Clarence Thomas Should Resign

 “He (Emile Zolá) was a moment in the conscience of France.”

                               Anatole France

Clarence Thomas must resign. And this article takes you into French history and its politics today to illustrate how honored institutions such as the military and the judicial system can be greatly diminished by the people in charge.

And a famous television personality says that the American people should not protest outside the homes of the justices. He has to learn new things as well.

My readers know things I have written about later on become common place ideas that find there way into print in the media. And how many times have I written about The Dreyfus Affair? This article at the very least should be in French newspapers just for that content. The Dreyfus Affair started up in Paris, France in 1894.

Dreyfus was a Jew, but what happened to him could have happened to an Algerian, an African, a Muslim, or anyone that was different. But he was a Jew and therefore was “secretly” found guilty by the French Army staff and evidence was concocted in secret to convince the judges that he was guilty. And he was found guilty over and over again until a day when justice prevailed!

Here are the names Mercier, Billot, Boisdeffre, Gonse, Pellieux, Lemercier-Picard, Henry, Paty du Clam (who I wrote about in my article about DeSantis), Foucault, and Esterhazy. And they acted in secret.

Here are the names Thomas, Kavanaugh, Alito, Gorsuch, and Barrett. And they acted in secret. And they acted in secret just like the French military acted in secret.

And the military judges were “drowning in prejudice” and would uphold “the honour of the army.” And the Supreme Court justices, according to Thomas, are honoring the secrecy of that body and that secrecy should not be tampered with.

Esterhazy had a “secret” meeting with Paty du Clam in which protecting Esterhazy was agreed to. He gave the Germans the information which the nation was up in arms about, not Alfred Dreyfus.And the result in France was that Esterhazy fled to London via Belgium to protect himself.

Henry committed suicide or was murdered in prison.

General Gonse sent the leaker of information that saved Dreyfus, Colonel Picquart, to northern Africa which was a good way to get Picquart far away from Paris and could lead easily to Picquart’s death in rebel torn Tunisia. Picquart had previously informed General Boisdeffre about what he suspected as the truth and that was ignored. And both Boisdeffre and Gonse were involved in the transfer of Picquart. Picquart also gets indicted for revealing secrets or leaking information to civilians.

Billot got Esterhazy to retire temporarily from the army due to the embarrassment that was caused to the army.

Lemercier-Picard, author of a forged document is found hanging from his neck in a hotel room.

Boisdeffre requests to be relieved of his duties. And so does de Pellieux.

A stockbroker from Latin America notices that the handwriting on one of the key documents that matches the handwriting of Esterhazy (Señor de Castro).

And General Mercier died in 1921, almost three decades after the start of The Dreyfus Affair. Mercier had become a senator in the French parliament. Mercier denounced Dreyfus from the beginning and was against the reinstatement of Dreyfus and Picquart in the French military a decade later. And until his death, Mercier he always proclaimed the guilt of Alfred Dreyfus.

Martin N. Danenberg is the author of J’Accuse: Zolá Is My Guide and other books.

You can find a lot on the internet about J’Accuse and there is truly only one type to consider and it started in France with Emile Zolá. There is an organization called J’Accuse and we will see if that staff detects the toxicity that I see in Justice Roberts and the others who, in my opinion, must resign.

I know that would cause a great battle since there would be no majority for the justices on the right. And it would be up to Joe Biden to battle the Republicans and Repugnicans to see who gets appointed and when. Clarence Thomas has made a very poor case in this matter by talking about the secret nature of the court just as the officers made a mockery of justice in France long ago. And The Dreyfus Affair lives on in politics and culture more than a century and a quarter later. And we know who to blame including an immense portion of the French people. Thomas’s attempt to move the needle away from himself is either ignorance or a political stunt. He might as well say that the people really do not care about a change in abortion status and care only about bread and butter issues such as inflation the way Republicans do. Or make up something else. He and the other justices mentioned were caught. The justices who were not caught in the act are not part of this discussion.

Bill Maher lines up with those who want to shield the justices, not realizing the magnitude of the earthquake caused by the leak to the people. There was no need to protest outside the homes of the justices before the leak. Their homes have leaky faucets that have to be turned off and those justices must be taught a lesson by the facts and peaceful assembly. I would hope that Bill Maher could now see my point and I wish that someone in the entertainment business would share this with him. Maher is right in saying that we do not want people to protest outside our houses, but that toxicity that has just been revealed calls for action. France divided itself into powerful large groups in the 1890s and finally in 2002 the life of Emile Zolá was snuffed out as he was in his home (Médans, France). Hate for what he done to help a Jew who was secretly being set up by the military!

I did not forget that when men and women are appointed to the Supreme Court that their tenure if for life. But men and women can resign who have brought dishonor to their position and that is what is needed. And somewhere in America, I can hear Donald Trump say Clarence Thomas is a great patriot. He did nothing wrong, but you know who is out to get him and the other justices. All great patriots! And the others support communism, socialism, Critical Race Theory and things that are bringing our nation down. And Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer…! And in France the misinformation continues to flow about The Dreyfus Affair which is taught in schools all over France. This lesson should be taught in schools across America right now.