participate with me in my plan to help (the world).

Around that time I put together my first G.E.D. Roundtable and yes the government of Puerto Rico was represented.  Yes the government of El Salvador was represented.  Yes the government of the Dominican Republic was represented.  Yes the government of Mexico was represented.  The office of DC-37 was represented.  People came from Connecticut, Washington, D.C., and Chicago as well.  The office of Senator Hillary Clinton was represented by her senior Hispanic advisor.  I did that “Roundtable” with Hector Gesualdo, the executive director of ASPIRA of New York who was one of my top two collaborators.  Hector is no longer with us, but his telephone number has not been deleted from my cell phone list.  These are all memories now with small accomplishments.  Why?   People in power hold the progress of the poor back.  Those poor are still in Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, and Mexico today as leaders in government there make decisions that have little impact.  Here is the article from early 2006 about that Mesa Redonda or Roundtable. 

Orlando Bravo should sit down with all of Puerto Rico.  The teachers’ union members need great assurances and they can be helpful in creating the best progressive agenda for Puerto Rico.  We cannot just count on the education department of Puerto Rico to get the people where they have to go.  The churches of Puerto Rico should be at the table, but not because of the faith culture.  Nobody should be left out and nobody should be left behind.  The universities should be at the table as well since they should have previously unexplored ideas.  My point is that Orlando Bravo has pledged $100 million and everyone should be providing feedback so that he can get the most bang for his buck and to discuss transparency.  What research does he have to show that his ideas will add up to something great for Puerto Rico?  And the media must play an important role in all of this.  Looking at the mistakes of the past that I have explained here, it makes us think about what was the press doing?  To make Puerto Rico as strong as possible is what is at stake here.  Bravo!  Bravo!  Let’s open the dialogue now with Bravo!

Puerto Ricans can help by advocating properly for the poor and those who have not obtained the education needed to survive in this world.  This is a work that can be taken to the United States Congress which should have been better.  Candidates running for president of the United States will soon be reading this article and it will be shared with the office of Senator Bernie Sanders who is leading the fight against for-profit charter schools right now.  I hope that Senator Sanders unites with my friends from the N.A.A.C.P. in Washington, D.C. and that soon all of Puerto Rico and others can fight together to improve the lives of Puerto Ricans.  Remember the days of Hurricane Maria and things like Whitefish, Trump’s comments about Puerto Rico (and even today his lies about giving $91 billion to Puerto Rico), and the deaths that he is in denial about.  Where are the people in Congress speaking out about the egregious faults of that paper towel tosser who should be throwing in the towel of his administration?  Would someone just toss him out of the ring (wrestling) lucha libre style?  A “just society” takes much more than entrepreneurship.  All people deserve a living wage!

Declare Victory and Leave

Our nation’s military and veterans have some things here to think about.  A lot is going on in our nation and at the same time nothing is going on.  The Marines and Navy Seals have leaked important information about conditions in combat years ago and conditions in peace today. Another American was just killed in Afghanistan and another American veteran has just driven into a crowd of people that he thought were Muslims.  I keep telling people to leave innocent people alone in war and in peace.  Our nation’s men and women who have served still have things to learn.  And I am one who does not want to hear another person say I follow the commander-in-chief.  We are about to look at this man and how he makes his decisions to protect all of US.  I fear for everyone including the men and women who now have jobs in fighting crime and fires in our nation, because I know that Trump has led the fight against immigrants instead of doing more for our men in blue and the communities that need to reduce crime and violence.  And there will be more about all those veterans that are not being helped even though Trump has set up a hotline and permits “whistle blowing” within the Veterans Administration which is the law of the land.  For the rest of US he has provided zilch.  If you want to know why you should share this article with veterans’ associations, national, regional, state, and local, in a few more minutes of reading you will know why.

The next part if about how this man makes his decisions.  We learned in 2019 that Trump declared “victory” in Syria and spoke about immediate withdrawal or leaving.  How did he come to that decision?  Was he persuaded by the Pentagon and the military experts?  Now we can take a look at Trump in 2005 and I am going to make this easy for you.  It’s the Imus in the Morning Show and Trump called in.  This is about “declare victory and leave.”  How does satisfy the tens of thousands of soldiers who have sacrificed so much and who want to eradicate the problem?  This is not about more money to build new and more powerful weapons that can protect US.  This is about husbands and wives and sons and daughters that should be taking a deeper look at this man and how he makes his decisions.  Go to about the 1:30 mark of this 12 minute video and recording.  By the 7 minute mark you see Trump at his best.  So hang in there.  You heard him mention that someone that we do not know taught him how to handle these situations.  He is always talking to someone we don’t know who teaches him what has to be done.  In less than one minute you have learned what you need to know.  At the southern border, someone told him what has to be done, but Trump won even though he was not that popular.  Now after shutting down the government and leading US nowhere great, immigrants who were held in shelters are being released because the shelters are overflowing and that means more dangerous.  True he is trying to appeal to his base, but he is doing what Trump has repeatedly done.  Fail! And where is the Trump vodka that he talked about in the video?  Failed.  Have a drink on Trump (vodka of course) and find out more about what is going on around the country that is affecting veterans. 

I cannot see how our military can stand proud after all the talk that I have heard about the Vietnam War and how we should have stayed and won the war.  Richard Nixon yanked American troops out, but he did not foolishly declare victory.  Yes things got worse for a while, but we have no war anymore in Vietnam with its people.  Nothing!  And did Iraq get taken over by someone worse than Saddam Hussein?  Share this information with your children and your neighbors and do not let it die out.

Before I go into the very important next part, think about this.  Silence instead of speaking out!  Silence about what I sent you should not be tolerated.  Silence about the information brought to me by Floyd Hamilton III of Alexandria, Louisiana is an injustice just like that he will explain to you here.  I met Floyd because I was doing a national telephone call about violence and hate.  The former wife of the great Muhammad Ali joined us when she and her son Muhammad Ali, Jr. were stopped at airports for being Muslim.  I told Floyd that he would be the first speaker and I want you to know that I am good friend with the father of Sean Bell who was killed by NYPD the night before his wedding.  Let’s not be silent.  Share the information with people in your community.  America is at stake and things are dangerous.

Three churches were burned down recently in Louisiana, a veteran of our military drove his car into a group of people who he thought were Muslim, and as I began writing this there was another mass shooting in a Jewish synagogue in San Diego.  Hate is all over the United States and we need more veterans to stand up and speak out. 

Before I share the information, we must address the history of the world briefly.  All people deserve to be free, but how can we be free when people in power divide us.  When people in some places sought a nation, they were opposed by people who wanted empire.  And everyone in the middle suffered in those battles.  The United States passed the era of nationalism centuries ago and this country expanded from East to West and North and South to create a nation that included many states including California, Florida, Alaska, and even Hawaii.  And there were groups of people that favored an empire over the nationalists because of great oppression that was taking place.  We see the same thing today as the so-called “swamp” in Washington, D.C. is battling against people in states over power.  The swamp then was everywhere and today it is everywhere as well.  And we the people get nowhere.  Cher recently spoke about 50,000 vets who were homeless in Los Angeles and Trump naturally picked up her comment which appeared to be anti-immigrant.  Where is that higher standard of the Marines and other armed forces to stand together for America and not for its leader?  So let’s work together to keep your families together and our nation together.  One of those perpetrators mentioned was a veteran.  Is help on the way?  Donald Trump mentioned maybe an armed guard inside the Tree of Life Temple might have saved lives, but this last killing took place outside (which I knew would happen sooner or later).  We need help everywhere and prevention is the key to our success. 

The case of Floyd Hamilton III fits into many of the things mentioned already.  Nobody was listening to him for years and now veterans are supporting him in his cause for justice.  Here is what Floyd Hamilton has provided that veterans should share all over our nation now.

In Jan 2004 the VA Medical Center hired Shivani Negi, MD., knowing that she had inadequate credentials for practicing medicine. She was not required to complete the credentialing process, VETPRO, put in place to screen applicants; nor was information concerning her rejection for a medical license by the Florida Medical board considered; nor was the incomplete application for the Virginia license addressed prior to her hiring- available upon request.             

During Shavani Negi’s tenure at Alexandria-Pineville VAMC, dozens of veterans and their families have been adversely affected. Many veterans have died, others have been denied medications and others have sought medical attention elsewhere to avoid her caustic and aggressive behavior.

It is imperative that actions be taken to establish competent medical staffing at Alexandria-Pineville VAMC, removing all who do not meet VETPRO and national VAMC standards of medical care. Families of mistreated, maligned and killed veterans must be compensated for their suffering and their losses. I feel that I, Floyd  Hamilton III, should be awarded/ compensated for damages and the suffering and death of my father, the loss of my home and my business, and post-traumatic stress syndrome experienced by me as I continue to console my 88 year-old mother following the tortuous loss of her life partner.

Veterans have been moving to support Floyd Hamilton III in various demonstrations near highways, in meetings with others that have claims, and others who did not even know about their rights and are finding out that were entitled to benefits.  Everyone is fighting for justice right now and they need all the help they can get.  If you are not too tired, you should read on about history and what it takes to improve the lives of people.

On May 20, 2009, a World War II bronze-star recipient, my father Floyd Hamilton Jr, died at the Alexandria-Pineville VAMC after 2 1/2 years in an iatrogenic brain injury coma caused by Shivani Negi.  My father withered away in the VAMC, as opposed to an alternative facility, because the VAMC cover-up for Shivani Negi during legal action against her.

Letters submitted to my federal delegates from Louisiana were ignored by all except one, and that one was the chairman who referred me back to the State Congressman for the 5th District  Ralph Abraham (a Republican who is now running for governor of Louisiana) who held a congressional hearing in Pineville, LA. concerning issues at the VAMC. Prior to hearing I volunteered to speak but was denied the right to publicly address the injustice about my Father.

This argument for help is strong and includes the current discussion of Confederate statues and flags that represent history.  We can say our history since the Civil War is our history, but with a strong caveat.  Hitler and the Nazis were part of German history and its glorification is reprehensible to most people.  He had his admirers among Americans including German, Irish, and others in our own backyard.  John F. Kennedy stopped taking advice from his own father who had been an admirer of Hitler decades before.  American business was connected to Hitler and Nazi Germany as it destroyed free nations. 

We need this kind of growth to put out the fires of hate now in America.  Policies are needed that help us all achieve peace at home.  And we have seen the dangerous rhetoric and we know the silence of tens of millions of people about that.  When the Austrian Emperor wanted to help his people in the 1860s, he called upon his military to help people because local leaders could not be trusted and in that way the military became the eyes and ears of the emperor as complaints were made.  We need the military to stand with US now and forever.  None of this is “fake news” and we will make news together.  It is time to act.

Murder He Wrote!  Floyd maintains that the doctor did not have consent to take his father off life support.  He has new evidence in this case and is ready to take it forward.  He can be contacted so send me a message through the blog.  We want our nation’s eyes to read all about this important veteran news.

Bernie Sanders Y Los Seguros Médicos

Necesitamos una ley con tinta indeleble sobre los seguros médicos, una ley que durará aún en los tiempos malos económicos de los Estados Unidos.  La salud es tan importante a la existencia de la humanidad.

En pro de los pobres, digo.  Sabe que en Israel hay un millón de pobres y muchos son los más religiosos.  Y me dicen que hay seguros médicos allá.  El ranking de Israel en 2013 fue número 4 en el eficaz en mundo de su programa compulsatoria de seguros.

Yo sé la pobreza del mundo hispano en el interior de mi país y en el exterior.  He visitado a El Salvador. México y la República Dominicana.

Y hablo cada dos semanas con un ecuatoriano de Cuenca que habla mucho de su pueblo donde hay una escasez de trabajos y salarios insuficientes.

Vamos a comenzar con unas letras importantes que me gusta mucho.

No me digan que los médicos se fueron.

No me digan que no tienen anestesia.

Así está hablando Bernie Sanders sin quizás las palabras que pueden convencer a los votantes.

Yo tengo 74 años,  tengo seguros médicos y he tenido seguros médicos toda mi vida.  Fuimos en los 1950 a un médico proveído por un sindicato porque mi padre fue un miembro.

Casí 70 años después Bernie Sanders dice que necesitamos seguros médicos para todos.  Y la oposición no quiere pagar el costo.  Todo es fácil.  Tengo seguros y creo que todos deben tenerlo.  Cuándo?  Hoy.  Sabe que mañana es una palabra muy vaga para los que no tienen el deseo de cumplirlo.  Puede ser un negociante o uno que ya tiene seguros pero no desea regular lo mismo a todos.

Juan Luís Guerra, el cantante y autor de las letras vive en un pas donde todavía no hay los seguros para todos (solamente cuberta parcial) y es lo mismo en el rico país donde vivimos.  Bernie Sanders no es mi candidato pero estamos en acuerdo sobre los seguros médicos.  El problema es convencer las personas en los estados donde hay los votantes que no lucharán para ustedes.  El niágara en bicicleta hay que parar.  En las iglesias dicen pare sufrir y venga a la iglesia.  Dios cura.  Y mucho más.  Pare sufrir y convencer los demás a luchar por su salud.

Una otra falta en las explicaciones de Bernie Sanders es que el senador no ha indicado al público americano que en una democracia es el pueblo que decide y el presidente no debe rechazar su salud en ninguna manera.  Hable con todos en su comunidad.  Merece a los seguros médicos ahora.  Creo que en el desastroso ambiente gubermental de esta administración no se puede aceptar un no.  Y recuerde que Trump indicó hace tres años que todos van a tener seguros médicos.  Que mañana larga fue su promesa!

Mi propio plataforma educativo incluyó en 2004 que todos los inmigrantes indocumentados tendrían la oportunidad de estudiar en los Estados Unidos y progresar mucho más.  Particularmente hablé de la necesidad de tener mucho más enfermeras (hasta un millón más por la necesidad nacional).  Todo era importante, reforma de inmigración, mejoramiento de la comunidad hispana por educacion, reducir discriminación, la aumentación en el salario mínimo y los seguros médicos.  El problema que existe y existió hace siglos es que los ricos desean pagar cero impuestos y la reforma de impuestos en 2017 de Donald Trump es un ejemplo.  Estos politicos no saben manejar un gobierno y siempre hacen los mismos errores de los gobiernos. antiguos (monarquías, fascismo, democracias y dictaduras.. 

Actualmente hay muchos en la clase media que son pobres también por las deudas.  Tenemos que avocar juntos, organizar juntos, protestar juntos y rechazar un no juntos.  Cada vida vale mucho y necesitamos seguros médicos nactionales.

Tocando una Dominicana Famosa en la Manera de Joe Biden?

Miss Universo y yo

Cada madre o padre o hermano o hermana entiende al escuchar las ofensivas palabras que su amada hija o hermana fue tocada en una manera inapropriada en la la escuela o en un lugar.  La Biblia nos dice en contradicción del momento de division política que nos enfrenta que no debe proveer testigo falso.  La latina que comenzó esta avalancha de denuncias contra Joe Biden no es culpable.  El culpable, en mi opinión, es la revista The New Yorker por publicar el artículo sin evidencia concreta.  La opinión de Lucy Flores fue solamente una opinión sobre sus sentimientos (factuales o no factuales). Y el ataque contra Joe Biden es nada más que un otro muro político.

Espera un momento.  Este profesor en la foto es “El Quijote del GED” o un profesor bastante trascendente en el mundo, conocido en la República Dominicana, Puerto Rico, El Salvador y otros paises.  Y la marca de El Quijote es mucho más grande que la de Donald Trump porque el hombre es un luchador por la comunidad como el famoso Don Quixote de la Mancha.  No se puede defamar este hombre sin la excepción de promover ideas falsas o mentiras.  Amelia Vega es la mujer y la foto fue tomado durante un viaje que el profesor hizo con su novia (ahora su esposa) en Punta Cana y el ex-novio de Amelia Vega, Pablo Montero, está a su lado izquierdo, todos preparando para la foto.  El encuentro con Amelia Vega fue inocente y ocurrió unos meses después de pedir ayuda en este mismo asunto a dominicanos en Nueva York.  Que suerte!

La actual foto está abajo y la reina dominicana se parecío muy contenta por las palabras de un señor solamente interesado en la educacion del mundo hispano.  En vez de condenas por su trabajo en el sector de educacion que se llama el GED o la equivalencia del bachillerato, él ha recibido reconocimiento internacional.  En el mismo momento en su vida, Martin Danenberg era el profesor del Consulado de El Salvador en Brentwood, Nueva York.  Esta comunidad hoy en días es conocida por la violencia de la pandilla MS-13.  El mismo profesor luchó por Mexicanos en 2002, desarrollando una reunion entre su amigo, el ex-consul general de El Salvador Luis Montes-Brito y el Consul General de México Salvador Beltrán del Río Madrid (cuando dos tercios de los inmigrantes mexicanos abandonaron sus estudios en la escuela superior en los Estados Unidos). 

El profesor entiende la política en general y la política de Trump, la administración más anti-Hispano en la memoria y lucha contra este hombre que tiene sus apoyantes hispanos.  Damos gracias que no es una mayoría o más de ellos.  Muchos claramente son negociantes y algunos están en las iglesias, la Iglesia Pentecostal y la Iglesia Católica.  El Quijote lucha contra todos por el pueblo y su derecho de tener una vida mejor.  Y la educacion importa!

La foto más increíble de todas es la foto abajo.  El  mejor encuentro de todos sus encuentros pasó en Filadelfia en el gimnasio de Joe Frazier, con el ex campéon mundial del boxeo y su hijo Marvis, también un boxeador reconocido.  Pero la foto más linda en la posesión del profesor es abajo con Juan Luis Guerra, el tío de Amelia Vega. Usted el lector tiene que decider si el profesor ha hecho algo malo a Amelia Vega y si Joe Biden ha hecho algo malo a estas mujeres.  Conozco una mujer quién tomó una foto con la Secretaria de Educación Betsy DeVos donde la primera se pareció por su lenguaje de cuerpo la incomodidad por el toque (por razones religiosas) de la secretaria de educacion.  Y la secretaria no es culpable.  Hay que defender con razón todas las personas atacadas en esta misma manera.  Donald Trump es una otra cosa, pero repito que The New Yorker es culpable.  Lo que yo quiero es que usted comparta esta información con los demás y Ojalá Que Llueva Educación.  Gracias!  Amelia Vega se casó con el baloncesto Al Horford, quien juega con los Boston Celtics.

El encuentro de Joe Biden con Lucy Flores fue inocente, también según toda la evidencia.  Es evidente que Joe Biden tiene más pasión que yo, pasión humana y política para los representantes de su partido.  Una solución ahora es escuchar y aprender su plataforma presidencial porque los Republicanos desean debilitar el progreso de un hombre que merece el respeto de todos.  Y como Juan Luis Guerra dice en la canción El Costo de la Vida “la democracia no puede crecer.”   Hay que construir puentes en vez de muros.

Joe Biden: The New Target

I have received letters from two senators over the last 19 years and one of them was from Senator Joe Biden (Mc Cain was the other one).  Delaware happens to be the worst GED state in the nation each year and Biden is from Delaware.  This should tell you that there were significant problems with Delaware over the years and I have to be honest.  Bernie Sanders comes from a pretty poor GED state as well and Sanders has been supportive of Lucy Flores who wrote the article about Biden in the New Yorker.  We will see if I agree with Bernie shortly.  Read on.  And there can no blame for this on Donald Trump.

Let me start off by showing you a photo that I took with former Ms. Universe Amelia Vega in 2003 and there have been people who thought that I was kissing her.  I was actually talking to her and handing her my business card and it was wife who took the photo.  And there is someone that I know who took a photo with Betsy DeVos and that person looked very distraught as Betsy De Vos was taking her around with her arm for the photo.  I cannot fault Betsy De Vos for that, but don’t get me started about Trump’s appointee as Secretary of Education.  I am a charter school opponent.

And that’s Pablo Montero with Amelia.  Years later, Amelia Vega’s aunt said that’s my niece’s photo and wanted to know what she was doing there.  See the card!  See the proof!  I went on my way and that was the end of that beautiful meeting.  She was the most amazing 19 year-old that I have ever met in my life.  And do you see that I had my hands on her?

Here is what you have to know before we get to Lucy Flores, a Latina.  We have just gotten over the Baraboo story where I read about and saw no wrong doing by the students on the steps who allegedly were doing the Hiel Hitler salute.  Then we saw the Covington Catholic story with the Black Israelites and the Native-Americans in Washington, D.C. and the media got both things wrong.  I wrote a Native-American periodical that covered that story and stated that I saw nothing that revealed wrong doing by the students.  Then the videos came forth which showed the Black Israelites taking on the students.  I was in touch with Baraboo and then I called the Covington Archdiocese to share my views.  I have my views about the Biden-Flores story now to share.

I read her article in The New Yorker and the New Yorker has to take responsibility for publishing her story.  Why is the vice-president touching me she asks herself and then she states that he inhaled her hair (concerned about not having washed her hair-imagine that).  She states that she was embarrassed and wanted to get away, but she had not washed her hair.  Was there a groping or a sexual assault that made her want to get away such as a Trump groping later called locker room talk?  I had to write that.

She brings up racist attitudes that do not even apply in the situation, but free expression is encouraged.  She writes about what she considered to be an act that was disrespectful which appears to be a good point and how she felt that her qualifications were more important to her.  Biden was there to qualify her according to those high qualifications (I would assume and wouldn’t you?).  He was there to help her not to gain control over her sexually.

She writes about the CEO of a company and Biden was vice-president of what is sometimes called a corporation by people, but he was not her boss and they did not work for the same company at all.

Then there are provocative comments about articles that purported his creepiness which could easily have been opinion pieces that she has read and she saw discomfort in the faces of the Defense Secretaries wife, a senator’s wife who was kissed on the lips, another woman who Biden whispered in the ear, and various snuggling photos taken with constituents.  Discomfort on the face at that moment does not come close to proving anything, because it is all about what’s on the mind of those women.  Then she writes about Biden’s “troubling” past and the imbalance of power that is felt by her and people at the work place.  Sure at the workplace it’s a violation called sexual harassment.  If Biden had given Lucy Flores his cell number and the room number at his hotel so they could have a drink later, that would have been the kind of supporting evidence that could convince us.

So I blame The New Yorker for printing the information, unless there is more.  I am not a fan of Joe Biden, but he has my support so far in this controversy.  And I will be sending the article to Biden.

Hempstead School District Problems: Like Many Other School Districts

These were the graduation percentages in Hempstead since 2004.  Those rates are highly suspicious.  Schools are supposed to improve steadily, but the decline in 2008 must reveal some form of corruption and general poor performance by all.  2004 49.6 % 2005 39.3 % 2006 47% 2007 58% 2008 51% 2009 50% 2010 46% 2011 27.8 % 2012 37.5% 2013 35.5 % 2014 37% 2015 40% 2016 47.7%.  The statistics were revealed in New York Newsday on January 21, 2018.  There were years that were much better than others.  Did academic levels rise and then fall or could it be that the school district did not keep good exit interviews with students who just dropped out or transferred as well?  The significant rise in graduation in 2016 seems like a good indicator of success for 2017, but there has been chaos again this last school year and maybe no prediction of success should be made.

Shimon Waronker has worked in different boroughs of New York City and we were introduced by Joel Klein when Klein was Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s chancellor of New York City Schools.  I live fifty miles from Department of Education headquarters outside of the city, but I went there to support parent involvement, particularly District 27 which is in Far Rockaway.  I believe that strongly in parent involvement, but I can assure you that those parents and I had differences about what to do.

I had to do research about Waronker just as you would have to if you did not live and work in New York City.  Most of my research came from reading the book authored by Joel Klein after he left his position in New York City.  I was down south when I first looked at the book and I was amazed to learn that I was quoted on page 39.  It intrigued me so much that I bought the book.  Since Bill Bradley, the great basketball player and former senator of New York wrote a book and wrote about education, I have made it my business to see what was said by candidates for public office.  I did the same for Donald Trump and others when I saw their books and I have not been impressed by anyone.  Although Joel Klein was not a candidate for office, I paid for the book and I was glad I bought it, because I added a chapter to my own book about the Bloomberg-Klein mistakes.

Shimon Waronker took over the Hempstead School District on June 2, 2017, but on December 21, 2017 he wrote a letter to the community that 90 percent of English Language Learners are on Level 1, the lowest level.  And only 17 percent of the students pass the US History Regents (a state-wide exam).  Students who cannot read or write and others who fail all their classes are promoted.  And his plan of action is for staff to make changes for September of 2018 so that there would l be teaching to the individual needs of the students.  My questions include where did things go wrong in September of 2017 and what was being done to provide the students with what they needed?  

Waronker, I knew, would have trouble.  He was and is what community people can and do call “a carpetbagger I asked someone who is well connected to Hempstead what takes place from day to day if the people who helped hire Waronker are corrupt and his answer was that they are corrupt.  I spoke with a person very connected to the Hempstead School District and she told me that is what the opposition says.  What is the truth?  The opposition is a large part of the Hispanic community and the new majority is largely African-American.  Even around 2004 I heard from a Salvadoran who worked in government in Nassau County that the African-Americans controlled the Title 1 funds and programs, which means that Hispanics would not get the support they needed. 

Enter Shimon Waronker, a Spanish speaking Chilean Jew who served in the United States military and who turned a dangerous school in the Bronx around through para military tactics that he learned in the army. He did some nice things in the school, but the test scores did not really go up and he received special attention and materials from the chancellor that I found out about by digging deeper for information that was available on the internet.  Later, his dual language school was being touted and he attracted a following in Brooklyn, but my research again showed that the test scores did not go up there as well.

In my book Issues of Our Times: Educational Solutions Matter I write that Shimon Waronker should be interviewed today, because it would be helpful to everyone.  His impact was great and he seems open minded.  His efforts have been written about in The New York Times and more.  Joel Klein writes that the results in the third grade were disappointing in the New American School that Waronker founded in Crown Heights, Brooklyn.  Klein also states that middle class parents found out about the school and wanted to send their children there.  Of course the poor third grade results would turn most parents off, but there certainly were positive things happening, including a trilingual program. The school that he commanded when I met him was still in need of great improvement in 2016. 

This is something that I dug up about J.H.S. 22 in the Bronx years after meeting Waronker and seeing how close he and Joel Klein were.   Joel Klein did not write about the extra services that the school had been given including: social workers, guidance counselors, family workers, and the school had a new science lab, a new library, laptop computer carts, and much more. These were things that were never revealed in Joel Klein’s book and you must understand why.  All of this was left out as Joel Klein praised his principal leadership program.  Even the New York Times fell for it.  What Joel Klein was supposed to say was that the test scores did not go up.  I say that parents must know about these things to be better informed.  In addition, on math, ELA, and science tests the school recently scored 2 percent, 6 percent, and 18 percent receiving 3 and 4 on the state tests.

Joel Klein met with “very bright” and “motivated” students.  This group was called the Chancellor’s Advisory Council.  Among the things that he asked the students was were there gangs in their schools.  Most of the students were seniors.  I learned soon after retiring that there was significant dropout from school by Latinos in the ninth grade.  If the council were influenced mostly by seniors who already could see the light at the end of the tunnel or their graduation, the focus was wrong.  I wonder if the students told Joel Klein yes there were gang members and that they come from dysfunctional families the way Mayor Bloomberg told it on the radio.

In the Greek democracy everyone was represented and we don’t see that in his book.  We can see a much better effort to help the school system in the way that Shimon Waronker brought gang members close to him in the school student government, but there are gangs all over the city and there is no mention of the spread of good ideas into other schools. I am was in touch with the gang unit of the DOE providing new ideas.

I also watched videos posted on FACEBOOK that show important details.  There was chaos at meetings and possible obstruction by people.  Audience shouting out was unnecessary.  But there are things that really hit my nerves.  At a victory celebration people were talking repeatedly about taking back their community, ignoring the fact that there was another side of the community.   They declared that they would have the children in mind.  What I saw were two groups that had unified after working against each other.  In describing how they came together they recognized the importance of sitting down to talk.   It really appears to me that this important tactic and strategy of uniting people did not occur with the Hispanics on the other side. 

This kind of failure by the school district had to result in the state finding fault in the “governance” of the school board, among other things.  One would think that the state would find a school district or two in the area for everyone to learn from, even if it is on video so nobody would not have to travel.  People must learn how to handle objectional material at a meeting without hindering the progress of the meeting.  There was a lot of argument over the swearing in of someone which did not even need a vote.  There have been fifty fights by students since September in the high school.  Instruction was determined to be in need for special education students, English Language Learners, pre-kindergarten, the high school, and computer and technology. 

Four years ago, I read about the changes that were being made in Hempstead School District) and my conclusion was that the high school would show hardly any improvement (my article was published in Spanish in La Tribuna Hispana USA August 27, 2013).  The administration was expecting a fifty percent graduation rate in June 2014 and it achieved less than forty percent.  There were two more graduates that year than in the previous year.  The school district still had not achieved fifty percent in the Spring of 2017. 

In reading about the Hempstead School District in the newspaper New York Newsday it seemed to me that Superintendent Waronker, the majority members of the board, the minority members of the board, the New York State Commissioner of Education MaryEllen Elia, and the New York State legislature were to blame with different degrees of blame.  And that also includes elected officials that I have spoken to in Hempstead in the past.  I have just sent my article about educational solutions to the New York State Board of Regents and I would hope to hear from the Regents this year.

Also as it has been mentioned (as in other years) is the possibility of a take-over of the school district by the state.  Two of the things mentioned by the state are the school district’s “community relations” and the school superintendent in need of “maintaining an appropriate working relationship with a board of education.”

One of the key solutions to helping the world and this information was sent to Governor Andrew Cuomo with no response from anyone in the state education department.  You decide.  My nickname is “El Quijote del GED” which was given to me by Salvadorans close to Hempstead, New York.  I made front page news with that title.  Think about all the students that do not get enough help and who cannot study well enough to pass or get high grades.  On one occasion I was near some high school students in a fast food restaurant where one student asked an Asian student how much he obtained on the physics.  The answer was 91.  When the Asian student asked his fellow classmate his grade the answer was 72.  Then that student called out across the restaurant to a friend of his who was with another group of friends, asking his friend how much he got.  The answer was preceded by a laugh and the youth answered 40.  I asked the student who scored 72 if the felt the teacher taught him enough and his reply was “not really.”  Now just imagine the challenge in Hempstead where about 35 percent on the students had dropped out.  There are lots of “solutions” but one key thing is that there must be a constant flow of tutoring that attacks the weaknesses of each individual and there must be good results.   Many tutoring programs fail.

This is taken from a movie treatment that I wrote about what Chicago needs.  Hempstead is not Chicago, but it has lots of the elements that plague communities in Chicago.  New York Newsday did publish my letter to the editor about educating the parents and the children in universal pre-kindergarten programs, but communities do not learn and do the right thing.   In the 1970s the graduation rate in the United States was over seventy percent, leaving urban areas and communities like Hempstead, way behind.  New York State’s African-American population has the largest failure rate on the high school equivalency test in the nation, ranking it at the bottom with Alabama and Mississippi each year.  My nickname comes from being a voice in that equivalency program called the G.E.D.  With that extremely high dropout rate from high school and the low percentage of adults taking and passing the G.E.D., the Hempstead community has been a very desperate community and even the F.B.I. has been called in to help the police at least twice over the years.  I have fought to help the Hispanic community in Hempstead to get back its G.E.D. program in the county program called CASA after the school district cut out that program.  And it was not restored, leaving many communities with far fewer job opportunities in the so-called “land of opportunity.”

You will now see a link between the past and the present.  Too many people from all races and ethnic backgrounds are so concerned with the present that they forget the past.  And the actions we take have to be measured by the truths of the past and the present to make a great difference in this world.  I always say that nobody has walked in my shoes as an educator and I am probably right.  My years teaching in a regular school, the time I spent in GED programs, and the campaign that I launched in 2001 have made me really unique.  The great fame that I obtained has not made me content.  Why?  The massive failures that I have seen by community people, government, and society in general could have been avoided, but the fight does on.

Allow me to introduce to you to an artist-teacher from Florida who teaches art classes, basically, to students who are African-American.  He really got my interest by telling me that his students had listened to my free telephone conference call about Black Lives Matter (which is positioned on my website).  This easily explains to you just how Waronker could get much greater support in the Hempstead community among its African-American population.  Mark shows this painting to his thirty-five students and asks for their thoughts and criticism.

Michael Brown was the youth who was killed in Ferguson and his killing set off demonstrations and violence leading to what is now known in the United States as the “Ferguson Effect.”  The students ask Mark who the artist is and he reveals to them that he is the artist.  Mark Cohen says that to reach his students he uses “empathy.”  Mark is correct and he reaches those students in the second day of class and transforms them.  Mark has about a dozen Holocaust paintings as well and the rich combination of both groups paintings makes him a human bridge to connect with African-Americans anywhere.  He could take his effort into Chicago, Detroit, and Baltimore as well.  See the 400 Year Struggle now.

Over the last few years there has been controversy in the Hempstead School District related to both charges of anti-Semitism and unfairness in elections.  This poster had been circulated a few years ago and recirculated as a reminder about people who have attained positions on the current board of trustees.  Was there a disclaimer when it was posted?  It doesn’t matter that such negative information is passed by a relatively unknown candidate for the school board or the current president of the United States.  Great harm is being done by incendiary comments and then we hear either an apology or some comment that should never have to be made in the first place.   As you can see, one could conclude that the person posting this might be a Republican or someone else, but not a Democrat.  Often it is someone rather conservative who does not wish to spend a lot of the tax payer’s money.  And it could be from just about anyone as well.  There could be parallels between the person or persons who put this piece of information together to Donald Trump who witnesses say called Haiti, Africa, and El Salvador “shithole” countries.  The tiger happens to be the mascot of the Hempstead School District.  I later found out that this information which I call “Hitler in Hempstead” was handed out during the election campaign by candidates to take votes from those so-called Democrats.

Mark Cohen not only paints Black Lives Matter subjects, but also paints Holocaust subjects and he perfectly describes how the two are interrelated. “The lessons of the Holocaust apply to all racism and religious bigotry around the world. In a recent survey commissioned by the Anti – Defamation League (ADL) 26 percent of respondents transcending boundaries of nationality, religion, race, age and sex admitted to harboring anti–Semitic feelings,” he writes. Please see his paintings before completing your reading of this article.

I went deeper into this issue, checking out online information.  I went to FACEBOOK where there was talk about “taking back” our schools when the schools belong to everyone in the community.  And this reminds me of taking back our country or even Make America Great Again.  This is quite common as people are competitive, but again I would urge caution in the use of words that divide.  The campaigns taking place are clearly seen as the battle between African-Americans and Hispanics, even though I did notice a call for “unity” on the “Hispanic” side.  I noticed that there are people on the Hispanic side that are community leaders who I have found great fault with and I believe the community people that do not have a voice and who have lost faith in the leadership of the schools of the school district throughout the years might very well agree with me.  And I later sent articles to Hempstead For Hempstead and nobody ever got in touch with me.  That’s how all of Hempstead reacts and probably because some or many people will lose power in their community.

If we use this example to illustrate, you might see what I mean.  George Steinbrenner was very well known to sports enthusiasts as the owner of The New York Yankees.  He was made even more famous due to appearances on The Jerry Seinfeld Show.  I have always given Steinbrenner credit for taking a youth who he caught doing graffiti outside his famous ballpark, Yankee Stadium, and turned this slightly delinquent artist into a family member of the team front office.  Donald Trump has turned a young man who caddied for him into a confidante, but that was after noticing the key determinant in that young man.  Loyalty!  Steinbrenner used empathy to turn around Ray Negron.  That is exactly what is needed all over Hempstead and the greatest solution of all has been rejected by everyone connected with that school district.  Educate the child and the parent at the same time. 

The school district has invited a well-known educator to speak that I used to send emails to him a decade ago (Dr. Galloway).  I noticed that he talked about parent involvement in different forms to the community, but there has not been a significant improvement in the district.  Isn’t something wrong when so many parents have been turned off in that district and that solution has not worked?  A major part of the problem is attendance by parents at meetings and the use of technology to reach parents to bring them into the dialogue has been missing, even in Far Rockaway where I urged its use.  That school in Far Rockaway is on the list to be closed.  I feel that schools such as Hempstead and Far Rockaway must engage many more parents instead of having a small group of parents and community people control things that bring forth small gains.  I would love to see Hempstead and other poorly performing school districts make public their sign in sheets for parent meetings (required in Title 1 programs).  Hempstead school be scrutinized in this way because of the great investment in time by the state. 

And right now, New York City has put together a 50-school plan that I plan to write about next (the Bronx Plan).  The Department of Education of New York City should study the Hempstead School District and the things that it has tried to accomplish to make the district a much better district and look at the things that have failed before starting the Bronx Plan.

I gave a brief talk at the National Black Violence Conference in Philadelphia a couple of years back and a young man came up to tell me that I was right when I gave my solutions to the audience.  Those solutions were being captured on video and I have not received that segment from the organizers after making a request to receive my small talk.   The video would have been very helpful for me to show to people.

There always is some progress as statics are kept each year, but the progress is always too slow.  The State Education Department could learn from this and help people all over the state.  Even school districts that are doing very well can prevent students from falling through the cracks.  Again that is another thing that the Bronx Plan should take a look at now.

Martin Danenberg speaks at DOE headquarters 2015

I want to thank Chancellor Carmen Fariña, her staff, my friend Queen Makkada, and all of you for this event.  It is a great moment that we are sharing.

Toya Graham and Baltimore have made national news.  Did she fail her son?  Did the school fail him?  Did her son’s church fail him?  Did her son’s friends fail him?  Or was he just a David taking on Goliath?  And for the other youth who were arrested, the school to prison pipeline is full of special ed students and yes a much better parent involvement is needed to help.  We need the Toya Grahams of our nation to become parent leaders in our schools.  We have to train them and train them well.  Keep this in mind.  Her son did not belong there with a ski mask and a rock in his hand without his mother’s knowledge.

The GED Hotline was there when Michael Bloomberg ran for mayor.  The GED Hotline opposed No Child Left Behind under President Bush and favored No Person Left Behind.  The GED Hotline woke up Jeb Bush and Florida and got Governor Eliot Spitzer to transfer $2.1 million into the budget for GED testing.  The GED Hotline woke up New York City causing three GED reports, one by the mayor’s own office.  The GED Hotline wrote about helping the residents of New York City’s Housing Projects and after ten years Mayor Bloomberg finally did something.  He started the Young Men’s Initiative that has led to My Brother’s Keeper.  The GED Hotline fought for the education of immigrants as early as 2001, bringing consulates of Latin America and the Caribbean together.  The GED Hotline later took the CEO and President of the GED Testing Service to the embassies of Latin America to support President Obama’s Deferred Action.  The GED Hotline praised Public Advocate Bill de Blasio’s Finish the GED program in 2013 which provided $250,000 in additional funding to help our youth.  The GED Hotline told Queen Makkada years ago that a big reason why students fail state tests is that the teachers need training in how to effectively teach to the test.  It is highly probable that Diane Ravitch, who now says that student test scores should not be used for teacher ratings, got the idea from me.  The GED Hotline has helped tens of thousands of adults directly and indirectly, but it has failed.  New York State has lost close to 100,000 GED diplomas among adults since 2002.  That means that the vast majority of those people lost an opportunity.

I feel that helping parents is the key to success.  I just spent five and a half hours in Rikers’ Correctional Facility and I liked it much better than I liked being in the Rubber Room in Brooklyn in 1999.  I hope to bring an online program and a pilot project to help the families and friends of the incarcerated where those men, women, and teens can improve their education through the rich vocabulary and games provided by a software.  The acquisition of the vocabulary will put people who learn the words on the road to college readiness.  And in this way the formerly incarcerated will reenter society and study more if their parents are studying.  Helping them will help all of you and keep us all safer.  There are 100,000 people incarcerated there during the year.

Parent involvement can mean helping with passing state tests, staying in high school or earning a high school equivalency, passing college placement tests, preventing bullying, and helping the family, school, and community and more.  There is a plan if you want all of that.  It’s Up to You New York.  We can achieve much better results.

These young people and others who are not incarcerated have children in universal pre-k.  One of every four New Yorkers lacks a high school equivalency and we have the solution.  I know that the colleges and the schools can work together and educate more adults, the parents in your community.

If you do what Queen Makkada has done, meaning work with hundreds of parents and their children who pass their state exams while attending different schools, you will be doing what successful charter schools do.  Children cannot keep failing the state tests under the present volatile climate.  Principals and teachers are getting fired, men and women who should not be fired.  Michael Bloomberg said on the John Gambling show that it is alright to be subjective in firing someone.  Joel Klein went along with this.  We cannot accept that.

Years ago I sent a message to the City Council of New York and this is what I soon learned.  Queen Makkada and I met a man named Isaac.  No this is not a biblical story.  Isaac told us that his cousin was connected with the DOE and the staff was told to account for compliance, Title One compliance.  This was what I was asking for and it was being done.  What happened to it?  It is here right now, finally.

And Title 1 cannot be confined only to parents who come into school.  No!  We have to do what Joel Klein failed to do.  We have to double, triple, and quadruple parent involvement.  We have answers.  We have solutions.   Parents have to be engaged, helping their children pass state tests and helping children prepare for college placement exams.   It’s Up to You New York.

I am in Joel Klein’s book, but Queen Makkada is not.  Please see page 39 about the Rubber Room.  I guess that Queen Makkada is not in his book, because she did not make it to the Rubber Room. 

Today is an opportunity to finally do things right.  A few years ago, I proposed a change to parent involvement at a UFT conference in Queens by which the parents have to be better engaged long before their children fail college placement tests.  And now I am telling you that the future of parent involvement is through technology.

Queen Makkada and I made a special visit to the Tweed to talk about GED help for all of the schools in District 27.  Where did it go?  Nothing happened.  We could have mobilized thousands of parents and their loved ones in a city where about 1.5 million adults do not have a GED.  The parent who learns more can continue to be the first teacher of his or her child, but we lost that battle.  The Tweed was asleep.  Parents and their children should study together.  I recently told parents in P.S. 89 Queens how they can learn common core material by studying from the new TASC High School Equivalency book and continue to help their children.

Queen Makkada invited me to the Tweed to attend a meeting with Chancellor Joel Klein.  Joel Klein brought Shimon Waronker into the meeting.  In that meeting, Joel Klein stated that he felt that District 27’s parents could be a model for the rest of the city.  What happened?  Nothing happened.  Waronker made history by reducing the violence in JHS 22 Bronx.  What Klein did not write about in his book is this.  Joel Klein did not write about the extra services that the school had been given including: social workers, guidance counselors, family workers, and the school had a new science lab, a new library, laptop computer carts, and much more. These were things that were never revealed in Joel Klein’s book and you must understand why.  All of this was left out as Joel Klein praised his principal leadership program.  Even the New York Times fell for it.  What Joel Klein was supposed to say was that the test scores did not go up.  I say that parents have to know about these things, to be better informed.  In addition, on math, ELA, and science tests the school recently scored 2 percent, 6 percent, and 18 percent receiving 3 and 4 on the state tests.

I asked Joel Klein’s tag team partner, the mayor, how we could get more gang members into GED testing seats faster.  I did not ask how could we get them to class faster, but it would not have mattered.  You see Every Child Does Not Matter.  Bloomberg responded by saying Martin those youth come from dysfunctional families and we cannot get them into class.  At the same time, Joel Klein was saying that coming from dysfunctional families was an excuse with him, an excuse that teachers should never use.  And here the mighty mayor who appointed Joel Klein was saying the exact opposite.  My attempt to help make New York a safer place failed.

Welcome to The Force 2020 DDT Blog

It is a great pleasure for me to introduce my own blog to my readers around the world. I just finished writing over a hundred articles on Jewish Business News and look forward to creating new content right here, content that I hope everyone will start sharing with friends, family, and associates.

The Force 2020 DDT is about the Election of 2020 and we hope that The Force will able to turn our nation into a much better nation. The lies of the last two years have been exposed. Now we have to educate people. At this time, for example, we see that the Trump Administration is about to cut Social Security, Medicare, and other items that affect our families. And this comes from a man who touts the greatest economic gains in American history, including jobs. Why cut the budget in a “great” economy? Why turn to austerity measures on the backs of nation’s senior citizens? Trump made the mistakes including a deficit due to his huge tax cut for the wealthy and the great trade imbalances of his tariff war.

Our nation has been divided since Trump campaigned for office. We may be heading to impeachment r even worse, but the die has been cast and Trump has been a danger to our nation who has been using a Republican shield to keep him afloat. The long delay of the Mueller Investigation has probably kept him in office. We deserved something much better from the beginning.