The Repugnican Curtain from Stalin to Trump

The Iron Curtain: The Crushing of Eastern Europe 1944-1956 by Anne Appelbaum is the inspiration for this article. With that said of course I am thinking of Jews, Israel, Cuba, and more.  My readers know how many predictions I have made that have manifested themselves in reality. Even the stabbing of the rabbi outside the synagogue recently was clearly on my mind when I discussed protecting Jews. The attack did not happen immediately after the Tree of Life massacre, but it did not take a century either to reveal itself. With that said let me get to Appelbaum’s book.

“If one person’s disaster benefits somebody else, an urge appears to persuade oneself, and others, that the disaster was morally justified,” she quotes Stanislaw Ossowski (English alphabet provided here). So there was compassion for Jews and the opposite, leading to pogroms, discrimination, fear, and ethnic cleansing (and flight by Jews to remove themselves from the horrible places where the Holocaust took place and where they sensed that they would disposable in communist Eastern Europe.

Jews as well as all other people have been on both sides of history which is the story of “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.” As an example of that among African Americans, we can quote those Conservatives who quote Dr. King out of context when they cite the great civil rights’ leader when he spoke about judging people by their character. The context that was missing is the history of his work and his plan of action. It surely was not lifting up African Americans “conservatively” or at a time. As a theologian he had to know the Bible’s application for saving people which was two by two in Noah’s ark. I went way beyond that by demanding that we mobilize communities and I called for “Million Man March to the GED” almost two decades ago, but nobody listens to me. When Dr. King spoke up it was in relation to segregation and he demanded integration which would not be granted to him. Today’s segregation speaks volumes to that, but I also know that that African Americans with financial means have chosen to live among people of color as well. But Fox News will keep sending out that message to people that is clearly out of context and it is done pretty much in accordance with the statement made by Stanislaw Ossowski, but backing those Repugnicans in America never should have happened.

Now I can present information to illustrate the point even more. Salomon Morel lived through the Holocaust and the war in Europe. “He was a Holocaust victim, criminal, a man who lost his entire family to the Nazis, and a man consumed by a sadistic fury against Germans and Poles….” He was “profoundly violent”and “vengeful.” This was a man who had a long career as a “communist.” After communism in Poland, he was prosecuted there. He surely would have needed a great lawyer for that one, a Polish Dershowitz. Did I just write that? What he was afforded after a half century of doing the things he did was to be protected by Israel and he emigrated there. What? And he had never ever expressed the desire to move there before. Prosecution matters!

Here was a man who believed in “An Eye for An Eye” which is the very same thing that Repugnicans including a huge amount of evangelicals voted for and supported for four years. Trump cited it on national television as his Christian viewpoint. And this story gets worse as the Cuban crisis heats up or appears to heat up. Stalin and Trump have given the world crises to deal with. My national outreach to expose Trump and the way he diminished Jesus in March 2020 and after has not taken hold anywhere. His America First immigration policy which was initiated before the Trump Corona Virus when the virus was just a flu is impacting as well. No more immigrants in America. No open borders! No boat people! Nothing! No Israelis who are not Americans asking for asylum here from the dangers of Hamas pointed missiles. Nothing! Nada! So what takes place? Marco Rubio and others talking about freedom to cover up Trump’s mistakes. And Repugnicans by the millions who cannot see what I see. Cubans may need to adjust to a flow of people here as they fight for freedom on the island of Cuba and around the world.

Biden is in the middle of this with Democrats who are Cubans and there seems to be no way out of this. I expect that Biden will come forth with changes in the near future, just the way that Obama changed his mind about gay marriage. Persuasion by someone important! So no “Exodus” for now by Cubans or so it seems. Politically the protestors are in great danger and protestors in Florida in the Cuban community are currently restricted by the demonic DeSantis law. This is a moment for Mark Levin to step forth and anoint DeSantis is the next world leaders, a strong man just like Stalin, Trump, Putin, and the others. But he will not back off. Why? Go back to the quote from the Iron Curtain to see the application in this Repugnican Curtain.

Yes Cuban immigrants have to be qualified like all others in history. Nazis were let in. And some paid the price for lying on their applications, even decades later. We must fear communists uniting with other communists who are extreme, fascists who would harm US including Jews and others, and criminal types. But we must process those people yearning to be free that have not been corrupted in some way. I suspect that we will see Cubans coming by boat and others going to Mexico when they can to cross our border. Es una leccion importante a todos los hispanos en Florida ahora. Abren sus ojos, porque no son Repugnicanos verdaderos. You can either translate those words into English or learn from what we learned decades ago. Someone wrote that kittens were born in the Soviet Union. The writer stated that they were no longer communists. Why? They opened their eyes. You know the expression “heaven sent” and this is a great opportunity for Biden to turn things around in Florida. De Santis made his bed and now he must lie in it.

I get blasted by Repugnicans, but I have to share with you the comment that I just got which I have gotten before and probably gotten for a few or more times. It is from someone who is concerned about the appearance of my blog and knows a way to make it better. I am not concerned about the appearance because it’s the content that matters to me. Content and character!

It’s amazing to me just how those Repugnicans keep talking about saving this city, state, or our nation at a time when we know that their own people are talking about seceding from the United States. Only they can save US when Republicans have a history of only saving themselves, documented by isolationism, anti-immigration in 1940, segregation in 1964, the Watergate scandal under Nixon, and Trumpism which is falling apart more all the time. As we turn toward Florida, I can predict massive efforts by Republicans to keep it in the fold, even though Florida gave Trump a landslide victory. Fear will take over. Fear of losing power. And the lies will continue.

The chapter on Ethnic Cleansing sheds much light on what was going on in Eastern Europe. And there was anti-Semitism taking place even by Jews. The “ethnic cleansing” part has a familiar ring in our news today which I plan to tackle some other time. The very worst of anti-Semitism, it appears, happened not so much from following “internationalism” as from following “nationalistic” appeals to people that had led to The Holocaust. The flag was an issue just as it always becomes an issue among many patriots in America. Communists in Hungary insisted that their followers carry the Hungarian flag with the red flag at celebrations. German communists did the same thing. And it was not just about patriotism as it was in the United States in the 1930s. It was a way of attracting more followers to them. Just as hate groups (fascists, etc.) attracted Christians to their cause to remove Jews, Catholics, and African Americans from America.

What colors are the curtains? The Iron Curtain could be painted red of course, symbolizing communism. And the Repugnican Curtain could be colored red as well, symbolizing the Republican Party. They sold Americans red hats and a red curtain that has not been totally understood. They are more alike than the eye would notice.

There is news that Donald Trump was asking for a missile attack on Iran before The Capital Insurrection. He had high hopes of a take over of the United States. His target was Iran, knowing that Iran was a huge challenge and a huge risk. But think of what a Trump missile or a well planned drone attack on Cuba could have been during those days. Could not that have been what is needed? An attack on Cuba’s communist regime to make up for the Bay of Pigs Fiasco? The people backing the regime may run as fast as Batista fled? Trump knew what he was asking for. But do Cubans in America really know or do they just hope. Eastern Europe went through it all and more, much more. England never came to help Poland and other countries to be free.

I was in Poland before communism fell. It was predictable at that time, but I have never been in Cuba and its strength has to be assessed differently. In other words, what is actually going on under the surface of its government that makes it different from Poland back in the late 1980s. Poland had strikes and other protests that helped, but the leadership was ready to pack up and become rich. And that is essentially what took place. How do we assess Cuba? I don’t know. And tough talking Ronald Reagan was president back then and Castro survived.

It’s rather interesting that the Cubans sing a song called Patria y Muerte which is how I feel about Trump’s handling of COVID-19. An eternity with Castro and communism does not compare to a year with Trump and COVID-19, but we have had hundreds of thousands of needless deaths. At this time Florida under DeSantis has 20 percent of the new COVID cases and he is still in denial.

We have had four years of denials from Repugnicans and that does not compare with what Cubans have had to put up with. More has to be done now. Perhaps much more. And keep in mind always that the Republican Party is in denial just as the communists were.

I started writing a new article called Gulag 45 and I was also waiting to publish this tomorrow, but I watched DeSantis on Fox News and this was traditional misinformation. The theme included people from Central America that may or will eventually become citizens here and vote for the Democratic Party. There was clearly an attempt to keep people divided. The interview was set up by falsehood that is typical and that is that Biden is welcoming the people from Central America who are seeking jobs and not escaping persecution and possible death in their countries. These are true criteria for asylum. DeSantis had the moment to shut down the comments, but he went along with them. Saving lives matters! Yes the Cuban regime has been repressive longer than El Salvador and the other Central American countries. We know that. Truth matters! Biden has told those people do not come here and he has said the same about Haitians and Cubans. Another repugnant event (Double standard it was called) on Fox News that undermines our democracy in the name of “free speech.” This is the Repugnican Standard. And I watched the news where two people commented on another show and one of the men said that having communism off our shores is like having North Korea only miles away. Keep in mind who was shaking hands with North Korea and making romantic gestures with that dictator. Double Standard is Repugnican Standard.