Do the Right Thing Afghanistan and More

I wrote, as the evacuation from Afghanistan was taking place, that the Taliban wanted US out. And there is news right now about a child who was stranded at the airport when 124,000 people were evacuated. This child has finally been returned to his parents in Texas. What happened was potentially tragic but has a happy ending. The Taliban police played a role in finding the child and getting the boy sent to the United States. There were mistakes made as the mother carrying the baby in her arms handed the child to someone and the failure started with that act.

Trump’s weakness including the many times we saw him in photos and in print doing little to nothing to combat Putin (the successor to communist power) has had costs in Afghanistan, the Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and in moves being made by China right now that will hurt world stability. That “stable genius” never had a plan and his plan probably is (and will never be revealed right now) America First is the way to go or in other words who cares about those countries unless I benefit. And that policy of America First will almost surely take America into bankruptcy, since bankruptcy is the Trump for America way (diplomatic bankruptcy).

Hitler had very little support in the beginning years. Trump skyrocketed to power and for the moment maintains a base that is several times what Hitler had in the beginning. Those numbers matter as 2024 draws near. Decades ago, a general who was an American hero and who only garnered one percent in an election for president faded away as the truth about him and his effort to undermine American foreign policy was revealed, where he wrote about starting a war. Trump oh a pop up just informed me that 41 percent say that Trump should be prosecuted now and 39 percent say no. Trump is not fading away, fading perhaps. And when that American hero in 1940 got one percent, we were on the brink of war and we did not know it. And we were on the brink of a takeover by Hitler and we did not know it. And today we do not know it.

And I wrote this many months ago.

Donald Ben-Ghazi

Posted by Administrator August 27, 2021

In the news are the Taliban didn’t continue to fight terrorism as Trump promised and that Mike Pence was warned years ago about Afghanistan becoming Trump’s Benghazi. What we have witnessed taking place in that country has been long in the making and right now people who were ill informed are making things up to put the blame elsewhere. And Trump is talking about abandoning an airport as a big mistake when the mistake was electing Trump in the first place. I wrote about “cautious optimism at the end of my last article and that was based on things I chose not to write about. I sensed an attack was coming and I wrote that it was not in the interests of the Taliban to cause great harm (even though harm had already been done). I choose not to state here what was on my mind as I sensed an attack which is based on my patriotic duty to remain silent.

And now in 2022, given conditions across the world and at home, will Americans on a mass scale even consider allowing very large amounts of Ukrainians and Kazakhs enter our nation if they absolutely have to save themselves from harm or even prison?

Russian troops have entered Kazakhstan to put down the demonstration, rioting, and looting that has taken place. Trump could easily have made a deal to grant Russia permission to enter the USA on a Trump concocted visa to put down the demonstrations in the United States. And in that process to permit Russians to shoot to kill our people. I can imagine that, knowing the history of his politics here and the hours he spent watching The Capitol attack by his supporters (initially portrayed as antifa). I can even imagine Putin picking up the tab for his friend, The Donald. And in Kazakhstan, typically, the so-called “outsiders” are now being charged with treason for their involvement in the events. The same things go on here but to a much lesser degree. Just ask any Repugnican and he or she probably will tell you yes an outsider can be charged with treason. And what will Repugnicans call an American who thinks the same way as the leader of Afghanistan who popularized my comments? I can picture Lindsay Graham’s reply to that which is paaaaaaatriot.

And I and others feared what would have happened to Americans in 2020 if Trump had received the green light to send in the feds. Considering what took place with Trump behind the wheel on January 6, 2020, there might have been no need for January 6 and its aftermath. I can even see the headlines in the Trump media. Trump Saves America, Finally!

Never Never Again

Posted by Administrator August 4, 2019

I wrote this back then.

My study of history including Europe in 1946, Israel in 1949, the Holocaust, the Ottoman Empire, and the Balkans has shown me the similarities between Trump and various world leaders and he very often the comparison details very bad things.  Whether it’s world diplomacy or domestic policy there are lots of terrible things taking place.  America is fortunate to have great wealth to make it less resistant to chaos in leadership.  The recent blockage of the sale of arms to the Middle East is possible because we are not desperate to have another sale.  Trump’s plans for now have gone down the drain.  There is no recession or depression that can hurt US right now and even cause the American worker to side with Trump.  And putting more arms in the Middle East may soon see what has taken place before and that is that the arms end up in the possession of terrorists that cause more war and pain.

And I write this today thinking about just how Joe Biden fell into a presidency that was full of bankruptcies. The Taliban are in possession of a huge amount of weapons and war materials because of Trump’s failed truce and his supporters. Think of taking over someone’s huge financial bankruptcy and easily failing. This kind of thing does go on and that is what happened. And Repugnicans will tell you that we should have focused on getting the weapons out when lives were more important. August 4, 2019, who was the president that did not start the process of evacuating or moving out the weapons? Putin?

And I wrote about the weapons being taken in history at a time when Trump had more than 14 more months in office. Did anyone in his (mis)administration ever bring that up?

And don’t forget about one of my prior articles.

Declare Victory and Leave

Posted by Administrator April 29, 2019

Our nation’s military and veterans have some things here to think about.  A lot is going on in our nation and at the same time nothing is going on.  The Marines and Navy Seals have leaked important information about conditions in combat years ago and conditions in peace today. Another American was just killed in Afghanistan and another American veteran has just driven into a crowd of people that he thought were Muslims.  I keep telling people to leave innocent people alone in war and in peace.  Our nation’s men and women who have served still have things to learn.  And I am one who does not want to hear another person say I follow the commander-in-chief. 

As you can see, I wrote about someone telling me that Trump is the commander-in-chief. And right now that “commander-in-chief” position is being diminished by the governor of Texas as he demands obedience from the National Guard. I will now reveal that I was thinking of a comment made to me by someone connected with Robert DeNiro, someone I spoke on the phone with. And to him (I have not talked to him in years) and to others, I repeat boldly that Trump is the biggest threat to the United States and the world, unless you love the Putin- Tucker Carlson dream of the latter to defeat China. These are very weak men, but men who maintain their power base, including Lindsay Graham who after Christmas is telling you that you better watch out for the radicals in the Democratic Party. And the latest news on the internet reveals that the Chinese led Shanghai Cooperation Organization is ready to assist Kazakhstan and the Russians. And people actually listen and agree with Tucker Carlson and his Pravda or truth?

And with that said, I wrote Chamberlain next to the Carlson name. Does Austria 1938 (and Hitler went to pay a friendly visit to his mother’s doctor, a Jew in Linz) which was quickly followed by Kristallnacht and much more ring a bell? “From a look at Congress and the agenda ahead for the next Administration, to behind-the-scenes stories from his time following Donald

Trump and his campaign during the 2016 race for the White House, you can always count on Tucker for a witty, informative and frank take on the future of the Republican party and all things political,” Turning Points USA says as it devotes a page to Carlson with a very positive comment about Turning Points USA on the same page by Senator Marco Rubio. Do you think that the Trump Dream Team of Carlson-Rubio-DeSantis is really for you? What Trump did was establish his own Trump University for American Politics and Diplomacy with Sean Hannity and the others on the Fox Entertainment payroll. And they have led the way with Trump to his bankruptcy as well. And in Kazakhstan it has been reported that 164 people have now been killed in the violence there.