How the Republicans Can Easily Defeat the Taliban

Afghanistan can be reborn this year by the actions of Republicans. Republicans either do not have the fear that Democrats possess or they hide that fear much better. Take as an example that Republican states are leading Democratic states by 14-4 in deaths due to COVID-19 and we know just how admirably they feel about that. They do not even fear Jesus Christ himself as they have fought valiantly more for their party, their supporters, and the Founding Fathers who had no clue that this great party would be born before the Civil War. Those men didn’t even have a clue or the vaguest idea about that.

And today Republicans have adjusted well to their power as they have thrown off Ronald Reagan finally as their Best President of All Time and anointed Donald Trump as their supreme leader of all time. Power, fearlessness, and publicizing that which is decisive are integral parts of their trademark. Just ask them or just get an interview with The Donald to find out. And their supporters show no fear as well as I have noticed since the beginning of the pandemic. They gladly open up churches to spread disease and death as though it was being done in Jesus’ name. They open up schools without masks as the disease spreads to children as though honoring Betsy DeVos herself who no longer controls the Department of Education of the United States. These Republicans show no fear on the ground, on the seas, or in the air and there is no place on earth that will not fear them as they fight for freedom.

And our nation knows very well that the Republicans are known for local control which can help eliminate the power of the Taliban. And with Donald Trump resting in the Trump Kabul Tower relatively soon (and after being built, Fox News can have the floor below the penthouse for Hannity and Carlson), the future meeting place of all Middle Easterners that wish to benefit from his knowledge and influence, there can be no doubt about this effort. Trump will be Trump as he makes his con-tribution toward peace. Jared Kushner will be able to create another “peace accord” and Ivanka Trump who was touted as a great job creator before 2020, will be able to show her stuff in the new U.S.A. or United States of Afghanistan. Victory and peace will be assured. Win! Win! Win! And there is no man more capable of bringing people of faith together in that country than Mike Pence. Donald Trump, Jr. who has inherited the genius of his father will have perhaps the most important job of all and that is to collect from the Taliban the billions of dollars of military and intelligence equipment that were left behind.

Donald Trump admires the Taliban and he called them great fighters recently. He will continue to praise them, but this time up front with a cast of characters in the Congress of the United States who will take a leave of absence for the job, he will subdue all resistance in Afghanistan.

This is no time to talk about the Democrats and what they have done since Biden took office. This is the time to show honor proudly and Make America Safe Again. Making America Safe Again will surely Make America Great Again. Reliance on other things during the 2017-2021 term was costly and now is the moment for redemption.

The Taliban flag has risen in Afghanistan. The future holds much more there. The Stars and Stripes will dominate the political existence of the Afghani people soon. They will recognize quickly that their country was stolen and they will be grateful for the strength shown by the Republican Party. History has proven that the Republicans can win just as they won during the Civil War. True that victory was more than a century ago, but Trump can handle it. After handling Kim of Korea and Putin of Russia, the Taliban will be a piece of cake. There is no reason on earth to give up the fight after 20 years.

Cuba and Venezuela will be next as Republicans take us on to victory in Afghanistan. And the United States will once again be the Home of the Free and the Brave.