Christopher Persaud Guilty of Trespassing in School

This took place in Palm Beach County Florida. And school districts all over our nation should learn about this. And yes mask mandates can be upheld or enforced, even in Florida.

Usually nothing happens as I email hundreds or more reporters and editors. I have spoken to some and that is the way it should be. There should be more communication taking place.

Persaud decided not to wear a mask at work as a teacher and he was given the chance to wear a shield which he rejected. He cited religion as his objection and my readers know about my work in this matter. Everyone should be protecting everyone else.

The question is what religion does Persaud practice? Trumpism? I watched Persaud in court as he testified. Can I judge his religion by his appearance? No! His name struck me immediately because I once had a student around 1970 with a similar name and she was from Trinidad.

I can only repeat here what I have expressed before several times.

“If anyone saves a life, it shall be as though he had saved the lives of all mankind.”   Quran Surah verse 32

Jesus was not a Founding Father of the United States, but his existence and life founded Christianity. He was a Jew who followed Jewish law which included something important about saving lives called Pikuach Nefesh. And there should be no argument that misinterprets that truth. This important religious fact has been missing from the talks of the Pope in Rome and from religious leaders around the world. There have been rabbis in Israel that forgot about Pikuach Nefesh and they and others concentrated on the study of Torah and Talmud for many months, but the harsh illness that was life threatening woke them up to the road that was needed. There the road and homes contain Jerusalem stone. In thinking about those religious leaders and putting it simply, they seemed to forget about the commandment to multiply or procreate in favor of study.

So what religion does Persaud claim supports his right to not wear a mask. DeSatanism? My constitution, if you have read this clearly, does not support Persaud’s right! And his faith leader supports providing school districts that comply with mask mandates much less money. I would also like The White House and the World Health Institute to take action so that we do not have so many deaths (almost 75,000 deaths right now under DeSatanism) with tens of thousands that could have been avoided by masks and shields and CARING for others.

Don’t Trespass On Me!