Declare Victory and Move On

I was just reading about Eastern Europe and the end of World War II, knowing a lot and learning a lot more. We know about Churchill, Roosevelt, and Stalin meeting at Yalta and basically giving Stalin a green light to do as he pleased with Poland (and other countries). Those men sensed that he would probably not follow any word that he had given, but they allowed things to happen leading to the Iron Curtain years. But then we get to Dwight Eisenhower, war hero. He could have fought for Berlin, but he chose not to and Churchill disagreed with his decision. This decision had the domino effect of spreading Stalin’s power toward the East and building that curtain.  I have no exact quote, but basically Eisenhower said that he would not expose American troops, knowing that Germans would fight to the death. General Marshall also did not wish to expose American troops for “political purposes.” I guess that they both sensed that the war was over and the Russians would mop everything up. These men and their decisions made things bad for a world that had suffered greatly from 1939 on. And I will have more to say about Iron Curtain the book by Anne Applebaum where I got the information from.

Now we turn to Afghanistan and the decision by Joe Biden to pull out. Trump gave US declare victory and move on and the Biden decision does appear to be the same kind of tactic, declaring that we stopped Bin Laden and it is time to move on. The news contains information about the deaths of pilots trained to fight in Afghanistan and about translators who are at great risk due to the pulling out of the troops. It caused me think of an idea or treatment that I wrote for a motion picture that I will now share with you. Kathy’s DNA can be seen later. We need clarification from Biden about protecting people who helped US and people who are innocent, especially after our being there for twenty years

Lindsay Graham has jumped on Biden for his decision to withdraw and we have to investigate just how he approached Trump’s “declare victory and move on.” Is Graham or anyone else being partisan and are those men and women honest about it all? Yes there is danger lurking, but we have to wait a little to draw conclusions. Eisenhower basically declared victory and moved on as history has demonstrated. Clarification by Biden is badly needed.

This country has its problems related to nationalism, fascism, Trumpism, socialism, communism, Zionism, anti-Semitism, and much more. Trump put himself among powerful men including Stalin, Hitler, Putin, and probably dozens of others, but he was strong on talk and weak otherwise. The 4,000 missile attack on Israel is evidence of that combined with the fall of Netanyahu from power. His supporters have been wrong for a long time and will continue to prop up the Make a Deal-Steal the Election agent of theirs whose real value finally was demonstrated in handling poorly so many aspects of COVID-19 and the post 2020 election fiasco. Oh there were lots of moments in between including two impeachments. And now with extreme campaign to spread the word about CRT or Critical Race Theory, the party pretends that children will grow to hate each other when the fact is that it has been going on forever in this country. Also pretending that young children cannot absorb these important matters, we know that they do absorb them outside of school and they do it all over the world.

And children were doing it in 1917 in New York City. I will give you an example. A child not even ten years old named Sergei was listening to his father speak about events in Russia and learned that he and his family were returning to Russia and the child knew that the “Revolution” was going to take place. His father was Leon Trotsky who wrote that his son ”jumped to his feet and danced on the bed.” And that was a lesson in critical thinking as his son had been listening to conversations for years.

Sergei did not always see “eye to eye” later on with his father and refused to join him and the family in exile in France. Sergei spurned the “bourgeois” privileges that his father had accepted as one of the heads of the Communist Party. He actually left home at the age of 16 because he had had “enough.” He was true to what he had learned as a child, refusing privileges. Privileges, privileges, privileges!

Sergei was shot in Moscow in 1937. Leon Trotsky was assassinated in Mexico in 1940. And M.A.G.A. is dead, destroyed by its founder.

And there was a huge celebration in Madison Square Garden by socialists and others where they sang “The Star-Spangled Banner” and “America.” The “New Russia” was celebrated because of its freedom from the oppression of the Czar.

M.A.G.A. Is Dead Along with Thousands of American Soldiers in Afghanistan

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“Forget impeachment since it most likely will not work with the United States Senate lined up to support Trump.  But the dust has not settled yet across America as a report has been issued about the lies of three administrations.  Yes Bush, Obama, and Trump have been implicated in the lies told about the War in Afghanistan but the problem is that Bush and Obama are not going to be candidates in 2020.

American soldiers and veterans will have an opportunity to show their true colors.  The number of deaths, the years of fighting a cause that could not be won, and the great expense demanded by people in Congress who helped orchestrate this mess will take their tolls.

It is true that the Repugnicans can put a spin on anything and it is also true that Trump said that the people are stupid but it is also true that people can learn truths and begin expressing truths.  I would not deceive myself or anyone else that I think that the vast majority of our soldiers and veterans will vote against Trump or even ask that he step down.  I know the various issues that generate the responses of soldiers and it is never unidimensional at all.  And I know that the Repugnicans will bring out any topic to avoid talking deeply and even honestly about what we have just learned.

Veterans will point to Bush and Obama and the Clinton Libya disaster is probably going to resurface and there will be talk about those “lies.”  But the news will affect enough soldiers and veterans to count for something, that “something” that affects elections.”

Click on Taliban Truce which Trump was proud of back in March 2020. Taliban Truce.

Republicans loved diminishing FDR for his “New Deal” sometimes called Commie Deal and 1945 was a time for them to speak up to protect US completely from the communists. Eisenhower later on was courted apparently by Democrats for political reasons, but when the dust settled Eisenhower chose to run as a Republican. You can see that he was both a hero and a man tainted by his decision not try to contain the Russians right away. That job was left to Harry Truman until 1953.

I was thinking about what Biden would do to prevent more bloodshed in Afghanistan. That might be impossible. I learned that people in danger are moving around or trying to move to protect themselves from danger. A real estate salesman was killed because of that and that reminds me on the days in Palestine when Jews tried to settle there by buying land. Palestinians were killed or threatened for that. I might add that a search of buying property in countries will turn up that there are and were countries where foreigners were not allowed to buy such properties. I have read no such thing about Palestine and the killings that took place are well documented. This information can be applied in thinking about the crises among Jews Israelis and Palestinians, but my purpose is to share information pertaining to Afghanistan. And there have to be sensitive security issues surrounding the withdrawal from Afghanistan that may not appear in the press. All things matter and have to be factored in.

The Republicans have given Americans a tax refund, tax breaks for the wealthy for the most part, moral protections that often do not make any sense, and Operation Warped Speed by the Warped Mind that has been much more than an embarrassment to our nation and the world. Also the Republican Party at its best has led US to a tiny victory in war which we studied in high school back in the 1960s. Otherwise there is not much to talk about. We got Puerto Rico and Trump treated Puerto Rico slightly better than the Taliban or did he treat the Taliban better? Eisenhower could have gone after China after Truman refused to do that. But he didn’t. And we have to put up with all the fake news put out by Repugnicans and their media. In my last article, I alluded to running for union president, but maybe I should become a squatter in residence in Florida at Mierd-A-Lago for a while and test the waters there (check mierda in your Spanish translator).

Okay take a deep breath now and continue on.


 Kathy Rigby is an intelligent show host whose show about fitness, health, and mental awareness has given help and hope to millions of women, mostly young and middle age ones.  Kathy begins to reach out to children telling the family that they should be active together.  One of her colleagues tells Kathy that she should start up a show for children.  Kathy declines telling her colleague “Marie Antoinette said let the children have fun.”

She has been voted the most beautiful woman in the United States.  She got married a year ago to her agent, Adam Rigby.  Adam is known in his profession as “the General.”  He is very bright and he has traveled the world in forging a great career.  He has hardly ever made a mistake in guiding careers.  Adam tells a co-worker that one of his mentors told him a long time ago that Cher did a great job on the Sonny and Cher Show.  She was so natural and he knew that casting her in “Moonstruck” would earn her an Academy Award nomination.  “Some of us knew that long before others recognized her talent. You just feel it,” he told me.  Adam is now talking to a client that he obtained after watching America’s Idol, a client that did not make the cut, but a woman that he saw something in.  “You can sing and you can do comedy the way Cher did.  We just have to shape your career if that is okay with you, he tells her.  The woman agrees.  “It’s amazing how many women advance from singing into the big screen or Broadway.  I’d love the challenge,” she tells him.

Kathy is talking with Adam about things that are going on in the country.  She mentions famous people in the entertainment industry including Freddie Prinze, John Belushi, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Curt Cobain, Chris Farley, Marilyn Monroe, Robin Williams, men and women who should have gotten better help before their deaths.  These are people who should have or could been energized instead of eulogized.  She tells her husband that all of us have to be much more committed to community to keep the mental balance that we need in life.  Adam says, “That sounds like it would work.”  She goes on to tell him that she read about a man who has a tee-shirt that says L.I.P. or “Live in Peace” and his message is not to “Rest in Peace or R.I.P.”   His message is for gangs and violent communities to put them on the road to peace. 

 Adam is interviewing one of his new clients.  “We have good news.  This week we will be signing a contract with SNL.  Everyone will be finding out about you on Saturday Night Live next season.”  The client is happy and says he is going to go out drinking to celebrate, inviting Adam to join his friends.  Adam agrees.  He looks at his client and gets serious.  “There is one big concern.  “Everyone knows that you are a pot head.  I have an important question,” he says.  “What is it?” his client responds.  “Would you be willing to try something new and teach comedy in a community center in downtown L.A.?  You know, give something back to community and keep yourself in balance, avoiding a destructive path in life?”  The man reaches out with his hand, the men shake hands, and agree to work together.  Live in Peace and not Rest in Peace.  His client loves the idea.  Tony Danza recently spent a year teaching in Philadelphia, he points out.

 Their marriage made big news in the entertainment world.  After only a year of marriage, Kathy seems withdrawn and confused at times.  Under Adam’s watchful eye, the changes have become noticeable.  Then one day, Kathy is not there when Adam gets home.

 Adam makes several calls and does not find out where Kathy is.  He visits Kathy’s trainer who says that a lot of men were hitting on Kathy, but the feedback that I got from the men and even watching her was that she was off-limits.  The trainer said, “You could tell she wasn’t interested.  I’ve been around this business long enough to know.”   Her doctor says we must know the driving force of a person, there are things in a person’s heredity to learn about and that is so complicated.  Adam wants to know more, he says, but the doctor reveals that we have to keep learning new things and to be patient.  Adam says he understands.  The police are notified and there are no clues.  The police tell him to figure out the DNA of the matter.  Adam goes out to have a drink with two friends and they ask him what he has learned.  Know her DNA is what her doctor and the police have advised.  He begins to think about that.  His friends tell him that they will give it some thought and he tells them how much he appreciates that.  “If my wife could leave me without telling me, I can find her without telling her,” he says.

 Knowing that his wife was withdrawn recently, even he was ruling out foul play.  Still at this time, there is no information to proceed on.  He had to process information, other things.  She had been expressing feelings that the money and fame were not enough.  He continues to reach out to people that know Kathy, even people across the country and around the world.  He repeatedly has discussions with Kathy’s family.  One discussion does open up his eyes.  There was no talk about one side of her family until now.  Her mother who passed away in Kathy’s youth was Serbian.  Her mother came from a family of Christians and Muslims.  Adam thought about Michelle Obama and tells Kathy’s cousin that the First Lady has a Jewish cousin who is a Chief Rabbi (he lives in Chicago).  There were even terrorists in the family.  This was absolutely normal and sometimes there were even Jews in those families.  Adam goes home.  Adam sees a news broadcast about his wife being missing. The reporter states that there is the possibility that Kathy Rigby has been abducted or worse.

 Adam watches the latest presidential campaign news.  Donald Trump says he would be so tough on terrorists.  He has previously said that he would kill the family members of terrorists.   Adam shakes his head, rejecting Trump’s words.

 Adam had to find out more and he decides to travel to Serbia to Kathy’s mother’s town.  He calls some colleagues, asking one to get him in touch with Brad Pitt’s security people.  He tells his colleague that he will text him when he arrives to get the information.  His colleague says he will make the call.  Another call to a colleague puts him on the end of hearing something that he did not expect.  “Adam do remember that it was a Serbian who killed the Archduke Ferdinand of Austria that led to World War I,” the man says.  “That was a hundred years ago and I seem to recall your telling me once your theory, copied from “Love Story,” which was “love means you never have to say you’re sorry,” Adam says.   His colleague shakes his head remembering that fiasco.  “Just help me.  Damn it! Give me the best help that a friend could provide.”  Adam says.  Adam wants his colleague to keep on top of some of his clients who know Kathy and to tell him even any small thing if he finds out. He insists on knowing everything so he can determine what must be done.  “Okay!  You got it,” his colleague replies.

Before he leaves, he calls his pastor at the Assembly of God Church.  “Pastor John, pray for Kathy,” he says.  “I’ll pray for you both.  God will protect you and comfort you,” the pastor says.

 In Serbia he seeks answers in documents, in the streets, and in visits with family members.  He finds out about three related families as he visits them with a translator.  The first family has no pertinent information to share.  The second family remembers his wife’s mother better and finally makes a suggestion.  There is another family that knows lots of things because they talk about everything related to the family, almost like family historians.  Adam and the translator go there and he hears something that strikes a chord.  As soon as he enters the home of the last family, he is invited by the wife to sit down and enjoy some kifle with them.  The woman points out that some are with confiture and others with nuts.  She quickly prepares a Turkish coffee for all.  He learns that the family had roots in Syria before coming to Serbia.  He finds out about towns where they came from, towns such as Deir-al-Zour, al-Jafra, Aleppo, and Hama.  Adam walks out thinking about Syria and has a flashback of his home.  There was a note with something about Syria that he needs to check out.  That may be part of the DNA or part of the answer.

 Adam calls a friend at ABC TV news and provides him with the name of the towns hoping for some explanation from the newsroom staff.  He heads for Turkey confident that the newsroom will provide him with something relevant, something important. 

 He receives a text with the name of the security company and the contact information.  From Turkey he takes a bus to the Syrian border.  Two men who have been hired to help him find Kathy are with him.  They are there to protect him, guide him, and translate for him, because it is dangerous.  “I want to know about everything that is going on,” he tells them.  They tell him that they are professionals and that he should trust them and their judgment.  “My wife would say Marie Antoinette says that three heads are better than two,” he tells them.  They don’t seem to understand.  Money is no object in his effort to find Kathy.  One of the men says, “I have done security in Dubai, Qatar, and many other countries for actors, singers, and For-tune five oh-oh companies presidents.”  His accent is revealed.  “We want to do great job for you for your satisfaction,” he adds.

The friends at ABC respond to him, telling him that Hama, which is at the top of his list, is an ISIS stronghold taken from President Assad and that Adam should expect the worst.  It doesn’t look good. 

The two hired men lead Adam into the recently bombed area of Syria near the airport at Aleppo.  There are demolished buildings all over the area.  There is some hostile action that they endure, but nobody gets injured.  One of the men says “it was just little incident.  It was nothing.”  The men speak to soldiers there and to some jihadists as well as $20 bills are handed out to the fighting men for their cooperation.  Unfortunately they have not been able to find out anything.  The three men drive quietly along the road going out of Aleppo.  A car driven by a Syrian makes its way toward them and the man in the other car talks to them as he steers around the debris.  They speak in Arabic.  Adam’s driver asks what the man does.  The man in the other car tells the two Syrians that he drives here often, making money by delivering things to the soldiers and he delivers many things that they take home with them.  Adam’s driver asks if he has heard anything about an American woman in the area.  The conversation gets more animated as the men talk to each other.  Finally one of the bodyguards asks Adam to take out the photo of Adam’s wife and the man looks at the photo.  The man gets a paper and pen and writes information down and hands it to one of the guards.  The guard takes out a $20 bill and puts it in front of the man who refuses the money.  The man appears to be a Good Samaritan, something quite rare right now in Syria.

 The three men go to the house in Hama that is indicated on the paper.  They knock at the door.  There is no answer.  A mistake?  They begin to walk away and pass an old woman.  They continue up the street.  Adam turns around and notices the old woman stop, telling the two men to follow him.  Not giving up, he moves faster toward the house where the old woman had entered.  He knocks on the door.  The door opens.  The old woman stands there and one of the men explains who they are looking for.  The woman beckons the men to enter and they do as she asks. 

 The woman walks slowly and the men follow.  They enter a room and the woman stops near a bed.  They soon see a woman on the bed.  She has light skin, blonde hair, and blue eyes.  Adam recognizes his wife and swiftly moves toward her.  The men, too, recognize the woman and give each other a hug revealing their success.  Adam is now lovingly holding his wife’s hand.  The old woman leaves everyone alone.  She walks out of the house down the street.  Soon she returns with the man who gave Adam the address, her son.  The men begin to speak together, the man explaining why and how Kathy Rigby was taken to this home.  There had been a bombing attack.  I saw the woman walking with another woman in the street.  The other woman was instantly killed.  I brought the woman here in my car for safety, but she lapsed into unconsciousness.  Adam holds his wife’s hand, caressing her face and forehead.  Adam turns toward the men telling them that they had to take his wife away immediately and that he wants to give the family five thousand dollars later.  The woman’s son says he does not want any money.  Adam reveals that he owes him a great debt.  The man replies that there is something that could be possible.  He wants his mother to know peace, a peaceful place such as California.  Adam immediately accepts the challenge to help.

 Adam takes his wife into his arms, kissing her on the lips as he carries her out as the men walk out of the house together.  The woman’s son sensing danger attaches himself to them providing his expertise to lead them to safety.  Before leaving town, the woman’s son places small green flags on both cars, explaining that his flag is known to both hostile groups and it will be recognized and honored.   “Let’s get out of here,” Adam calls out. They all leave town at the same time in separate cars. 

 The cars make their way out and there seems to be a feeling of serenity as they make their way to the border and safety.  The man produces magic.  In Adam’s car, his wife opens her eyes and asks “What are you doing here?” 

 Adam and Kathy are back home in California.  Life is actually getting back to normal.  They talk about how much they missed each other.  Kathy explains that recent world events triggered her desire to go to Syria and she believed that her husband would not understand and that he would try to stop her.  Also she did not know that his love ran that deep that he would risk his life to find her.  Adam makes Kathy promise she will never do anything like this again.  She asserts that she needed closure and finding out more about her past was a key point in learning what should think and feel.  She was torn before leaving, but she promises not to undertake anything like this again. 

Television shows are talking about Kathy and asking what could have happened to her in Syria as they watch together holding hands.  She is on the news every day as well.  Adam is now making plans to produce a television show to explain what happened?  People want answers.  Kathy and Adam share ideas about the show.

 Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan are together on their show Live! With Kelly and Michael.  Kelly Ripa explains that the American people want answers to what happened to Kathy Rigby and now people will be able to find out if they have been right or wrong all along.  She brings Kathy and Adam out to talk about the ordeal that they went through.  They also bring out the woman and her son who are now in California on a visa that will protect the both of them and bring them peace.  Kathy finally has a chance to tell everyone what was on her mind as she made her way to a world filled with violence and terror.  Kelly Ripa tells her audience that people have been comparing Kathy and me for years, sometimes calling Kathy the new Kelly, suggesting that Kathy is going to replace Kelly.  They both have blonde hair, blue eyes, and petite figures.  But behind the appearances lies much more.

 Kathy Rigby thanks Kelly Ripa and proceeds to tell the audience what it wants to know.  The media has greatly affected her thinking, beginning with Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Michael Savage.  None of these men have done what I have done by going into Syria to be among the people.  Unfortunately or fortunately, there was a bombing attack and I suffered trauma, but thanks to this man and his mother I am safe today.  “I am safe and loved (looking at Adam) and I, like many of you, follow things on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media as well.  There is good and bad there.  My grandmother lived in Syria and I wanted to learn more.  I am young like so many young people today who are falling into the hands of terrorists through the social media.  They sometimes marry, they get abused, they become terrorists, and more.  People go from bad to good and from good to bad in life.  I have received death threats from people who just believe this or that about me and my trip to Syria.  We all have family values to share positively with the world, Americans and Syrians, French and Americans, everyone.  The postings on Facebook and Twitter affected me and I made up my mind to find out more about these problems in the world.  The person who can end world terrorism will fill the canyons in between our nation’s buildings in our cities.  This thought came into my head a long time ago when I watched the news broadcasts about the attacks on 9-11.  What we need right here today is a national debate on the subject of terrorism to bring out the very best in everyone.  And yes I see now much more spirit among Muslims to speak up and to act, especially since the attacks in Paris and San Bernardino. “

 Michael Strahan tells about how Republican candidate Marco Rubio who when asked about the violence after the massacre at San Bernardino, spoke up about family values missing from people across the United States.  Kathy tells how the violence has to be bundled like buying a new computer and we have to greatly reduce all violence.  Peace can come to Israel and the Palestinian people without a deal.  This process should not be a moment for “Let’s Make a Deal.”  Parents have to stop feeding their children violence now.  And then Strahan turns to talk about Donald Trump and his comments about destroying family members of terrorists.  Adam tells how people have been saying that Kathy had joined the terrorists.  “Does that mean that I have to be destroyed because we are family?”

 Several other issues are addressed as the show comes to its conclusion.  This is more than a show.  It’s a wake-up call from the entertainment industry.  Kelly says, “I have never been so proud to be the co-host of this show.  Michael agrees.

 The show ends with Adam and Kathy thanking Kelly and Michael.  Adam points out he quickly realized that an entertainment agent could do much more for peace and education in the world and that starting in the United States is a great place to begin. 

 © 2015 Martin N. Danenberg

And remember that we had four years of Trump and his win, win, win, win, win, win personality in relation to war. He failed in the war against terrorism all that time. The lies can be documented. Republicans will surely show their repugnicanism right now as they protest, but all their work did not count toward a victory as the world noted their weakness, weakness, weakness, weakness, weakness, weakness. Do you get what I mean?