Prison Will Not Define Them

Mayor Adams has visited Rikers’ inmates and correction officers. He was there to give thanks to America on Thanksgiving and to promote his own message of the advocacy of hope . I have been in Rikers’ 3 times and learned a bit from the experience, but if I can point a finger of some or much of the failure, I point it at the Commissioner who I contacted through Jack Ryan during the years that I wished to help as an educator. I had no influence even though I had been called upon by the NY State Education Department to intervene with Governor Eliot Spitzer. Does the name of that commissioner even matter right now?

I guess we ought to ask Mayor Adams just what his next move is to move those incarcerated people along the road so that prison will not define them again (if it defines them). The newspapers that have written about the mayor’s visit include The New York Daily News, The New York Post, The Patch, and one or two more. That’s it! Such an important event and so limited coverage of that news. Here is some news!

With eighteen deaths among the inmates and possession of drugs leading to death (called contraband in the news), much more has to be done to make things better. I noticed most of the people assembled on the tour of the facility were without masks and that is something that I have written about until turning blue. I’ve seen is among lots of elected officials and that is morally wrong! I had my coffee already so my day is taking off to a flying start. I’d prefer greater leadership and not what we are seeing. With that said, I would strongly recommend a tip line to report matters directly to the mayor which would inform him faster and also hold him accountable. There is a tip line that was set up recently in Virginia by its governor, but that tip line has basically failed. About half of the tips or comments were about COVID-19 restrictions and the tip line has not achieved the reported purpose of helping parents fight against “woke” activities in schools. I just emailed a “journalist” who has written a handful of articles for The New York Post this COVID-19 and Condoms

“The alternative to democracy is a prison, a prison of the mind. The alternative to democracy is violence, oppression, imprisonment, and silence.”   Sting

And I have asked in my article (s) Would Hitler have injected COVID-19 into Jews to make them sick and die? And Floridians should smell the death caused by its politicians […]

And I sent that just minutes before reviewing the material about Mayor Adams. This could be a defining moment in New York City, and it may add up to the usual, nothing. I should also tell you that the governor of Virginia has added a potentially important tutoring initiative to help his people and he has selected the Historically Black Colleges and Universities to provide the tutoring. Clearly this should be looked at from all angles, but it belongs in this article about Rikers’ and those incarcerated men, women, and their families. I have advocated for tutoring for a decade and a half or more, tutoring that has never reached the people. And in Florida right now, the governor is tapping into funds to pay for national guard members to assist correction officers in that state. I saw a video the other day of Nikolas Cruz, the convicted perpetrator of the Parkland Massacre, fighting or wrestling with a correction officer in that state which Floridians learned about a long time ago. It takes time for people in government to get around to and figuring out what to do. And in New York City lots of people are clearly asking themselves if the fall of the city is imminent. And yes we want the correction officers to return home safely to their families in addition to protecting the incarcerated men and women.

The family members of the incarcerated need a tip line if they have known and immediate action is required so things do not escalate. The safety of everyone in Rikers’s is at stake! And I understand that Mayor Adams was with Reverend Al Sharpton and the National Action Network (NAN) prior to his visit. I will leave here with an easy thought for the mayor and the city council of New York. How do you spell NAN backwards? Is a tip needed for that?