Leakers Needed

My mind was on writing about just how Jesus has been thrown into a furnace. I sent my last article to dozens of leaders of The Burn 24/7 movement and to the head of the Faith and Freedom Coalition.

We have seen William Barr and Ivanka Trump tell Congress just what Donald Trump was doing before turning the reins of power over to Joe Biden. When did they begin to give this information, how, and why are important questions! There are leakers who share information due to honor and there are those who take a less distinguished route.

I focused on Ivanka in Jewish Business News long before the coup.

The Silence Of Ivanka Trump And Gudrun Burwitz: Daughters Of Strong Leaders

By Martin Danenberg Published July 3, 2018

I have spoken to people, even old friends about this need for leakers and I know people are divided about this issue. But I made the right call about Ivanka back then and people have to recognize it.

And before that, I wrote about the need for people to leak information about 45 also in Jewish Business News. I am just going down Memory Lane to strengthen the need for leakers.

James Comey: A” Leaker” With A Higher Loyalty

By Martin Danenberg Published April 29, 2018

I have a lot to be thankful to Jewish Business News in Israel for where I first published that leakers are needed. Mike Pence spoke up for American democracy, finally, after praising 45 for years. He hid lots of truth as he went along. He has now diminished himself by calling Biden the biggest liar. Still Pence, Trump, and others will continue to get the attention of the media and those men will make progress. Trump should have been diminished down to a person who could get only 1 percent of support from Republicans. Instead of that he speaks from an elevated position, counting on vast support right now.

And in Texas, there are 5,000 Republicans who spoke up about diminishing Americans and their rights. There will be more about them coming.

All these men require US to have more information about what is going on. Leakers are still needed!

I have this image in my head that I cannot hold back. Donald Trump, orange hair waving, American flag pin on his jacket, tied to a missile in the Ukraine, but with one hand free (freedom matters) and holding a burner phone in his hand. He speaks and we can hear his “perfect” call. “Hello Vladimir,” he says “I need your help with something and remember how I helped you with Ukraine.” Trump hears these words, “Извините, я не могу вам помочь, но удачи.” That translates to “Sorry I cannot help you, but good luck.” Click! Trump called the dictator of North Korea “Rocket Man” and now is a good time for Trump to take over that nickname.

America First then and America First under Trump ring out. Lucky Lindbergh and Lucky Trump. The Spirit of St. Louis and that missile just mentioned The Spirit of Mar-A-Lago (missile).  Two of the most famous men in history and history on the road again to repeating itself. It was Poland back then and now it is the Ukraine. Do a search of Hitler in Los Angeles. Hitler is gone, but Putin is alive. And with the Election of 2024 merely two years away, the question on the minds of people in our nation is will Trump be indicted for his deeds.  He had a “direct” role in the coup and he can become a direct hit in Moscow if the missile goes undetected.