A CRT Caravan Coming to New York

Painting of the march and crossing of the Edmund Pettis Bridge in Selma, Alabama by Mark L. Cohen, painter of Black Lives Matter and The Holocaust.

“He (Emile Zolá defender of Captain Alfred Dreyfus) was for a moment the human conscience.”

                                 Anatole France

For those who do not know my work well, a quick read to find out more about that quote concerning a man who saved a Jew from horrific punishment and death at the hands of anti-Semites should be learned, applied to today’s conditions generated by lots of hate and misinformation that President Joe Biden is talking about, and all this with the hope of uniting more people to do the right thing instead of being on the right-wing. These are dangerous times directed by M.A.G.A. and Mr. Magoo. See the brief description below in Jewish Business News in Israel

Magoo’s Magi Keeping America Great

By Martin Danenberg Published January 30. 2019

Hispanic clergy keeping quiet about Trump’s actions. We have to learn from history and not just make deals. Trump’s shutdown has just given Americans about five more Trump bankruptcies and he is Magi-cal when it comes to that.

As you know Dr. Martin Luther King has been the benchmark of great Christian leadership. Trump who has been called the “Real Magoo” (not Jeff Sessions) now has his Dr. Kings fighting for humanitarianism (Trump’s Way).

The M&M Boys include Pastor Darrell Scott (of course), WACO Pastor Ramiro Peña, and others. We have to ask ourselves if those pastors are the “Dios le bendiga” pastors that people know all to(o) well or are they Dr. Kings fighting for justice and humanitarian efforts in the United States? Even Pastor Peña reveals that his pastoral mission has taught him about congregants that has helped him “see the suffering, the human suffering” of the people crossing the border.

And now the CRT Caravan continues.

Santo Francis is the leader of a group known locally for talking about patriotism and that Donald Trump is the best president ever. The group has tens of thousands of followers and in some or the communities on Long Island it is not uncommon to hear others say that Trump is or was the “best” president.

The opinion continues to resonate strongly even as truths are revealed about their “best” president, negative things that are revealed. The scoreboard doesn’t change after all those errors and the opponents crossing the plate. One of the key things that they could never admit to is that Trump lost the Election of 2020 because he had no plan to build back our nation. Even the pollster working with Trump knows that because the numbers that he saw were dipping.

Santo Francis lives in Babylon, Long Island. That name has a long history which includes the Babylonian Captivity in The Bible. Here is a quick look at some of his supporters. One, a Puerto Rican, says publicly that he does not wish to help the Ukraine and he would prefer to sacrifice the Ukraine to prevent World War III. He said that just hours after Donald Trump told the world that he preferred seeing soldiers go to our Southern Border to protect Americans and to protect, of course, America First and his long, good relationship with Putin.

Santo leads a movement of Long Island MAD which is the Majority Against Democrats (liberals, progressives, and communists, socialists). He recently started a podcast to help his movement grow, leading to the election of Republicans who are not RINOs.

Now we can turn to a section of Selma, Alabama where there was another Babylonian Captivity for hundreds of years. There is a leader there who saw a man hanging from a noose in the woods. That man, Wallace Brown, lived close to the headquarters of the Ku Klux Klan near the Edmund Pettus Bridge. And there were Black people lynched in the woods near that bridge.  And he tells his group of organizers that the work of Dr. King is not finished because African Americans are still being discriminated against in America and that laws were being passed to curtail their voting rights in different states. And that Critical Race Theory and its discussion is American as apple pie and stronger organization is needed to knock out the misinformation in our nation and that he has a list of organizations ready to take action in various states.

Santo Francis is seen with his vehicle where there are flags posted on each side: the American flag and the Trump flag. His vehicle moves past a police officer and he is saluted by the officer as the flags wave in the breeze. The flags wave freely on the streets, protected by free speech as well. He stops his car, walks over to a neighbor’s house, a house that continues to post signs for Trump Pence and Blue Lives Matter.

Wallace Brown sees his son, sophomore in high school. Wallace Jr. is a scholar and star of the school basketball team. His team has been undefeated for two years and in local and state newspapers, Wallace Jr. is being compared to Steph Curry. Junior tells his father that he had just watched a presentation of educators who really got his attention. When his father asks him for more information, Junior gives him the details. The educators on the Zoom were both White and Black. They are connected with universities and organizations and they oppose the teaching of Critical Race Theory pointing toward the 1619 Project and The New York Times.

And what Junior told his dad was very concerning. Those people said a lot of things including tolerance for the ideas of others, but also kind of doing whatever It takes to stop the 1619 Project (and the NY Times). It was called “pernicious” by a professor. People pointed to the Declaration of Independence and the Emancipation Proclamation and someone even quoted Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. expressing his admiration for those two documents. So the support for 1776 as the founding basis for our nation was mentioned. There was a reference to the Bible as well as King David’s name came up to show even greater support. He told his father that nowhere was legislation mentioned to diminish teacher’s and one speaker said not to “demonize teachers.” And another good point was that one panelist and his organization were preparing an alternative curriculum. And that also could easily mean that Americans should face the challenge through competition and not through revenge by government. I was thinking about DeSantis in Florida, but there are other similar states where respect for an idea was eliminated through legislation. The Nazis and Communists did the same things!

Yes there is loud noise and silence going on across the United States. People are committed to action for their causes. Donald Trump has just been in the news again as it has been revealed that he and his administration opened up the meat plants causing lots of deaths. It is now expected that it will cost the companies and the government hundreds of millions of dollars in litigation costs and the death total from COVID-19 has now passed 1 million. There are also reports about other nations like Australia where the death rate was limited to 10 percent which would mean that 900,000 deaths were unnecessary. That is just Trump’s plan which is not too different from what Fascists and Communists have done to cause deaths during their hateful regimes.

In Patchogue there is a Latino group that is meeting. The leader Julia Espronceda is with several women. Julia explains that she has just received an email from Mexicans in North Carolina about justice for Latinos who know well about the injustices. Latinos were kicked out of their homes into the woods when a county executive took action against them in Suffolk County. And Patchogue was where the attack on Marcelo Lucero took place many years ago. An Ecuadorian immigrant was stabbed to death by a high student, a student who is serving time in prison. That student blamed Latinos for things and had hate in his heart. She points out that on Long Island at school board meetings there have been verbal attacks and physical threats against others who want school equity.

And In Selma, Junior and his friends are talking about what Junior has researched. The reaction is powerful. One of the youths says to Junior “you mean one of our own in New York who is a Republican and who is known as a civil rights activist held protests outside the homes of realtors who would not sell or rent apartments to us and now he is silent about the protests taking place outside the homes of Supreme Court justices?” Junior points out that is just how people become after getting into the center of power. And he points out that the African American who is for family values has kept silent about how immigrants were separated from their parents at the border by Trump.

And in Babylon, Santos Francis is live, podcasting. We are getting more followers each day for our fight and we will do whatever it takes is his message to his listeners. And an important part of the message is that they are the patriots and that the Election of 2020 was stolen.

Wallace Brown is reporting to his circle of associates. This is just what is needed now. He reveals that his network is ready, willing, and able to proceed to make a national statement. This is now going to be about “caravan vs. caravan.” The days of sleeping over issues are over since the package against us includes taking away so many of our freedoms. It’s Florida today and Alabama tomorrow. Misinformation is going to end, by others and by our own.

These organizations have access to the power of 3.7 million people and they are not going to sit back and take a climate of fear created by people opposed to an idea called Critical Race Theory. Junior reported to his father that he learned about the estimated number of classrooms where CRT or something akin to it has been taught. With 3,500 classrooms (called “pretty significant” by one of protestors) where it has supposedly been taught, there should be substantial evidence of hate attacks or hate crimes resulting from those lessons and not one single panelist among college educators did not speak about that. They only speak about the historical facts of things that have been mentioned here already. They caused the spark of hate against talking about CRT without a shed of a comment about the hate generated by the lessons. They are to blame for that. They also called the founders of this project “barbarians” which has been used throughout the centuries to destroy people who should not have been destroyed.

Trump helped fuel the fire on this one. His conservative supporters in their Zoom performance spoke about the half-truths, misinformation, and misinterpretations, and propaganda. That caused me to think again of four years of putting up with Trump.

Junior is walking with a friend and his friend’s older brother. Martin Lorenzo Reyes attends the University of Alabama at Birmingham. This college student mentions that one of the history professors did a Zoom with a Black woman who is German whose grandfather was a well-known Nazi depicted in the movie Schindler’s List and that the title of her book about discovering her roots is “My Grandfather Would Have Shot Me.” As they walk a little more, Junior tells Martin about the plans for the CRT Caravan. Martin explains how he recently met an official of the HBCU or Historically Black Colleges and Universities. He explained how that official noticed his full name and called him the reverend-doctor. Junior asks why that and Martin tells him that since his mom is Black and his father is Puerto Rican that the initials ML resonated with him and his knowledge of Spanish connected the last name Reyes to Kings of MLK. “I will contact him when I go home to tell him about the need for the caravan. Junior is thankful because that will make the effort “huge” and make it more successful.

And this is hot off the press as newspapers around our nation are featuring on the same page or side by side articles about the Caravan supporting CRT and news from the Ukraine from the Chief Rabbi of the Ukraine who says that people who are silent about the destruction being caused by Putin should be cursed. It has also been revealed in relation to these two critical issues that in Florida under Governor DeSantis that only four books among dozens (54) have exhibited any material that is similar to Critical Race Theory. And in Ukraine, the Russian leaders contended that there are “fascists” to oppose including Jews who faced genocide due to fascism. The truth is coming out more and more to stop people in their tracks from dividing this nation more. And those people are the “pernicious” ones.

Wallace calls a meeting with Junior, Martin, and their friends at the local church.

Martin calls Junior to tell him that he has already received a reply from that senior HBCU official who wrote. “Very important” and “a million thanks.” And Junior tells Martin about the newspapers that are featuring important Black and Jewish events side by side. Martin tells Junior that he will reach out to some Hillel and Chabad organizations on campus and in other schools and bring the idea to the HBCU.

There is a committee meeting conducted by Wallace in a church. These are the things mentioned.

“Look at what we now know about the NYPD and the Black Lives Matter protest. One hundred forty-five cops are expected to be charged because of their handling of the protesters.”

Another says that “Trump and Sonny Purdue conspired with meat plants to make sure there were enough workers and they lied saying there were shortages when there were not.”

Another says that he did research about the history of Long Island and he learned that “there were Nazi camps in a place called Yaphank and that could be a good place to have a demonstration” and it has just been learned that Trump wanted armed “feds” to shoot at the Black Lives Matter protestors.

Junior who has only been watching now speaks “And in Buffalo, a shooter 18 years of age, kills 11 people gunning for us and the latest report reveals that he had pages of information about his hate for Jews as well calling CRT a Jewish plot. And here we are in Selma the site where long ago Jews and Black people were united for a common purpose. That’s more than a half century and I am afraid of violence spreading through hate and particularly right now in Florida. I just read that the lawyer who represented the wife and son of Muhummad Ali said that we must “DeSanitize” that state.”

Wallace holds up that copy of USA today with the CRT and Ukraine articles. “We will concentrate next on Florida and unite with people of all races and religions there.”

One of the men stands up to speak. He is a veteran whose message is badly needed. “I fought in Afghanistan and there are two things coming out right now. One is that Trump just lied about not a single American soldier dying during his 4 years in Afghanistan. There were 10 or more each year. And the second thing is a new report we must look at detailing the lies being told about the successful American role in Afghanistan. Lies matter!”

Wallace tells the group that there will be a meeting just before the start of the Caravan as it heads north to Long Island and that African American resiliency will be demonstrated by those choose not to remain silent about all the horrible things done by the Trump Administration and just like the rabbi said in Ukraine that those Americans including conservative African Americans should be cursed for allowing things to happen the way they did.

A Black woman starts to speak out. “My son served in Afghanistan. And we live in one of the more iconic cities in Black history in America. Veterans everywhere listen to me since we have lost our conscience. The truth was just told to Americans that Donald Trump did not lose a single soldier in Afghanistan and people believed him.” She goes on to point out that his comment diminished those young men and women who died and their mothers and fathers, family members, and friends. That is Trump’s truth trying to march on to victory. Communists did the same thing. Fascists did the same thing. And the free world has held back the truth on many occasions. The conscience of man is going down the toilet bowl that tells US about COVID-19 and the lies allow the truth to be overwhelmed. And we see that lack of conscience by people who wore masks for a year or more and now the number of cases is rising in places including New York where people have dropped their guard. The woman speaks again. “When we go to New York to fight for our rights, we wear masks to protect US all and we do it in Jesus name.”

And in Babylon Santos Francis nods to people in the street in his community, telling them “We are going to take back our country and do whatever it takes to win, win, win.”

A Christian billionaire will fund caravans of support that will soon be on Long Island to knock on the doors of those schools about Critical Race Theory. Here is the list

Kaepernick Young Men in seven states.

Two Malcolm X Clubs in the deep South.

Twenty-four Patriots who served in our wars from eleven states.

The Dr. King Faith-Based Initiative (FBI).

Teachers and Pastors for Christ Almighty.

Army Veterans Against Neo-Fascism.

Police Benevolent Association of POC.

Million Man March for Say it LOUDER I’m Black and I’m Proud.

Black Americans Against Fascist Florida.

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