54,000 Gang Members 13,000 Police in Chicago

Chicago is overwhelmed right now, but those numbers I have never ever seen in the past as I reached out to important people in Chicago. It started in 2004 at the Democratic National Convention as I spoke to Emil Jones and others in the Illinois delegation in Boston. Barack and I spoke just for a fraction of a minute and I certainly will not hold him accountable as nothing concrete was discussed. And there were many more outreaches to people in Chicago at the Board of Education there, Rahm Emanuel, Saint Sabrina and the office of Father Phleger, and Chicago police. I held anti-violence conference calls with men and women that included people around Humboldt Park in which the former wife of Muhammad Ali and her lawyer Chris Mancini participated. Mancini is a former federal prosecutor. And my outreach there was much greater than I am letting on right here.

Geraldo is getting national attention and he seeks federal and state help now, something that I was requesting before the COVID-19 pandemic and before the George Floyd death as I had reached out to Minneapolis and people there. A person that I spoke with on the campaign of Phillipe Cunningham actually told me to keep out because New York has its own problems to straighten out. This was a city intent on defunding the police.

See my outreach there even before the COVID-19 pandemic.

Officer Bob Kroll in a Nutshell

If the officer fired a gun to save my life, I would thank him.  Officer Kroll went partisan on Fox News about the cops not being allowed to wear their uniforms in a visit by Donald Trump.  Then his organization ordered supporting tee-shirts.  Police organizations are allowed to be political, as we all know.  What […]

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You can quickly surmise that I was not interested in defunding police and Officer Kroll never contacted me after I sent my article. But this is America at its mediocre best. Mediocrity is everywhere! Click and open the article.

If you guessed that I have been concerned about gangs and gun violence for a long time, you are right. It started in a trip to Albany where the gangs of Buffalo were mentioned. The fit for those highly at-risk people was a good one and it pointed to negligence all over a nation. How was I to know that the problem was so large? And why should we listen to people on the news who wish to defy or almost defy the Constitution of the United States. Those who have been in the public eye all these years must share the blame and along with it the shame. I tried and I was almost where I had to be which was alongside powerful labor in New York City. And that quickly fell apart due to corruption. It wasn’t liberalism or progressivism since a crime was committed and the person was found guilty and went to jail. That was my last big opportunity until now. And we have heard so much about the “carnage” in Chicago from Trump and his supporters who never told US just how big the problem was. I learned this week that under Trump there were some terrible murders in Los Angeles by members of the MS-13 and we were not told about that either until now. And Trump told US that the gang members were “decimated.” Do I have to say more?

I was thinking of writing an article called Sweeper of the House of Representatives which makes me think of the stuttering of Porky Pig. You know the Disney character we used to see in a lot of cartoons. Speaker and Sweeper! Mmm! But then again maybe Trump is not even fit to be Sweeper of the House of Representatives after all the things he has done. Geraldo is better, but we sure do not know what Geraldo knows or what he has known all these years that could have helped. In fact Geraldo should now stay away from politics altogether unless he wants to volunteer to be Sweeper of the House of Representatives.

I read about Geraldo online and contacted the reporter who feels that this surge in violence is not related to COVID-19. No how could it be when Trump’s “genius” rose to the occasion. Let me tie this matter into an event we never learned about in World History.

Police in a single county recorded the following

20 murders

80 robberies

1,084 cases of breaking and entering

125 cases of “resistance to authority”

92 arsons

45 sex crimes

These crimes took place over two weeks during the summer in 1945 in Poland after World War II ended. There was no COVID-19, but we don’t even wish to know what Poland had gone through since it was attacked by Hitler and Stalin in 1939. Trump’s attacks are minor in comparison to any community in America.  And at that time even the middle class were involved in crime. But the desperation of people matters so it mattered then and it matters now. I am waiting for the journalist who wrote the article about Geraldo to contact me, but I am not holding my breath. And this paragraph is really something for everyone to think more about.

And there was no bail, large progressive groups vying for power or Leftists opposing someone like Trump and exposing him when he didn’t expose himself, and no Second Amendment to talk about. And one last thing.

Before the death of George Floyd I wrote this.

Trump’s Destruction

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“This article is being interrupted to make an announcement. Trump has been telling US that the people were not to blame for their unemployment and I countered with the fact, based on history, that by not supporting Americans through this crisis it could lead to the destruction of the United States. Trump touched up two things just now, potatoes and guns. The Irish famine comes to mind, disease, death, huge immigration, and the English plantation which kept the Irish down. Now we have a leader commenting that farmers had better keep their guns during this pandemic. To shoot potatoes? This is the American plantation that is refusing to support Americans through the pandemic (history tells us that it was US who sent Europe the infected potato tubers in the first place). Instead of talking about potato farmers calling the police, Trump has suggested that people defend their property themselves, especially with no threat to life included in his statement. I hope that law enforcement everywhere joins US in doing what is right for all our people. And for now Trump will not extend unemployment benefits.”

And what are the numbers in New York City (and elsewhere). I have been warning people that things are getting worse every year in the adult community and those numbers (Geraldo cited twice as much) may be taken with a grain of salt across America. My warning has been “govern well or gobiernen bien” and that has not taken place no matter who has been mayor. A word to the wise!