Ron DeSantis For Dummies, Idiots, and Repugnicans

In Austria 1938, the effort to gain a visa was full of the most horrendous, time consuming tiers of things that had to be done.  There was fraud involved and often Jews who had gone through many of the procedures had to begin all over.  The level of desperation was heightened by Hitler’s procedures.  There was a certificate of fiscal harmlessness, then payments, then a visit to obtain a certificate of domicile, then a visit to the district commissioner’s department in the town hall, then a visit to the Accountancy Department of the central tax office and the district tax office, then to step two if the person had the money to pay for the emigration tax, then a visit to a place where the Jew’s assets were released and a certificate of good conduct was issued, that’s when Jew’s could be forced to start all over as they could be assigned by the Nazis to clean up things and lose their turn, then to stage three where to obtain a passport which involved being interrogated at a police station, and then on to two other offices that Jews dreaded to go to.  And finally Jews had to swear that they were never going to return to Austria.  And Trump is for extreme vetting.  Where did he learn it from?

Posted September 11, 2019

This is a moment to express “unidad” among people across America and I know that lots of people will resist. It is well documented that huge numbers of people do not know even the basics of The Holocaust or the extermination of 6 million Jews under the Nazis. And the Nazis grabbed much from American history that continues to shock people who never learned about it in school. This is about the news that DeSantis has sent chartered planes to Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts (Cape Cod or what we called “Bacalaos” in bilingual classes). These planes brought what some media calls “illegal immigrants” to that destination. Most of those immigrants seem to be Venezuelans and the protests have gone up among Venezuelans about the violation of rights of people from their country and from other countries. Unidad or unity is needed to combat the DeSantis act of injustice now, right now.

Holocaust news for dummies, idiots, and Repugnicans contains this message. I already wrote the message!

But you can see to what lengths bad governments will go to give people the run around. Those Venezuelans and other immigrants did not deserve that. It was a major abuse and violation of the rights of man. Those immigrants may be thousands of miles away from where they should have been sent by an autocratic governor.

What will be next as the clock ticks? Guérnica (Fascist attack in Spain) or the Tulsa Massacre (American attack in Oklahoma) that took place almost a century ago? DeSantis should learn this lesson and apologize and it’s just too bad that there doesn’t seem to be a law in place that would lead to his removal from office. He is DeSatan or DeSátanas! Everyone should be fighting back together. Fighting for freedom at last!