Mask Mandate or Freedom

“After all there must be a regular turnover, to make room for the new intake.”

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

As my readers know, I read, I learn, and I share. I have my eye on New York City right now and I am ready to “Accuse” people there, but nobody listens to me. Now I can turn to last night’s reading in bed of The Gulag.

The tortures and the deaths were immensely diverse. And women were often raped after their treatment. And then killed. And there were always new intakes.

Communism is a subject that we could learn more about, I guess if people really want to know.

Let me provide a warmup activity first.  The Gulag has few machines if any and work was done by hand just as it had been done thousands of years ago. And this was after World War II. Keep in mind that we are told that capitalism is more efficient than communism and works better for everyone. I am not declaring that an untruth, but we have to keep everything into context and keep things real.

Spaask was a place where only insane person would want to go. It had a huge population of invalid prisoners who were just small steps from being terminated. The commandant of Spaask was Chechev, not to be confused with Chekhov (`Anton). Among those invalids were men and/or women who had lost one arm. Since people did get hurt working hard jobs in mines, cutting down trees, and other dangerous jobs, they had to be transported away from the work area. I did not say hospital because their fate was not that good. So Checkev devised a system of work for that situation which was normal for the living conditions. All that was needed were two invalids with right arms and two with left arms and the problem was solved. Just like doing a math problem in a middle school class! And we say that the Soviets were inefficient?

Now we can turn to the Chechev-Chizhevsky connection. The latter was a biophysicist. Chizchevsky set up a laboratory in Spaask, but with empty benches or workstations. He took worthless materials and created an antisilicosis mask for the workers. Copper mining was the hardest and worst job for the prisoners and people in power really didn’t care about them.

Now that you know all of that, it is time to put all of this into context and perhaps your own “common sense” or intelligence caused that light bulb to go on in your head about what was written earlier. This is what Solzhenitsyn wrote. “They’ve always worked without masks; why complicate things? After all, there must be a regular turnover, to make room for the new intake.” Or in other words, there is no problem putting those men to sleep before their time was really up and they went down into the copper mines without masks.

And this is from the American Lung Association about the lung disease. “Silicosis is a type of pulmonary fibrosis, a lung disease caused by breathing in tiny bits of silica, a common mineral found in sand, quartz and many other types of rock. Silicosis mainly affects workers exposed to silica dust in jobs such as construction and mining. Over time, exposure to silica particles causes scarring in the lungs, which can harm your ability to breathe.” Do you object to the science?

Who can I turn to when Communists and Repugnicans create policies that cause their people to die? There you have it in prisons that kills millions and in a free society, people in power create policies of death for innocent people and the people that I am writing about were not the guilty thieves who were in The Gulag. Who can you turn to?