M.A.G.A. 2016 Keep America Great 2020 M.A.C.A. 2024

More jobs created than at any time in history (debunked by fact check).

The biggest tax reform in history (debunked by fact check).

The greatest military in history.

The greatest president in the history of the US Israeli relations.

Warped speed for vaccine creation and manufacture.

Defending our border against invasions.

America First.

Rooting out corruption in nations and Puerto Rico.

Saving millions of lives during the pandemic with policies.

Had his own March on Washington because the people love him and support him.

Great immigration policies.

People being sent here by Mexico are rapists, murderers, and criminals, but “some” are good.

Alternate facts in the White House.

Attacking the press.

At a time of turmoil in the middle of 2020 as riots were taking place, he failed to bolster police support to protect the public by providing for more police and badly needed mental health resources.

Selected and emboldened a Supreme Court that overturned Roe v. Wade and sent it back to the states, dividing our nation and probably knowing that The Old Testament contains information about abortions under the law which relates to religious freedom in America.

Fighting communism, socialism, liberalism, and radicalism at home through lies. There will be more coming about this in the near future.

Stolen elections.

No nation would ever start a war while he is president because he is stronger than anyone.

We are building the wall.

Defending the culture of the Confederacy.

Slow to support Ukraine against Russia.

He was so strong that he must have freed Cuba and Venezuela from communism with his power.

Jews are not loyal to him.

Proud of the Proud Boys and the Oath Keepers.

Supported bringing more types like Norwegians to immigrate over people of color.

Evangelicals care more about Israel that Jews who are Democrats.

Criticized Jeb Bush for speaking Spanish during the Campaign of 2016.

Worked closely with people who desire a Christian nation as well as people who wish to have White Supremacy in the United States.

Gave people the right to not wear masks during a pandemic in violation of Jewish Law, the work of Jesus to promote healing and saving lives, and the Quran which calls for saving one life as if we are saving all of humanity.

M.A.C.A. What is that? Turn the page!

His wish was that there were more troops sent to the Southern border than to help Ukraine.

Make Another Coup Attempt is M.A.C.A. That is on my mind as the announcement hidden in Trump’s announcement to run again. There have been countless warnings about Trump since 2016 and those warnings were correct. I have posted a warning without having current evidence and I am making that clear. Obviously, it would take much more than what we witnessed on January 6, 2021, but we know that much more was going on behind the scenes and it is also known that people are in denial about that. And imagine that his first coup attempt in a nation considered the pride of democracy since democracy has advanced since its beginnings. How disgraceful!