DeSantis Fired Superintendent Cartwright in Broward County

As Florida heads closer to fascism each day, we must learn the lessons of history. And at the same time, we have to see within our own history that things were just not going right for democracy and freedom. The firing of a superintendent who was given 90 days to turn the school district around and who after three weeks was terminated should be a great cause for concern. I put aside my personal experiences with the school administration to get involved in Broward just three weeks ago. And that is just what all people have to do because the firing of Superintendent Cartwright has the handwriting of Ron DeSantis on it. He made those appointments, and his people did the dirty work. I have done lots of reading so keep reading and think more deeply about things just as I try and do. So DeSantis was not directly involved in the firing, but read more and learn more about just how people will make these happen for the Fuhrer, Il Duce, El Caudillo, and this kind of control of education has happened all around the world including Latin America and the Caribbean. It’s existence in a democracy should be considered unacceptable. So is this abuse of power going to be contested or not and will DeSantis help? Or will he stand back as Trump has on so many critical situations during his term in office?

In support of the superintendent, dissenting members (4 of the 9) pointed out either that the move was “unfair” and “impulsive and inappropriate.” It wasn’t even on the calendar to discuss so it was pushed through at the last moment of the tenure of the four DeSantis appointees. This is clearly on DeSantis who should be called upon to issue a statement. He should be denounced as well by Floridians who share values of justice for people and not just justice for the few. With that said, I know about his landslide victory in last week’s election and I’ve thought about it a lot. I sense, from afar, the fear that exists in Florida due to DeSantis, members of the legislature, hate groups, and other relatively new, coordinated school efforts to win power. DeSantis is no Moses, and I will now write about Robert Moses.

President Franklin D. Roosevelt tried to get Robert Moses fired and he attempted to do this with a very unwilling Mayor Fiorello La Guardia. I was reading about fascism in Germany last night where people were getting fired by Adolf Hitler. Learn about their firing right here. So turn your lights on and get out of the dark. Ernst Rohm is an “example” in 1934 at a time when Hitler made the claim to be a “peaceful” ruler. Rohm was given 10 minutes to shoot himself and asked this. “If I am to be killed (fired) let Adolf do it himself,” he said. He was shot at the end of ten minutes. Robert Moses was able to keep his position intact by going to the people and the press and knocking both LaGuardia and Roosevelt on the seats of their pants. In other words, the public supported the man that they loved to see who was empowering the people to enjoy New York (America) as he built playgrounds, parks, roads, bridges in association with the federal government of FDR during the depression. And he did that against the wishes of the power of the wealthy who controlled Long Island and upstate New York. He did it against the people who controlled New York City who controlled the politics of that great city. Moses was no “Moses” because his real motivation was power so this is a moment for the people to take power away from Ron DeSantis. Unite and be free from this excess of power that stuck like a blitzkrieg in Broward and be careful, more careful about your future.

I had been thinking about Florida and its politics for days, looking at UNIVISION polls, the elections past and present, wondering if the Latino vote was going to be the great deciding vote, misinformation, anti-Semitism and hate, and more. I wrote “Florida You’ve Been Had” on October 18, 2022 and that is about to happen again now with the firing of Superintendent Cartwright.

I know that 4 members of the present school board are about to depart and then did not wish to disappoint as their complicity in this travesty of justice was evident at the time of their appointments. A new board could reinstate Superintendent Cartwright shortly, but that hand of corruption goes back to DeSantis and his slap against the school district. He gave the superintendent more than 10 minutes to be terminated, but this madness has to stop. If additional charges had been filed against the school superintendent along with time to answer those charges, the school board members would have been “Tide clean” but that is not what happened. All sides in this dispute should seek justice for the superintendent. Do the right thing! By the way, shortly after the firing of Ernst Rohm, in Vienna, Austria, Hitler’s men shot the Austrian chancellor in the throat and waited for three hours as the man bled to death on a sofa. Watch democracy die?

As I was completing this article, an article popped up on my phone which was a warning about Florida today showing how former Nazis settled in the Tampa Bay area by Dave Wagner, the news anchor there. I also noticed how the facts were covered by Jeff Solochek in The Tampa Bay Times. Yes DeSantis is fighting hard for a segment of the population as he diminishes others. That is precisely the danger. And Florida is one of the only states in the nation that does not have a state tax and people are reluctant to see more of their income go for taxes in general. No Republican is going to take you back to Trump’s tax changes where he gave the bulk of the benefits to the wealthy instead of to the middle class. Even the fascists and Nazis were intent on doing more for the average person than what Trump did with his party. I was concerned about taxation in 2016 well before the election.

I would hope that community leaders would call for the resignation of those perpetrators of justice immediately. Would they resign? I doubt it!

And has anyone read my ideas about helping the schools in Broward and elsewhere? If DeSantis had the knowledge that I possess, things move be moving forward quickly to help student and parent in Broward since education matters for all.