Trumpism and Critical Race Theory

I have noticed the errors of people in state government for the last twenty years or more. It started with Florida at the time of Jeb Bush (1999-2002). I helped straighten things out for the benefit of the people of Florida. Then I began to acquire immense knowledge in my education field and in 2006 I was called upon to straighten a budget problem created in the Pataki years. It didn’t stop there since there were other interventions that were related to schools and education.

One of my more recent interventions into Florida resulted from watching the talk of Ben Shapiro at Florida State University. After publishing this article (Ben Shapiro and FSU An Assessment), I sent it to the office of the president at that university. I have not heard back. The usual silence. Has anyone there shown my article to a single Floridian? Shapiro was talking about “wokeness” and the question of reparations was brought up as well. I can tell you that Shapiro opposes reparations, but you can learn that different forms of reparations are taking place. Harvard University has just set aside $100 million for its own complicity in the slave trade. Chris Mancini is involved in helping a family who lost a loved one in 1935 to a lynching in South Florida. Their work is proceeding right now. On Fox News, Shapiro said it is “unworkable” and pointed out that it just can’t done “ten generations” after slavery has ended. He and the Fox News moderator gave typical talking points about the “War on Poverty” and its failure. I can tell you where it failed which I first thought about in 2000. They made their key point that whatever funds provided to help Black people would be “Socialist redistribution policy.” And they used the typical “entitlements” pitch to their listeners. But there are legal experts who are involved in helping Black people in their efforts to get justice for those years of enslavement. My point about Ben Shapiro is that his answers are clearly incomplete and full of misinformation, spreading his word to tens of millions of people.

Reparations does not have to take the same name or wording that Jewish people obtained due to the Holocaust. The guiding principle is there since slavery and its aftermath destroyed lives and prevented the progress of people. Social justice initiatives is not socialism and neither was reparation for the Jews. And his portrayal of his family coming here about four years before mine and being innocent of what took place does not matter. The damage has been done and the payments should be made. That doesn’t mean that those payments have to be made today during a world crisis, but they can be accomplished in the future (with or without the agreement of Ben Shapiro).

There was Ben Shapiro pontificating about the “War on Poverty” that amounted to little or nothing in his opinion and he cited that there were 20 percent of Black women with children at that time (now 70 percent). My visit into the NYCHA development where I grew up on the Lower East Side had been turned into an area known for its drugs and high crime. By 1969 the people I had known and grown up with were either “dead or in jail” and those were important factors.

The educational system was not in a position to benefit so many children and their families where some schools were just producing 5 percent of students reading at grade level. I cannot cite GED statistics for that zip code and it just appeared to me that residents of the community were just not catching up to make a difference in that war. And this went on for decades. So even back in the day, there were other factors playing a role that are not being discussed. The Ben Shapiros of the world know nothing about all this. I lived it!

And lots more things are going on in Florida that need to be addressed. Trumpism has attracted a wide audience of supporters and voters and the voice there is Ron DeSantis. With all the lessons of the Holocaust, we notice that people either do not learn or choose not to learn. Part of the reason is that as powerful as the lessons of the Holocaust are they are still insufficient. And I am trying to address that at an international level and I strongly believe that welcoming new ideas would better facilitate the understanding of those events and contribute to a much better world now.

Look again more closely at the events from 2017 to today. Muslims were attacked. Chinese were attacked. Latinos, sometimes, were attacked (Mexicans were attacked by Trump). Homosexuals were attacked. Black Lives Matter was attacked.  And at the very same time that Trump supporters were attacking people here, there were Muslims, Gays, Chinese, Latinos, Blacks, Jews, and more for Trump. People have always been divided, but previously there was no imminent danger like we have seen since Trump campaigned the first time.

I point to the Anti-Defamation League which has been putting reports out to the public about anti-Semitism over the years. For many years, I had not known about those efforts to inform and educate people. The study of anti-Semitism tells us just what percentage of people have those tendencies in their countries. And in the United States, anti-Semitism is pretty low at about 10 percent, but it is very dangerous because of the hundreds of millions of people who live here. The family is greatly affected by views being shaped and without proper education and thinking skills, people will be led to act against Jews.

We have (had) seen the uptick in attacks on Jews during Trump’s four years and we saw little or nothing being done by Trump himself to make things better. Trump and his base were winning until COVID-19 and Trump had no plan to do much there as well. And before finishing this article there was an article by USA Today showing the surge in 2021 in anti-Semitic incidents revealing that in 80 percent of the incidents were not perpetrated by extremists. I say that the lessons about the Holocaust are important, but they are not enough. New strategies are needed. Stronger messaging is needed for all and some or much of that can be done now.

I have written about the Zionist Organization of America’s Mort Klein sitting next to Candace Owens who was giving a statement about Hitler, nationalism, globalism, etc. while Klein was checking his notes before speaking out about the threat of the Muslim world. He was not there to talk about White Supremacy and the racism of the United States. Those two follow a different beat to their success and they must know by now that we are concerned about all groups when it comes to hate and our knowledge of White Supremacy and its hateful expressions should have been denounced by them.

And back to Florida and DeSantis. Most Jews know that Hitler came for the Jews, came for Roma people, came for Gays, came for intellectuals who would speak out, and more. There were people of African background in the concentration camps. And now DeSantis has quickly hastened a movement of revenge against Disney. This may be shocking to people, but Florida, I know, is a state that realizing that it could no longer lynch Black people about a hundred years ago started to quickly find Black people guilty of crime and had them executed within weeks since there was no appeal process in place. And life continued that way until the Civil Rights Era. And now Florida is moving backwards in time to a history of control and domination. Or at least those men and women in its government think they are going to control things.

As I previously indicated, Jews want to know where the hate is and where the hate groups are. Florida is known for having the most hate groups in the nation. Alerted to that fact, I was in Miami last May and was told by a young woman in the family business that the Proud Boys were inciting people in that area. I noticed the flyers placed on the streets as I waited for a bus to take me from the downtown seaport to Collins Avenue. I wrote about that here in The Force 2020 DDT. I had watched the news about the anti-Semitism before the Election of 2020 and Trump did nothing to turn off the hate then being written about. Trump won a huge victory under those circumstances in Florida.

And suddenly there is this fear pervading Florida and other states about knowing about racism in school or what is commonly called “wokeism.” Isn’t it peculiar that Putin is also bringing up wokeism in connection with Ukraine? Could it be that that Republicans and Putin are in the same party? It’s as though a huge cancerous tumor has formed in America in which the Ku Klux Klan and people who are less inclined than those infamous activists who controlled the South and lots of other communities are calling Republicans out to say that it has all been a “Marxist” plot. So almost everything becomes socialist, communist, and Marxist to them.

If you study the evil actions of Americans for an hour, you will quickly see that those racists did the same things that communists did to their own people, including taking the bread out of the hands of the poor. Both groups did it to have more. And Hitler took everything from the Jews to pay for his war machine (economy).

Florida appears to be canceling lots of books including math books. The internet exploded with one example from a math book with a graph about racism in America. Alongside that graph, could have been and should have been a graph about anti-Semitism. How would Trump handle that! He was only opposed to Black Lives Matter, remember? And there would still be Jews backing Trump after his horrible answers.

And the books being cited by DeSantis and his team for containing material that contains racial or racist material or too controversial material may actually be the best books available to the students. Nazis and communists knew how that worked and they possibly got it from the United States. Their founding fathers were infallible just as our founding fathers appear to be at times. And the attack on teachers and their first amendment rights does also seem like something from an America of the 1950s when Senator McCarthy was making news. And now Congressman McCarthy is making news about lies being made up to protect Trumpism and control Americans. Senator McCarthy was citing evidence of huge amounts of communists in the Truman government which was not true.

And there is the big question about whether materials are age appropriate or not. We can see a child who is four years of age fleeing Putin’s attack talk clearly and intelligently about that. And we know that racism and anti-Semitism often begin in the home for children. Hate is all around US. I read the book Trotsky in New York a couple of years ago and wrote about it and Trotsky’s son, obviously, was politically precocious. And when he was told that the family was quickly returning to Russia he knew very well that it was all about the “Revolution.” A discussion with the children and grandchildren of Repugnicans will most likely present to the public that same precociousness of politics if given the chance.

I alluded to Florida’s haste to lynch Black people and the haste to take away the rights of teachers to discuss issues from the past and present that are important to people smacks of that. DeSantis keeps up with Trump in diminishing people. Stalin by the early 1950s saw fit that some Jews had to be killed and Jewish people were diminished and only solidifying Russia First mattered to him. The same thing happens in Florida as people attempt to diminish Black people through voting rights and educational decisions.

I was talking to Chris Mancini whose concerns for these problems are immense and he fills us in on South Florida, his book, and his play. He told me that Act II of his play is devoted to a Black man who was lynched just as I described it before. He was put on trial and executed immediately to simulate the actual lynching without a trial. It makes me think about how I recently found out about my grandmother’s family in Poland in 1939 who were immediately taken outside and shot by the Nazis. There rope was not needed. We are now on our way to be in touch, I hope, with teachers all over our nation as a result of the important conversation that just took place.

And if you look at many of my articles, I have always stressed that high school students must know more. Middle school students are capable of learning most of the controversial things as well, but high school students will become voters first. And change is needed to prevent hate from diminishing people again. History matters!

Let’s take a look at American history and the Massacre in Wilmington, North Carolina in 1898.

The White Supremacists wore Red Shirts. A very long-lasting myth was established that after dozens of Black people were killed that Black people benefitted from the massacre. Black people who were hiding were informed to come out and see that they would be protected by White people (they would be diminished for decades). Children in the streets felt the terror of white men carrying guns. That was America.

I wrote this article Marco Rubio Speaks About On January 6, 2021

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That kind of Republican Party thinking is better than what communists did, but clearly on the same road, especially as the Republican goal is keeping the party clean at all times (even when it is dirty). I just read about that kind of thinking again last night in the final chapter of Volume 3 of The Gulag. I was reading about Novocherkassk and there is information on the internet about what took place there.

And now in April 2020 I share this information about Novocherkassk after writing about Wilmington, North Carolina.

You will see some of the same main ingredients. Nikita Khrushchev who had been a charge of the Soviet Union for years and who told the people that they could now breathe freely and have no worries. The June 2, 1962 it happened.

The town rebels.

There are no traces of what happened.

The people of the Soviet Union did not know what had taken place and there was no coverage by the news media.

This was a moment of higher prices, and the wages of the workers were lowered by as much as 30 percent.

Strikes spread and troops and tanks were expected there by the striking men and women.

Ring leaders were sought out and arrested.

People later carried peaceful slogans and portraits of Lenin. Others tried to find those arrested and were met with pistols.

By 11 A.M. there were no police to be seen, only more troops on hand. Reinforcements continued to come in and tanks too.

Riflemen were put into place and soon fired a volley over the heads of the people.

By 2 P.M. there was blood almost everywhere, in the square, on benches, on sanded paths, on tree trunks.

A Red banner across the Party building with its slogan “The People and the Party are one.”

The Soviet leaders soon told potential demonstrators to go home and not to fall for the “provocation.” Later there were communications and the word spread about the sympathetic reaction of leaders who had been called in. The people were told that the ones responsible for the bloodshed would be punished.

Those leaders came back with vengeance to root out the “enemies” of the people who provoked the assembly.

The families of the wounded and killed were deported to Siberia. Soon 9 men were to be shot and two women were given sentences of 15 years.

The there you have behavior that included lying, misinformation, destroying evidence, diminishing people, and more.

No!  Wilmington and Novocherkassk were not exactly the same. They were crimes against the people. People had to flee or they were exiled. Others were allowed to stay, live, and work depending on the whim of the leaders. And that meant that lots of people had to conform and collaborate whether they liked it or not. And according to the leadership, the oppressed could breathe free.

And with all that information in mind as we think about Ukraine, Trump’s party platform toned down its attitude toward Putin and Russia and Trump continued to boast about his great relationship with Putin. And some or many of Trump’s most enthusiastic supporters in the media have either put the blame on Ukraine or just asked ridiculous questions which would lead a huge amount of viewers in the same direction. For example, do you think Ukraine is responsible for the piles of dead bodies that the media is presenting As a man educated in that kind of history from World War II, I can tell you that an important aspect of such a controversy is evidence. Tucker Carlson, for example, provides no evidence. I could raise the same kind of ridiculous speculation right now by making up the question Do you think the Black people in Wilmington, North Carolina who were found dead shot themselves or each other in 1898? And was there really a massacre in the first place?

And in getting back into this article, the news in Florida is that DeSantis and conservatives are trying (and they will) whip up the voters by demonstrating to them how the government is protecting them. Protecting the government against the truth was what freedom of the press was about and that goes back to colonial times and the John Peter Zenger case. Then a jury turned its back on the government in favor of the truth establishing a freedom in history and we pursue that freedom today for the schools and the workplace, contrary to DeSantis’s leadership. When you wish upon a star, DeSantis will lose his seat of power. And as I have written before, CRT cannot be stopped if its proponents wish to continue the fight. It can reach more people anywhere after school than in school.

Joy Reid noticed and spoke about the African American children who were holding anti-CRT signs, calling it child abuse. I fully understand what she means by that, but as I have already pointed out there are children who can learn things from their parents as we all do. I have already mentioned in my articles, but particularly one in Jewish Business News in Israel, that Black youth tried to join Hitler’s youth in the 1930s and they were not allowed in. Black people soon faced the kinds of discrimination that Jews faced and there were Black people in concentration camps as well. My point again is that all people are divided.

And in my articles, I have mentioned that Dr. King has been misinterpreted publicly by African Americans in this struggle over Critical Race Theory. Conservatives who “don’t judge a person by his skin color” are not portraying the Dr. King agenda at all. He referenced that in a time within a much different context and he wanted governmental interventions and particularly integration. He was not ready to accept the individualism of the Republicans or Conservatives who wanted slow progress. And a segregationist, Barry Goldwater, was the Republican Party choice in 1964 for president.

What Joey Reid and others can do right now is promote a discussion among youth so that things can go viral. Florida is surely the place to be for that. Consider that nobody was there to guide Black youth in Nazi Germany of Hitler and Mein Kampf and where that would lead to. So much stronger messaging is needed. And it would be highly interesting to see African American youth who were side by side with DeSantis change their minds based on new knowledge. Critical thinking skills matter!