New York Post For Dummies, Idiots, and Repugnicans

The Regents of New York State have decided that they will not raise the marks on state exams above the passing mark of 50 and The New York Post is upset. Florida, under Republican Jeb Bush, was woke back in his administration and there were no Moms 4 Liberty back then. African American parents protested about the “systemic” problems in Florida as their children were not given the courses that were needed to graduate on time. Jeb decided to give diplomas to those students instead of making them wait to be tested. Beware of Mom 4 Liberty and in New York and other places across our nation as we need Moms 4 Critical Thinking and that does not include right-wing, racist, anti-Semitic, anti-gay, and other such American attributes. Jeb, as president of the United States, I assume would have called upon state governments to do the same thing when there was evidence of wrongdoing to people. I assume!

So the journalist assigned to write wrote that students will be allowed to graduate with lower scores and in Florida no score was even needed to graduate (when Florida was “woke”). And it was The Manhattan Institute staff that gave US this problem to contend with. Read more!

So will the very often repugnant New York Post even mention what I wrote. Will Mayor Adams publicize this? Will Fabian Levy write back to me? Lots of questions need answers.

Then there is, I might add, The Washington Examiner For Dummies, Idiots, and Repugnicans to mention since Jay Greene who used to pen reports for The Manhattan Institute just authored an article defending the yeshivas in this dispute in New York State and he deflects things well. People know how to do that. He attacked The New York Times making it seem that the Times pushed the Regents to act against the yeshivas. T And I fully recognize that this situation could end up in court and that may take months to resolve or more. This is a big flip flop because conservatives are always bashing schools for low student test performance and in 2019 the ESL Yiddish students failed to perform on tests in the Satmar community (which Greene now with the Heritage Foundation left out of his article in the Washington Examiner). And I have followed school closings since the 1990s. Smaller class size was the recommendation of Bill Gates in the 21 st Century and it was Michael Bloomberg and Joel Klein who vigorously brought that into New York City. And I knew about the high crime in NYC before that because I had lived in the city and worked there until the Fall of 2000. I worked in drug programs and city housing, making a difference when the administration was not doing the right thing or the best thing for the students.

And what Greene prepared back then with Bill Gates money was this. People who earned a GED based on his research were not expected to do much better than people who dropped out of school. I know that is the bottom of educational success and I also immediately said to myself that I would expect someone was in that category or at that level would suddenly become a doctor, lawyer, accountant, engineer without the educational tools needed including degrees from the university. Greene should have and could have known that and saved Gates his money for making the report.

And let US not forget what was perpetrated on our nation, divided as usual of course. See my vision of what was happening as schools were closed.

The Corona Virus: The Trump Manifesto

Posted February 10, 2020

There is a crown on the Corona beer label which is not Trump’s crown although Trump has been given a throne in one of my articles about Bobolice Castle in Poland which was published in Jewish Business News.  The Corona Virus is simply Trump and his imaginary crown (corona is crown in Spanish).  Trump is unfit to hold office and it is so scary having him in charge of our nation as the Corona Virus spreads.  I hope that we defeat both Corona Viruses soon and that our nation’s people remain safe from such afflictions.

Neo-Patriotism: Trump’s Open Nation

Posted May 6, 2020

Neo-patriot or quasi patriot activity in America is the subject of this article.

Infants, children, young people, middle-aged people, and the old are dying of the Corona Virus and the neo-patriots want to go back to work before the best recommended time to do it.

Neo patriots abound in America like neo-Nazis and others who have diminished America. Those flag wielding men and women (even if they have served our military in the past well) that we see protesting are so far from the true, essential patriots in DNA. The flag pin on the lapel does not permit the deepest thinking possible as we notice, for example, Sean Hannity, the cheerleader of those patriots finally realize that those protestors are putting the “police” at risk. They are putting everyone at-risk and many will get sick and die but Hannity did not say it.

In reading a lot about the War in the Pacific in 1944-1945 and again about the Korean War that followed only 5 years later, we learn from the fighting men that protecting the lives of the wounded as immense casualties were suffered, was paramount and one of the ten commandments of the military.

Trump Is the Corona Virus

Posted November 6, 2021

I called Trump that on February 10, 2020 and in the title of that article I referred to his legacy, his manifesto. We were three weeks away from putting the first American death on the scoreboard and I had already been talking to people, people who just didn’t get it or didn’t want to get it. I knew there was danger in the air, and political was going to hurt and kill Americans.

If I had been wrong, without a doubt people could clearly state that I was biased against Trump. And it doesn’t take a lot of historical research to prove that I was right. Trump was unfit to be president of the United States and Republicans and some others put him there.

And now in September 2022 Never Forget! Never Again! And if you want or need more about Trump’s destructive path from the beginning of the pandemic, contact me. I have volumes of it. Even today, patriots, religious organizations, and others should be wearing masks at the very least to protect our families and our nation.

And one more thing to look out for which was told to me this week by staff of the Illinois College Board. The GED in Illinois is now officially a high school diploma. Florida started that illness before I helped shape new, better policy in that state in 2002.

What New York, Illinois, and all states need right now is another high school equivalency test that is easier to pass. I knew that back in 2000 but nobody listens to me. The new G.E.D. was designed for college readiness and it failed badly to help states for years and may continue on that path in New York and across our nation. The Regents of New York provided a new test through a new company in 2014 and a new test is needed now. If a person needs a high school equivalency now or in the future and doesn’t wish to attend college, why the college ready GED. It will only hold back in huge portion of our nation and slow down the recovery of America. It’s just like basketball coaches all over the nation telling every member of the team this. If you can’t dunk, you are not going into the game! Sitting on the bench is not what we wish for Americans and our immigrants (Ojalá que llueva un examen más fácil el campo y en nuestras ciudades). And that people can wake up in the morning with a cup of coffee and a diploma in their homes. Ojalá que llueva café y un diploma.

And remember that Jeb Bush was no communist or socialist, but his decision was based on social justice and it preceded Black Lives Matter and this new controversy over Critical Race Theory by more than a decade.

GED Joe Biden Fair Shot 2021

Posted August 19, 2020

Number 45 finally declared that someone told him that wearing a mask is patriotic and he went for it, leaving a trail behind him of monumental mistakes even as he protected monuments more than people. And he claims that he is the biggest patriot. Wrong! Wrong! Wrong!

I almost forgot about that bit of information that came up in the news, but it has long been forgotten that even Trump began to recognize what patriotism actually is. Trump was, is, and probably will be the most unfit person for the presidency that we have ever seen. I hope that things do not get worse than that! Trump lost the election of 2020 because of COVID-19 and we will not move on from that. And there is evidence supporting just why he lost that people have to find out about. What about The New York Post and The Washington Examiner putting that information of the front page?

And here is some dessert to digest that I almost forgot about.

Trump Wants Americans to Be Killed: DHS Report

Posted August 8, 2019

Of course, the report doesn’t say that Trump wants Americans to be killed, but we have to present alongside that headline that Republicans say that Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats want open borders to allow an “invasion” to take place.  Do I have to say anymore?  We can throw into the fire that Trump wants Americans to be killed with assault weapons and that is why he won’t take action among other things.  To be balanced I must say that Trump and others would say that the great assault weapon of the Repugnicans is the MS-13.

The DHS or Department of Homeland Security which is not a liberal agency by any means reported that Trump wanted to do nothing to curtail and prevent White Supremacy by attacking it and emphasized only the threat of Muslims when the threat from Whites is gigantic in America compared to the Muslim threat in America.  That (that’s) Trump for you!