Afghanistan: Learning from the Godfather and more

A lot of worse things could have gone wrong with the diplomatic decision to leave by Trump. That is clear to me. What also seems very clear is that the Taliban want US out and want to hear US out as the C.I.A. has just conducted a top-level talk with the Taliban leadership. Let’s look at a famous example of diplomacy from world history. The Soviet Union signs an agreement with Nazi Germany that involves dividing up Poland and not fighting each other and then relatively soon Hitler invades the Soviet Union. The Nazi exhaustion from fighting a war on two fronts leads people to begin to conclude that the war will soon be over, particularly since the Nazi campaign in Northern Africa faltered. Yes we have our concerns and should have them.

As you can see what I wrote on August 26, 2021 involved learning from history and not from hysterics. More than 114,000 people have been evacuated and almost 100 countries have arranged with the Taliban for the evacuations to take place after August 31.

In the meantime a marine has placed his million dollar pension in jeopardy by criticizing the handling of the evacuation by his superiors. I hope that he doesn’t lose his pension, but we must think about his criticism of the abandoning of the military airport and it should quickly occur to others who were thinking differently that a suicide attack also was likely at the airport he was referring to. This is known as “spreading the troops out thin” which I have also read about in two other historical circumstances this week. The troops of Afghanistan were spread out too thin” leading to an army that was not effective and opening the door to the Taliban. And in my reading of Soviet myths, it was clearly spelled out that the greatness of the Soviet Army in comparison with the army of Nazi Germany was a myth, the former lacked the high level of training and Stalin spread his troops out too thin as well. You will see the horrible statistics that accumulated under Donald Trump in Afghanistan later on.

Let’s go to one of the most famous movies of all-time to illustrate the fantasy world of “fake news” which has been generated mostly by Repugnicans in America. The Godfather!

Al Pacino, as Michael Corleone, comes up with the most “brilliant” idea. Set up a meeting for me in a restaurant and put a gun in the toilet that I can take possession of and I’ll kill the bastard. The movie proceeds exactly according to plan. Great entertainment and fulfillment of the screenwriters dream of making something happen that ordinarily wouldn’t happen. But it could happen. Just like the Corona Virus could just be a flu or our marines can absolutely control things when in fact they cannot do that absolutely.

And yes things did start to get worse as I expected, but not quite yet. I read this just before writing the Godfather piece.


Rockets target U.S. troops as Afghanistan withdrawal enters final stage

Mon, August 30, 2021, 12:55 AM

I still reserve the right to remain silent, but there is a similar scene that I wrote about in my screenplay The Sacred Oath back in 2002.

The internet is full of articles about Biden’s decision including statements that Biden “killed my son” and these things are expected since they go with territory of politics. But would you believe that this article was really inspired by Congressman Jeff Meijer whose major objective was to ask people to resign (did you hear that Joe?). We thank him for supporting Trump’s impeachment, but the congressman from Michigan is now acting like a meshugana for the moment. He claims some expertise as an analyst and he has had combat experience, but I believe that he has contributed to the hysteria. I always say that we need much better people in office in government and that applies to Meijer as well. I have written about military men running for office and they have every right to do that, but a more knowledgeable civilian is what is needed. Always needed!

I would hope that the congressman would now rethink his position and state it as well as he stated his criticism.

Apparently 45 is whipping up hostility to Afghan immigrants arriving in the United States. Of course! These are the same old repugnant thoughts that go back over a century ago. I got to know an Afghan immigrant who seemed to fade off the map during COVID-19. The conversations were pleasant.

Aside from the xenophobia and racism, we can quickly take a look at the playbook of Donald Trump had he remained in office. We know that all immigrants go through extreme vetting as they have even under Trump, but the fears are being ignited by people in government. And I read that Tucker Carlson has said that “millions” of people may end up here and that base of support is around 30 percent.

Building a wall from our Southern border into Afghanistan would be one. He only built 15 miles of wall in four years.

Putting Mike Pence in charge of Afghanistan including the evangelization of its non-Christians.

Keeping two airports for the evacuation which would result in “huge” suicide bomb attacks that could be blamed on the Democrats.

Selling all our so-called allies in the Middle East more weapons to create more jobs at home. Thinking of Congressman Meijer at this moment! Did the congressman speak out earlier when Trump was selling arms rather freely to create jobs? He now supports not selling arms freely to other nations.

Declaring that we will pull out of Syria and Afghanistan every other day as he calls the Taliban “great fighters.” And in doing that diminishing US and giving encouragement to the enemy.

Evacuating all the people on the private jet effort of Secretary Betsy DeVos’ brother, Eric Prince, at a cost of $6,500 or more per person. And giving people another great choice feature!

Sending in ICE and the Feds into Afghanistan must be on Trump’s mind as well or even just declare Martial Law there?

Haven’t you learned from The Godfather and tens of thousands of other sources, including historical ones, that it is easy to take out people. Police are being killed in America almost every day. We have seen all the killings that have taken place in our nation’s schools and even children right now are dying of COVID-19. Do they have to die at their desks as well? We have major problems to solve and people like Meijer may not be a good fit at all to help US.

I can tell you that my readings have made me more educated. My writing does not do that at all. I learned one of the key reasons why the Bay of Pigs turned out the way it did. And the study of World War II gave me the key information. Near the landing site was a radio station that broadcast what was going on there, alerting the entire nation of Cuba. During World War II, a Frenchman and his son made a diagram that was smuggled out of the entire coast including German fortifications. Nowhere in my reading of that Cuba coast did I learn of such important surveillance information. And from the study of the violent history of Europe and other places, we learn that one of the first locations to be taken over in the fight is the radio station. I rest my case. Communication in war and in peace matter! Put that in your Cuban sandwich and remember it.

Afghanistan is the nation with the most terrorism in the world. Every province (there are 34) has experienced death except one.

 In Kunduz in 2019 there were 500 deaths attributed to terrorism. And the terrorism was increasing after that. The Taliban were responsible for 87 percent of the fatalities. The Islamic State was responsible for 5 percent of those deaths and it was active in 7 provinces. In 2019 there were almost 3,000 fatalities among police and military. And it was reported that ISIS had a “sleeper cell” in Kabul in the report that I have cited

It really appears that some or many critics of the events feel that things could have been much better. Take the example of starting the evacuation much sooner. Does it make sense? Sure it does, but even a “sooner” evacuation would have raised eyes and ears, especially since there are trained spies everywhere. That surely might have put the lid on the evacuation, if the Taliban so desired. Repugnicans have a lot of explaining to do that include Senator Lindsay Graham.

I strongly suspect that there were spies working in the Afghanistan government and I admit to having no proof. This kind of situation almost always happens during war and during and or after overthrows of governments. Some of those people are clearly double agents. No motion picture comes to mind.

Repugnicans know just how strong they are in their counties and states. They can say anything and get away with it.

My attention turns now to what will happen with the immigrants and I have read about the “fracture” in the Republican Party on this issue. The article details how people in the military are speaking up to protect those people that aided our military in Afghanistan and Congressman Matt Gaetz as featured. And so was another Republican Congressman Michael Waltz who had been a “Green Beret.”

It’s amazing just how they are able to maintain themselves in power with their thinking. First Cubans were not our allies and did not fight alongside US and they were taken in through the efforts of better men in both parties, but particularly Democrats. This applies as well to Venezuelans and others in Florida. And thinking about the more than 120,000 people who were evacuated more and reflecting on World War II again and The Holocaust, I wish someone in America had evacuated 6 million of us. Florida is known for having the most hate groups in the United States and that will not change until people are ready to do the “right thing” instead of using the limited vocabulary of Gaetz and Waltz. All history matters!

Resign, retire, asylum are words that ring out to share with people in Florida and keep in mind that Waltz replaced DeSantis. Biden triumphed over Trump and his evacuation was credible. Even as the Brits had concerns, the final tally showed that all Brits got out of Afghanistan in time. You can see that I was right about important things without spilling any propaganda. And propaganda is hard to fight. It should be clear that with the retreat from Afghanistan which could easily have happened under Trump as well and would have proceeded more or less in the same way (don’t believe his two-airport nonsense without a single email from his days in Washington, D.C.) that we now see another open door to China and Russia who Trump claims to have handled very well. The collapse of the government along with the fabrications of Repugnicans should be made known all across the good old USA. It’s time for a political hurricane like Ida to strike hard against them. Nickname it Hurricane Ike for comfort.

Let’s celebrate Trump’s Taliban deal along with his handling of the Corona Virus. Buy flowers and go to your local cemetery to celebrate the death of these Repugnicans and Trumpism.