Kandacenicht! Kristallnacht! No, the Kristall is not to think about Billy Crystal. No way!

I wrote that Kanye West merited the things he has since received from the world, including being cancelled. There are a lot of men and women around Donald Trump who deserve the same thing. I gave this article a lot of thought, including All the President’s Men which I need not go into. So let’s get to the point.

Kanye criticized even Trump in his remarks without mentioning Trump’s religion. I know that lots of Americans are shaking their heads right now because they know Trump’s religious faith even those he has been anointed by Christians and Jews for his policies. If January 6 had not happened, I would not have been able to write about Trump and how he has been exposed with great evidence. People were watching!

Austria 1938. November 9-10, the night of broken glass. And this November in two weeks, there will be a world conference of Jews taking place in New York City to learn more about. Was this part of the plan of the The White House with the ADL?

November 8, 1923 was the infamous “putsch” by Hitler in the Bürgerbräukeller in Munich. The Nazis had this in mind. The men were Bormann, Lutze, Goebbels, Göring, and the Führer. And the Jews were going to be attacked. Hitler was concerned about his “international image” as he did not wish to be associated with the events of that night in 1938. So Hitler’s role was a secret. And there were All the Führer’s Men in action.

Hitler tells a good friend that the purpose of the pogrom was to speed up Jewish emigration. Then he blames it on Goebbels later on. He has other secrets including eliminating Jewish lawyers from doing their work. Roving gangs were to blame for that night! And then, true to form, Hitler made it seem that he disapproved of the pogrom. And people who heard that believed that. Hitler demanded also that the culprit should be found. The “Party” moved as well as the SA, the SS, and the police. This was to be a “well-mannered” pogrom against the Jews. No looting was allowed which indicates that normal pogroms had looting. The wealthy among the Jews were to be singled out. In Erfurt, a baptized lawyer was tortured because he was a witness against one of Hitler’s men in a divorce case (italics added can ye believe that). And there were lots of settling of scores against Jews. Catholics feared that they were next.

This all happened as followers of Hitler took action, including youth in many places. The danger to Jews stays on our minds today. Never Is Now! Kanye and Candace are followers of Donald Trump and most articles about what has happened do not include that key information. I believe that Kanye’s comment about Trump was clearly intended to make him look impartial when we know that Kanye is not impartial. Secret or not, things remain Kristallclear!

Broward Schools Never Is Now

“The Poison Garden play about the lynching of Black people in Florida in the 1930s had the smell of death and today I sense that there is a smell in Florida among school personnel and people elected there to serve and that smell seems to be coming not from the “Garden” but from the underwear worn by people connected with the schools.”

 August 5, 2022 Martin Danenberg in The Force 2020 DDT

I woke up early and decided to read The Miami Herald article by Jimena Tavel on the Broward School board meeting where Superintendent Angie Cartwright was given 90 days to turn the district around as there are 119,000 students in need of a better school performance.

I read about the politics of our time thinking about Ron DeSantis and Charlie Crist as I read between the lines. There were 15 points presented in opposition to the school superintendent and her leadership brought up and some or many of those points were refuted as not factual. The process of judging any person requires that are things “fair” and “accurate” and that means which points were publicly dismissed at the meeting as out of hand “fake news?” There is an air of Trumpism that bothers me. If Superintendent Carpenter was not being treated fairly from the start and she is really doing a good job, why has she been given 90 days to turn things around? Giving her 90 days to turn things around, to me, seems more like a pardon than an exoneration.

Never Is Now! Why Never Is Now? I stole the title from a major world conference about anti-Semitism that will take place in two weeks called for by the Anti-Defamation League and assisted by The White House (Vice President Harris is involved). Imagine hate spreading and 119,000 fascist leaning community residents in Broward County! Yes there is an educational problem in Broward which I have known about for years. Haven’t I talked to Lori Alhadeff? Have I not written about Parkland in Jewish Business News in Israel? Have I not done lots more that cannot be swept under the rug?

I have been in touch with CBS News 4 in Miami. No response!

I have been in touch with WPEC in Florida and found the staff to be conscientious and I even got a call back which was great.

I have spoken to the Broward School Foundation and the contents of which deserves to be exposed to the community.

I have called the staff of Superintendent Cartwright and written to her.

I am not going to get in touch with Governor Ron DeSantis. But I can tell the residents of Broward County that they should get in touch with Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona because your concern is his concern, and his concern is your concern. Tutoring is needed. We know that!

I have also contacted various people who will be presenting at the Never Is Now ADL Conference and I have written about it a bit in The Force 2020 DDT. This conference about ending hate comes three years after I asked for a World Conference of Jews and my intervention in Parkland took place around the same time. Am I to be considered a “carpetbagger” in Florida and around the world? My successful intervention in Florida in 2001 with the office of Jeb Bush was not viewed that way at all. The right-hand man of Jeb Bush called me to find out how I could help. I can share more with Broward another time.

And this was published in Jewish Business News in Israel.

Whatever It Takes: Waking Up Parkland And Broward

By Martin Danenberg Published March 6, 2019

I’ve been with the group Harold Melville and the Blue Notes in my work.  And I had an article about that back in the day.  I’ve been connected with The Hip Hop Summit Youth Council and I’ve talked to LL Kool J and others. Remy Ma, the rap artist, attended a small event with Dr. Ben Chavis and me before Remy shot her friend in the stomach and ended up in jail.  Now I am talking to Broward County and Parkland.  Let’s make a better place for you and me in this world now.

Geoffrey Canada is well-known across America and an icon for his role in moving the Harlem Children’s Zone into charter school success.  I was briefly in touch with the Harlem Children’s Zone and I entered its premises one evening as I went to another event in Harlem.

I obtained the book about his story from one of the leading parent involvement leaders in the city of New York.  I did not wish to read the book, but once I started reading it, I couldn’t put it down. Did I learn anything from it?  Not really.  But I learned certain facts that were true and for me it was predictable.  Now I endeavor to share that information with Parkland and the Broward School District (and perhaps many, many others).

Geoffrey Canada was working with parents and children that he helped before in the community and that was an advantage that community schools do not have.  When he started the charter school by lottery, he twisted or broke the rule to add those children.  He tried hard after that, providing a rounded education, but still not cracking the code for success on the state exams.

After reading a lot about Canada’s negative reactions to the testing scores, I knew that the principal was going to be fired and I knew what the solution was.  The solution was teaching to the test better (much better the way that I do) and now with technology that was not available all these years the teachers can reach the parents and students in the home each day to keep the children on track to pass the state tests.

Note Although this does not appear in the article, I felt that the principal was treated unfairly or in an arbitrary and capricious manner. If I had had my way, she would have sued to get her job back because she was doing a good job. Unfortunately, she probably had no protections in place such as a union rep or organization to file a suit against Geoffrey Canada. Or even the idea to do so!

Just a few years ago and close to my home, two-thirds of the students in Smithtown schools passed their state tests, but one-third did not pass.  I believe that a large part of that one-third could have passed with the measures that I presented in the last paragraph. 

Geoffrey Canada could have taught that lesson to an entire nation. The New York Times best selling book about what he did belongs in the Broward school libraries along with lots of books about racism, fighting hate against all people including gays and trans people, knowing our history and not just the history that white supremacists wish us to know. Chris Mancini did a presentation before the Broward School Board just weeks ago and who was “rebuffed” in silence as he wished to show his play about the lynching of Black people in Broward in a school and school board members most likely sat their in silence because they feared the governor and his new law.

DeSantis and that Semi-Fascist Message

Posted September 8, 2022 

And with school starting in Florida, there are factual reports that the reading and math deficiencies in Florida are still immense because Florida is not a good state for education. Charlie Crist is well aware about not only what to say, but also what to do to help the state’s children to learn much more in the future and save lives if we face another pandemic. Florida led the nation in deaths and continues to lead in illnesses and deaths this year. Florida is lucky and DeSantis was lucky that the deaths that occurred under his policies from March 2020 resulted from the fact that COVID-19 was three times less transmissible back then than it is now.

“Lucky” DeSantis makes me think of “Lucky” Lindy and the parallels in the two movements. Diminishing Blacks, LGBT communities, banning books and in a way that makes it appear that the problem is immense and widespread is precisely what the Nazis did to Jews and there were people back then who were Jewish and who were friends of Hitler. The vote in Miami-Dade right now to protect LGBT students was 8 to 1. Homosexuals were in concentration camps and were exterminated and some Jews were homosexuals. And the vote to help Jews in the United States in the 1930s and 1940s was similar. With Trump in The White House right now, things would be worse for Blacks, LGBT, for Jews, and those who wish to peacefully assemble and protest. The “Great Replacement Theory” advocated by the Trump Team would affect even more than those three groups. There have been 177,000 Cubans who have arrived here and that would have looked very bad for Trump, but Trump is widely known for bankruptcies. Cubans take note of that! And Venezuelans too!

It is time to drop the “atomic bomb” right here for Floridians. The Moms 4 Liberty, The Proud Boys, and all those politicians diminishing schoolteachers, unions, social justice, other religious faiths, and more will find their bunker. The “atomic bomb” is knowledge about testing that you probably will not hear from anyone else. I have always had a major outreach to other states and even countries (including Bangladesh, Argentina, and Bulgaria, El Salvador, and the Dominican Republic).

And in September I also wrote about Charlie Crist.

I know that was a mouthful. Forgive me for my excesses in favor of the people The Moms 4 Liberty and me are clear. The problems that they cite incite fear in people and what I am accomplishing is the waking up of the great number of people who fail their state exams in neighborhood and charter schools. This is now your true school choice. I also believe that Charlie Crist is going to help educate Floridians much more and put an end to the very limited claim by “Lucky” that Florida is building

“world-class schools.” That was a claim put out in New York City for over a decade by the Bloomberg-Klein team” and you can read all about what is going on in that city online the way that I do. Charlie Crist is turning a corner right now which will help him defeat The Blitzkrieg of hate in Florida.

And here we are today in October of 2022, our schools could have been much better, and Ron DeSantis could have concentrated on that as he promoted his “moral majority” to oversee classrooms and libraries. He had no answers and still has no answers. Floridians you have been had! Biden will help Florida again and I can assure you that there are people in Broward that will block the help that is needed.

The Two Million Man March from A to Z

I have been writing about different million-man marches since 2002 which were well published ideas that nobody listened to. The A to Z refers to Abbott and Zeldin and Repugnicans in between like Ron DeSantis. Two million could have been 5 million and what an event that would be. This is still COVID TIME across the world and I do not advocate for herd immunity nor spreading the disease through politics (Hitler would have done that).  The timing for A to Z hit me with passion as there was news about a man in Dallas who killed two people in a hospital. Lee Zeldin must have read the news. The man was not out on bail (this was not New York), but he had been arrested for aggravated assault and had on one of those ankle location monitoring devices which really is another type of bail (he was not in jail, right?). Ask Lee Zeldin just how a “law and order” governor of the greatest state for law and order ever created (Texas) has not done more with the legislature to create zero tolerance for murder. Those two should argue before even trespassing on Governor Hochul. And a Republican senator (from Missouri which would only bring more misery to the people) was just asked how Republicans would governor if they win the election and he had no answer. No plan no answer!

I could have named the march the Kanye-Kaepernick March for America or invoked the name of that minister of The Nation of Islam, among other things. Doubling those numbers of that historical march is not a difficult task since the population has increased tremendously. I think, also, of the biggest event in the history of the Jewish Museum in downtown New York City which was attended largely by Jews and Dominicans and that was a wonderful event showing the role that a dictator played in saving 700 Jewish lives in the Dominican Republic when Hitler was diminishing Jews (and others) in Europe. Things that I have written about. And in Florida and other states right now teachers, gays, Jews, and others are being diminished even by legislation. The Nazis gave the people laws against abortion. Teachers were silenced and so were students. And the victims kept piling up as democracy was eroded like a beach of humanity. And we had to land on a beach in France to end all that. Fort Lauderdale here I come!

Kanye West just got support from a small, but powerful group of “goyim” who spread hate all over our nation. Long Island and other communities have been hit by this and in New York Lee Zeldin will never admit, apologize for, denounce, or even fade away because of people like Kanye West, Candace Owens, Turning Points USA, the Proud Boys, the Oath Keepers, the Long Island Loud Majority, and elected officials that went along with all the lies.

Latino support for Republicans, I keep reading, is growing. Jewish support for Trump has grown (an exit poll that I read about gave him 80 percent Jewish support among Haredi Jews). A membership card in The Proud Boys was not needed, but Trump has not spoken out forcefully against Kanye West and those “goys” even though he no longer has to be the leader of the United States. There is a “goys vs. gays” issue at play here to talk about and Florida again is the epicenter of that problem right now. Things will get worse and by then it will be too late.

In Florida where Latinos on this day may or may not be supporting DeSantis over Crist, there is a lesson to be learned. Trump did not free Cuba, Venezuela, or any Latin American nation and those Hispanic leaders who supported Trump will not just fade away. They are fighting hard to maintain themselves in power and that power is helping to corrupt American politics generating more hate. What good is power if it is not power for the people?

Ukrainians have learned the lesson well this year. Have you noticed that Trump’s affection for Putin ha costado mucho? And Biden has showed strength through these days against the violence perpetrated by Putin and his army. Have all Hispanics read during this year that Putin and his people have talked about expanding their colonizing efforts into Latin America and even Alaska (and beyond Alaska into places like Florida). Cubanos for Proud Boys will lead US toward Cubanos por Putin and the possible destruction of Latin American nations taken over by Putin. I want all those Venezuelans who are now in our nation to progress and not be intimidated by a weak governor in Florida. His mind is weak, and he is under investigation. Nobody investigated Hitler in his day! And a visit to the FACEBOOK of the ADL in Philly had information about Nazi Germany and its slow-moving diminishing rights effort which later accelerated, and it was too late by then to remove Hitler from power. All this has been documented well, but what percentage of any ethic group in America thinks about that as a daily supplement for political health?

How do we hold the Two Million Man March virtually? Lets not be complicit right now because our nation needs this Two Million Man March. Kan ye make it happen?

Saving American Democracy My Way

There is messaging, urgent messaging for our nation that must be shared.  You will see just how The White House is involved later, but L’Oréal is a company known around the world whose headquarters is in France and it is a company devoted to diversity and inclusion. Did you know that the new main squeeze of Kanye West became the face of L’Oréal just a few years ago when she was only eighteen. Does Kanye West even know this? That model hails from Brazil and under Kanye’s influence she might soon be doing the Bossa Nova with Bolsonaro there if she isn’t already doing it. Howard Stern has compared Kanye to Hitler and right-wingers have compared Biden recently to Hitler. Perhaps all this will be addressed “my way” before the election in November? L’Oréal écoutez-moi! You know that nobody listens to me!  And Dear Kamala Harris….

You can now see the opportunity I noticed on the poster in the Consulate of El Salvador in 2001 since the words about High School are in English. Yes the people and the cabinet of the president of El Salvador made me famous and put me in a position of helping everyone which is what Joe Biden, Charlie Crist, and others can begin to accomplish by educating everyone in our nation. You will read what the ambassador of El Salvador told me in a phone call as I was trying to help the powerful New York City Central Labor Council as proof.

The other day, I was multitasking, talking on the phone to a friend, former student, Puerto Rican as things were not going right with a photo of N.O.R.E. which would not paste successfully into my article. I felt my world shattering since I pride myself on strong messaging. I had to leave the conversation with that “Puerto Rican” and think about what knowledge I was lacking. Within one minute the idea entered my head, I guess the way that Thomas Edison got the idea for the light bulb and that idea worked. I could not transfer the photo directly from my email into Word Press blog so I tried this. I copied and pasted it into a document and then copied and pasted it into my article which featured N.O.R.E. The rest is history. But….

This morning I got a message that I had to do something before signing into Microsoft to open my computer. The message detailed that I had had unsuccessful attempts to connect when I had not even attempted one time since shutting down last night. There was a code to type which made me suspicious. I chose not to use that code even though it might have been a valid message. There was another way and all I had to do was click on an icon that I have seen everyday and try my password again. Again in one minute without prior knowledge something great happened. And it was more than that.

I saw a pastor promoting the Never is Now event with the Anti-Defamation League in coordination with The White House.  This was my second time seeing it. So I remembered my own work back in 2019 when the world did not listen to me. Click!

I have had a couple of incidents as a teacher where Puerto Ricans said things to me that were anti-Semitic and that goes back decades. I dealt with it and I needed no law from a governor like Ron DeSantis and his legislature to make things better. The Puerto Rican mentioned in my conversation knows my history which was partially shaped by this.

Puerto Ricans were failing, failing, failing, but obviously not all. In my home we did not discuss the failure of Puerto Ricans in school, but in the 1960s I heard it elsewhere. I had not known that John F. Kennedy in his last 100 days on this earth had tried to make a deal with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. as part of a civil rights’ package and that was to provide education, education instead of integration which Kennedy assessed would not be easy to accomplish. That same initiative that he had in mind could greatly advance the progress of Puerto Ricans on the mainland. It did not happen and so progress has been slow. Keep in mind that in 1964, just a year after JFK’s death that the Republicans wanted segregation to exist by state law and that included Florida.

I really had no major solution to offer until after I retired in 2000. What I learned back then is relevant and revealing. “The more things change the more they remain the same” we are told. Educational attainment was lacking among Puerto Ricans and others. In 2002, these three states were problematic: New York, Florida, and Texas as well as others (many others). New York GED delivery 1.1, Florida 1.5 due to my intervention that delivery was raised a lot, Texas 1.0. And there was a total of 8 million people in need of a diploma in those states. In 2013 which is eleven years later, there had been exactly no improvement as the same numbers were produced by those states. Do a calculation of one percent of eight million adults without a diploma? Those states did not improve because the people in power lacked the knowledge to make things better. And ask yourself if things have been getting better for adults?

The Census of 2020 shows how two immigrant groups suffer the greatest consequences of poverty in America and those groups are Dominicans and Salvadorans. Is it shocking to me? Of course not!  I had not even known the Salvadoran community on Long Island before 2001 (moved here in 1993). My fame skyrocketed as I became the profesor del Consulado de El Salvador in 2002. The New York City Central Labor Council needed my help in Puerto Rico several years later to bury a Salvadoran who had been killed in an industrial accident and I was told by its executive director in San Juan that the consul general in Manhattan was not helping. There were two calls made to fix the problem. The first one was to the Embassy of El Salvador when I asked to speak to Ambassador Rene Leon. Within an hour Ambassador Leon called and told me that he would take care of the problem himself. Which he did! The New York City Central Labor Council was grateful to me for my efforts and that new collaboration failed when a new executive director replaced the man I worked with that day.

So there I was promoting the GED to all immigrants and making progress sometimes against tremendous resistance.

Later I was promoting parent involvement in Title I programs in New York City.

I was promoting the program USA Learns which is a free program to learn English and which was a badly needed program since there was a long waiting list in public libraries to get access to classroom programs for adults.

And my efforts fell on deaf ears as well in Hispanic communities even while I became famous as “El Quijote del GED.”

Even now my request which has been made to The Department of Education of New York City and The Department of Education of the United States has gone unanswered for the moment. We shall see what happens. I am a little bit like the famous inspector of The Pink Panther movies who said that he trusts no one. Clouseau I am not as France is learning more about me.

Dominicans, Salvadorans, and Puerto Ricans are facing quite serious lives due to poverty across the United States.  I called for a Conference of Jews in 2019 and assessed the need accurately back then, but nobody listened including the ADL. I will be doing more than that to wake up the ADL right now. J’Accuse!

Remember that I have recently written that my attempt to start a Million Hispanic March toward the GED (2002) failed. And it continues to fail in Florida and other places because of the system. And it provokes me to read articles about Florida, for example, that portray a Latino community moving US toward disaster as a democracy on the backs of Latinos who are not doing well economically and who would wake up with the right messaging, the best messaging.

Have you read the article Hal of People of Dominican and Salvadoran Origin Experienced Material Hardship in 2020 by Zachary Scherer and Yeris Mayol-Garcia? The hardships included food, housing, and bill paying hardships and the percentages of hardships were large, 50.5 percent for Dominicans and 49.2 percent for Dominicans.

Latinos are going to vote Republican, I keep reading, according to polls and politicians. And as those Latinos move to the Republican column there is only a trickle down effect as people have to hide what is going on under the surface. This is what Repugnicans do! The Republican Party has gotten gains over “the Democrats want open borders bringing murderers, rapists, and other criminals” and Latinos have the same values of family and being conservative on issues affecting Florida and other states, and other well documented lies and half-truth or misinformation. Democrats have lost many chances to do much more to help people, but right now our democracy is at stake and I know just where things could go. Remember that I predicted an attack on our nation’s capital on January 3, 2021 just days before it took place and I called people around our nation who agreed.

Florida is the state that had a hand in causing more people to die due to COVID-19 as it lied about masks (not even going to write about vaccines here). Florida Freedom resulted in more deaths and although it wasn’t “murder” the deaths kept on adding up even though Florida initially had low death tallies when the virus started to spread and misled rhymes with spread. DeSantis and his men caused that to happen as I have repeatedly documented. In New York I noticed a Latino on social media telling people not to fear, that famous speakers promoting business tell you that and he pointed to the map showing how Florida lagged well behind New York in deaths. That’s because the virus had not spread there as it spread through heavily populated places like Elmhurst, Queens. Death was like that slow ketchup that hides inside the bottle and just needs a strong shake or more to come out to be consumed. And the consumers in Florida were consumed! Dios le bendiga if another pandemic hits Us soon, a hurricane of death.

And as far as Cubans and Colombians, the numbers are below 30 percent, but Mexicans are at 33 percent and all other Hispanics are higher than that. So much for Latinos heading toward the Republican Party while so many people are suffering like teachers in Florida from low wages (even before the recent inflation). I blame pollsters as much as anyone failing to ask questions that are more revealing.

And all that was before Joe Biden and the inflation we are facing worldwide. And poor Brazilians can buy two kilos of chicken a day with the money that they receive is much better than “Let them eat cake” from the days of Marie Antoinette.  The money they receive is real chicken feed and the messaging is a way to distort the facts of poverty in his nation. You see that I also took note of Bolsonaro’s. Birds of a feather flock together and even though I was all about GED in 2002 I let people speak about getting health benefits before me in meetings with community in New York. Everything matters!

I drove by the Pinelawn Cemetery today after shopping at the supermarket and I know prices are high. Those cemetery plots with the stones in rows, lots of rows, are not filled with soldiers who knew what they were doing during World War II. How could they know everything? How could they know that Southern boys in London were showing their culture of White Supremacy to the English as they made demands on African American soldiers. The war was not about freedom for all, including homosexuals. How could it be for all when even Jews were facing the onslaught of an American population that never wanted to take in the Jews and where support for Jews was single digit in polls? And discrimination continued around the United States. Have I not already written that Republicans were in the Ku Klux Klan on Long Island where Pinelawn Cemetery is?

There are things that can be done to reject that group of people nurtured on untruths. Republicans can read in Congress, for example, The 1619 Project to our entire nation. Let the people be educated since there really is no stopping free speech and education. Gays and lesbians have dressed the way they liked for generations and books in school libraries have been there for decades. No law is needed to stop the Gay Pride products in school since that can be handled at the local level.  And why should it be stopped at all since it is free speech.

For Latinos mentioned already, after the killing of Marcelo Lucero from Ecuador on Long Island, students in Patchogue High School got upset because Latinos were speaking Spanish in the halls and those “blanquitos” did not understand. They and their parents protested a meeting that I attended. Hate is driven by lots of factors and corrupt politics is driven by much more than stealing the public’s money. And nobody can stop the teaching of Critical Race Theory since the clock works 24 hours a day and people can learn about CRT right outside the school. And I wonder exactly how that community of Latinos feels right now about the treatment of Venezuelans at the hands of conservative governors in Arizona, Texas, and Florida. That community just celebrated its first parade showing our diversity, but our democracy is at risk and the case has been made in New York against Lee Zeldin for governor by Governor Hochul and by yours truly. Zeldin voted to overturn the Election of 2020.

Governor Ron DeSantis is not a “smart Trump” since he is prone to major errors that can be straightened out just like Trump. Unfortunately, the election is in November and those cases pending right now will have to wait, just as we had to wait all this time to learn much more about Trump and how he tried to bankrupt American democracy after losing the election. And DeSantis stayed quiet and continues to remain quiet so that he can get the most support at the polls. The courts do protect all of US and everything takes time. And I just read that even in relation to Florida and its legislation against abortions that the law violates the well documented right to privacy of the people of Florida and it has already been established both in Florida and across our nation that the Old Testament cannot be diminished by any court in a decision about “religious freedom” in America. The United States Constitution protects that freedom for all. It would be nice to DeSantis to direct the legislature of Florida to that information and repeal the legislation.

Florida You’ve Been Had

Didn’t I say weeks ago “Better the Waffle House than the People’s House (for Ron DeSantis)? Trump lost the Election of 2020 because of COVID-19 and DeSantis deserves the same fate. He deserves to lose.

The talk in Florida cannot be just about how the schools stayed open as 80,000 people died. That is pure propaganda. Let’s go back to the drawing board, but we cannot bring back those lives. Education is my endeavor as I achieve it the ways I know how. Much of my success has been as a blogger far outside the classroom as Dominicans, Salvadorans, Puerto Ricans, African Americans, Haitians, and others have learned over the years. I kept my mask on and I am alive to create change in Florida. Florida is a state that has really had trickle down education all across the board (it’s systemic) and that has to change.

Let’s go to the numbers for you to see added with some sazón that only El Quijote del GED can provide. Oh the photo! I mustn’t forget to share the information. I quickly got the executive director of ASPIRA New York to attend the B.M.I. Awards and a week later without asking I was invited to attend as well. I was already famous for Ojalá Que Llueva Café y Educación en el Campo and the event gave me an opportunity to walk around and meet other famous recording artists. N.O.R.E. was there as you can see. Okay now the numbers.

In 2002 Florida had a great leap on the G.E.D. world which developed between a member of the Jeb Bush cabinet and me. Bill Ammons was great (so was Hector Gesualdo, the executive director of ASPIRA New York who I met that same year). My ideas were taken forward to a governor, imagine that. And I say that Charlie Crist will be receptive to the contents of this article with the goal of benefitting Floridians faster than Republicans who use those “trickle down” ideas and still come up far short. In 2002 Florida had 1,867,000 adults without a high school diploma or GED. I had no numbers of ethnic groups until the report started to include that information in 2008. In 2002, 38,415 adults (young and older) took the GED test. The number of completed tests was 36,490 which was a good effort by the people. In 2002, 28,388 passed the test, but I knew that the Spanish GED was underutilized by Spanish speakers there and the French test was non-existent for Haitians and others whose strongest language was French. So you see that there were 10,000 failures. It’s time for people to “Oye Mi Canto.” Florida had the greatest improvement in the nation that year due to Bill Ammons and me.

And what has happened since? The delivery to the people annually was 1.5 per 100 people. Some other states did much better and that makes those states stronger (keeping in mind that talk about schools staying open during the pandemic). So this is the time for Florida to stop the “trickle” and concentrate harder on the people. That is where the Election of 2022 comes in and the change that I hope for in Tallahassee. In

GED Joe Biden Fair Shot 2021

Posted August 19, 2020

I presented that the best available information showed that Florida had a significant gap on Spanish (10.3) language success on the GED and a much worse gap among African Americans (25.8) in 2013. Things have not gotten better for adults and now with more immigrants moving in because of world conditions including Repugnicans telling the world that there is an ”open” border which is not the leading attraction, but shows that their messaging was corrupting them from the beginning. The biggest attraction for immigrants included the opportunity that this nation affords people and the ability to send large amounts of money back to their families around the world. This was true in the 19th century and remains true now. The dropout rate from school is clearly smaller as graduation rates have improved each year, but what happens to that 1,867,000 number? It would shrink if Florida had 50,000 diplomas a year instead of what it now has. Some people who earn a GED move on to great things or that American Dream, but others lag behind and have hardly any voice in government. This is the so-called “little man” of history who doesn’t earn enough, lives in poor conditions, and who votes or who does not vote. Poverty matters!

I was in Daytona Beach near Ormond Beach last month and the sign outside a fast-food restaurant read “Up to $17 an hour” which got my attention. Are wages well behind for Florida’s workers or not? That is what Hector Gesualdo was concerned about as the head of ASPIRA New York and that is what hit one of the most successful Latinas in the history of New York in 2003 who said to me back then “so that is why I failed.” The failure has to stop in Florida now and a new administration is needed. And I know that among the applications for jobs in Miami, that workforce developers see that up to 75 percent of job applicants today have no high school diploma or GED. Para que en Villa Miami oigan este canto, ojala que llueva diplomas del GED.

Florida, you’ve been had over the last for years in far too many ways. And in Miami, a mayor is flexing his muscles for a potential presidential run in 2024, a Latino. Yo no soy latino pero dicen que soy dominicano. Oye Mi Canto! And Florida you’ve been had is the theme to know and repeat as democracy has been diminished by Governor DeSantis and his team.

Keep in mind that less than a year ago Mayor Eric Adams spoke out that 80 percent of the people in the big jail of New York City have never finished their education. I just gave the Department of Education of New York City Family Empowerment unit the information that students need now to learn English faster, and this information will be sent there shortly since we need transparency from everyone.

The Plan Needed Now in Florida.

The embassies of the world and their consulates in Florida have to do more along with immigrant organizations that have never done enough to help the immigrants. Community organizations must join everyone at the table, along with political leaders and parent involvement programs and particularly Title 1 Programs. The Mexican government in the United States had educational classes up to the eighth grade to help the Mexican people, but it fell short of the goal of helping the adults.

I can now take you back to 2001 when not only ASPIRA New York decided to work closely with me to help the people that it served, but also the Consulate of El Salvador in Brentwood, New York made the same determination and by doing so those decisions chose my ideas over the programs of the City of New York and BOCES which provided help to the people outside New York City.

I can see Florida changing a lot, but the word has to get out before the election coming up.  I want to see the same development of concern for the almost two million people in Florida and other five million or so around them who love them as family and as friends shown by the government of Florida in the next administration. We need more nurses and other professionals. We need more people in the medical field and we needed them before the recent pandemic and Hurricane Ian. Things can and probably will get worse and that will take an investment in people such as our nation has never seen. Florida is the place to start. The combination of education attainment by everyone and saving our democracy is urgent care for the people. And Joe Biden is needed right now to bring this initiative forward in cooperation, particularly, with Latin America. We need all hands on deck to overpower the misinformation being spread by Russia in Latin America.

 I have recently written about Kanye West and Candace Owens in my articles and read my lips “They are not invited to my house.” And I want N.O.R.E. to understand that this Hitler poster boy and girl stuff is serious and calls for a kind of social distancing that people probably do not understand. Death comes along with that kind of work just as it comes along with gangs in the hood. New York Newsday published a small piece about universal pre-K that I wrote that spelled out that it would take a family 12 years to advance economically where the parents were lacking a GED, promoting their children’s education and neglecting their own. All these years while Repugnicans promoted charter schools along with misguided billionaires. Joe Biden and Secretary Cardona have the answer now which is great tutoring to help everyone in need. This could be expanded to help people being held back in important careers. And it could be done with federal dollars, weather permitting (I mean Republicans). And I’m waiting to be contacted by N.O.R.E. where we can discuss the anti-Semitism of his friends who along with Donald Trump who need to be cancelled fast. And lets’ get together with Meek Mill and Jay Z to make this country a much better place for everyone.

Stop Ron DeSantis now!

Kanye West Netanyahu and the Five Foot Putz

Okay the “putz” that I have in mind is really about 6 feet 4 inches, and “Bibi” in his new book writes about how he had to use golf terms to make Trump understand the situation much better between the Jews and Palestinians as there has been no diplomatic solution ever that has brought peace. And it’s interesting that the 5 foot putt was a demonstration about the UAE or United Arab Emirates.

On that note, I told my readers that it was clear to me from reading history that the United Arab Emirates would not be supportive of Palestinian rights to a homeland and or its struggle against Israel. I have no exact idea of the date that Netanyahu opened up Trump’s rather slow mind with the 5 foot putt concept, but I told my readers this. And keep in mind that if the people around Trump had really known this history, someone in The White House could have told Trump.

Republicans and Israel A Lesson for Georgians

Posted December 23, 2020

And behind all this were the Arab leaders who often would not even raise the Palestinian issue at meetings during the Bush years. This chain of thought permeates Dennis Ross’ work and book. We can see some of it right now in the Abraham Peace Accord which may or may not be real peace. The bottom line is that Donald Trump who told the world that he was looking at a one state and a two-state solution in the Campaign of 2016 did not deliver. His deal making abilities fell far short and he had to reach into a back pocket to show the American people the huge progress that he made. Even the new deal with Morocco was made with a nation that was rich in supporting its Jewish population.

If Dennis Ross, the former diplomat knew it, Netanyahu knew it, I knew it, and countless others knew it, it had to be explained to Trump by someone familiar with the Middle East. Jared Kushner could easily have thought of his Abraham Peace Accords if Hillary Clinton had won the Election of 2016 and presented it to her in the name of world peace and she would have taken credit for it. Kushner already had a strong relationship with Netanyahu and things could have happened without Trump. And is it possible that Jared Kushner had read what I knew by reading the same book (Doomed to Succeed copyright 2015)?

Netanyahu in his book “Bibi” points out that there were more golf lessons for the putz (okay he did not say putz). A 30 foot putt would be convincing the Saudis and convincing the Palestinians was next to impossible unless you believe in miracles since Netanyahu said that a golf ball would have to penetrate a solid brick wall and go in the hole for that putt to drop. In The Sacred Oath which I wrote a long time ago, I basically wrote that there would not be peace, but never describing anything like what Bibi had to do for Trump.

Today Trump is back to his old tricks trying to convince more Jews to vote for him. Isn’t it astonishing that after all this, the Kanye West putt that has sparked increasing fears of anti-Semitism across the world, the Candace Owens statement that West’s words were “honest” which attest to her own problem with Jews that we have seen before, and it would seem to me that both of those Trump supporters are pushing to have statues of themselves created that could be placed somewhere with a statue of Hitler that would honor all of them (including Trump who was known as King of the Jews). There has been no criticism of Kanye West yet by King Putz.

Trump is trying again to diminish the Jewish people by pointing out to the world that Evangelicals are more supportive of his efforts than Jews are. This stance has also been in the news when an Israeli diplomat presented it. This news is old news, especially since the Israeli government wishes now to come closer to the vast majority of Jews that cannot support Trump and his shenanigans. The fact that Jews are divided is not “fake news” and I’ve written about those divisions a lot.  And what Trump acts like is the wild animal trainer in the circus that has to beat those animals almost to death and then train them as he nurses them back to health. Have you been to the circus? Enough circus from Trump!

I typed putz in a search and came up with this.

Pittsburgh: Trump’s Dangerous Rhetoric

By Martin Danenberg Published October 29, 2018

This was published in Jewish Business News in Israel.

called the Dennis Praeger Show about two years ago to express the view that Trump’s immigration policies would increase anti-Semitism among Hispanics and other immigrants, especially as people are deported. At that time there were more anti-Semitic incidents, but there was no massacre. Nobody listens to me.

Praeger rejected my warning, telling his listeners that it reminded him of what a rabbi told him back when Abe Beame was running for mayor of New York. The rabbi was worried about increased anti-Semitism resulting from a Beame victory.

We were proud of Beame, but Trump is a different story, a much different story.

Where is Praeger now? Where are the evangelicals who support Israel? The focus should be on Robert Jeffress who has made anti-Semitic remarks and whose reward has been to advise Trump. We want action and not just words to solve the problems we are facing. And Trump and Jeffress are good friends.

Jeffress’ radio program reaches 900 stations nationwide. He should spend a year reaching out to people addressing anti-Semitism each week and if he cannot do that I would fire him from his role. in the White House. The Southern Baptist Convention and other churches could do the same. Perhaps the red flags will be revealed more quickly. But nobody listens to me.

We Jews are now in a super protective mode that needs more unity of purpose to save lives. And Trump by his campaign history, his policies, and his comments about the massacre in Pittsburgh have demonstrated his ability. Putzburgh!

And I noticed that Ben Shapiro, whose Daily Wire produced the Candace Owens documentary about Black Lives Matter, is calling for tolerance in this entire matter. And he does not mention Trump at all who could have made a statement. Shapiro’s dialogue will continue with those people who agree to disagree. They may not agree on everything that each of them says, but they are in bed together as hate is stirred across America. Should we thank them for their tolerance for each other? And did Kanye get a doctor’s note detailing that his anti-Semitism is just bipolar disorder?  It’s okay to cancel. Let the cancelling begin! There are limits to free speech (think of La Libre Parole in French history from 1894 on). That was an anti-Semitic newspaper that Kanye West should look into and maybe he could purchase it.

Our democracy is in the balance and for now Joe Biden has helped save it along with a cast of Americans of both parties in Washington, D.C. as the January 6 Committee concludes its presentations. I know that a debate is about to take place between Ron DeSantis and Charlie Crist. I can imagine the debate right now as Kanye West interrupts as he done at the most prestigious music awards, showing his support for DeSantis and speaking out against the Jews to the entire state of Florida. Why can’t that happen? He can tailor swiftly just about anything against the Jews in order to Make America Great Again (sorry Taylor Swift for bringing your name up in this sentence). I have very limited creativity, but I choose not to learn from Kanye West. Nada!

Trump has failed the Jewish people much of the time. It would be great if Charlie Crist will bring up all this Kanye West in the debates which would not be an attack on African Americans since this is about one man and his huge mistake to spread hate. Latinos, Asians, and all Americans who wish to be protected must learn that the first defense against hate is not, for example, guns being held by Jews in a synagogue in Florida or anywhere on earth. It is about changing the thinking of all men who harbor hate and blame the general population for the actions of one. When Kanye first mentioned the Jews without alluding to any one individual, he showed his hate. He showed the same lack of education that led to The Final Solution.

I just had dinner at home, and it made me think of Disney and Ron DeSantis’s attack on that company over gays. It was at Disney that a well-known, national dish of France entered my life, encore une fois. And recently I expressed my wish to sit down to the table with the President of France to enjoy coq au vin. Thank you, Disney, or as a famous Frenchman once said “thank heaven” for what you have done. Incredibly this is the day that we made and enjoyed coq au vin at home which was partially inspired by a dinner in Montmartre in Paris.

 It is my desire, Ben Shapiro, to travel to the home of Emile Zolá in Médan, France, which is just outside of Paris to visit The Dreyfus Museum. Our nation could benefit greatly if Shapiro has enough sense to realize that there are serious consequences that Trump, the Proud Boys, the Oath Keepers, Kanye West, and others have now brought forth, not only against our nation but against the Jewish people. Amen y merci beaucoup! And this is a moment for Jews and Evangelicals to unite to defeat hate! That can be done anywhere, and I think that since Florida is considered the state with the most hate groups in the nation, it would be a perfect place to start under a new administration where people will speak out because silence is an evil. And we have to think of the Florida governor and ask ourselves if he is aware of Hurricane Kanye and Tropical Storm Candace as they penetrate communities in Florida before the election with 120 mile per hour and high gusts of messages of hate against Jews. Trump won Florida in 2020 with massive help from anti-Semitic Hispanics which was concealed like a powerful weapon for several months and now the anti-Semitism is out in the open for all to see and know.

And today as Kanye West uses many of the same techniques as Trump to get publicity, it’s the influence of that putz which could be noted after the Pittsburgh Massacre. And it pretty much goes back to the days before the Trump years in office when Bill O’Reilly spoke out against Trump (which has not happened lately) as Trump pointed out his favorite quote from The Bible which was “An Eye for an Eye.” O’Reilly immediately pointed out that the New Testament is about Jesus and “Turning the Other Cheek.” That was a warning just like a missile being fired at the USA, but how many Christians (Kanye Christians) paid attention to that and spoke out? Silence is evil! Ignorance is bliss?

We Don’t Let that Happen Again Netanyahu Kanye West

The Bill Maher show presented Bibi or Benjamin Netanyahu and Maher put the Kanye West controversy straight at Netanyahu, a Jew and former leader of Israel. Netanyahu sprayed the words “stupidity” and “absurdity” at Kanye West and spoke those words that I last heard from an Israeli in a pool in Playa del Carmen, Mexico but within the historical context of the Jews get blamed for Communism and the Jews get blamed for capitalism. Or what was said in the pool is that we always get blamed.

Netanyahu looked great, well dressed, fit, clean shaven, alert, and ready to discuss things before the question about would Israel retaliate against Kanye West. The proof of the pudding is in the eating as we shall see what the Israeli government does to diminish the statements made by West. And Netanyahu spoke without citing a single example of what he was talking about since the matter is about freedom of speech to spread hate.

Netanyahu’s response about Israel’s position was clear and that is Israel takes care of those problems, however minor they may appear to Netanyahu. We know that Israel has bigger problems to handle and experience its share of world hate, but Netanyahu was not totally prepared to handle the question and with no advisors around him nor speech writers his words fell flat on me. When he said that Israel has “more” to be concerned about, although factual was something that should not have been expressed since hate is at the core of everything else.

The catalyst or person who helped give birth to the Zionist movement that led to The Balfour Declaration and the State of Israel was Theodore Herzl who covered The Dreyfus Affair which I have repeatedly written about, and which woke Herzl up to the danger of anti-Semitism. This strong link with the present is also a political link that is internationally present at conferences and in streets around the world and which no longer just surfaces under The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Heating up passions right now is The Great Replacement Theory which Bibi’s friend Donald Trump has been involved in. Kanye West and Candace Owens are both Trump acolytes and both Maher and Netanyahu conveniently left that out. Owens, who gave credit to Hitler before Congress for building up his country before moving into other countries, helped orchestrate the Black Exit from the Democratic Party. West cannot divorce himself from Trump or any of the anti-Semites who have taught him his lessons. And we have also read about West’s own Hitler comment accusations since the first anti-Semitic remarks were reported and Kanye continues to be embraced by others, a mixture of those who have had their own scandal of anti-Semitism and those who have not.

Israel may or may not go after Kanye West, but in handling the matter he has opened the door to Jews in the United States who should go after West to think more about my words. It’s just too bad that we cannot have a united front or it seems we cannot. Netanyahu is not in power, but his presence is always felt because he is on the sideline of government, a key component in government operations in Israel which could make him the “Comeback Kid.”. Trump is on the sideline where his political grave appears deeper and deeper every day, but there was no mention of Trump who still has made no comment about his friends who are being criticized all around the United States.

Netanyahu was okay with Trump’s wall until Mexican Jews spoke out and he quickly changed his tune. West and Owens have tens of millions of followers and although West has said that he wants no violence against Jews what he said stirs the pot of anti-Semitism loud and clear.

Have you noticed that I wrote that Herzl “woke” up to the dangers of anti-Semitism (which took place in 1894)?  Social justice for Jews and others is being diminished and we thank those Jews who protested Trump’s wall which failed. Failed! I put the blame for the immigration problem on that in my last article citing another important world leader. And in today’s news, Secretary Mayorkas has made world news by telling Republicans who say that we have an “open border” that they are just inviting people to come to our border. I wonder if my article  about immigrants going to Florida two days ago provoked that!

And my readers know that I knew where Trump was taking the people just as the French Military lied its way to destroy a Jew in 1894. The coup attempt and the cover up were similar only this time it wasn’t the military that was the perpetrator since it was Trump and his men (and women) this time around that tried to destroy the Democrats and our democracy. Will Netanyahu remain silent about that?

Military loyalty in France in 1894, lies, and “fake news” put out against a Jew- Trump government and loyalty, lies, “fake news”, a coup to overthrow democracy, and Trump did with knowing that he could get by with a little help from his friends everywhere 2016-present. And before writing this paragraph at had to learn more about Maher-Netanyahu and the interview where there was talk about apartheid and Israel’s protection of gays vs. the Arab nations (what about Florida and other places?).

Is this “fake news” about apartheid where mostly “The Squad” is blamed which could be interpreted as liberals, socialists, communists, and Democrats? Click on this to read about one of the most powerful Republicans who spoke about apartheid. Click and see?

And finishing up, just days ago in reaching out to someone in another state about the controversial Confederate flag issue (thinking of Nazi flag issue since I am Jewish), I was told that there are more important issues to deal with than that. Let’s deal with the Nazi flag (I mean Confederate flag) issue and not sweeping it under the rug here or in Israel or anywhere else.

Immigrants Soon Heading for Florida

“Silence in the face of evil is itself evil. God will not hold us guiltless.”

Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Lutheran Pastor in Nazi Germany

And let me take you back to 2019 when Trump was not even that close to the electoral defeat that he suffered and that he knew about. Nayib Bukele is the president of El Salvador.

Bukele Has Potential

Posted August 3, 2019 Bukele Has Potential

I really liked President Bukele’s thoughts about Trump’s wall and he is certain that the wall will fail.

I have to tell my readers right now just how significant that comment was by Bukele in 2019. The world was paying attention to him and Trump supporters even now are placing the blame for the immense immigration on Joe Biden and doing it, of course, in the worst partisan manner. Latin America was paying attention to this new leader of El Salvador and Trump made a deal with Bukele to do his best to keep the Salvadoran people out. So the message even back then was the wall isn’t going to work…the wall isn’t going to work…the wall isn’t going to work and since people understood that it wouldn’t work they came…they came…they came. And that was a year and seven months before inauguration day of Joe Biden in 2021. Bukele was giving great publicity to people to just make their way toward the wall which would fail. So Trump failed his own people and they have to project the blame to Biden. And that’s called a democracy? We know about our American fascism and the lies being told. And can you imagine what would have happened if Bukele had told people on television that Trump’s wall was working?

There is a lot of media coverage of the immigrant crisis in New York City and things are being done there to help the thousands of immigrants who have arrived there. There have been strong criticisms of the governors sending the immigrants to the city and we know about the investigations of Governor DeSantis and the breaking of law in sending immigrants far from Florida the way he did. Even an investigation is proceeding to determine if he illegally used federal funds to accomplish his mission.

As all the dust settles there and in other cities, immigrants will do what they usually do. Migrate to other places! And a prime destination for Venezuelans and Cubans will be Florida. Who then right now holds the key to the success of those immigrants, keeping in mind that the governor does not have the power to remove them? DeSantis or Crist? And it’s too soon to tell if the movement will be like the old “Gold Rush” to California in the 19th century that quickly gave California recognition as a territory of the United States making it eligible for statehood. And that change came quickly. Florida needs an immense political change right now!

Keep in mind that Florida has done a great job of telling the world just why they should move to Florida. No state tax! Freedom from government restraints! Florida is the perfect place for the immigrants mentioned and others.

DeSantis has cancelled himself out of being the leader there. True he is in charge right now over the hurricane disaster relief and that could help him in the November election but remember what Geraldo Rivera and others have said about how his actions against the immigrants will haunt him. We will soon see.

I believe that Charlie Crist, on the other hand, is the person that the immigrants can go to for respect, ideas, collaborations, justice, and general good will and he has lots of elected officials in that state that will be in the forefront of helping the immigrants succeed instead of delaying their progress in our nation.

Crist made a good point of portraying things in Christian terms a couple of weeks back. Helping new immigrants and struggling immigrants is a lesson from The Bible that was missed by Trump and DeSantis as they promoted the family values of the immigrants which does attract the attention of the most conservative supporters. Hispanics are divided like other ethnic groups in Florida.

What should we look for. I think the Supreme Court will have to decide finally that the Old Testament holds the answer to where abortion should be decided since we are a nation that firmly believes in religious freedom. The Amish once won a case where their children would only have to remain in school until they were 14 years of age. And in the Old Testament (the Religious Constitution) it is written that an abortion is possible when the life of the mother is at risk. Just about all articles published nationally never contain this important information and we say that the truth shall set you free. Would Governor DeSantis ever tell his constituents this? I strongly doubt it.

And in the firing of Andrew Warren who only spoke up in saying that he would not prosecute abortion cases, Governor DeSantis failed to recognize that the Supreme Court upheld many decades ago the right of elected officials to free speech. That was what Warren was doing, but DeSantis took it upon himself to show his supporters that he was going to fight for them. DeSantis is overmatched by historical decisions of the Supreme Court and his legislature has the right to remain silent about all this since the legislature went along with him. I undid in 2001 the work of the legislature and Governor Jeb Bush and I can help do it again right now.

I believe that Charlie Crist is the person the people can go to. I have helped Florida before, and I know that Florida needs lots of educational improvements. Immigrants have to speak English more quickly. The children of immigrants have to progress better as well as their parents earning educational credentials at the same time. African Americans around the state want justice and justice comes slowly with conservatives in power and increasing the educational attainment of African Americans is a must. DeSantis talks about world class schools in Florida, but with people far behind those world class schools are a myth to far too many. Comparing improvements to schools that have been locked down is not enough and the lots of votes can be obtained to turn the victory to Crist.

President Biden has the plan of action that is needed and our nation’s newspapers are not even covering it. Just imagine the Titanic, which sunk a century ago. Republicans will not support the lifeboats that students need right now in schools all over Florida. Tutors to help students progress now. Instead of that Republicans say let’s build a stronger ship called the charter school, a place where remediation will lift up your children who failed in their schools. The remediation can take place in neighborhood schools right now with the cooperation of Republicans, but the Republicans would lose a major talking point that has contributed to their success. Latinos seem to favor charter schools right now, but all that would change when the children get great tutoring, and the shift will take place away from the Republicans. Spanish news media should cover that! It’s politics as usual.

And keeping in mind that quote from a Lutheran pastor during the Holocaust who spoke out when others didn’t, maybe you have not noticed that Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis have not spoken out about the anti-Semitism of Kanye West nor was there a word about Candace Owens who felt that the West comments were honest. Owens spoke about just how Hitler was a good leader before he set out to control other lands and she said those things in Congress sitting next to a well-known Zionist leader who favored Trump because he favored Israel. Trump is being exposed more and more and now it’s DeSantis’s turn, although it is doubtful that there are as many human body cameras on the governor to witness and expose everything (whistleblowers). Not speaking out should diminish the Jewish vote for DeSantis next month. And not speaking out stirs the pot of anti-Semitism even if there are no known attacks on Jews at this time.

And as those immigrants move to Florida, we hope that the people will not follow the lead of Ron DeSantis. Those immigrants should be received well under Christian law and the law of the land. Every place in the United States must be a sanctuary for those immigrants. Our nation deports immigrants when it is called for. Remember that it Mitt Romney who helped stir the pot against the immigrants when he said that millions of people should “self-deport” and from there things got worse under Trump. And there is no wall between Georgia and Florida as people travel freely.

And in Florida, health officials are pushing back against the claims of the Surgeon General of Florida about COVID-19 vaccinations. Just weeks ago, it seemed that Charlie Crist was in the lead in the governor’s race as the handling of COVID-19 by Governor DeSantis was still a hot issue. We should never forget what the governor and a bunch of neo-fascists have done to spread illness and death, especially in Red states which became the dead states. Even now in Florida, pediatric viral infections have been surging and mucous is invading the lungs of children at a high rate. It has been written that removing masks and letting down the guard have contributed to these infections. Do we pray to do more to protect our nation’s children?

The ICRC – Terezín and the Red Cross Investigation

“Even the kings of Egypt did not film the children they wanted to kill.”

Gonda Redlich

Yes the Nazis filmed what you are about to read.

Days ago, I wrote that I would come to Make Terezín Great Again which the Nazis demonstrated to the outside world. This article could have been penned as ICRC – Terezín. If you have not read the last one, this is still a moment to think about the past and what we continue to do to humanity. It’s just as Whoopi Goldberg said recently on The View as she momentarily forgot about the racism of the Nazis. In my outreach to government officials just yesterday, someone I spoke to could see just how easily the Nazi swastika could be draped over the Washington and Lincoln Monuments after a coup on January 6, 2021.

Among other works of art, Brundíbar was performed fifty-five times to a full house. This play was first performed in Prague by Jewish orphans, some of whom were now cast in roles in Terezín along with its composer. A song “Brundíbar is Defeated” took on a double meaning in Terezín as the prisoners thought of Hitler. That song was about the children winning out. Unfortunately, we have to keep looking at that history, the children, the family members, and the cruelty of the world. Last night I was reading about the conflict over LGBT students, a teacher, and community groups trying to permit the students to maintain their freedom to express themselves as there is a battle over a flag among parents. In Jewish Business News in 2018, I wrote that I wish someone had raised the Jewish flag for US at the time of Hitler about the use of flags at school. And there were homosexuals in concentration camps who were not free.

At the center of this story should be Himmler’s lie. Lie! Lie Lie! And lies today are being sustained causing US to feel that democracy is being destroyed.

The inspection by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) has to be told. The Nazis were telling the world that the Jews were in their own city where they could have a good life and Adolf Eichmann was there to oversee things. The meeting was conducted by delegates who arrived in a limousine, and it lasted for six hours. The crowding in Terezín for that day was reduced as 5,000 more people were shipped to Auschwitz. The Danish prisoners who had just arrived were hidden, especially since two members of the ICRC delegation were Danes and the Nazis suspected that this new group would speak out forcefully to the inspectors. Think of those students in our classes who lack freedom right now.

There was a washroom in a section of Terezín called The Little Fortress and it was gleaming. It had never been used and it was built just for the inspectors to see. The inspectors left even before going to that area.

Terezín, this “Jewish” city, was reviewed as astonishing.

Food that was not readily available in the capital Prague.

Women in silk stockings, hats, scarves, modern handbags.

Great medical care and a fully equipped maternity ward (remember that I wrote that babies born in Terezín were “illegal.”

Terezín was not a transit point to anywhere else, the inspectors were told.

They saw a finely furnished room and asked a man how long he had been living there. “Since yesterday,” he answered.

The person interviewed was not interviewed privately as the Red Cross wanted it to happen and did not get.

Pale children were forced to sit before lamps to darken their skin.

Here is some more truth. Slave labor, some paint, building materials, playground equipment, sandboxes and swings, a refurbished post office, a bank, a remodeled cafeteria, flowers, and white tablecloths, a pharmacy, a bakery, store windows with great merchandise, improved housing, and a renovated school.

All of this was done to portray a humane society of Germans that did not exist. It’s done all over the world by extremists. So that was Make Terezín Great Again, a tool to hold power against others. The spirit of those fortunate Jews presented by the Nazis was there that day as well.

Smiling women doing laundry of high-quality clothes.

That cafeteria now had lots of meat, vegetables, and even cake.

Smiling women going off to work with their tools over their shoulders.

Cheers erupting over the scoring of a goal during a soccer game, but no soccer mom nearby.

The whole place was jumping for happiness created by Make Terezín Great Again. And the transports that the Nazis said did not exist continued to take the children and adults to Auschwitz until the very end. Evidence had to be destroyed.

And the piece of fruit that girls were eating were ripped from their hands once they were off camera. And the “illegal” baby that I have mentioned twice was vaccinated with death by a doctor who knew better than to do it. The child’s ashes, I assume with lots of evidence, were soon disposed of. The last transport to Auschwitz left on October 28, 1944 with family members of Madeleine Albright, former Secretary of State of the United States. And two weeks later, the urns were disposed of leaving its contents in the Ohre River near Terezín, where an acre of ashes floated on the river for all to see.

And in the United States, how much media coverage did we have of Repugnicans who chose to create a health emergency according to their dictates, portraying life saving acts including masks and vaccines as pure Nazism?

There were 15,000 more prisoners to kill, and Adolf Eichmann said “I’ve had enough” at a time when Nazi power or Make Germany Great Again was falling apart due to the advance of the Red Army. And people continued to get sick and die even after that decision to stop. Those attempts to conceal evidence were made in vain as the world has learned.

That was humanity then and we have to think more deeply of today. We must do much more to eradicate hate against others.

Ye Diddy Breakfast Club December 1940 White Lives Matter

This is Charlemagne de Gaulle broadcasting to you on the radio from New York City. Just days ago, we spoke to the Honorable Minister from his mosque in Detroit who told us that Hitler is a great man and possibly we, Negroes, will be next.

I am holding a copy of the World Street Journal with photos coming in from Washington, D.C. of two great American monuments. Here is the Washington Monument draped with the Nazi swastika and next to it a photo of the Lincoln Monument draped with the same Nazi symbol. For those of you who are waking up and having your cup of coffee, it is not known where President Roosevelt is right now. It is believed that he has fled the capital to go to Warm Springs, Georgia to be safe or perhaps he has fled the country to Canada.

How did this all come about. We can blame the F.B.I. and J. Edgar Hoover for not being aggressive enough to protect us. We can blame the police who have looked the other way, protecting fascists and going after communists. American First – Make America Great Again and Traifism has been around for years and led by Daniel Traiph. The actions have been taken to keep our nation’s capital under control. Daniel Traiph is on his way to New York City right now and only minutes away from Brooklyn where he will be visiting Williamsburgh and then heading to the Lower East Side. I have received a communication from his office that his actions are targeting the Jewish community there just like the actions of Adolf Hitler who upon occupying Paris visited le Marais, the Jewish section of Paris. It is expected that Jews will soon learn their fate which is a reminder of the Nuremberg Laws, the Kristallnacht, and control of the Sudetenland in Europe, all accomplished with warped speed to give Nazism a strong grip in Europe.

And lots of Eastern European Jews had just immigrated to Paris because Hitler was destroying Poland where they lived. The were soon rounded up by the French police and sent East according to the Nazi plan where eventually most of them were killed.

In the fashion world we have this to discuss which has made news. Ye who has been known as Ye West, Ye South, Ye North, and Ye East has just released his new line of White Lives Matter statement vestment. He has placed Pope Pius XI on the front. Ye has been known to be friendly to Traiph and his supporters and even though the Black Cabinet of President Roosevelt and its head Dr. Mary McCleod Bethune have done their best to make Black Lives Matter prominent in this country which in the eyes of many is pure corruption.

The Roosevelt government has been tied to communism in much of the media. And its accomplishments including putting Americans back to work, social security benefits, backing union rights, and doing other things to try to eliminate poverty is about to be overturned by Traiphism. We have our guest in the studio, Diddy, who is a good friend of Ye.

Diddy – Ye is portraying Traiph as just another Moses at the very moment while Traiph is moving against the Jewish people in Brooklyn, a place that we should not forget about. Tell US what you think Diddy.

I think that Ye is a real genius who is just making a fashion statement and forgetting the suffering of Black people right now including discrimination, unlawful imprisonment, lynchings, and more. Hitler banned jazz and other Black music from Germany and Black people are now required to sit in the back of the bus there. Ye is just trying to say that All Lives Matter and which means that White Lives Matter. He is still a brother to me. I know that some people are going to call me Dum Diddy, but we can agree to disagree, and we hope we not be cancelled. I wouldn’t have done what Ye has done, but this is America the land of the free.

In foreign affairs, Ye has already shared with me something that shows the genius of Traiph and we should just let Traiph be Traiph. Ye said that Traiph said he would just make a phone call to Japan and it would refrain from attacking the United States in the future, although its target may be the Soviet Union in the future since it has previously fought a war against Russia.

And it has been reported that Daniel Traif said that he could beat either Washington or Lincoln in an election for President of the United States. And it looks as though there will not be absolutely no more lend lease equipment for England in its struggle to survive against Hitler and Germany which means that Hitler will be able to confront the communists in the Soviet Union with no attack on its back. Traiph wants England to appease Hitler now.

This is Charlemagne de Gaulle reminding my listeners of the importance of this radio podcast. Remember my last podcast with Minister Farcan where we talked about providing hope and advocacy to Negroes in a divided America and he said what we should do is have a million-man march on Washington, D.C. I’m down with that because our problems are enormous and we have to unite. What do you think Diddy? True, true, true! We need a real civil rights movement and leader right now. Don’t you think so? So let’s get the word out about the Million Man March, great idea.

This is Charlemagne de Gaulle reporting to you from The Breakfast Club where we plan to address Zionism soon to our audience. Here is a fact to share with you in advance about Palestine. Palestinian (Arabs) often send their children to the school of their choice and selected German schools in the Holy Land where children salute the Nazi flag. We will try to connect our listeners to not only important news but also to important Nazi officials such as Adolf Eichmann who should be presenting his credentials soon to the American government. This is a German who has called himself a “Zionist.”

This writer made up the name Traiph from the Yiddish word for unclean or not kosher (traif). Liberties with history have been taken here to make people think about January 6, 2021 and what would have taken place if Pence, Pelosi, and others had been completely pushed aside (hung, removed, or other). Much of what has been created here might have played out in one way or another as it could have happened in 1940 as well.

Anyone who knows about or who watches or listens to The Breakfast Club should know that Hitler had Jewish friends just as Trump has both Jewish and Black friends. And Minister Louis Farrakhan actually said that Hitler was a great man and that Black people (he knew) would have been next after the Jews. My readers know that I wrote about an attack on our nations’s capital three days before it happened. I was concerned about those Trump supporters that have been found guilty of high crimes against the United States. I called for a body camera to track Trump years before he left office and called for whistleblowers to come forth which they have. Martin N. Danenberg (the N Matters in your search) correctly assessed that there would not be peace between the Arabs and the Israelis in the 1980s. It is not too late to read his screenplay The Sacred Oath which had only the slightest chance to be made into a motion picture. He objects to the use of White Lives Matter, particularly when it is presented alongside Blue Lives Matter instead of a pope. He wishes police well everywhere and wants them to return peacefully each day to their families safely. And he wants Hispanics to finally have a Million Man March to the GED (announced in 2002) since far too many have been held back due to lack of education credentials.


Like any warning that is dangerous to your health or nation, this warning tells you the reader to concentrate 100 percent on the promotion of this tee-shirt which will become popular and 0 percent on Kanye West’s criticism of Donald Trump which is truly worthless. This tee-shirt passes the test of propaganda.