When You Wish Upon a Star

Makes no difference who you are (Pinocchio 1940). Imagine those lines being sung before Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. And there are lines that we remember including.

No request is too extreme.

And my point is that there is lots of extremism taking place…. again. That year the Republicans had a very extreme platform which opposed immigration. Change is needed.

Disney is in the news as it opened Disney World requiring people to wear masks. To make the Democrats win elections? Most Republicans may think so and all Repugnicans know so. If you get this point.

We hardly hear now about that Repugnican Science, do we? That is the Science of Herd Immunity which has not happened in a year and a half under the guidance of that “genius” number 45. The marketing not only failed, but also has contributed to new marketing including patriotism, the Constitution, fascism, the Holocaust, and anything standing up in its way or lying down sick and ready to die. The marketing failed because 45 was really only good at bankruptcy and DeSantis is the anointed of 45 in the way right now as people pray to pick oranges, visit Disney World, and take in a little sunshine. These are people in power and around power that constantly try to flip the blame over to someone else. It happened in Nazi Germany, didn’t it?

The followers of 45 clearly need an “un-vaccine” vaccine right now to be on the right marketing path. Do you remember the marketing for a specific drink back in the day which named itself the “uncola?” Repugnican marketing has been a disaster from the beginning and belonged in the Soviet Union or in Nazi Germany, especially since Trump was a rich combination of such scientific elements of history,

Let me take you back to 2020 to this article. Democrats should remind all Americans about this, particularly in Florida where Disney World is an important part of the culture and economy.

Trump’s Genius: Proud Boys Stand By

Posted byAdministrator October 2, 2020 Leave a commenton Trump’s Genius: Proud Boys Stand By EditTrump’s Genius: Proud Boys Stand By

“The highest form of patriotism comes most directly from those American soldiers who fight not only for the country but also for the men and women alongside them. The highest form comes not in battles where the enemy is easily defeated or routed, but in intense combat where wounded have to be treated and evacuated under fire. Those soldiers have suffered through disease during war and the ones who were infected or even suffered mental breakdown were rehabilitated through treatment and rest. I am reasonably certain that if the command were given (whether it appeared to be constitutional or not) to wear masks on the land, on the sea, or in the air that everyone would comply. Because of the fear of a court martial? No! Because those men and women will do their utmost to protect each other so they can all make it home to celebrate life.”

Between Disney World and watching the Olympics in Tokyo, we notice what Repugnicans will call extremism, fascism, totalitarianism, and more as they hide what is really going on. Saving lives! Our nation is at war and we do not even have to research information about Japan. The war began decades ago and the battle hymn of the republic (no capitals needed here) has been orchestrated to near perfection by Donald Trump and his not so merry men (no capital needed here either). The hoax is now in the court of red states where there is more illness and death. Thank “yous” should go out to the leader in Florida, Ron DeSantis who knew more than the “science” as he looked at the numbers in March of 2020. The march he looked at was really the death march. Of course they do not deserve a single thank you.

Repugnicans have lied their way to be the most untrusted group of people in our democracy. Their highly concentrated power in lots of states and communities makes them neighbors with majorities of people who are just like them. I do feel sorry for the Democrats and Independents (and others) that have had to put up with lies and misinformation, particularly during the pandemic. This pandemic destroyed the repeat for 45 and hopefully DeSantis will be taken down.

This article was provoked by a comment that a family member made to me in relation to the book Hitler in Los Angeles. And I just spoke with an historian who read the book and who has studied Disney and has had up close contact with the company told me that there was no credibility to the “rumor” that Disney was anti-Semitic. What I was told by a family member is that he or she could see Disney working closely with the Nazis in America in the 1930s and he cited a comment from a close colleague who was connected to the source in Hollywood at that time.

The “rumor” was an anecdotal record from someone who may not or probably did not know the science of history that is required. This is called proof. Whether it’s Disney or DeSantis, proof is needed. DeSantis does not show the proof of his handing of COVID-19 and the recent surge totally reveals the continuation of mishandling because there is proof and not just some anecdotes to the greatness of DeSantis shared by a hundred Mark Levin’s in the media business. It was all propaganda.

I call upon all Americans to expose DeSantis now and to expose any and all men and women who have been complicit in the mess that he helped create with 45. Rallies are needed against them, patriotic rallies to end their extremism. And getting back to those lyrics

When you wish upon a star

Makes no difference who you are

Anything your heart desires

Will come to you

If  you don’t know me by now, I would hope to have my wishes come true.