“Imagine there’s no countries
It isn’t hard to do.”

                                     John Lennon

Ukraine! Ukraine! Ukraine! But Lennon was talking about peace and not war or Putin. Now Imagine if Hitler had developed the atomic bomb before the United States did. Imagine all the people that would have died that way. And for my purpose here imagine that Hitler had developed the bomb before he began losing the war in the East to the Soviet Union. Imagine! I can imagine that I would never have been born to write this. Hitler was planning on taking over the United States and to eliminate the Jewish people.

With that said we must put out stronger messaging about the world crisis. Finland and Sweden are being threatened right now with nuclear attack if it joins NATO. Saudi Arabia is using Trump’s tactics to portray Biden as “sleepy Joe.” Trump is on Fox News still talking about his great relationship with Putin as that network shows bags of Ukrainians who were massacred by Putin. And Trump was “bragging” that Putin wouldn’t have done what he did under him. And there are reports that Trump fell right into Putin’s hands by weakening the world to make the assault on the Ukraine easy. Yes there’s lots that Trump never tells you. And Saudi Arabia is talking about dumping its relationship with the United States and buying weapons from China. Here is your equivalency. China=Russia=Iran and Saudi Arabia is hostile to Iran. And Israel gets help from Saudi Arabia in its fight against Iran. Yet Israel=Russia for support. This shows the complicated mess that has brought about a world crisis. I did not portray these things as equals, citing only equivalencies that people can debate.

Hitler-Putin-Trump stand out here. Trump called the assault a “holocaust” and “genocide. Sean Hannity couldn’t get Trump to commit to telling his audience that Putin is an “evil” leader. Could it be that Trump has a “deal” for Putin. This war has gone on way too long and only because Russia has nuclear weapons and not because of Biden’s weakness or Trump’s imagined strength.

And there were warnings that we hardly learned about. Aleksandr Dugin has been the apparent Putin brain, but I did not even know about Dugin.

Here is what we know about Dugin


For disinformation and destabilization

A great rival for America by building an Empire

Annex Ukraine

Calling for authoritarianism

The United States sanctioned Dugin in 2015 after the takeover of the Crimea. Imagine if there’s no Ukraine! This is not the lyrics to a song.

Dugin was an anti-communist in the 1980s. He dabbed in Satanism and admired Nazism without admiring Hitler and he was instrumental with others of forming Russian fascism. That fascism resembles what we notice in America “natural national conservatism with a passionate desire for true changes.” But changes for whom? Dugin sided in history with Stalin and the Soviet Union” As a conservative, he wants a strong, solid State, order and healthy family, positive values, the reinforcing of the importance of religion and the Church in society, patriotic radio, TV, patriotic experts, patriotic clubs, and a media that focuses on national interests.”

This could be described as “fascism à-la-russe.” How could or why would Trump undermine such a man? Putin that is! Conservatives like conservatives. Nationalist like nationalists and not globalists. Only those Trump Repugnicans are “patriots” and if you don’t believe me ask them.  Trump had to even set up his own personal social media which has hardly been working out. That’s another Trump bankruptcy. You can read about Dugin’s ideas affecting Turkey which would lead to the destruction of American influence and the same thing among Arabs.

And of course we should take note of Putin and Trumpism by an expert on Dugin. Putin is is everywhere, is everything, is absolute, is indispensable”. And Trump is the “best” president ever, according to Repugnicans that I see on Long Island. This could be a New York state of mind for those people. We shall see where support for Trump diminishes and how much soon.

An acolyte of Dugin had been training people to forcibly take over the parliamentary building and other buildings which should sound familiar. And it has been reported that Dugin met with Steve Bannon in 2018 to share ideas with Bannon about Russia and China. Kyiv banned Dugin for 5 years, of course! Canada also sanctioned Dugin in 2015. Dugin’s daughter had been a link to Russian interference in the Election of 2016 in the United States, the year Trump won. She was recently sanctioned by the United States Department of the Treasury.

Dugin wrote an article depicting Russia as borderless and Red in 1998. And we got a man calling for a wall and Red. Now there is a clash of ideas, also, to consider. If Trump had completed his wall, that wall surely could stand for a while, but in the end that wall, according to Dugin, would come tumbling down in favor of Russia domination. And we take note of the Russian propaganda that is heavily penetrating Latin America right now.

There are reports of more than 95,000 Ukrainians who are being removed far from the Ukraine to the old “gulag” areas including the Arctic circle and this comes at a time when a Repugnican in Texas has moved immigrants from his state by bus to Washington, D.C. Five of those immigrants were from Venezuela and instead of being affected coldly in our nation’s Capital are either on their way or will soon be on their way to sunny Florida. The hostility and stupidity of the Texas governor who put the people on the bus is showing right now and I would assume that Florida governor De Santis is making plans to return those human beings to Texas. Or is DeSantis going to keep quiet and let things take their course?

The Ukraine is a top priority right now and all groups of citizens and non-citizens in the United States have to recognize that. The danger is that great in the world right now. Taiwan could be next or Poland or even Venezuela. The Russian threat, as you have read, knows no borders. That threat had to be known and minimized by the White House from 2017-2021. Do you see what I see? Just imagine!

Keep in mind that when Stalin sent people to the “gulags” and the Arctic, they went there to work at no pay and as little cost to the government as possible. And they went there to either die or be killed and to be replaced by others. Gulags can be set up anywhere on the earth. Hitler turned free people into prisoners who had to work in forced labor camps. Stalin did the same. Even America could do the same thing (again) under a nationalist, neo-fascist type government and the people will go for it just as states are limiting free speech by law in schools and elsewhere right now.

Fox News is making light of all this news concerning the attack on our freedoms. Russia and the U.S.A. have the same attack on “woke” culture right now and that should be a warning. Fox News wants people to say that are democracy is not going to be destroyed. We hope that it will not be destroyed but look closely again at everything in this article. There’s a lot that has been wrong about Fox News and Trump all along. I have reached out to share ideas with people on the other side fighting to protect our First Amendment rights and shared a keystone idea of mine. CRT or Critical Race Theory cannot be stopped in the American society. Teachers may choose to avoid it in the classroom but after school CRT is an idea that can shared with much larger communities than a class of 30 and it can be shared at the speed of light to inform our entire nation. Just as the governor of Texas has made a mistake in his judgment in sending immigrants away from his state, the same mistake that has been winning school board elections with anti-CRT community excitement also cannot win in the end. And in time there will be a correction in the conservative market since freedom of speech matters!

I waited a couple of days to complete this article and had to share this about Pugin who has said this “We (Russia) cannot lose this war. Otherwise, the whole world will turn into a large fire.” Here we are asking for peace and the end of attacks even against civilians. And we must learn more about Steve Bannon’s meeting with Dugin in 2018 or has that been an integral part of executive privilege? You can go back five years ago and see the parallels with what Russia and the United States were doing. Russia First and America First! Yes and you can see Trump talking again at that time of both sides of his mouth as well indicating that NATO was not obsolete and that Russia was then a danger but the two continued to get along very well (Secretary of State Rex Tillerson was warning about the Russians at that time). And consider that Tillerson and Putin knew each other well. Strong dictators could be handled since Tillerson had made deals with them as the head of Exxon. Tillerson is the one who later called Trump a “moron.” History matters! And I imagine that if Russia loses the war that China will not be so empowered to cut its military loose against Taiwan soon. And that Latin America, which I have been been writing about since Putin brought up the potential for his interference there will be a much safer place. And one more thing. If Putin is defeated, we can feel blessed that his ally is not in power because Trumpism is an imminent danger to the safety of people in our fifty states. Let’s be committed to find out more about all of this.