The Most Famous Teacher (Part II)

After learning that I incorrectly published the nationality of a man I met in Florida as Bolivian, I can state that the world should know that he is Peruvian. He almost made me swallow Machu Pichu during the week for making that mistake.

I met people with stories to share. There was a Jewish man who sat near me as I had a cup of coffee and pastry near 37th Street in Ft. Lauderdale. He is 95 years old but he has the mind of a fifty years old man. He told me that Celine Dion purchased Schwartz’s famous smoke meat deli so if you know where that is you will know where he is from. But he is actually from Czechoslovakia and was in camps, both concentration and displaced person. He told me about the cannibalism that had taken place in one of the camps and this occurred right before his own eyes. Yes people were in survival mode with no food to eat, even after the end of World War II. He told me about how he could not get back his apartment in Czechoslovakia after the war and that Jews were killed trying to accomplish that.

These were things that I have read about and learned from, but the man said “you don’t know, you think you know.” He is right. We think we know and even watching that scene on film in an Academy Award movie will not be the same since we would most likely go to sleep that night not thinking at all about it.

We spent an hour together outside that coffee place and he asked me when I was coming back. The Peruvian asked me the same thing. I just don’t know.

I met two French people, one of them was from Morocco. They had seen the Roman Polanski movie that was banned in America because of Polanski and the history surrounding him. That movie is about The Dreyfus Affair which I have written about many times as well as dedicating the title of my book to (J’Accuse: Zolá Is My Guide). You should have seen the expression on their faces as they saw the title. The French know that the way students learn about the Civil War here. And I was able to share with them my thoughts about just how so much hate has been increased in America by one man (and his team) just as hate increased greatly during the days of The Dreyfus Affair. Then it was honor the military (full of liars, conspirators, and supporters) against the Jewish people and their supporters. And Trump used the same kinds of methods (also used in the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany in history) which I detected early on in his campaign.

There was violence early on in the Trump campaign which Lesley Stahl tried to correct on 60 Minutes and there was violence in the end as he told those people that he loved them. Trump spent less than one of those 60 minutes trying to calm down the people.

There was perhaps the most amazing meeting of all that took place in the pharmacy as I collected a badly needed prescription resulting from my forgetting my most important medication at home. I will not elaborate about that meeting any more than to say this. I cannot tell you what was taking place.

Then there was a young man who called out to me as I hesitated to join him and others in the hotel elevator. I chose not to speak to him about that downstairs, which is rare for me. He called out to me, encouraging me to enter by saying don’t be afraid of COVID. I have been in the elevator with others, but on this occasion I really chose to take my time and allow those people to go down immediately. It did make me think about my most recent trip to a small town outside of Jacksonville, Florida where people were unmasked. That major city is facing an increase in hospitalizations due to COVID-19 and it was expected although there is no proof that my experience contributed to the increase, the virus is a silent killer of people. Also in the news is that the Supreme Court rejected the appeal of a parent and small child who demand that they be allowed to go airplanes without a mask. Justice Roberts rejected them and I have been telling my readers all along that the Supreme Court knows it must save lives even as people fight for their freedoms.

Governor Newsom of Florida says that Florida has had a 53 percent higher death rate and the economy of California has done better than that of Florida. And California that is what the people of Florida have to know. Those people working there have probably been brainwashed or cannot think for themselves. I have written a lot about Florida and Floridians and here you have it today.

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Gov. Gavin Newsom Compares CA & FL COVID Response

Fri, December 10, 2021, 5:35 AM

And wearing masks has been a critical part of keeping people safe and that is an area where Governor Ron DeSantis could have been much more of a leader than being a follower of Donald Trump. I would love to see a debate between those two governors right now. Not a debate for president, but a debate about how we fight for humanity and I consider the people of Florida a crucial part of humanity, even though the state has a huge amount of hate groups and a lot of tough Trump supporters that we have read about for some time (particularly since The Capitol Insurrection).

And this comes at a time that the Omicron has hit mostly people who have been fully vaccinated. So far! So far! There are only dozens of cases cited for now. And in Florida almost everyone was walking around without a mask in the hotel that I stayed in. I didn’t like it at all!

I am back in New York and I have my eye on New York City as there will be a new mayor. I have contacted important media about my concerns and I suspect that no action will be taken there. Remember that I gave advice to Bloomberg and he didn’t take it. I gave even more intimate advice to DeBlasio and he didn’t make it happen. And now we have Eric Adams to carefully watch. I learned at the airport in Florida that the TASC test will no longer exist and that New York has agreed to take back the GED after an absence since 2014. I held meetings and had conversations with the former president and CEO of the GED Testing Service and I have written about that before.

Eric Adams can instruct his future chancellor to bring the GED Testing Service to the table with the Department of Education that Adams has control of. He can do even much more after that. At risk youth are creating problems across our nation. Have you noticed that in the news? Nicholas Cruz is a youth who killed 19 people in Parkland and at the age of 19 he had not even earned a GED which was possible for him to achieve years earlier in Florida (legal age is 16 to take the test after dropping out of school). Adult communities get more dangerous when students drop out of school and Eric Adams knows that 80 percent of the inmates in Rikers’ Correctional Facility do not even have a diploma.

I was a panelist to end the Rockefeller Drug Laws with two icons of prison reform (Dr. Divine Pryor and Glenn Martin). I also was asked to put together a meeting in the New York State Senate for the Department of Education of New York which I did with Senator Efrain Gonzalez and it was I who discovered that during one year back then not a single person took and passed the GED in that correctional facility and I took action by calling the office of then Governor Paterson. The next chancellor of education can learn a lot from my articles about education in Jewish Business News and The Force 2020 DDT. Stay safe and maybe people in New York City will finally do the right thing. Maybe!

The GED Test created in 2014 was too hard to pass so the passing score was lowered. One of the really good features about passing the test was revealed to me early (before 2014) and that was candidates with a very, very high mark could earn 10 college credits. That benefit was not granted to the TASC and the HI-SET tests since they did not form a partnership with the American Council on Education when that organization gave up control of the GED test that was begun for patriotic reasons during World War II. But this revelation is something for college boards to think about all over our nation.

Incidentally the only thing that New York’s leaders know about “doing the right thing” is probably to watch the Spike Lee movie.