Department of Justice Charges 13 Chinese in New York City Communist Plot’

This is about “do you honestly swear to tell the truth” to Americans and the rest of the world. Does that ring about to you?

An organization has been operating for years in New York City and has become the focus of attention on the Lower East Side. I recognize the street near the Manhattan Bridge because I walked those streets often in my life as a long-time resident.

And in my study of Nazism, I was super excited to read about the rounding up of Nazis around the time of the attack on Pearl Harbor which brought US into the war. And keep in mind that December 1941 was just a short time away from Hitler’s Final Solution for the Jews. We should keep this in mind as we learn more, think more about what is happening in our nation.

The New York Post, Fox News, and The Blaze reported the charges brought against the Chinese at the end of the article, kind of buried in there. When we look more closely at the facts, we notice that the organization that may have sponsored these people has been around for years.  If we think about this more, we should learn just how long the investigation has been going on. Right? And we would have to think more and more. For example, were Democrats who have been called “socialists” and “communists” involved and who are they? I wonder aloud if there was even one single politician that supported the communistic efforts of those charged. And thinking about that woman who infiltrated Mar-A-Lago, it makes me think if any of those Chinese are connected to her or to others who have been connected with Donald Trump. Think about a hypothetical situation if the place of business in Chinatown exhibits a photo of the staff with Donald Trump. Chinese for Trump would surely influence the police in New York and/or investigators the way that Hitler for America influenced police and F.B.I. before December 7, 1941.

In the article that I read, it was Senator Rick Scott (R-Fla) that was pressing the point. It is clear that Chinese are not allowed to operate the way being cited since 13 have been charged (spying was cited), but the question was asked and written about in The Blaze. Is Senator Scott being fair and accurate about this important matter?  In May the organization’s tax filings were pulled by the IRS for failing to file tax returns for three years which shows that something was fishy even under Trump.  Action could have been taken immediately. This is an example of how the IRS and tax agents are there to protect the United States. That was not made clear in The New York Post which has the right to disagree with me, but the article contains information about the outrage of Republican law makers and a letter written by them. And Jim Banks of Indiana on Fox News wants to know why Biden permitted this office to be set up on American soil. The association in Chinatown has been around since 1998 and we don’t know just how many years right now of being involved in this matter, but the media is asking why Biden allowed it. And there were over 20 Republicans that wrote the letter showing great concern over what they call Biden’s actions. Either those Republicans or the news media involved or both has done things that are clearly questionably wrong. “Why has Biden” should make a person think of that famous question about beating your wife or who is to blame for The Reichstag fire in Germany (communists blamed by Hitler).

How is this going to be undone? Look how long Trump’s “Big Lie” was allowed to pressure cook and it still has not popped.

I sit here thinking about those Repugnicans imaging things like only Trump does the right thing. This kind of loyalty is destroying the United States and I have more to write about soon, especially in relation to patriotism at this difficult moment in world history.

And can you imagine what would have taken place among Germans in Germany in 1945 if Hitler had remained alive?  Can you imagine just how he would twisted the facts to support his actions? I think that right now those people cited (over 20 of them)  in this article should be handled in another way. I could think about having them discuss the entire issue on a form of Twitter that would reach tens of millions of people and that they should face the American people in an effort to be truthful which is not only required in a court of law, but also by The Bible. The average person doesn’t have the time or inclination to find out the truth around the world and I am sure that there are others that know much more than I know.