Pearl Harbor: War Declared

We seem to be close to war again and our nation is at war with itself again. It took months for the Japanese to plan and accept the attack on Pearl Harbor, something that not all Japanese wanted. Admiral Yamamoto devised the plan, a six-month plan to attack the United States and to create such […]

A CRT Caravan Coming to New York

Painting of the march and crossing of the Edmund Pettis Bridge in Selma, Alabama by Mark L. Cohen, painter of Black Lives Matter and The Holocaust. “He (Emile Zolá defender of Captain Alfred Dreyfus) was for a moment the human conscience.”                                  Anatole France For those who do not know my work well, a quick […]

Clarence Thomas Should Resign

 “He (Emile Zolá) was a moment in the conscience of France.”                                Anatole France Clarence Thomas must resign. And this article takes you into French history and its politics today to illustrate how honored institutions such as the military and the judicial system can be greatly diminished by the people in charge. And a famous […]

DeSantis Banned or Not Banned?

I have published lots of articles where I mention Ron DeSantis. He is a Repugnican to me. Elliott Abrams and Eric Cohen of the Tikvah Foundation along with the Jewish Leadership Conference are upset about their talks breaking off for their event. I agree with this point. Clear, accurate statements should be made by the […]

The GED for Community

“Eighty percent of people in Rikers have no high school diploma and sixty-six percent have dyslexia.”                        (Mayor) Eric Adams several months ago “It takes a village (tribe) to raise a child.”                        An African saying, slightly modified and timeless I learned from the tribes of Alaska about five years ago that everyone in jail […]

Trumpism and Critical Race Theory

I have noticed the errors of people in state government for the last twenty years or more. It started with Florida at the time of Jeb Bush (1999-2002). I helped straighten things out for the benefit of the people of Florida. Then I began to acquire immense knowledge in my education field and in 2006 […]

Shestakov: Introducing a Russian Dissident

I strongly suggest that the New York City Council and Department of Education of that city invite Andrei Shestakov to speak about his life experiences. He lives in Siberia and has worked there as a police officer working with juveniles and as a history teacher. In this day of First Amendment battles in the United […]