Embassies and Consulates: GED Help Now

Yes I am political and I announced Joe Biden’s Fair Shot before the Election of 2020. Most of the immigrants being sent to sanctuary cities are Spanish speaking. The high school equivalency diploma is needed by those who have never completed high school or by those who cannot get their diplomas sent to them.  Better jobs are often gotten by applying to companies or corporations that demand a diploma.
This is a moment where I can help produce much greater success or results with the cooperation of the embassies and the Casa Blanca. But this effort will be in English as well for all the embassies of the world.
This is a moment where the immigrants sent to major cities and Cape Cod,other immigrants, and citizens csn sit side by side together in peace and harmony to make our nation stronger through education. Let’s get started today and have a press conference tomorrow to spread great news.
Soy el ex “profesor del Consulado de El Salvador”