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Let’s hope that Trumpism Will Be Gone With the Wind.

Kavanaugh’s Music Box: Grand Finale

Published Oct. 1, 2018 in Jewish Business News

And I wrote then “Whether it is a trial brought about by a police killing, the killing of an innocent person shot in the back, or the killing of a police officer, we need to have the proof in front of us. Whether it is the investigation of a candidate for the Supreme Court or the impeachment of a president, we need proof. I have recommended the Music Box and the Dreyfus Affair to important people in power without even receiving a reply. And that is not good. People in power are dividing us more by not providing people with the tools to understand. Maybe Kavanaugh and his family are suffering for no good reason or for some powerful reason that is part of his past. James Comey tells us that the F.B.I. is staffed by people who want to get at the truth, not alternative facts or truths. The White House circus has to stop.” We can put together Zoom discussions on this.

And today we are learning that the F.B.I. could have done more to vet Kavanaugh. And not only did my article contain that information, but also information related to important Bronx history, especially those who love its baseball. Below the title of the article was this:

War Criminal! Justice Department Releases Atrocity Photos.

It ain’t over till the fat lady sings.

It ain’t over till it’s over (Yogi Berra NY Yankees great).

And here is more about the Bronx and other things.

College Readiness in the South Bronx

I also wrote this “Sometimes we need more time than a week, which you know is the time that Trump has set aside for the Kavanaugh investigation by the F.B.I. I can imagine Yogi Berra saying that the F.B.I. would need more time just to warm in the bullpen.”

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Governor Cuomo is now adding jobs for youth outside New York City based on Zip Codes where youth are high-risk for gun violence.

What is happening in the zip codes of the South Bronx?  Knowing Your Community Matters.

I was talking about knowing the zip codes for GED as far back as 2002 and talking about keeping people out of jail in the worst zip codes that were feeding Rikers’ Correctional Institution and other similar institutions. Elected officials have been slow to learn from me, even in Brooklyn.

And this is from another article that I published about the South Bronx. Those Zip Codes mattered more to me than the elected officials and their opponents.

Blue Lives Matter and Black Lives Matter: Eric Stevenson Explores Running in the South Bronx

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“Eric Stevenson has strong commitments to education, justice, and community that can affect large sections of the South Bronx that are still not being served properly.  Just several years ago it was reported that 25 percent of adults in the city of New York do not even have a high school equivalency and the South Bronx may have the lions share of those statistics since it has great poverty.  There is a huge battle taking place concerning the schools and even though the Congress does not control the school matters, getting the best advice and help from Congress Does Matter.  Empowering both the children and their parents is one of the goals of Eric Stevenson for Congress.  Great change can be achieved in the South Bronx.” And recently I wrote that New York City will remain in deep trouble as long as the new team coming to power will not learn how to do the right thing. Bill DeBlasio? Adios! Adios! Adios! Eric Adams? Aprenda o adiós! They have to learn! You would think that NYC and its City Council would prepare a report by a commission to detail the zip codes that have been feeding the jails and detention centers in recent years and particularly since the beginning of the pandemic or the protests resulting from the death of George Floyd. Education matters and not just jobs for a few thousand or more teens. Take a look at my article Floyd.

Besides holding my second GED Roundtable in the Rotunda of the Bronx Supreme Court on the Grand Concourse in affiliation with the office of the Borough President and ASPIRA of New York, I have been a guest speaker in one of the suburbs (italics added) of the Bronx and Washington Heights. The beautiful people of Hazleton, Pennsylvania came out to greet me at night on my arrival there before I spoke and interacted during the day with residents and friends of La Casa Dominicana of that town. And we had a wonderful sancocho together.

And I thought that I was going to publish this article late yesterday as I had a brief communication with the Casa Dominicana. This morning I did some new reading in the Miami Herald and the Jerusalem Post. Both parties have jumped on the political goal to make sure that Cubans are connected to the internet, particularly since the mass demonstrations in 40 cities require something that has not existed in previous demonstrations. People are learning what is going on. But are the people in Florida, including the Democrats and Republicans that have spoken out about internet access well informed? Is the White House well-informed? Is the Miami Herald well informed?  The Miami Herald article is about the Democrats constantly losing to the Republicans and Cuban politics is critical so why not get the best information out there to inform the people.  Alan Gross “a Cuban activist” who spent 5 years in jail in Cuba just revealed this information. Google has previously studied gaining access in Cuba which was found not economically viable. The Cuban government would not provide Google with signal “landing rights.” And in trying to implement other methods would be confronted with Cuba’s “obsession” to things.

So who is right? Does Gross have the latest and the best information? And IF he does, doesn’t that diminish all the talk from Washington, D.C. to Little Havana?

We just watched Imagine being sung as the Olympic Games opened up in Tokyo, Japan. This is a tribute to John Lennon, Yoko Ono, and the world that wants peace. John Lennon was famous in my eyes for saying that we should treat all people as they had a brown paper bad over them. Clearly there are limits to even that great suggestion which should remind people of “judge a person by his character and not the color of his skin.” In relation to the press, including the Miami Herald in this instance, I must say that upon learning about the Lennon comment (not to be confused here with any Lenin comment) I stated that newspapers should have political thoughts side by side in the news without immediately providing the parties or authors so that people could decide what they agree with or agree with most. That really has not taken place. Whether it’s the internet or Critical Race Theory or anything else that needs to be reviewed, we ought to, in my opinion, follow my advice. I love it. After all it’s my idea. This is my “It’s good to be the king” moment. Do you know what I’m talking about? Oops Jackie Mason just passed away! And thank you Mel Brooks for the other comment.

Democrats Lucia Baez-Geller, Luisa Santos, both Nikki Fried, Fried, and Rep. Val Demings the newspaper wrote show promise, which is true. I could see the failure percolating from my home in New York as Biden campaigned in Florida. There is a lot of work to be done to win, but we have to know the past well and do much more for the people of Florida who are under the impression that DeSantis has been doing a great job. Let’s accurately portray his failures and his successes. And add them up as the Election of 2022 takes place.  And I hope that the distribution of anti-Semitic literature which I wrote about in relation to the Miami Herald will not take place again anywhere. Click here for that information. But that was then and this is now and I am doing things to make a difference.

And back then I also wrote “On February 12, 2018 I wrote in Jewish Business News that “police must come together with communities in much better ways right now. That calls for much better leadership. The Kaepernick Solution is part of that and has not been integrated by police. Let’s bring people together. Let’s kneel together and stand together for peace in communities.” The Black Lives Matter flag was raised in Vermont at the Montpellier High School. I sent my article to the principal of the school who wrote back and thanked me for it. It impressed me that he took the time to write back. Vermont is Bernie’s state. Move over Bernie. This is the beginning of a revolution. The police there were protecting Black students who were being threatened.” And what we are getting mostly is the Battle of Critical Race Theory. And have you ever seen my article about Wali Jones and Kaepernick. Don’t look now because here it is. Click! Wali is in Miami and we have been working together to Silence the Violence. Contact us. When I was in Miami in May, he kind of waved to me on his way to Kendall to do an event. Here is his upcoming event in Philadelphia.

I just want to say that nothing can stop the teaching of Critical Race Theory which I still do not know much about. Slavery was clearly one of the foundations of this nation, even if people wish to keep it out of schools. They are fools! The Nazis learned a lot from the history of the United States and now is the time to learn more. Almost all indicators reveal to me that Donald Trump, the Repugnican, probably would have been a slave owner at the time of the Underground Railroad. Republicans were speaking out against slavery along with leading abolitionists. If you want to read about slavery today, even in America, there are cases where it still exists (and around the world as well). So slavery has not been eliminated completely and CRT cannot be eliminated.

It’s time to get the nation calmed down, a nation in great heat. I firmly believe this. We do not know just how much racism exists in the United States. It is also systemic since it happens across the board in all aspects of life. Innocent people should not be blamed, but there are price tags to be concerned about. The chief price tag is the price that humans have to pay to be safe, protected, fed, sheltered, educated, and respected by all Every nation has its good and bad people as life and for example, the Holocaust, teacher us. Against the crime committed are the Righteous of All Nations, people who risked their lives to help save the lives of others.

And there will be trouble in the schools and outside the schools if things do not cool off. Big trouble that may go way beyond what our nation has seen since the death of George Floyd. Donald Trump and others have caused much of the problem since he spoke out. So the problem has become “huge” and it must cause 45 to smile that he achieved that.

Here we go as my diabolical mind kicks in on CRT. I waited a couple of weeks to share this.

CRT is being banned in schools, things related to history and current events.

I am going to recommend this because the Republicans thrive on talking about “competition” as they promote individualism.

Every other day of the week where interested parties devoted to CRT will hold a CRT Conference outside of school and in non-school hours for the students and parents who care to learn more.

Every other day of the week where interested parties devoted to anti-CRT will hold a conference outside of school and in non-school hours for the students and parents who care to learn more.

Republicans knew that the Underground Railroad could not be stopped and today Repugnicans given a booster shot by Trumpism will soon learn that all their protests about CRT will soon have been for nothing, except maybe to join together to have a good time in what they perceived as their patriotic duty.

The Communists tried to stop freedom in Eastern Europe and that failed. I knew Poland was ripe for freedom in the late 1980s during my first visit. Communism had been corrupted by among other things, the PEKAO or money and things sent back home by the Polish diaspora. It’s important for Cubans to learn about this.

I wrote that Eastern Europe needed a “Marshall Plan” since the devastation was enormous in Poland, Germany, and other countries. What I did not know until two days ago was that those countries were eligible. As Truman was developing the plan that could include Poland, the Communists were turning from authoritarian light to authoritarian tight. They were taking control over the other parties that wanted to independent and this was done mostly through a military takeover and by rewarding even members of others parties to unite with them. So the Soviet call for “democracy” among people was winning out.

Czechoslovakia thought it had a choice in deciding to accept American money while other communists either rejected the money outright or sought guidance from Stalin. Look and learn what happened to the Communist Party in Czechoslovakia after the voters learned that it would not get any of the money. Before 1947 the Communist Party had 38 percent of the vote (other parties existed) and that vote was expected to be 20 percent as people both resented communist politics and the decision to now allow the money in. Stalinism then and Trumpism now. The Trump game plan could have been lifted from Stalin.

In relation to Cuba, the embargo severely cut the lifeline to Cuban family members that does help undermine the efforts of the communists as it did in Poland. Cuba will need a new “Marshall Plan” to provide more help and that is clearly one of the key reasons why Cubans in Florida and elsewhere should think about Cuba as the 52nd state. “Operation warped speed” did not turn out so well after all because of what took place in the early months of being guided by Operator Warped Mind. And the loss of 75 percent of the “remesas” or monies sent to Cuba during the embargo has impacted life there both before the pandemic and during it in the name of freedom. It’s highly probable that this feature of the embargo could have and should have been avoided. I just learned about that and the info about the monies that Eastern Europe could have received. The communists made certain that those Eastern countries would not receive any money and they did it to protect their democratic goals (meaning to keep themselves in power). Trumpism is more or less the very same thing. Money matters to people who little or nothing and that means it matters under communism and capitalism, the latter often being a mirror image of communism.

And to those supporters of CRT, I say, frankly protestors (Scarlet) I don’t give a damn. And I hope we will soon see a major motion picture based on Hitler in Los Angeles and how the effort was overcome to keep US safe from Nazism. Probably around that time a second motion picture, based on historical fact, may come out depicting how Trumpism threatened to take over American democracy.

Instead of getting great help, the people of Eastern Europe including Poland got coffee, butter, mamaliga 108 calories 5 g fat 16 g carbs 2 g protein (porridge) that the people could pick up in 5 kilo packages once a year, and a few other things from the United States in a long attempt to free the people.