Dropping the Atomic Bomb Over Russia?

This is the land that gave us communism. This is the land of Lenin and Stalin, a place where one hundred million people lost their lives. This is the land that I am reading about and my reading in bed last night was about dropping the atomic bomb there.

One Russian wrote “I am ashamed to be Russian” as the Russians were choking the life of Poland. And having Poles and others near him, he felt a double portion of shame. Ukrainians were fighting to have a nation (nationalists) and instead of calling them that they were called almost everywhere “banderists.”

Estonians and Latvians were there and they were called “particularly congenial” and a Russian spoke out that he felt “ashamed.”  Partisans vs. bandits-The partisans killed for the Russians, the bandits killed Russians. And this went back to 1917 and the Revolution. Revolutionaries had to be countered if they were on the wrong side.

Oh yes the bombing of Russians now. This came from a man who spent years with the Ukrainians and wrote, what should have been after the title of this article, these words “Our generation cannot avoid paying for the mistakes of generations before it.” And today in America we hear the opposite from conservatives and others. He also wrote about how communism strongly declared as if it were a scientific principle that “nationalism” would fade across the world. He was calling for “grandeur of actions.”

Oh yes the bombing of Russians. Wait a minute, you know you make me want to shout.

There was talk of Korea in the reading (the lesson for all) and how lies were told to Russians about how the Korean War started. And there were U.N. troops that they news about, troops that were taking on the communists to protect South Korea. There were reminders of Spain as civil war engulfed it during the 1930s. And there was talk among these men of a Third World War approaching.

And today it is the Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Albania, and more in the news.

These were political prisoners in The Gulag who had suffered incredibly, but survived the worst that The Soviet Union could throw at them. They were angry about their present and their past, a past filled with being silent as millions went to their deaths in The Gulags in the cold north where they worked outside in 40 degrees below zero and slept in places that had no heat. And their clothing hardly protected them. This was Aleksandr Solzhenitysn speaking out about making the world better and hoping for action. What specific action? Truman should drop the atomic bomb on the prison camps and Solzhenitsyn wrote that the men shouted at their oppressors that “Truman will see you off.”  He knew that they were going to die in the attack, but so what since they were going to die soon anywhere. It only took a few months to kill most of the men and women in The Gulag and a new batch of prisoners was sent there to do the work and to die. A speedier death, too, could result from open fire from the watchtower of the prison, poisoning of their bread, or infect them with germs (German fashion). He wanted “deliverance” instead of a twenty-five-year sentence because the Soviets decided to curtail his freedom and so little or nothing to live for. Italics were added because I have already written about how Hitler would have injected Jews (and others) so they would get sick and die.

Let Lenin Be Lenin. Let Stalin Be Stalin Let Hitler Be Hitler and Let Trump Be Trump are all an integral part of history, bad history. Herd immunity is popular among many in the medical field. but it was never thought out as clearly as I describe (and previously described) here. DeSantis and other Repugnant governors were whipping up Corona Virus in the labs of their states. I was in Florida four times in 2021. It got worse to see on each trip after the trip to Miami. I saw it on Lincoln Road in May, but locals were complying. Then on trips to Fort Lauderdale and Fernandina Beach, I saw people dropping their guard as they lost control and predicted an increase in cases which other writers had no clue about. Read my work and see. Solzhenitsyn won the Nobel Peace Prize for The Gulag and those four famous, strong leaders won many battles politically until their demise took place. They were all unfit for leadership.

Critical Race Theory comes from Marxism and the communist experience, but the free-thinking Solzhenitsyn was imprisoned and Ron DeSantis has taken the government of Florida (complicit men and women there) to ban CRT for crimes against the state (the freedom to hate things about the USA) or “enemy of the people.” The Russian dressing is all over Florida’s ban and the laws of other states. This is just like what the Republicans tried to do to communism and the Communist Party, but their efforts were ruled unconstitutional in the 1950s.  And I can assure my readers and those who never will see my work that Critical Race Theory cannot be stopped since it can be taught a minute after school is out as sure as you check the time on a clock, wristwatch, or a phone. It can ring out all over this land. All All All Over This Land! It’s that bell of freedom that those Repugnicans claim as their own. In other words, I know that the group of Repugnicans must fight for their base, but just as those four strong men fell (in different ways), the Battle of Critical Race Theory cannot be won against a force of people who wish to continue. And it will be so easy to continue with nothing to lose.

And those were the feelings of Solzhenitsyn one summer in captivity, a captivity by his own people or party. And over nothing except an oppressive government. And these states have passed a ban on CRT Idaho, Iowa, Oklahoma, Texas, and Tennessee. There is no ban on atomic bombs. Be careful! We must negotiate in good faith to make a better world. And wear a mask!  And DeSantis has made monumental mistakes on these two key issues.

I must also add the real work and laws of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are about saving lives, not about saving jobs (or even saving freedoms). So in the struggle to fight for nationalism and to maintain nationalism in the form of pseudo-patriotism, immense failures have occurred. The discussion now must penetrate those states that have made egregious mistakes and have been listed here.

Remember when Donald Trump was telling people “What do you have to lose.” Lots of people did get jobs, but lots of people lost their lives with his foolish policies. And Repugnicans may be in denial for many years just as there was silence in the Soviet Union.