DeSantis Must Go

I think that there is one man who could easily find a way to get rid of DeSantis and his name is in the news all the time now. Are we talking about a “coup” to overthrow the government of Florida like the January 6, 2021 attack? Not really! But G.S. has the imagination to […]

Lack of a Safety Culture

Genesis or a facsimile of it. Lack of safety makes things dangerous for people in our nation. Read more about the beginning of that danger that people were placed in. Learning more matters as we have learned that COVID is not over. And what will happen if and when the next pandemic strikes US. I […]

Intifada Talk Gets Attention

In Michigan there is a call for an “Intifada” against Israel or death to the Jews. When I started writing about the Arab-Israeli conflict in the 1980s, there was no talk of an intifada. Fresh in our minds were wars between Arab nations and Israelis. How many Jews in New York City or elsewhere knew […]

Repugnicans in the News

There was Dr. Ben Carson who we can recall telling US that if the Jews had had weapons to fight back with against the Nazis that there probably wouldn’t have been The Holocaust.  Jews actually had weapons and those weapons were taken away from them. And did he think that Jews were even a sufficiently […]

Nazism in Our Midst

“Biden just compared illegal aliens – lawbreakers who have been found to be terrorists, drug dealers and bad actors – to Jews fleeing Germany during the Holocaust,” Rep. Andy Biggs of Arizona wrote on his Twitter. And this kind of statement among others reaches tens of millions of people who just do not know enough […]