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Posted by Administrator October 19, 2020 

This come from my article in The Force 2020 DDT as I paid attention to news from France.

“We know that Trump has kind of spoken out about hate and white supremacy, but weakly at best. Rudy Giuliani said when he heard the name “Black Lives Matter” he thought it was “racist” and that man is a top advisor to Trump. They belong together. Please Remove. Macron was on the scene right away to show his leadership. Trump has to be found or forced to make the best statement that he is capable of.  There was no hate in the comments of the Frenchman, just speaking out about an atrocity of justice that has taken place. The assassin of the teacher was shot by police at the scene and an investigation is taking place.

I, personally, would not use the cartoon created by Charlie Hebdo because we do not need another Crusade. The cartoon showing a time line of hateful acts against African Americans throughout our history is totally different. There was a cartoon depicting Israeli Defense Forces on a regents exam over a year ago that there were objections by Jews to that. Sensitive material but not an attack on the God of the Jews.”

The vast majority of people around the world will not recognize nor understand much of this title, but “justice” is ringing its bell across nations. And there are those will continue to deny justice by citing this or that reason as hate rings its own bell. And to qualify that even more, we are awaiting the reopening of the Notre Dame Cathedral which suffered the pain of a massive fire and I would hope that the House of Emile Zolá which now contains the Alfred Dreyfus Museum would thrive as hundreds of millions of people across the globe will learn about The Dreyfus Affair which was the trial of the 19th Century.  So far the trial of the 21st Century must be the George Floyd murder trial which rocked the United States and other countries. And with the goal of bringing greater life to the Zolá-Dreyfus inauguration, I write, I accuse.

Nobody listens to me!

Let us begin with my fears before the Election of 2016 in the United States. I detected a man who we can equate with those men in the French Army who framed Alfred Dreyfus. That man was talking about the “passion” of his supporters and even encouraging those supporters to physically fight for him, citing that he would pay the legal fees if they had to go to trial. One such trial occurred and it was settled as the two men embraced. He went on to diminish people of nations in his talks to the nation, his people in the nation as he held the seat of power

And in his final days, he acted as though he was the nation and its American military, conspiring to condemn a new Dreyfus or another Dreyfus. This time it was an American with French roots whose name is Joe Biden. Donald Trump, the great pretender who I feel would have been a great anti-Dreyfusard, continues on his path, free at the moment from harm. Those men in the French military paid a high price for their crimes in various ways, death by suicide, fleeing from prosecution, military trials, and disgrace.

I now turn to President Macron of France. Here is information from my article in Jewish Business News in Israel.

Macron And Magaron: Political Climate Horrible

By Martin Danenberg Published December 10, 2018

The editor of Jewish Business News beautifully provided a multi-colored tower of macrons to enhance my article. Here is what I wrote.” M.A.G.A.R-O-N. C’est lui de la Tour Trump.

At this moment both Macron and Magaron are in deep trouble, one is trying to weather a storm in Paris and the other is totally indescribable in Washington, D.C. The word RON in the military is Remaining Overnight. For the purpose of this article, the name will be revealed later.” The RON basically demonstrated how unprepared Trump was to be President of the United States.

And I wrote about the occupation of Paris by the Nazis.

“Once Drancy and Bobigny were used for transporting Jews to Auschwitz, that continued until the very end. And it continued even when it was clear that Germany was losing the war. Some Jewish “clerks” were assigned to do the work of collecting and sending off stolen things on orders of the Nazis and there was great sadness to think about how some of those Jews saw family “picture frames, tchotchkes, and children’s toys” that were theirs before being rounded up and now they were packing them and sending them off “as if they belonged to someone else.”

Let’s now go back in time and create hashtags for the Occupation, just as we create hashtags now for gun control, rape of women, and more.

# Pablo Picasso (stayed in Paris during the occupation)

# Henri Matisse (stays)

# Maurice Chevalier (stays until 1943)

# propaganda ministry

# Pétain dictatorship

# Gestapo

# Aryanization

# massive seizure of business and property

# Resistance # student resistance

# nighttime curfews

# Left Bank safer for Parisians

# Marseillaise outlawed (but sung and whistled in defiance)

# French prisoners of war in Germany (about two million)

# malnutrition

# food rationing (tickets given out for food and waiting on lines) lines

# frightful noise or doorbell ring

# French taken from France to work in Germany for the German war effort

# restricting the uses of bicycles as Germans control all transport

# movie theater lights turned on to see who was making fun of Nazi newsreels (control of human thought and expression as in N.F.L. protests during the playing of the national anthem)

# Black Market”

Vietnam On Veterans Day

You may have heard people speak about winning the war in Vietnam and less of that must be taking place as the surviving soldiers are aging, but here is critical information to absorb…

By Martin Danenberg Published November 12, 2018

“A Jew was blamed for bringing down France in the 1950s. That was Pierre Mendes-France, known all over France as PMF.

He had to escape Vichy France controlled by the Germans during World War II where he was falsely accused of being a traitor. He later worked for Charles de Gaulle and he also opposed Charles de Gaulle which was an interesting example of his own independence.

After 1954 Pierre Mendes-France was often the victim of anti-Semitism. Jean-Marie le Pen expressed his “patriotic, almost physical revulsion” for Mendez-France. Sound familiar? There was an attempt on the life of Mendes-France and the perpetrator got fourteen months in prison.”

And I wrote this as well.

“And here a day before Veterans Day, the world listens to Prime Minister Macron speak about against nationalism devoid of human values….”

And I repeat that nobody listens to me!

My outreach to France has not been a large one, but among spending time during Ramadan with friends in Grenoble in 1983 and visiting Paris to try to arrange a meeting with Jack Lang who was Minister of Education, there has not been much to report about.

By 2002 I had already smelled success in bringing about educational changes in the state of Florida by contacting the office of Governor Jeb Bush and I wanted to promote beneficial changes in France through sharing knowledge. I knew that the high school equivalency programs or équivalence du baccalauréat could have much better served the interests of the French people and that the high school equivalency of the United States existed in France (but only in English). The American Council on Education had GED programs all over the world and it was my dream to bring the Spanish and French exams at a low cost to the nations where those languages were spoken.

I also knew from quickly absorbing information about the United States that we had to know what was going on in states and even zip codes in order to Make American Better. America never got better. By 2008 when critical statistics became available I started to detect what I call “plantation” states for high school equivalency where a gap of between 20-30 percent existed for African Americans.

And when President Barack Obama declared that France and other countries had to treat their immigrants better or the way we do, he lost ground by not understanding at that moment that our comparable problem was with African Americans. In other words, the mistreatment of African Americans and immigrants were one and the same because of the failure of education and justice. I wanted to see people from African and Northern Africa to advance through education in France and some or many did not even know about the high school equivalency there. So what has been going on in relation to my words since 2002 in France among the provinces? Are there major differences for example between Bretonne and Alpes-Cotes d’Azur and how does St. Denis compare with other arrondissements in Paris.  And I am referring to the numbers of adults and not the children. I am here to explain more to France to make it better. Sorry Barack, it’s the Zolá in me.

I have cited different trips in France and I had clearly become a different person by 2002 when I had that meeting with Jack Lang in mind. I had evolved as an educator who was only teaching a class and a subject into an educator who was fighting to help at-risk students who needed a diploma to get jobs, and enter the military or a university. And educating citizens around the world to the perils of hate through the words and deeds of Emile Zolá.

And at this very moment as a form of protest I can tell you that we have in our possession a kitten rescued from an abandoned building, a kitten that had no food or drink for a week. And the amazing thing is that I had written prior to rescuing the kitten about my father who would sing a few words from the song I Love Paris from the motion picture with Maurice Chevalier and Leslie Caron That kitten has grown up before our very eyes and without even knowing any of this, my better half decided to name the kitten Gigi.

Oh my outreach in France did include talking on the telephone to a famous director who was on vacation in Nantes. He was Jacques Demy and I had a wonderful phone conversation with Constantin Costa-Gavras. I even walked over to Costa-Gavras’ studio in Montreuil while staying in Vincennes which is nearby.

I have so many great memories of France and would like to return there. My age, confidence level, and COVID-19 have impacted on that dream. But if I could travel there in a few hours without thinking about the pandemic (which I wrote about early on citing that I felt that Trump would mismanage it), I would go there. Place d’Italie perhaps for the first time or even Médan, the home of Emile Zolá. I would love to participate in a massive Zoom about la Musée Dreyfus with Jews from all over the United States which can easily be conducted from the home of Zolá. But nobody listens to me! And I encourage all my friends and contacts to join in no matter who they are (race, religion, nationality, etc.).

After writing all this I did a search of Fox News, Breitbart, and NewsMax to see if those outlets were among the dozens of worldwide news media sharing information about this important event. What I found was rien (nada, nothing)! We need education, intelligence organizations, good police, and good concerned citizens everywhere to do more.