The Human Shield in NYC

What 750 members of the transition team for the mayor-elect Eric Adams have to learn and hopefully quickly.

We noticed a human shield defending Donald Trump against impeachment and that shield shows its power today in countless ways in countless communities across our nation. There are human shields in both major political parties as well as in movements around nation. The human shield in New York City may be hard to penetrate right now as there is a transition going on in government and a new administration begins in days. What is needed is a major crack in the shield. And you will see why.

Looking quickly at the 750-member list of the Eric Adams transition team, I recognize 19 quickly that I have spoken to and 3 of whom I had never met. I have made history because of a couple of them and with others nothing really happened and I say that in a negative way. Why? Because they are members of the transition team. Had they just faded away, I would never have mentioned them. I also recognize that they may have positive attributes or expertise that may help the City of New York.

Here is the list that includes Melissa Mark-Viverito, Ruben Diaz, Jr., Adriano Espaillat, Ydanis Rodriguez, Adolfo Carrion, Jr., Tommy Torres, Frankie Miranda, Wayne Ho, Musa Drammeh, Erick Salgado, Fernando Cabrera, Terry Lee, Luis Miranda, Erica Ford, Michael Bloomberg, Ramona Hernandez, James Sanders, Dennis Walcott. I had met before that Lorraine Cortez-Vazquez, Kyle Bragg, Dr. Felix Matos Rodriguez, and Jerry Russo who have been mentioned as helping the mayor elect. I could also mention Annabel Palma and Max Rose among the first list and I have probably met Palma one time.

Taking you back to the human shield concept and applying it right here is to illustrate that the battle to save New York City is the battle against adults who are committing crimes every day. There are actually children under 10 years of age who have shot revolvers and killed family members, but you will not find a child under 10 among the groups of people breaking into major stores and stealing. There have been no gang arrests that I have seen of children under 10 years of age. The crime problem is a problem of the size of the adult community becoming stronger as the number of high school dropouts (and some others) gets added to that group that is battled by the police and other agencies in the city (cities). It was recently stated that Chicago has 54,000 gang members and we do not know just how big the problem is in New York City.

As soon as No Child Left Behind became law I placed No Person Left Behind on my business card and that move should have been picked up across the city and around our nation. That major educational failure was followed by the Common Core and again there was a failure to recognize that adults needed a high school equivalency to advance toward jobs. And as I revealed years ago in New York Newsday that even universal pre-K by itself will not be a great asset to many, many families for 12 years when one or both parents has not graduated from high school. And recently Eric Adams, mayor-elect of New York City spoke out and declared that 80 percent of the men and women in Rikers have never finished high school. Where is the plan? Where is the beef?

All my efforts have been blocked in the past either by the criminal behavior of people that I got to know or by other forms of corruption of the mind and that includes the human shield.

Even now there are men who I have communicated with who represent important and powerful interests in the city who do not either return my phone calls or answer my emails. That is how the human shield works, somebody gives the order for it.

And with that said, I can assure you that nobody in the city of New York has the plan of action that I have. So with that said, how many members of the transition team will learn what they have to know? Will this transition team be another human shield in the way? And will New York City be saved? Or in other words will the Adams’ transition team make New York City a much better place or become just another presentation or show called The Adams Family?

I can assure you that in many other ways the city has fallen behind me and my ideas. You will find today ideas similar being advocated by the new schools’ chancellor. I take you back to the late 1990s before the administration of Offsite Educational Services shut down the site and sent me to another location in Queens. It was the South Jamaica Houses or the 40 Projects. Robert Zweig who has either run or been heavily involved in the decisions about high school equivalency was in my classroom during the period that a student read my proposal for The Dream Team Academy. These were students in the GED program who would receive internships with the major companies. They would also learn trades like operating a boiler. On the day that I (We) was shut down, Cory Rooney, vice-president of Epic Records, right hand man of Tommy Mottola, president of Sony Music, was supposed to come down and I told him on the phone what was being done to the program. There was a human shield at Offsite Educational Services. And The Dream Team Plan included action to help parents who had limited financial resources to travel across our nation to see things and to learn. Things that I was able to do because I had a decent job that allowed me to travel. And the members of The Dream Team would have sweaters that would help publicize the group. Today we see that the mayor elect has a plan for about 50 members of the City University. The former is needed much more. Eric! What is really very interesting to me is this. Bob Zweig never said a word to me about what I brought into the classroom that day. I was also known as “Marty Hip-Hop” for giving out Hip Hop cards to my students when they mastered skills in the various GED subjects.

This is a moment for the transition team to learn much more about Bloomberg-Klein Mistakes, Cory Booker in Newark, Geoffrey Canada, and Jonathon Kozol in my book now called J’Accuse or I Accuse. The material just might become the talk of the town if that happened. The human shield is systemic you know. The Bloomberg-Klein mistakes were huge mistakes and what other great things has he accomplished since he left as chancellor? And don’t forget that I am actually in Joel Klein’s book on page 39. Lessons of Hope, his title, were just that. We need lessons of accomplishment now and telling me that the new team at City Hall is going to have Bloomberg-Klein ideas makes my blood boil. And I noticed that Republicans are included in the transition team. I, too, like to unite people so I will make a statement right here. I may want the advice of Curtis Sliwa and his cohorts throughout the city because I recently rescued a feral kitten from an abandoned building in Suffolk County, a kitten that needed to be saved from death. And today I look forward to being contacted by members of the transition team and appointees so I can share information finally that has been out there and that has been shielded from the general public for decades.

And there is much, much more! I now know about The Bronx Declaration as well that people are talking about. Ask me for more information, especially since the Bronx had a lot to learn and often did not listen. Nobody listens to me!