September 29, 1902

The League of the French Fatherland was not composed only of people who wished to overthrow the French government just before 1900 as it included Republicans who wanted to restore order after the great tensions of The Dreyfus Affair. It could not be held together, and it dissolved. This “League” attacked Emile Zolá for internationalism […]

The François Zolá Scandal

France had a series of scandals perpetrated by the miliary staff, the right-wing and anti-Semitic press, elected officials, and a supporting cast of thousands of Frenchmen. Emile Zolá’s father made history in Aix in France and his name was on the streets for the things he had done to contribute to a much better life. […]

The Emile Zolá Trial

Today President Emmanuel Macron is well aware that conditions in France are highly similar to France from 1894-1906 and even beyond that. Conspiracy led to protests all over France and its colonies. Hatred was set on fire that was to last even until today. Death to the Jews and Down with the Jews! Where is […]

Emile Zola and Death to the Jews

“It was Zola’s firm conviction that sustained him during the anguished hours, which kept him from becoming discouraged when mists obscured the image of truth. It is to his heroism that we pay homage; we can assure you in all conscience that the future will reap you a harvest of equity and infinite hope which […]

Embassies and Consulates: GED Help Now

Yes I am political and I announced Joe Biden’s Fair Shot before the Election of 2020. Most of the immigrants being sent to sanctuary cities are Spanish speaking. The high school equivalency diploma is needed by those who have never completed high school or by those who cannot get their diplomas sent to them.  Better […]

DeSatan and The National Review

I read an article in The National Review that just got my attention about Charlie Crist (I call him Charlie) in which Christ attacks his opponent loudly and mentions “DeSatan” and many of US have known for some time that his last name is so strikingly close to Christ (one letter makes the difference). And […]