Spain’s Nursing Homes Also Under Investigation for COVID-19 Deaths

I did say also under investigation. We have noted our own failures in places like New York and Florida and I wrote about Governor Ron DeSantis largely because he spoke out that he did the right things in the beginning. But if that is true, we should see the proof in emails just as other countries are being upfront (when possible). I don’t really know all the details about Florida, but if he set up makeshift hospitals in the beginning where are they now as mounting death totals affect all ages. Even now DeSantis has lost the anti-mask effort as people realize that he chose to show only a portion of the Parents Bill of Rights to the public. This is the Administration that Never Should Have Been.

I say the court just said that it is “reasonable (for school districts to require masks of all in schools) and the people should ask for all of his documentation. Have you ever read Mark Levin and DeSantis which I wrote on February 28, 2021 which detailed how nations were doing better than DeSantis and among those nations were these countries and their numbers Let’s look at some state and international numbers right now regarding Florida in relation to everything. Florida 142 deaths per 100,000 people. Puerto Rico 63. El Salvador 29. Dominican Republic 29. Guatemala 37. Honduras 45. Nicaragua 3. Cuba 3. Venezuela 5. Haiti 2. We could have been much safer in those places, right? Mexico 146. Beliz 83. Beliz is right next to Mexico. Think about that! And there is this as well “Other countries that did better than Florida were Paraguay, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Chile, Bolivia, Argentina, Peru, and Brazil.” Ay Dios Mío! Do you think that DeSantis was lying or even taking credit for something that was not his to take credit for?

And now we can turn to the “madre patria” of Venezuela, Cuba, and other countries to see how politics in the past continues on into our present and our future (tomorrow).

March 14, 2020 a state of alarm is declared by the Prime Minister of Spain Pedro Sanchez.

Three days later I had a medical appointment where I was with a man who favored “herd immunity” and told me that he had corresponded with the CDC. He continued to blame Fauci a year later, principally because he desired herd immunity.

The article that I read in Jacobin Magazine details the horrible consequences in Madrid. This is a real Madrid story. It included testimony from an observer of death who said that it reminded her of the Holocaust. The toll was 20,000 deaths and it made Madrid the epicenter of death in nursing homes in Spain. Comparisons were also made with other nations as we compare states.

Madrid had 32 percent of the deaths but only 14 percent of the population.

In Sweden 90 percent of the deaths were seniors who were 70 years of age or older.

In Ireland 55 percent of the deaths were in nursing homes.

And Belgium had 50 percent of their deaths in nursing homes.

The title of the article was How Spain Shamed Itself by Leaving the Elderly to Die Under Coronavirus


Of the 186 nursing homes under investigation, half of them are in Madrid. The blame there has been placed on the conservative politics of Madrid which included fewer hospital beds and medical staff than it had in the past (2010-1018 was mentioned). And the government of Madrid, according to El País, sent out four emails detailing that no older people with disabilities should be sent to hospitals. The director general of those medical services in Madrid was relieved of his duties on May 13. And now, more than a year later, there are divisions and talk of “crimes” committed. As things proceeded the government did not want people who were 80 years of age to go anywhere and to remain at home during their illness.

And here in the United States we now see more clearly that the problem is not just a Blue state problem as Red states are in a state of crisis. The Orange state adopted the position of Agent Orange (45). COVID-19 just like crime in America is not just a Red State or Blue State problem. It’s an American problem that has been exacerbated by misinformation and weak messages (sometimes universal and correct, but weak). What is wrong in Florida where the religious community cannot get together and form a faith-based initiative about Jesus Saving Lives, which is actually older than Jesus.

From Franco to DeSantis and his political roots, change is needed now as it was needed back then in the 1930s. DeSantis is the new “generalissimo” to many in his state and the other article that I read about pertains to Valle de los Caídos in Spain which I visited decades ago. Families in Spain after many decades cannot even get their family members’ bodies exhumed to have a decent burial apart from the mass grave that was created there. All these details seem to be important to people, but conservative politics stand in the way through misinformation and more. Privatization of the hospitals requiring profits before saving lives was one of the key things mentioned in the article that I read.

And today’s quote of the day comes from the governor of Mississippi who states that his people are not afraid of COVID-19 because they believe in “eternal life.” But governor the message of Jesus was to heal people and save lives. And one more thing governor, Jews were not scared to die long before that and changed their position to Saving Lives. I am not sure what kind of Christianity is being promoted here and I am sure those people are not faithful to Islam. The political plot that the governor has referred to is centuries old, fooling the people for their own sake and making them go along with the hustle. And it really appears that DeSantis is trying to weather the storm right now as his electoral support appears to be diminishing.

I helped a Cuban American decades ago and it was a personal health problem. DeSantis has his own situation which is with invermectin, a medication that deworms horses that has been touted as a COVID-19 treatment by a doctor who advised the governor. I sent that Cuban to the doctors of Secretariat to help his wife get pregnant. They had a medical practice in New York City. They accepted his insurance. And in three months after the procedure, his wife got pregnant. My effort resulted in life, not in death and an administration that never should have been. Share the story of Secretariat whose owners obviously vetted the doctors they chose to work on such a valuable horse.