The G.E.D. and the Latin American Summit in Los Angeles

Jobs for people in high poverty areas. Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!

This message is nothing new for me since I knew that was going to do it right now. It was intended for the City Council of New York first, but I changed my mind. I was reading today about the escalation of gun violence in African American, Hispanic, and Native Americans and the report cited the relationship of the violence to poverty in America. I wish to thank all the staff members of the City Council that I have had talks with. The time to act is now and this statement may well guide much or even more than that of action toward a new way to help.

Joe Biden can make critical changes that can serve as a model for state and local government. As we know from decades of job searches, a high school diploma or a G.E.D. has been a requirement for some or many jobs. That can all change to help the at-risk population that has led to more shootings across America. So this is not something that is targeted only for New York City or Chicago, for example. Federal jobs that require a high school diploma or G.E.D. could be within the reach of those people who at-risk if President Joe Biden changes the requirement and makes all employers who have contracts with the government to require complete interviews with all people, including those who have no high school diploma or G.E.D. and to accomplish this in order to select the best candidate for the job. The lack of a diploma should not disqualify people who may have more knowledge than those who hold diplomas.

People know that my outreach to Senator John McCain went nowhere back in 2017. I was elated by his response, particularly so because I was not one of his constituents. So let US all look at the key words in his letter to me.

The John McCain Letter and Terrorism in The Capitol

Posted by Administrator January 19, 2021 

I first published that letter in Jewish Business News in Israel (September 6, 2018). The clock is ticking loud and clear. Gun violence was moving upward during the first year of the pandemic and it was reported that 19,000 lives have been lost and that does not include the suicides (35 percent surge under Trump). Lives were disposable and more had to be done. And it is being reported that “counties with the highest poverty level had firearm homicide and firearm suicide rates that were 4.5 and 1.3 times as high, respectively.

It would have been even more helpful to me and to our nation to know which counties in red and blue states are having the greatest surges of violence. People have a right to know.

And he signed his name writing “Please feel free to contact me again regarding this or any other matter of concern.”

I thought my idea to do more to fight gang violence was important and now everyone can see one of the things that was in the back of my mind back then. I still want people to earn their high school equivalency where they live and to be able to earn a high school equivalency quickly in other parts of the world. My “dream” to help the world, particularly with its violence and crime still has not been adopted. There will be a major White House event in Los Angeles where this matter should be taken up with world leaders. El Salvador was the first country that I wanted to see obtain the high school equivalency and that did not happen. From there I wanted to help both the Dominican Republic and Haiti (in Spanish and French) and that did not happen too. The United States and other countries including Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala, and more have all hit part of the target in helping people. But it has not been enough what they have done and what they are doing and they have missed the bullseye.

Officer Bob Kroll in a Nutshell

Posted by Administrator October 10, 2019

If the officer fired a gun to save my life, I would thank him.  Officer Kroll went partisan on Fox News about the cops not being allowed to wear their uniforms in a visit by Donald Trump.  Then his organization ordered supporting tee-shirts.  Police organizations are allowed to be political, as we all know.  What disturbed me is his attitude about spending city funds on liberal items to reduce crime.  I have written in another article that we don’t need police socialism as a request has been made to add 400 officers in Minneapolis.  And keep in mind that Donald Trump has not paid 10 cities already the money owed for his protection.

As you can see I wrote that before the death of George Floyd. And I challenged Officer Kroll. Giuliani was tough on crime, but he got the money from Bill Clinton to hire 1,000 police officers.  But crime increased and more people got locked up.  I repeat they got locked up.  The year 1993 was a very telling year for the state of New York and the immense city where I lived at that time.  The State of New York decided to make the GED test free and that started to create a drain in diplomas.  The effect was immediate as the numbers shrank.  Whether Giuliani knew about it or not, there was indifference toward the education of the young adults as they went to the streets to earn a living.  My point is that everyone including the police have to be better informed and I can assure the lieutenant that I am very well known to Chicago PD.  And I know what to do to help depressed communities of gang members, incarcerated men and women, and former incarcerated people.

The federal, state, and local governments can do more now without any delay. The G.E.D. has been in Central America and years ago it was not in El Salvador. Increase opportunities for people everywhere.