From Berchtesgarden to Mar-A-Lago-September 30

There is a name to learn or remember for all students, religious and secular. I take note of students in Virginia resisting the governor of Virginia which makes me think of youth (students) who resisted Nazis throughout Europe. Those youth were often the leaders, since history shows it would take longer for large resistance from adults to fight back against tyranny. Mar-A—Lago is a name that speaks volumes to US and it has more supporters across our nation than Hitler had for years, Republican groups causing those numbers to be huge including White Supremacists.

Heinlein is a name much less well-known that Berchtesgarden. Is it known to presidents and past presidents? Who knows. In an American bar or among people drinking beer anywhere across America, I can see people read the name and say give me a Heinee. It does look much less like Heimlich which is life saving creation. So Heinee it is and will be, but should we raise a glass to toast it. Perhaps if you are a White Supremacist!

Let me go back to history again to make my point. We seem to be on a road to destruction which has not been constructed by Joe Biden, that road has its history of personalities and politics (diplomacy also). I could begin with Winston Churchill to make the point that historians have made very well. “HISTORY IS REPLETE with examples of men who have risen to power by employing stern, grim, and frightful methods, but who, nevertheless, when their life is revealed as a whole, have been regarded as great figures whose lives have enriched the story of mankind. So may it be with Hitler.” Now since Hitler, we have seen both White and Black people praise or use Hitler to spread hate in our nation. And there have been lots of others who have done that as I sit here thinking about my people and what they have suffered and continue to suffer at the hands of people. But who said those words about Hitler? Churchill. He was far from alone since English nobility saluted him in the manner that Hitler desired and conservatives admired him and his politics. Perhaps they got trapped by Hitler’s anti-communism? Is there a trap in the United States among people who know more about communism (first-hand) than others? Anyway, it all adds up to power that reminds US of Hitler. And it is all over the world, now in Italy, already in Hungary, and marching at a pace which requires the same warning that Charlie Chaplin gave US in The Little Dictator.

This is the Heinlein moment for Dummies, Idiots, and Repugnicans. “He denied any affiliation with Hitler or animus toward Jews,” I read.  In 1935, a top British diplomat wrote, “To judge by his personality, as well as his speeches, he seems to be moderate and a man of his word.” And later this was written about Heinlein by the Brit, “One wonders why dr. Benes makes no attempt to take advantage of the moderation shown by Henlein before it is too late.” That kind of moderation makes me think of the “moderate” from Mar-A-Lago and the things that he has perpetrated.  This is history of Czechoslovakia that I had never known before. This was a nation that prided itself on the growth of its democracy after World War I that was heading toward Hitler and then to Stalin because of poorly diagnosed world conditions.  Before Hitler’s take over even hundreds of  Jews who had fled there were granted citizenship along with some other Germans. There was a fight to maintain human rights and even the name of Louis Brandeis was highlighted as a statue of Moses was unveiled in Prague (Brandeis family history was Bohemian or Czech). That history would soon be erased with The Holocaust. But imagine just how quickly people in great need got help from Czechoslovakia?

And I am staring at the photo of Chamberlain of Great Britain, Daladier of France, Hitler of Germany, and Mussolini of Italy at the Munich Conference. Roosevelt was faraway although there was a slight attempt to intervene in world affairs. Since Austria had already been conquered by Hitler that year, people in Czechoslovakia prayed., Catholics in the name of Wenceslas, Protestants in the name of Hus, and Jews in the name of Moses the deliverer. Their prayers were not answered as Germans troops crossed over the border in the afternoon of October 1, 1938. This was the Sudetenland which students learn about in world history.

Back to Henlein which develops into Hurricane Henlein.

In 1936, he wanted the leader of Czechoslovakia to satisfy Hitler and anything else was failure.

Denying any close attachment to Hitler, Henlein was receiving regular subsidies from Berlin and Henlein made Sudeten Germans fully aware of his support for Hitler. There was unrestrained flattery which makes me think of Trump’s handling of strong men around the world.

Henlein wanted all Czech lands to be under the Reich.

Children were used in a stunt where German children in Czechoslovakia claimed they were being persecuted.

By November 11, 1937, the German ambassador assured Hitler that Benes was leading toward “internal appeasement.”

The intelligence chief of Benes told Benes that Hitler and Henlein were going to “spark a war.” Benes answered “we can rely on our treaty system. Don’t forget that our allies, taken together, are still stronger than Germany.”

Henlein expressed that the demands on his country by Hitler and his supporters “We must always demand so much that we can never be satisfied.”

By May 1, 1938 Hitler revealed his intent to attack his neighbor and broadcasters were inflaming their partisans and blaming the Jews.

And no matter what words of support the English and the French would give to Czechoslovakia, they were untruths and Daladier of France knew that Henlein was pushing the destruction of Czechoslovakia. And Henlein was urging his people to fight to the end. That was not January 6, 2021 that was life in Czechoslovakia. And think about the first reaction as the United States sent troops into Poland to be close a developing war in Ukraine and I have noticed that in one article or more where pro-Trump writers failed to mention Trump’s insistence citing neglect by Biden to send troops to our Southern border which Trump called an invasion long before Biden took office. And maybe at this time, Trump should think that he is President of the United States and just give amnesty to all those people who attempted to overthrow a duly elected government? If he says he can think it….

The writing was on the wall. Traitors in the Sudetenland earlier in 1938 had been given amnesty by Benes.

I noticed that Putin just announced that he will be taking over 4 regions of Ukraine. The timing of my article is perfect.

In education Henlein pushed for fascist ideals of separation of groups. Keep in mind this that the Fuhrer was considered “God’s prophet.”

And with all this said and as Hurricane Ian has swept through Florida, let’s keep our eyes on two things. Didn’t Trump of Mar-A-Lago fame say that Putin would be bombed by him if he took the actions that Putin has taken? The time may be here to launch an attack on Putin from Mar-A-Lago? And what plan does Trump now have to Build Florida Back Better? I know he is actively raising funds for himself. Floridians should know by now two things: Trump’s pollster knew that Trump had failed in his handing on the COVID-19 pandemic because they saw that Biden was rising because of Build Back Better when Trump’s campaign had nothing. And now Charlie Crist has taken the lead in the governor’s race because, again, pollsters with more precise data have revealed that Floridians are making a difference recognizing that DeSantis permitted tens of thousands of people to die by his handling of the pandemic.

I can report to you that leaders in Czechoslovakia in those days were calling for “Jesus instead of Caesar” and the failure in Florida (and among conservatives of similar thinking across our nation) was evident by DeSantis and his rigid decision in March 2020 to praise the lord who gave US jobs instead of saving lives. Jesus instead of Hitler or anyone resembling Hitler is still badly needed, but that doesn’t mean that we should follow any incomplete banner of religious freedom by false leaders. Christians have to respect all faiths and all faiths have to respect all people. Keep the resistance going, I say in Virginia, Florida, and across our nation in the schools and in communities and let the bell of freedom ring loud and clear.