Pearl Harbor: War Declared

We seem to be close to war again and our nation is at war with itself again. It took months for the Japanese to plan and accept the attack on Pearl Harbor, something that not all Japanese wanted. Admiral Yamamoto devised the plan, a six-month plan to attack the United States and to create such a formidable campaign that the American people would not wish to continue the fight. I did not learn just how many months before the attack did the planning take place. One thing is factual and that is that FDR was president at the time of the planning and president at the time of the attack. The “six-month” plan was contingent on recognizing that oil reserves in Japan would expire in a year. Oil, oil, oil.

We can quickly turn to the developments in world news at the time, thinking about today’s news involving Russia and China (and Japan as well).

1933 Japan seizes Manchuria and attacks the Great Wall of China

1937 more invasion after the Marco Polo Bridge incident and wealthy Chinese cities were seized

Japanese politicians are assassinated by military officers and resistance is eliminated

1941 Japan invades French Indo China in June (Vietnam and Cambodia)

And there was the well documented Rape of Nanjing

And it is important to recognize that even though there weren’t equivalent social media platforms in those days to spread misinformation, propaganda, and related materials, the plan at the time was to generate nationalist feelings in the South Pacific against Western imperialism. In other words, Japan would take over those nations exploiting the oil and rubber that it needed for its empire.

I described years ago in The Force 2020 DDT just how similar Trump and FDR were in personality, but nobody was listening to me. Here we see years of buildup and what appeared to be strong actions taken by FDR that included a ban on iron, steel, and oil imports to Japan in 1941. Japan needed that oil badly and depended on 80 percent from the United States in those days. Around that time, the planning for the attack on Pearl Harbor took place.

And remember that FDR won four terms beginning in 1932. And what if the war had broken out with a Republican in office in December 1941 and the Democrats characterized that event under a Republican as weakness. Hadn’t Roosevelt given the effort against Japan his best shot of attacking Japan? Japan’s leadership clearly showed it was moving toward war and had to accomplish some things to stifle dissent first. And discontinuing the banning of oil shipments would have led to a quick takeover of countries that the United States would have had difficulty in controlling in the Pacific. And if more of the fleet in Pearl Harbor had been destroyed that would have really been more costly at that time.

The vote for war in the United States Senate was 82-0 and the House of Representatives voted 388-1. That lone vote was cast by Jeanette Rankin who crashed the glass ceiling and was the lone woman in the Congress. She was a Republican from Montana and a pacifist. It was her belief that as a woman she could not go to war and voted against anyone going to war. She hid from reporters in a telephone both and called the Capitol police to help her. I wonder if she was being threatened by anyone. Two days later when the vote on declaring war on Germany took place she abstained.

Rankin was for women’s rights and was working to achieve that all over the United States. Her position of power in Montana probably had something to do with her family which was a wealthy one and politically connected in that state.  And she called out the corruption and dysfunction of the American government in her time. So she was a “progressive” among many who held back the progress of others.

Rankin was in Congress at the time of the First World War and voted against it as did 55 men in both the Senate and the House, but she was singled out. At that time she fought for protections for labor (168 miners killed in Butte, Montana) including the eight-hour day. Her hard work in social welfare resulted in the Social Security Act of 1935.

Prior to World War II, she opposed any move to intervene to help Britain against Germany. During many of those years, she took a break from Congress and moved to Georgia where she set up a farm. Then she returned to Montana and ran her campaign to gain a seat in Congress again.

She made speeches in 56 high schools in the state which helped her to win. She defeated Jacob Thorkelson, a well-known anti-Semite, in the primary election. She retired from Congress in 1942 and never regretted her decision to vote against war.

 Ranking died in 1973 and in death her commitment to the poor and unemployed continued through scholarships. And Thorkelson? He was called by the famous Walter Winchell “the mouthpiece of the Nazi movement in Congress.” The Congressional Record contains information from The Protocols of the Elders of Zion because of him. And when people attacked him, he shrugged them off as “anti-Americans.” So back then the same key words including fascist, Nazi, anti-Semite, etc. were countered by the recipients as coming from people who wish to destroy the American government. After defeat after defeat, including a landslide loss for governor of Montana, Thorkelson died in 1945 and was buried in Holy Cross Cemetery in Butte. I wonder if he fabricated that the elections were rigged?

It’s amazing that in my search to find his opponent Sam C. Ford that there was a photo of an African American instead of the correct photo of Ford. And there was no African American who was governor of a state during those years. But this research has shown US that our politics today is just as bad in some or many ways as it was back then. And Republicans are in denial. And Republicans have been silent. And Republicans have spread misinformation and our focus for the moment is on Buffalo and how White people are being replaced by people of color and this is being inspired by Jews. I know that we were approaching that same situation more or less in the 1930s and early 1940s with the rise of Hitler. Pearl Harbor intervened in that period of history.

And we can learn more. And what is going on in Montana today? Do those 52 high schools still exist and can people teach Critical Race Theory in them as an expression of free speech? And what do the family members of those who lost lives in the mine accident have to say today about the deaths caused, for example, in meat plants during the pandemic that the White House was involved in? Who is going to be safe in our nation?

And in New York, it has been reported that Congressman Tom Suozzi, a Democrat, appears to go along with the “Don’t Say Gay” (homosexuals were in concentration camps with Jews and lots of others) legislation of Governor DeSantis who is being described more now as a “fascist.” I know Suozzi and had a hand in his last run as governor of New York. Let’s say that the report about Suozzi is true for the moment. Preventing the free speech of gays and others is against the Constitution. Even the burning of the American flag has been codified as “free speech” in our nation. And the way people dress is also freedom or could be expressed as “free speech.” Jewish people want to express our freedom including the wearing of yarmulkes or kippahs in public or wearing the distinctive clothing worn by Jews all over the world which should not be abridged. Muslims and others have their own clothing that need the same protections as all people mentioned in this paragraph and others not mentioned. And should Jews and others hide the key aspects of their faith? The Star of David or the Chai? People are telling Jews to hide their identity to protect themselves.

And extremely important is digesting what was said earlier about Japan and imperialism, including our own imperialism. That was Japan and now Putin is trying to turn the nations of Latin America away from the United States and put them in Russia’s corner. This is a major tactic that we know about. President Biden has been hard on Cuba, for example, but willing to work more to help the people of Cuba. Trumpism did not put a dent in Cuba in four years with the so-called strongest man in the history of American politics and diplomacy. Walk softly and carry big lies is what he is known for. Castro’s regime did not fall under The Donald and it’s time for Cubans to spread other strong messages. I noticed things before communism fell in Poland and without knowing that people agreed with my thoughts, I learned that there were things that Reagan, the press, and others never told the world. Almost all of communism fell and so can Cuba. Do Cuban American leaders want this kind of interference? Of course not! They want to generate the same kind of talk.

Joe Biden cares about those votes in Florida among Cuban, Venezuelans, and other Hispanics. Think of what I just wrote about Congressman Tom Suozzi. We have to protect each other and not because we have to reciprocate. When the worst things happen in America because of the repugnant behavior of Repugnicans and others, the ax will fall on the heads of people. Jews and African Americans know that best. Hispanics will not be far behind. Gay people know it, but not all gays. Some support Trump and Trumpism. The divisions are always there. And those opposed to my ideas and thoughts supported Trump and Trumpism and continue to support him. That is the definition of insanity at play here.

Trump supported Putin against Ukraine and it took time to shake him, wake him to the fact that Putin is evil after Putin invaded Ukraine. And what do they want to wake me up to? And as a token of appreciation to Trump, Putin has not banned Trump from Russia.  Has Enes Freedom been banned? I assume that Freedom likes Trump’s ties made in China.

Think of the great American pastime known as baseball. Jackie Robinson comes to mind and others including the home run king who surpassed Babe Ruth. Who is on first base to be taken out by White supremacists? Blacks and Jews. And before those who hate get to go home, there has to be people on second base and third. People of color from Central America, the Caribbean, and other similar countries could be on second since what is going on is about racism and “replacement theory.” Trumpism has played its part in this as we should all recall. And third base has to be reached in order to return home. Illegal immigrants taking jobs from people and people who in power who have been getting in the way? Remember how people entered The Capitol looking to hang men and women to overturn a legal election.

And in Hungary right now, Trump was at a conference and there was a rabid anti-Semitic speaker. Was there golden silence from Mr. M.A.G.A.? The speaker has a list of hate speeches against Blacks, Muslims, Roma people, and Jews which has been reported in mainstream media. My research in the middle of Sunday also revealed the silence of Fox News, the Daily Caller, NewsMax, and more about this CPAC held in Hungary.

I will end with this information. It is true that famous opponents have been at the same event throughout history. David Ben Gurion and the Mufti of Jerusalem is just one example. The organizers of the CPAC event invited Zsolt Bayer and both men must have known or should have known about who was going to be there. If Trump had his head buried in the sand due to trust and faith in the organizers and wanted to be told about Bayer that is still on Trump, even though he is “perfect” at blaming others.

Even in the 1890s in France, at the time of The Dreyfus Affair, could any Jewish person even think about participating silently with Edouard Drumont, the anti-Semitic publisher of La Libre Parole, which not only characterized Jews as gorillas, but also depicted Emile Zolá and Jews as “excrement” the way that Bayer has. What about Hitler and Menachem Begin at some conference or Theodore Herzl (he died in 1904 so I was just using my imagination)? Or how about Abraham Lincoln and John Wilkes Booth at a conference shaking hands just before the assassination?

What was Trump thinking or doing? He was just being Trump and Making America Great His Way!  And Japan attacked the United States so that it could expand its Empire. And Putin attacked Ukraine.

And just before publishing this article, news came in that President Biden has indicated that an attack on Taiwan by China (think Germany and Japan leading up to World War II) would or might cause a “military” response from the United States. For months now I have been revealing just how Latin America could be affected by an aggressive China. China has huge economic interests in our hemisphere and it has not done to Taiwan what Russia has done to Ukraine. Keep in mind that Japan attacked in December 1941 and the German attack on Poland took place two years before that.

Although Biden spoke about the Asian situation, he knows about China’s grip in Latin America and the concerns that would follow an invasion of Taiwan and the resulting destabilization of Asia. We hope that conditions do not worsen, conditions that are maintaining peace in Latin America. As you could see from Pearl Harbor that conditions were worsening in Japan and Japan came up with a plan to support its decades old manifest destiny to take over other countries. Does China have such a plan now? I also wish to know if there is a discussion in our communities in Florida, New York, and other states about China among Cubans and others. Is my truth being stated there or is it just Truth Social from a man kicked off Twitter?