I Wrote No Mask No Ride Miami and Now I Write No Mask No Entry into Church

Check Desantis’ Claims

Posted byAdministrator May 29, 2021 Leave a commenton Check Desantis’ Claims

See my article on March 7, 2021 about Mark Levin and the governor. Of course the things that DeSantis claimed about looking at the numbers in March will not add up. That is unless he had a crystal ball. Historians will be writing about him, especially if Trump is in a position to annoint him for 2024. I do feel that Repugnicans everywhere will be citing his great crystal clear achievements, even if they are lies admitted to on a Bible. I consider that a fundamental truth and could you blame me?

Jesus has been diminished, debased, defunded, defrauded, and his work “stolen” from him during COVID-19 as pastors called for the opening of our nation’s economy instead of saving lives in the manner of Jesus. It all started before and around March 2020 just after the first person died in America on February 29, 2020. And today’s news is that a pastor claims that people with masks will be denied entry into his church, the Church of Trump. This pastor should be defrocked, impeached, caused to resign, and possibly excommunicated or banished from the Christian community (in my opinion). His position is not only anti-Democrat, but also anti-democrat, unpatriotic, and more in the name of Jesus. This is not about the Constitution. “Stop it” the pastor says in support of no masks. There will be more about those words another time.

As I drove to the local golf course yesterday, I noticed a business truck that spelled out something that the religious Christian community has seen often. The words on this business truck were “My Boss Is a Jewish Carpenter.” And I say that Jesus would be upset at the pastor and those people who applauded the pastor’s mask position. Wearing a mask is patriotic and all the lies created in hell, hello cannot change that fact. And the dozens of pastors who participated in the “infamous” White House call in March which was about opening the economy instead of being about faith should finally reveal all the details to expose The Church of Trump. I have written to Pastor Tony Perkins, pastors of the Assembly of God, and others and there has not been a single reply (dozens were contacted).

The truth is probably being buried right now because people are ashamed to admit that they went along with policies that have contributed to more deaths than America had during World War II when the Nazis and others were defeated. And right now Americans are trapped facing illness and death as though the enemy finally got strong enough to win. Trump lost and the Church of Trump must lose as well. COVID-19 is our enemy and the Trump White House failed US. The Spanish word for germ is germen which looks like German. There is no “germ” warfare, but almost all the people being hospitalized and dying were and are believers in Trump. Wouldn’t a faith-based initiative now be one of the positive things in our nation and around the world? Let the real Jesus take hold of our brains.

The ideas in this article are older than Jesus. And the truth required by people who read the Bible has been flaunted as well. Return to the faith as quickly as possible, but we need to correct this situation fast to save lives and to prevent this from happening again to people anywhere in the world. The pandemic may not come to end. People should not have to attend church and funerals together, one half free and one-half slave so to speak. The Civil War that Trump helped spark must end by concentrating on saving lives only.