Lee Zeldin is Unfit to be Governor of New York

“I went through kindergarten to 12th grade, college, law school and four years of active duty without experiencing anti-Semitism at all—not once.”                                       Lee Zeldin That was 2017 when Zeldin spoke. I have been a mixed community on Long Island for almost 30 years and I have not experienced an act of anti-semitism. In the […]

Are Italian American Mothers Woke?

“I want to congratulate Turning Point because you are creating a change that will affect us for decades.”                                 Rudy Giuliani Hitler wasn’t woke! Stalin wasn’t woke. Trump isn’t woke! DeSantis isn’t woke. Ben Shapiro isn’t woke. Charlie Kirk isn’t woke. Candace Owens isn’t woke. And a bunch of Moms 4 Liberty and All Lives […]

The White House and the Next Pandemic

I am just dropping a note here to say that I have part of the solution to prevent the massive number of deaths that we have just experienced with COVID-19. And I ask this question. Does Joe Biden wish to follow the “science” of Donald Trump or Ron DeSantis? Our nation might be in that […]

Joe Biden Needed 250,000 Tutors-Mentors

Joe Biden just announced that this country will get the support of 250,000 tutor-mentors to help students who were affected by the pandemic. This project has a time frame of three-years and this is an immense undertaking. Fact! I was in touch with the right-hand man of Secretary of State Miguel Cardona before the latter […]

Virginia Education in Dark Ages

You know I so appreciated President Trump’s support….”                                     Glenn Youngkin I wouldn’t invite Donald Trump to my home. Get it! In 33 years as a teacher in New York City, no parent ever told me what to teach nor would I allow parents to “tell” me what to teach. And there was so much […]