Vaccinations and Meriting a Religious Exemption.

“If anyone saves a life, it shall be as though he had saved the lives of all mankind.”

                                                   Quran Surah verse 32

We can kind of follow the yellow brick road to understanding if a person is qualified for the religious exemption in order not to get vaccinated. In Kansas among other places nationally and internationally there are clearly people who merit it. We are not talking about fraud here and there is lots of that. There will be 400 investigations in France alone related to fraud and it was just revealed that a woman died who entered a hospital showing that she had been vaccinated, but she wasn’t. Her life might have been saved through medicine that is for those who were not vaccinated, but she has passed away through dishonesty and COVID-19 and much of that is taking place all over the United States.

I am not a religious authority by any means, but in the last year and a half I have acquired knowledge to share and Topeka would be a great start. Much great history has been made there. And now with deaths reaching 800,000 in the United States, making it a world leader per capita, it is time for people to learn what I have learned.

Jesus was not a Founding Father of the United States, but his existence and life founded Christianity. He was a Jew who followed Jewish law which included something important about saving lives called Pikuach Nefesh. And there should be no argument that misinterprets that truth. This important religious fact has been missing from the talks of the Pope in Rome and from religious leaders around the world. There have been rabbis in Israel that forgot about Pikuach Nefesh and they and others concentrated on the study of Torah and Talmud for many months, but the harsh illness that was life threatening woke them up to the road that was needed. There the road and homes contain Jerusalem stone. In thinking about those religious leaders and putting it simply, they seemed to forget about the commandment to multiply or procreate in favor of study.

And then I started to search the information about the Quran and found Vad Yashem and the Muslims who became “righteous of nations.” Albanian Muslims dominated in that fight to save lives and this is what I found. ““Why did my father save a stranger at the risk of his life and the entire village?” asked Enver Alia Sheqer, son of Righteous Among the Nations Ali Sheqer Pashkaj, who is featured in the exhibition. “My father was a devout Muslim. He believed that to save one life is to enter paradise.” And saving lives is the Quran will permit a person to enter paradise. And Muslims had saved Jewish lives in history well before The Holocaust.

For a long time I have felt that we have to follow in the American tradition of Committees of Correspondence to get things done and those correspondences exceed just my articles on the internet as I communicate a lot by telephone. Saving lives during this pandemic I first wrote from the religious point of view on October 25, 2020 which was months after (May 6, 2020) writing about saving lives as our patriotic duty. And I wrote about the need for a faith-based initiative on January 10, 2021 but my outreach into the faith-based community started around June 2020. And that was only three months after the first COVID-19 death in the United States.

Based on all the things that I have learned since the pandemic struck US all, I would conclude that a religious exemption can be made to people whose religion does not include the foundation of saving lives. Perhaps another form of exemption can be provided to Christians and Jews which would take the form of “conscientious” instead of religious. If that is at all possible since the matter in question is really about saving lives, which even the Supreme Court of the United States has supported until now. I know such a “conscientious objector” but that person is retired and is not seeking employment.

I chose not to place the following information at the front of this article, but there has been an afront to civilization perpetrated by the press. I think about people at the NY Times, lots of USA Today newspapers, the Business Insider, and more. I have contacted those newspapers and people everywhere know that my outreach is very broad. There have been two recent articles published (instead of mine) about COVID-19. One was just in the New York Post about the imminent death of NYC under another lockdown. Jane Fonda was cited in the article as a kind of supporting evidence of horrible things to come. In the Huffington Post, Sarah Palin was voicing her opposition to the vaccine at Turning Points USA. That organization by its work and actions during the pandemic has an additional turning point to contend with since it turned its back on Jesus all this time. And the author of that article in the New York Post should take note of my own view regarding prime real estate in Egypt under the Pharaoh when Moses (in the motion picture) asked in that death defying scene “Are you a builder or a butcher (of Jews and other slaves)?”

I study history and much more will be written about COVID-19 and if my work survives much will be written about the press and its readers. This has been a terrible history of the blind leading the blind or in other words Trump and the press have really turned their backs as well on the foundations of the three religions. I know the press might feel embarrassed, but Trump is another matter and his actions have mattered. I feel that Trump at the pyramid would have opted to let Moses real mother die on the spot. That is my opinion. And maybe by the completion of that pyramid he might have convinced the corporation to name it The Trump Pyramid.

My loyal readers know that I am currently reading The Gulag Volume 2 and some of it is very revealing about Trump and anyone like him in the Republican Party. There was something in last night’s reading session before closing my eyes. But first I must share at least two items which we have heard before and they are “Enemy of the people” and “if you don’t work you don’t eat.” The men and women doing hard work or hard time for just thinking freely had a tough existence, but those in the higher more cushy positions of the party were given soft jobs (that they were not even qualified for) to do with more benefits, which does happen all over the United States. People were being starved and worked to death. And we know another thing and that is “big brother is watching” was taking place in freedom and in prison. The men and women selected to secretly watch over all those prisoners did not always walk into that life completely of their free will as those people could be given, for example, a tener or another ten years in prison just on a whim. When those people signed on and they did give their signature and they received an alias in order not be compromised, they also had to sign that Trump condition that we have read about over and over. That my reader was the communist NDA or Non-Disclosure Agreement. Is there a prayer of the Czar and Donald Trump? Yes there is. May God Keep Donald Trump far away from US. How about some time in the Gulag Archipelago?

I did have communication with a USA Today newspaper in Topeka, Kansas and I sent this information and nuttin’ happened after that. And remember the great history in education that came about because of Brown vs. The Board of Education of Topeka (1954)?

With all the terrible things that Trump did in four years in office and on the campaign trail, a red mask that said Jesus and Trump Save Lives in the swing states probably would have boosted him over Biden and The Capitol Insurrection would never have taken place.

And with that said, I shine a light of Governor Polis of Colorado who has put the message out that the pandemic is over. In his mind it is over, but not in mine. He has a lot to learn! And Trump people are using his words to attempt to gain strength for freedom. There is no liberty bell to ring as more and more people are dying. Saving lives, all lives, means the lives of those who are vaccinated and the lives of those who are not vaccinated. And even those who don’t wear mask! This is a moment when the governor could issue a correction.