The American Reichstag and More

I am almost done writing an article about the Kremlin style behavior of 45, but the current news is certainly not news to me at all. January 6, 2021 was the attack on The Capitol that featured a cast of characters including The Proud Boys without Enrico Tarrio, Trump’s man in Florida.

In today’s news we learn about the Reichstag moment from General Milley. We have never communicated but I have been at my command post watching Donald Trump from the beginning and my reports and opinions have more than often hit the bullseye of American politics. I was highly concerned about Trump from the beginning and there can be no doubt about the poor handling of our government under Trump which was not the triumph that we would be led to believe by his supporters. This is from December 2020 as we noticed critical things around our nation, but first General Milley.

Trump ‘Reichstag’ power seizure: book is making headlines. General Milley who knows Trump had told aides in the Pentagon about a “Reichstag moment” and he was not talking about Hitler and the Nazi Party. And the Fuhrer was mentioned. I might have written about that critical aspect of Trump a dozen times since I started blogging.

The Cuban American Vote and the Dangers of Anti-Semitism and More

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Under “strongman” Donald Trump, Cuba should have been freed. But it is not!

And I have included this important paragraph. “Combine all of this and more since November 3, 2020 and the election of new Republicans to national office, we can call Trump’s efforts to undermine our democracy (in a way that Castro and others have used throughout the centuries of democracy) as something that we should unite against. If AOC and her people are The Squad, then we can easily pick up on that name to symbolically portray all of Hitler’s (I mean Trump’s) most ardent supporters and advocates as The Reichstag Squad. Not an SS yet, just an RS for the moment and we hope that Trump peacefully leaves the White House on time.” And the RS was for Reichstag Squad.

And as I wrote earlier, the Kremlin style article is almost done and should be published next. It’s just that I could not lose this opportunity to write more. I also wrote this on December 5, 2020. “The four years of Trumpism will most certainly portray him as the Reichstag Squad Fuehrer.”

Hitler Trump Warning Clear and Present Danger

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The rule of evidence is down and our nation is being ruled by emotions.

And this as well. “We have been down this road with Trump and even though only weeks remain in his term, he should have taken the time to denounce the violence in the streets of Washington, D.C. since violence results in more violence. Trumpism cannot refuse to permit denunciation and strong actions taken at a moment like this. We all know that Trump’s behavior is a threat to American democracy and the divisions now in the Republican Party are now deeper, but things could easily get out of control. Since there is no political party in America that can take the place of the Republicans, that party has to clean up the problem and keep America safe for democracy. There is clear and present danger caused by Trump.

I have been told by a contact in Georgia who has spoken with Republican friends who say that the time has come to set aside differences and move on. That is positive but the problem is that the Repugnicans who dominate the tweets feeding our nation have not spoken about curtailing the violence and does not recognize it as a party problem. AOC and her squad are not committing violence and making threats as have Trump’s Reichstag Squad of supporters. Trump’s Proud Boys, classified by the F.B.I. as an “extremist” group, are doing more than standing by right now and that problem has to be crushed. There is a feeling that in a year and a half or so the problem will go away. It is expected that it will take our nation a year or a year and a half to recover from the COVID-19 mistakes made by Trump which I have written about, but the political non-pandemic problems created by Trump must be dealt with severely or they will not go away even in five or ten years.”

And very often in the news particularly news that has consistently backed Trump, we see Russians and other immigrants that can only see the communism in history and not see the fascism and that threatens US more. It’s the same mentality that threatened the Jewish people in the United States as police, military, intelligence, industry, and a large portion of the public preferred to see the dangers of communism and turn their backs on doing something against the fascists and their cooperating partners in America and around the world. Hitler was admired!

And once again my classic piece long before COVID-19 started to afflict US and the world. The first death was still about three weeks away.

The Corona Virus: The Trump Manifesto

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“There is a crown on the Corona beer label which is not Trump’s crown although Trump has been given a throne in one of my articles about Bobolice Castle in Poland which was published in Jewish Business News.  The Corona Virus is simply Trump and his imaginary crown (corona is crown in Spanish).  Trump is unfit to hold office and it is so scary having him in charge of our nation as the Corona Virus spreads.  I hope that we defeat both Corona Viruses soon and that our nation’s people remain safe from such afflictions.

I do not wish this to happen, but the spread of the Corona Virus or major earthquakes or worse could force the cancellation of the Election of 2020 (or postponement).  Just as we never expected to enter world wars, we seem to never expect the possibility of a disaster on or before that important day in November.  Things could happen!  Let’s begin to think outside the box.

Actually that quote at the beginning of this article was not “Anonymous” at all.  The quote is attributed to Adolph Hitler around the time that the St. Louis was turned back.  The Nazi newspaper reacted as well with this “Aren’t we savages better men, after all?”  That was the response to the world being “cold” in not taking in the Jews.  And history keeps repeating itself as Trump has implemented many of the obstacles put in place to keep out Jews.

The vote to acquit Donald Trump without witnesses and the turning of backs on the evidence which was substantial is boldly and coldly similar to all decisions that have hurt the progress of mankind in the United States since its inception by those Founding Fathers.  Democracy has been undermined in the name of keeping the Republican Party together.  Trump brought on much deeper divisions than we had prior to his election and there has been denial there as well.  And for those Repugnicans who chose to declare that the impeachment should only be a “last” recourse acting as though that impeachment is millions of miles away, we must declare that statement wrong as well as statements made that it is up to the American people to decide in an election.  Trump should have resigned, but because he chose to stay he has to be defended in court by his Repugnicans who are not even his lawyers.

We, the American people, will not be brainwashed nor will we allow Trump sins against the United States and the world be forgotten.  Jews, Poles, Ukrainians, LGBT members, African Americans, Puerto Ricans, immigrants of all nations that have been afflicted by Trumpism, Catholics, Jews, Muslims, and Christians of good faith are not going to perish nor will they allow our nation’s moral position to perish in this so-called One Nation Under God and Trump.  Let the Re-Impeachment of Donald Trump take place soon.  Germans were in denial of what Hitler and Germany had done and it took decades to wake people up there.  With November quickly approaching, it is urgent to wake up Americans to the importance of re-impeachment and the ouster of Donald Trump.  The Corona Virus must not destroy Trump’s record and the truths about all the terrible things he has done to US.  This is not a nation for “Norwegian types only” as this nation is For All of US.

We are The Force 2020 DDT.  And One Nation Under God to the Repugnicans is not the loyalty that is needed right now.”

And Trump just shot himself in the foot again as he has revealed in books about him that he chose not to wear a mask because it would make him appear to be weak. Weak he was and his weaknesses mattered in the last four years or more. I have portrayed him continuously as not strong on patriotism during the pandemic in which I also wrote that he was weak on Jesus by not choosing the pathway to save lives. Just as in communism people should open up their eyes and unite more and it can be stated that the probable reason that Trump wears the flag on his suit is to appear strong. He raided his doctor’s office to take out documents about his health and that event must be finalized as well, especially since it has reported also that their fears about his health when he contracted COVID-19.  I have had my vaccinations and I continue to wear a mask and try to keep my distance when I don’t have a mask on outdoors. In fact at the first tee where I golf, I noticed that there was not a single senior golfer wearing a mask the other day (about 15 men waiting around) and it really bothered me because I feel that it is the wrong choice as new variants are breaking out and people just do not know about that or do not fully understand that they may still need to protect themselves. And the unvaccinated are taking great risks, many of them had their minds made up before the arrival of the pandemic and others followed Trump (actually they did not since Trump secretly misled them), and then there are other explanations to explore. There continues to be a clear and present danger that must be resolved at the workplace, the hospital, the home (personal), and across our land. At this moment it really appears to me that the resisters are calling for others to get sick or may require a system of “separate but equal” that will not work as they have separated themselves and will be demanding Constitutional protections if there really is such a thing in this matter. People who are dying from COVID-19 are suddenly asking for the vaccine which will not help. Life, the greatest gift of all, was taken for granted by those people and those who are Christians diminished Jesus by their lack of knowledge. They were weakened in many cases by Trump Mania. Trump Mania is not gone and it is not forgotten.