David Pakman on Dr. Oz

I had done the research needed to inform you about Dr. Mehmet Oz since I read that he has entered the United States Senate race for Pennsylvania. Pakman did a pretty good job of supporting why Dr. Oz should not be considered, but we know that the worst sort of people can be elected and it sems that happens often now in the Republican Party.

Here is what you should know. Pakman details the eight cures that Dr. Oz has touted on television and he also brought up something that I decided to write about which is that the doctor in the early days spoke about the possibility of a 2-3 mortality rate if schools open to serve children. This was before April 1, 2020. He considered those levels of mortality acceptable even though he also spoke out of the other side of his mouth saying that as a doctor he has spent his life trying to save lives. In writing that it seems clear to me that he belongs in the Republican Party, a party that talks out of both sides of the mouth of Donald Trump and his supporters.

What Pakman missed in his comments about Oz (who needs to refer to him as doctor right now) is that Oz did ask, rather quietly, for people to mask up. He did a You Tube about the effectiveness of masks and at the beginning in March of 2020 he urged people to “patriotically” make their own masks since masks were scarce and the ones that were available should be available to those men and women that were fighting the pandemic. So Oz went from discussing patriotism to discussing the Repugnican form of patriotism. Have you figured that out? It’s freedom. “Freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose” as the song goes and Repugnican freedom has meant a couple of thousand more deaths. So Oz was almost on board to go by the science and that changed a lot. His campaign video, which I watched today, is about freedom. Will he publicly denounce Donald Trump for his role in giving the freedom to kill people (maskless Mondays through Mondays all year long) to everyone? I would even imagine that undocumented immigrants might have listened to Trump and gone along with that and then we heard from Repugnicans in Florida how undocumented immigrants have spread COVID-19 because we did not vaccinate them at the border. I have no idea just how many of those people have not worn masks as the travelled through the United States, but we know as well as Oz knew early on that masks mattered. How would anyone feel safe with someone like Oz in the driver’s seat of this nation. He could done more to speak out about Trump’s policies and put the brakes on to cause it to stop. Instead, he joined Fox News.

People are allowed to change their minds about policies, but I believe that Oz’s own treachery has been revealed here. In addition, he never seemed to understand as I have told my readers, that it was not just about “patriotism” that mattered since saving lives was paramount in the Judeo-Christian tradition and an integral part of the founding of this nation (whether you choose 1619 or 1776).

I loved the Broadway musical 1776, but it is the moment to create an overture starting with something more popular than that follow the yellow brick road because we are off to see the Wizard of Oz (Ease on down the road). And this overture is full of Trumpism. Oklahoma where the wind keeps sweepin’ down the plain, I’m going to Kansas City, Kansas City here I come, the yellow rose of Texas is the only girl for me, just like they did in Key Largo, on down the Mississippi to the Gulf of Mexico, and we caught the bloody British in the town of New Orleans, Chattanooga choo choo, meet me in St. Louis, louis meet me at the fair.

Trumpism is everywhere and it resulted in needless deaths. To the enemy? No, of course not.

A quick look at freedom of speech now.

You cannot shout fire in a movie theater (when there is no fire)

You can shout fire when there is a fire

You cannot shout there is no fire when there is a fire

Trump says he was the cheerleader who minimized the effect of the Corona Virus (now COVID-19). If you cannot see the parallel at least show it to someone else. Towing the party line does prevent the truth from coming forth due to Trumpism.

With all the grand schemes of Trumpists to the Nazification of the vaccine, we must turn back in history to the Trump Administration and masks. On that note first are news items that pregnant women are severely and adversely affected when infected by COVID-19. What do Trump’s Bible enthusiasts have to say about that? Too bad? And here on Long Island where I live this morning, it has been reported that infections are 2.5 times (not percent) higher than in New York City. This is triumphant Trump territory as per the recent election in November.

Now we can turn a page back to history and fighting the enemy.

A Catholic Church in France secretly holds prayers for people in the resistance movement. There was not much freedom either in occupied France or in Vichy France at that time.

There were two options using what we know about choices given to US by Trump.

We could protect everyone’s lives by having high protocols that everyone had to follow.

Or a young man who believed in freedom has decided without consulting the best available advice to fight for freedom his own way at a very dangerous moment. He puts on a radio where he triumphantly (see the Trump name there) blasts the Marseillaise in a Nazi zone. The Nazis are alerted as they were often alerted by spies or collaborators and they rush to the basement where they arrest everyone, send them off to prison where they will be underfed and fall victim to disease and die. And that is if they are not shot on the spot by the whims of the Nazis.

Stalinism, Hitlerism, and Trumpism far too often have fallen into the same category and there is one reason in America for that. Trump. Trump didn’t wear a mask and gave US a bad policy to follow, a policy that was horribly un-Christian to follow in the name of freedom. There is a time and a season for freedom and Trump, horrible for our nation continues to plague our nation. And we don’t want Dr. Oz or anyone like him running for office. We need people who have much better knowledge always to keep US safe.