The François Zolá Scandal

France had a series of scandals perpetrated by the miliary staff, the right-wing and anti-Semitic press, elected officials, and a supporting cast of thousands of Frenchmen. Emile Zolá’s father made history in Aix in France and his name was on the streets for the things he had done to contribute to a much better life. With that said and keeping our eyes on that pattern in the United States today, I inform you that in April 1898 the Army could have just crushed all opposition to it in the form of evidence against the traitors which the right wing requested. That press was so rabid and wanted the French people to defend the Army until the end of time.

By May of 1898 there was information being spread about the father of Emile Zolá. This information went back more than sixty (60) years to the time that François Zolá was in the military. And Zolá’s father had already passed away. Now a man who had honored the French military was being written about and there was talk about how the father had embezzled money while he was in the French Foreign Legion. We have to recall the dishonorable talk of Donald Trump about Senator John McCain and even how Trump knew more than all of the generals. And America’s “Frenchmen” applauded Trump and supported Trump. At that time, Frenchmen were being informed about two letters by a Colonel Combe.

The record or file of all military personnel is clearly “confidential” information just as our records are protected by law today. So how could there be a leak of information, information that Zolá had never been made aware of? I call for leakers always, but there are limits on that as we shall soon see. And I can tell you this. There was information mentioned to me in conversations in Newark, New Jersey about my file which travelled from the Department of Education of New York City to the reentry program of Newark. Why? To diminish me and my record!

Zolá wanted to get into his father’s military files to investigate and to clear his father’s name. Wouldn’t we all do that? The military refused, but later on after being persistent he succeeded in his quest. Then there was a judge who refused as the road got bumpy for Zolá. A judge decided that the records looked authentic and that is just what judges often do that show favoritism to one side or the other. In my own case in New York City, the matter was dropped by both sides and that should have been the end of it, but it came up many years later in Newark. I was informed about just who did that.

And in France, Zolá was able to find out just who had leaked information about his father. The man was dead by that time. Major Henry was one of the principal conspirators against Captain Alfred Dreyfus in his court martial which led to The Dreyfus Affair. And remember that Henry had already committed suicide in jail. There were no written charges in the file and nothing was written on the official army letterhead. There was only information that François Zolá had gone missing. Yes there was a problem with missing money, but it never pointed to Zolá’s father. It pointed to two others who went to prison. The right-wing press picked up the news and ran with it.

Zolá wanted to fight to the end to clear his father’s name. Who wouldn’t? But this was one time where Zolá gave up. Huh?

Yes the rug was pulled out from him by the French government which gave amnesty to the criminals of France that he fought against. Since this amnesty extended even to Captain Alfred Dreyfus and himself because of a defamation case that was pending, he had to retire his case. Zolá wrote then that he had “no faith in French social justice.” The forgers of the letters were now protected by French law. Zolá condemned the amnesty.

I watch the right-wing press a lot from my office chair and I would love to see demonstrations against those newspapers where we know the physical addresses. It is being reported that about one-third of Americans feel that violence is necessary to restore Trump to power. It is time to flush him down the toilet bowl! We hope that if something happens to trigger the violence that our nation’s military does not join the conspiracy.

I have been thinking about President Emmanuel Macron of France and it would be my pleasure to sit down to have dinner with him in Médans, France in a restaurant where I could enjoy a great coq au vin. My mind is also on Mark Levin, a Trump supporter who has just broadcast the historical evils of the “Democrat” Party beginning with the racist actions of Woodrow Wilson and Franklin D. Roosevelt. His claim is just like the glass that is half full. Have I not recently written about Republicans burning crosses on the hills of Long Island as its leaders were members of the Ku Klux Klan in the 1920s? It avoids the segregation accepted and codified by the Republican National Convention in 1964 that nominated Barry Goldwater. It ignores the fact that even Condoleezza Rice in the Bush Administration wrote just how what is taking place among Israelis and Palestinians called “apartheid” reminded her of growing up in Birmingham, Alabama. And it reminds me to tell you that of 20 states where the education of African Americans has suffered most in our nation that 12 of those 20 states were won by Donald Trump in 2016 and the condition has not gotten better for adults in those states and that means that families suffer. Mark Levin has touted the success of Governor Ron DeSantis in Florida in keeping the economy open during COVID-19. He did that more than a year ago and things got worse in Florida as more seniors and others died. And now as of yesterday there is a report that Charlie Crist for the moment has taken the lead in Florida over DeSantis because the polling shows that breaking through right now is the people citing DeSantis’s handling of the COVID-19 in that state. I reached out to the news media that presented that information online and told it that the pollsters for Donald Trump knew that based on their polls that he was going to lose the election and reason that they saw is that Joe Biden had a plan to build back after the mishandling by Donald Trump of that terrible pandemic. Mark Levin is not going to mention any of this to the American electorate.

I would hope that states across our nation may look outside to other states and see the truth as November arrives and with it the Election of 2022. Those states hold power in the Senate of the United States since all states are equal with two senators each. It’s time for those people to become more independent in their thinking and not be controlled by Repugnicans. And all other states must learn from the mistakes made by Florida where right now a member of the DeSantis team had to resign because of KKK related context and a pastor who has made anti-Semitic remarks is an integral part of the ad campaign for Ron DeSantis. And nobody seems to be talking about the months of anti-Semitic literature that was circulated in Florida by one of its major newspapers. How can we bury that information at such an important time? And I hope that Florida’s seniors are reading this as I want them to be healthy and continue to live for years collecting social security which stops upon a person’s death.

I can see the Repugnicans of today joining the madness in those days. Death to Zolá! Down with Zolá! Death to The François Zolá! Down with The François Zolá! And this is called Christian and Family Values! It’s easy for me to say Vivre la France instead of Vivre the Repugnicans!

And I will not allow anyone to neglect the education of our people and people includes people born to citizens and non-citizens and non-citizens who came here with a green card or not and no matter what that status is.