A Jane Fonda Moment and Other Moments

Jane Fonda came into my head this morning. She visited soldiers in North Vietnam (Hanoi) and her life was never the same after that. It was a time of war. And now is a time of war. And the names Tucker Carlson and Candace Owens come to mind. There are Americans in Russia. Steven Seagal went there, but he is not in the news. French actor Gérard Depardieu went there, but he is not making news as the war rages. Carlson and Owens are supported by “patriots” and that must make me the un-patriot for writing about them.  I have been blasting people like them and the man they support for years. I wish to know just how big the backlash is to Carlson and Owens. It should be huge!

An attack apparently has taken place against a Russia fuel depot on Russia soil that is in the news. President Biden just announced that millions and millions of barrels of oil will be released to help reduce our inflation. Inflation is really affecting our economy and the world. It made me think of a joke to offer.

Donald Trump was called upon to protect American oil and he was assigned to stand guard within a depot and prevent an attack. Suddenly a small fire erupted by one of the tanks.  Trump was making a phone call, another perfect call, but he was using his “burner” phone. Trump has set fire to the American nation over and over again. Fire! Fuego!

Now I know that our men and women going to war is far different from the war in the Ukraine. I do not have to be schooled about that at all, but Trump was just schooled by the White House at a press conference as Trump reached out to Putin for help days ago. I went beyond that in my last article to compare Putin to Hitler. It is the attack on Poland in 1939 that I am referencing. Trump put his foot in his mouth again by calling the attack on the Ukraine a “holocaust” and his supporters, for the most part, think his talk was perfectly Trump. I do not trust those Repugnicans at all and I have not trusted them for years.

This is a Henry Louis Gates moment as Jennifer Teege reveals her family roots. I have been writing about this since 2018. In a video or Zoom she talks about the Presidential Election that had taken place only a few days before the Zoom was made.

Hertwig-Goth-Kalder-Teege were and are parts of her family tree.

My Grandfather Would Have Shot Me (2020) can be watched as Jennifer Teege did a Zoom with Professor Jonathon Wiesen of the University of Alabama in Birmingham. And she points out whether we talk about Black Lives Matter or the Holocaust, we have to deal with the history.

Here are some words in Spanish that I found on the internet for my readers.

“Los invito a leer My Grandfather Would Have Shot Me, un verdadero testimonio de la complicada historia humana que nos recuerda que lo importante no es lo que haya sucedido en el pasado, o lo que haya hecho tu familia, sino reconocer las faltas, hablarlas y lo que haces ahora y decides en el presente para remediarlo” from Nuestro Rincón de Lecturas



Find the Zoom mentioned and watch it to learn more. So today in 2022 we can go back and trace her roots just as Professor Henry Louis Gates does for people. Teege is not famous like dozens of people on the television show, but her history is unique to me and I am sure you will agree just how unique it is. It’s a one in millions story about life. The video was made on the anniversary of Kristallnacht in Germany. The book contains information about memories and family set in history. Jennifer Teege has been educated in Jewish, Middle Eastern, and African history. As people are aware of what is taking place in the Ukraine right now and Putin is being accused of crimes against humanity, learn the story.

She went from an orphanage to a foster home and eventually to achieve fame as an author. In 2008 her life turned around as she went to the library and discovered her past. She picked up a book about Schindler’s List. And inside the book there was photographic evidence about her past. This was the book of her biological family. And she had great stress from learning this information. Perhaps stress that we have never seen on the television show, even when people learn that their family members owned slaves.

I have asked where have all the racists gone? And I did this again recently. Teege said that there is no DNA for Nazis and she comments about what the children of Nazis have done. Sterilization.

This is a story that has to be told that started out with Hitler in 1919 long before he took power in Germany. Humanity fights against men like Hitler and the moment is tragic as the Ukraine has been attacked. Teege speaks about how fascism advances as she talks about the last four years in America and the world. She also states that things will not happen in the same way as The Holocaust took place and she is right. The diminishing of people here in the United States by limiting their rights including the right to vote are things for all races and ethnic groups are concerned about. She wants to reach the masses of the people and their hearts. So do you really feel the hurt that people are going through in the Ukraine right now and do you feel anything about the repugnant legislation coming forth in the United States?

Acknowledge and speak out about things. Germans hardly did that but today all German students are required to learn about The Holocaust. She spoke about the danger coming and she knows that the moment is here, even if we have not heard her speak. Empathy is what she calls for. Feel the pain of others! Her frequent mentioning of the last four years and our election surely point to what is repugnant and she knows first-hand that the problem lies in the system since in Germany everyone is educated under one system and here we have states’ rights.

She encourages people to visit the U.S. Holocaust Museum and I want the Musée Dreyfus to come to our people, for all. She says that she struggles with knowing about Amon Goth, the name that you saw among the other names earlier.

The Lessons of the Dreyfus Affair Are Needed

The Zolá-Dreyfus Museum is needed in New York as well as in Médan near Paris, in Miami as well as Marseilles, in Lyon as well as Los Angeles. Important Zoom lessons can be shared to bring the story of Alfred Dreyfus to the entire American people.

Governments and school districts can participate. Why take the slow route of teaching one by one when a universe of people awaits government officials, teachers and students, community organizations, and ethnic organizations from A-Z?

1894 Paris The Trial of Captain Alfred Dreyfus begins The Dreyfus Affair. A Jew was arrested and put on trial by the French Military just for being Jewish.

1898 African Americans are massacred in Wilmington, North Carolina by White Supremacists. David Zucchino has written a great book on that subject.

1911 in Austria Hungary, Jewish Zionists and Ruthenes are killed by soldiers from nearby Przemysl, kept from voting as they were shot (twenty-six killed).

1923 Tulsa’s African American community is destroyed in Oklahoma.

1929 Arabs attack and massacre Jews in Hebron in Palestine.

1935 Hitler establishes the Nuremberg Laws in Germany

1935 Ruben Stacey, an African American is lynched in Florida with the help of the brother of the sheriff. Chris Mancini has a play coming out about that.

The United States of America is home to much hate, most of it directed at African Americans and Jews. Colleyville, Texas, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Minneapolis, Minnesota, Brunswick, Georgia.

1930s Hitler conspires with people in the United States to spark the overthrow of the United States government is documented in Hitler in Los Angeles: How Jews Foiled Nazi Plots Against Hollywood and America.  Jews, African Americans, and Catholics were targeted by hate groups. Steven Ross is the author.

And she speaks about bystanders to the tragic events of history and she finds people like that guilty including her grandmother. And she has seen the motion picture and the woman who played her own grandmother. And at no time during the question and answer segment with her does she state that the times were difficult and she doesn’t blame those people. She holds everyone accountable.

I started out writing about these things thinking about Mark Cohen who is a Holocaust and Black Lives Matter painter. His description of his work began with the grandfather of Jennifer Teege. Imagine a Black woman’s grandfather was hung by the neck and he was not lynched (1946). She talks about American history and Montgomery. She talked about going back to her roots as she went to Africa with her father. She also said that Black Lives Matter will not disappear, and I say that nobody can stop Critical Race Theory.

Jennifer Teege knows very well which people were mostly likely the next victims of Nazi racism. And people in Poland and other countries fear that they will be next on Putin’s list for destruction. She was very upset upon speaking live in the United States years ago and learning that people in the audience did not know about the Holocaust and we know that people either poorly remember and never learn important things about history in school. The numbers are significant.

And here I am thinking about people like Tucker Carlson and Candace Owens. And Donald Trump!