Trump’s Cuban Sandwich or Bocadillo Pudrido

The Cuban sandwich includes pork, ham, cheese, pickle, and mustard on Cuban bread.  I can begin to imagine how many times Cubans and others have had that sandwich over the decades. Trump made a sandwich for Cubans based on anti-Communism, winning Cuba back for Cubans in Florida and elsewhere and in no uncertain terms the expectations were high that where others failed to liberate Cuba Trump would succeed. Actually Trump gave Cubans nothing. Sanctions that were imposed did not budge the post Castro regime. Then what was this sandwich all about? Nothing really unless we look at the power obtained and retained by conservative Cubans. Ron DeSantis has now picked up that rotten sandwich, bocadillo pudrido means just that, as the protests begin about the purchase of Radio Mambí in Florida by a mixed group that includes strong Biden supporters and financing that includes money from George Soros.

Biden just prevented Cuba from attending the Latin American Summit in Los Angeles (along with Nicaragua and Venezuela). The lesson is for those other two nation’s immigrants in the United States and their children. The Cuban sandwich was allowed to rot under Trump.

The Trump-Putin Caravan of strong men loving one other hangs over Cuba after Putin’s invasion and destruction in Ukraine and four years of that was just another Trump bankruptcy that led him to January 6, 2021 and his detestable unpatriotic behavior. The Radio Mambí cause celebre is just at best an attempt to hide that truth. The strategies of Cuban exiles have not worked and the insanity continues. These are the facts of that battle that has been taking place since 1958 when Castro took over: Trump failed, and the Putin Madness must be stopped to protect our world. The Putin-Trump Madness contributed to world problems that we are facing and Florida has to change quickly. Your GOAT or Greatest of All Time failed! And the word has to get out to Ron DeSantis that the Trump-Cuban sandwich is just a rotten sandwich that has been thrown to the ground. The mojo sauce created from 2017-2021 was toxic and no radio station can save it. It has become what is known as mambi-pambi or something that is fake, weak, and fraudulent. It is bankrupt!