President Hillary Clinton’s Call on January 6

“But we will have our hands on their throats before they can shout. And anyway, who will come to help them?”

Adolf Hitler

What you have read just now is what happened as Hitler took over a foreign nation. You can call it Hitler’s Bohemian Rhapsody. We now know Donald Trump’s rhapsody. And now the end is near as Trump almost certainly faces his final curtain. And we hope his friend Putin along with this chapter in history. And here is more.

I had the best job numbers in our nation’s history and I built a wall to protect US. Everyone was happy with me in Central America and China was afraid of me because I am strong. Ukraine loved me because I fought corruption. Trish James is racist just ask Rudy Giuliani. I built a strong corporation with no money and now socialist-woke corrupt officials wish to rob me of decades of great financial decisions.

The Justice Department planted evidence against me and Melania in our closets. The best first lady we have ever had.

China created the virus and warped speed saved millions of lives.

I know more than everyone and people say that I just watched the small demonstration on January 6. I’m a great thinker and I was sitting there thinking to myself that President Hillary Clinton was there making that White House phone call to one of the Antifa rioters on that day. I was not going to help her.  She’s a loser. Nobody likes her and Russia helped her. Just like those classified documents that I de-classified by just thinking. The Constitution backs me up. Speak to Mark Levin and he’ll tell you. I will be vindicated in the courts and Sleepy Joe will have to step down before 2024. The people are upset. They have passion for me. And I promise to lock Hillary up for what she did.

In writing about Donald Trump, I have written obvious fantasy material which does not detract from my K.I.T. which stands for my knowledge, integrity, and transparency. Quite the opposite could be said about Trump who has given the world mostly SHIT (no need to think of any acronym here although the I could stand for idiotic. With that said, I conceived this new piece of material after reading a huge dose of Emile Zolá while I was in Daytona Beach, Florida and the news explained perhaps the closest I have ever been to Ron DeSantis because he was in town at the same time.

Zolá’s name rings bells in France everywhere, particularly in schools where the lessons about him are about social justice which is banned in Florida schools for the present time. Vérité or Truth was ringing in my ears as I thought about writing, but then there was news about a Jewish school in Washington D.C. where there were several allegations of sexual misconduct that got my attention this morning and apparently there was corporal punishment as well. There has been an investigation and now people can either pay attention to that or choose to do other things.

Vérité is much more severe and has the trademark of Emile Zolá. A baptized Jew (orphaned) is killed and his sexually abused body is found in the dormitory of the Ignorantine Fathers. Without evidence, the boy’s uncle who is head of a “state” primary school, is accused. Marc Froment, a friend of Simon the Jew just mentioned undertakes an investigation that leads to Gorgias who is an Ignorantine monk and the real culprit. The great divisions that we see today are demonstrated in the community with people taking sides and even Marc’s wife adheres herself to the wrong side. This was Catholic France, the France that Zolá knew well.

And I had just heard about a town where drag queens did a reading in front of infants and the head of the police indicated that if he had known that was going to take place he would not have issued a permit to the group at all. That is what France suffered through during the Empire of Louis Napoleon and it proves just how close Florida and other states are from almost total censorship and this in a nation that prides itself on the right to free speech, freedom of the press, and the right to assemble.

I can also take you back to when I wrote about the “chicken riot” in New York City where Jewish immigrants rioted. In that demonstration the police who arrested a Jewish woman for inciting a riot said that he heard her words (which were in Yiddish and the officer did not know Yiddish) and arrested her. I rest my case. And in South Carolina today, there can be no educational program in Yiddish that could result in a diploma because South Carolina is an “English only” state. That is Nikki Haley’s state! That is Nikki Haley’s state!

So there you have big and small information and all the right information matters. We do have to spread stronger messages if we are going to save our democracy. Just start thinking about what would have happened that day, January 6, 2021 if Trump’s supporters had accomplished their mission. It is hard to see a complete takeover of our nation, but the military would still have been in Trump’s hands, and we don’t know how that would have played out. And once Trump gained control of the military who would he entrust it to just in case he was going to die? And on the other hand, do you think his mission could be accomplished without people rising up, people usually rise up around the world. That would lead to civil war, and nobody knows how long that would last. Our own Civil War took place from 1861-1865. Although it is not a civil war, the war in Ukraine many predicted with Putin winning fast and it has been going on for many months. And if you have trouble understanding, just strike up a conversation with people where you live and just do not accept “no way would there be a civil war” when experts are explaining to people that the needle has moved and 85 percent of the conditions needed for a fascist takeover have been met.