Peril Harbor

PERIL is the name of Bob Woodward’s new book (with Robert Costa) and I have just noticed news sites that announced it along with information about the mental state of Donald Trump after the Election of 2020. Behind the scenes, our nation’s leaders and military leaders were concerned and limited Trump’s access to destructive missiles that could have been aimed at China and China seemed to be very concerned as well. Traitor is the term being used by Trump against the commanding general and it is not up to the general public to accept Trump’s interpretation since it could easily be wrong or just another Trump attempt to fight his way out of bankruptcy which will not nor cannot work. And there is great danger now since the term has been used against someone in the United States military.

We know that generals and admirals in Nazi Germany tried hard to remove Adolf Hitler. There were even assassination attempts. Those men were “traitors” to the Fuhrer and his followers. Trump’s actions after the Election of 2020 and his role in bringing together the men and women who broke into The Capitol to overturn the election results speaks volumes of his mental state, since he did not act to help the people who were on lockdown in The Capitol for hours and expressed love for those people.

And amid all this talk about patriotism is Trump this week predicting within three years that there will no longer be a United States. America, according to this, will continue since we are in North America. This is Trump’s American Apocalypse, which is being talked about by others. This is not the Biblical “apocalypse” even if it gets picked by evangelicals and others. This is just pure secession or a continuation of Fort Sumter without the armed attack…yet. And is secession imminent (looking at all political groups involved)? You never know, but it seems to be highly unlikely. And it is about people like Dennis Praeger who was advocating for secession and he spoke about the states with the large cities and the other states in this effort. He wants to separate and he knows no other way. This is the major part that will cause the Trump Apocalypse that I mentioned. As I mentioned in a recent article, united we stand, divided we fall. And that means our military strength will be divided and diminished unless we learn find a way under attack to defend and protect everyone within our borders. And that means protecting family members who decided not to unite under one banner. It was Blue and Gray back then and it now Red and Blue.

What you are about to read was prepared before I published the article Throwing Off the Mask of Play of Fools

Posted byAdministrator September 10, 2021 and I chose not to add it to that article.

Now we can turn to Dennis Praeger whose presentation I visited the other day. He has what he calls a “university” which is full of hystory or hysterical facts of events. This comes from the Epoch Times. In referring to demonstrations and riots on January 14, 2021 in the podcast, he said “were any of those people prosecuted” “and “how many were brought together before a trial” were questions that were used as comments. And this is American Thought Journalism with Jan Jekeliak listening to Praeger. He was talking here also about Pravda, the Communist party communication’s voice and Pravda means truth. And he mentioned that The NY Times was just like Pravda now.

I quickly found this and Praeger could have found it just as easily as I did. I guess we come from different universities of how to research things. This is from a non-liberal newspaper

that is quite conservative.

The article about the riots was published August 12, 2020 or 5 months before the Praeger interview which was full of opinions that were presented as facts. And his viewers walked away thinking that Praeger and his university were telling the facts.

 “Portland police have referred 550 cases to the DA’s office since the protests began on May 29, four days after George Floyd’s police-custody killing in Minneapolis. Of those, about 140 were felony crimes, including assault, arson, riot and theft.”


“Prosecutors are moving ahead in only around 45 of those cases, while the remainder were dropped or are deemed under review,” Weisberg said.

There is great danger in what Praeger does and there are reports of experts certifying his portrayal of honesty as misinformation. We should recall the famous motion picture My Cousin Vinnie and how he asked a question about his killing a police officer and before you knew it he was in jail as the leading suspect. Tens of millions of viewers knew he didn’t not shoot the officer, but tens of millions of people are taking Praeger’s point of view as the gospel. And it’s time to reject Praeger’s interpretations more and more.

Go watch the video called Dennis Praeger-“This is the Reichstag Fire, Relived.” See how Jan Jekeliek was not well prepared or maybe on the other hand we can say he was prepared to be totally supportive. And may I add that since The Capitol attack many of the people there have not been prosecuted as well.

And now writing about another kind of mask, polls show that 2 out of every 3 people across our nation support wearing masks. People are dying again in large numbers. Praeger was more concerned with “freedom” of speech and people losing their businesses and jobs. That was and is his choice. We can study the hystory of that as I have and shared where mistakes have been made.  And the White House was to blame in mid-March of 2020 and so were lots of governors

Let me share with you my latest reading of communism under Joseph Stalin who, maybe, should be thought of right now with orange hair and an orange mustache. Freedom of thought in action!

He made certain comments that were fair for sure, but my concern is the people that “learn” from him and the gigantic pot that he stirs. And of he remains silent about the horrible things about Trump and the things leading up to and following that attack on January 6, 2021. We know that Trump was pestilential and not presidential and that his talking points that come out of both sides of his mouth could best have been made as president of the Trump Corporation.

Both Praeger and Jekeliek should take time to either research or read the book Hitler in Los Angeles. Jekeliek is Canadian, but Praeger is a California who still does not acknowledge that the Hitler right in America was trying to take over America. Does being on the right make them right about this? He left that out about the left.

I’ve written to Praeger and I’ve received his automatic responses and it is almost certain that I have written to him about Hitler in Los Angeles. Has he read it? Here is the man who is writing to me about “changing minds” but that effort is just a one way street. And the Republicans back then were meeting with the far right groups trying to get rid of Jews and others and bringing Hitler into America.

I took a break writing and among many things I went to play golf. I asked a man on the golf course if he had ever heard of Anthony Newley who wrote What Kind of Fool Am I with Leslie Bricuse. The man replied that he was an actor (who had a few good years he commented). Yes he was an actor, but I was looking for more. He surprised me and some of the more came out of his knowledge base. I asked who he was married to and that drew a blank. I mentioned Dynasty and he answered Linda Evans. No it was not Linda Evans.

I also brought up a personal item to him. I told him that I had pitched in Ebbetts Field, the home of the Brooklyn Dodgers. His thinking really went off at this point asking if I had pitched for the Brooklyn Dodgers. No I replied as I told him that I was only eleven years old back then. Pitching for the Dodgers back then would have caused me to be eighty-three years old or more today. He flunked that part, but we had fun talking about those old times.

Now I can get into talking about Joseph Stalin during World War II at a time when the United States was still enjoying a peaceful life since Pearl Harbor was two months later. With all the communist talk about comrade this and workers of the world unite and more, we learn that Stalin during the Battle of Leningrad “at the same time, the fate of the civilian population did not worry him in the least….” A direct quote, which is important from Stalin, was “For us the army is more important.” Strong men quote these things and create disastrous conditions for their people. In the United States it became opening the economy by Easter under Trump.

The times have changed and the United States is far from being similar to the Soviet Union, but Trump and his propaganda machine took US off our moral foundations. I have written about patriotism, Pikuach Nefesh, and Jesus Saves Lives, but we could turn to King Solomon, the Wise. Two women claimed to be the mother of a newborn child. Back in those days, children were economic wealth to families as they shared the chores as they grew up. The loss of life of that child represented all kinds of death and hardship unless Solomon could find a way to find out the true path. And he did. The true mother was revealed as she spoke to the king to give the baby to the other woman rather than dividing the child in half. In political terms, secession divides the nation in half or so and death may be in store.

That takes US to masks, Wuhan, and more. Wearing masks is different from forced vaccinations and things associated with decisions related to the vaccinations. Our military has to be protected at all times since our existence as a nation depends on it. The Supreme Court has ruled about arbitrary things, but it knows that saving lives is primary. There can be no nation if the disease spreads and kills most Americans. The economy, though important, is secondary. This conversation with myself points toward the same kind of stupidity that historians see in Stalin (the stupid not the strong) in Trump himself. Yes!

I see a Supreme Court case coming that will reveal to all Americans just how psychologically, morally, and existentially damaging Trump has been as he propagates hysteria and worse across our nation. This landmark decision will, by using psychological evidence remind US of the arguments of Thurgood Marshall in 1954 as our nation found out that segregation in schools had to end. And the decision was enforced by President Eisenhower with military power.

Millions of lives were lost at Leningrad and the vast majority of those lives were lost by hunger and disease. Lives could have been saved by a much better leader. The losses under Trump were staggering, even as he tried to minimize his mistakes. His efforts have led US to the point where the unmasked are the ones dying and getting sick. Over 250,000 children have come down with it and parents who rushed to get cell phones for their children because they learned how dangerous a school  can become in seconds have turned their backs on those emotions in defense of liberty, the Constitution, and more. What happened to the word “life” in that pursuit of happiness?

Millions of Americans have betrayed US and they do this because they can get away with it. Many have been arrested, fined, and even convicted of their crimes.

Wuhan is in the news and I have not seen essential information that shows that Dr. Fauci has lied. The articles that I have read in conservative newspapers do not even provide one single quote from a report that portrays to show that Fauci lied. If you think back to the paragraph on Stalin, you will remember a supporting statement made by Stalin about caring only for the army.

Dennis Praeger promotes that mask wearing promotes “fear and blind obedience.” Mask wearing promotes an attempt to protect oneself as other devices have been used throughout the ages, prophylactics and hats are worn, people carry umbrellas for rain and sun, and millions of businesses have awnings to protect people.

How events are used like the Reichstag fire, Praeger speaks out. He presented his views many months ago before much of the information about Donald Trump’s handling of the events on January 6, 2021. Trump and his supporters were heading toward martial law which comes from them and others. He talks about how intellectually honest the Conservatives are. Where is his honesty? He says that “fools” committed the insurrection. Some of those fools were connected with Donald Trump and his advisors across our nation and particularly in Florida. And there is no mention of this. Instead Praeger cites the Trump speech before the attack on The Capitol which he sees nothing against Trump, but I see Trump talking out of both sides of his mouth. And I know Trump said he wanted people to go peacefully. Where are the corrections that had to be made since January when Praeger made the video?

After watching the video, it is clear to me that Praeger’s knowledge is insufficient and that is where his opinions germinate from. Epoch Times needs a conservative spokesperson who knows more as well. At the end he was talking about a better America through “e pluribus unum” and “faith in God.” He also talks about taking pictures at restaurants with people that are “open” and has failed Judaism and Christianity 1.

A young Winston Churchill at the time of the Versailles Treaty spoke out about communism and how it could easily take hold in England because of the system there, the economic and political system. I just did a quick search pertaining to the Republican Party under Herbert Hoover and the campaign promise was that “chicken in every pot” and it spoke about promoting laws that will “purify” the race of the United States. It did call for a present and a future for all citizens to share “opportunity and justice.” That was the Republican Party (in New York) talking out of both sides of its mouth. And the party platform was a continuation of United States’ law that kept Jews out and led to their deaths in the Holocaust which Praeger and I have studied in great depth. And Praeger claims that he has always loved the United States. Perhaps his brain is not wired right or he is just not expressing exactly how he feels to his audience.

There is a lot that was missing from Praeger performance on The Epoch Times. There was a lot said in almost 50 minutes on the air, but it lacked great content. One example is how Praeger talks about “open borders” and not having a nation. The laws passed in the 1920s were designed to keep out Jewish people and succeeded, especially as Jews were turned back before the start of World War II. Jewish babies (even Polish babies and others) were taken away from mothers and Central American babies were taken away from mothers and fathers under Trump and some people committed suicide just as Jews did before World War II because of the policies and actions of Hitler. It’s amazing how Praeger can tell stories without using Hitler and his deeds as context in a new situation. And he points to things about Trump that minimize his role in the attempt to overthrow the Election of 2020.

And in the discussion with his host who allowed all this to take place, he hides that attempt to undermine our democracy by asking the audience to tell what was worse- the rioting or the attack on The Capitol. Both things were bad enough and should be spoken about in separate discussions with lots of useful information that the public needs to know. I direct you back to the misinformation written about at the start of this discussion about Dennis Praeger. Was it a lie to pretend that nobody had been prosecuted? Who knows? And we learned many months ago that Trump did not intervene to protect Americans in The Capitol and was more concerned about his supporters which for him was a Stalin-like moment.