Government is Greek to Me

It’s all Greek to me.                                   Shakespeare Laura Ingraham, back in April 2020, told her audience that her guest had a great resumé and that she loved him because he is Greek. My favorite desert is baklava, which is Greek. My home is adorned with art and photos from Santorini, Greece. And I am not […]

AP All-American Herschel Walker Fumbles in Georgia

Being a Heisman Trophy winner and knowing history, religion, and more would elevate Herschel Walker’s candidacy, but he is fumbling for sure. A swastika being portrayed by anti-vaccination people across America and by people hopeful of a Herschel Walker touchdown (he was once great). Rudy Giuliani telling people that Christopher Columbus was just typical of […]

Mussolini, Mussolini, Mussolini

Mussolini succeeded in his overthrow of the Italian government and Trump’s partisans ended up bankrupting Trump. Maybe they should have eaten pasta fagiola before entering The Capitol. There was no Il Duce for US in January. Making world news which is just about exactly the same in each of many newspapers around the world that […]

The Most Famous Teacher

I had conversations with a man who came here from Bolivia and he started to repeat time and again the words “most famous teacher” around me. This man is clearly what we call in Spanish (chistoso), but it was all in fun. He introduced me to several people including people who have met and known […]

Hitler, Stalin-USA

Consider all of this information. We should begin with this Nazi Germany eye opener. Germans were going to deport kill assimilate enslave bring order bring prosperity Slavs were to disappear Demographics ranged for Poland-Ukraine-Belarus-Czechoslovakia were projected from 80 percent-65 percent-75 percent-50 percent to disappear for each grouping. Slavs were Native Americans. The eastern lands were […]

Peril Harbor

PERIL is the name of Bob Woodward’s new book (with Robert Costa) and I have just noticed news sites that announced it along with information about the mental state of Donald Trump after the Election of 2020. Behind the scenes, our nation’s leaders and military leaders were concerned and limited Trump’s access to destructive missiles […]